14 'Bachelor' Contestants Who Couldn't Escape Their Real-Life Drama

You never know what these ladies are hiding.

The Bachelor has brought about a lot of catchphrases, but one that will always be synonymous with the dating TV franchise is "in it for the right reasons." The Bachelor or Bachelorette often wonder if certain contestants are there to find love, and many contestants wonder the same about them. Regardless of someone's real reason for going on one (or more) of these shows, there are plenty of contestants who checked a lot of baggage at The Bachelor Mansion door. And that's not just because they're only allowed to pack one bag. From hidden love interests to all levels of personal drama, we've got a roundup of some of the Bachelor franchise contestants who left behind real-life drama to come on the show.

14 Bekah Martinez turned up missing

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The Bachelor seems to outdo itself every season with finding interesting and unique individuals to come on as contestants. Among Arie's contestants, probably the one who stood out the most was Bekah Martinez. The 22-year-old Los Angeles nanny was possibly the first Bachelor contestant to have hair cut above her ears, not to mention that she was well under the age of the man she was pursuing.

Bekah intrigued audiences even more when she turned up on a missing persons list. The North Coast Journal shared photos of 35 missing people from Humboldt County on its Facebook page, asking if anyone had seen these individuals. Bekah's photo was recognized right away from someone who had seen her on The Bachelor.

Bekah had gone to the mountains with friends after her elimination from the show. She didn't have cell service while there and went for a week without talking to her parents. When she finally called them, her mom had already notified the sheriff, saying her daughter was missing.

13 Chelsea Roy has baby daddy drama

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Chelsea is quite the opposite of Bekah, and she even said so herself. She is 29 and has a "baby daddy," since she never married the father of her son. Mike Wilson began seeing a former Miss Maine USA, Rani Williamson, while he was still with Chelsea. After Chelsea found out, Mike went public with Rani, and the two eventually married and now have a child together. Meanwhile, Chelsea has never been married and decided to try her chances on The Bachelor.

She got an introduction clip on the show, but we never saw scenes that included her son, Sammy. That's because Mike didn't want him on the show and never signed for him to be on it, but that wasn't their first legal battle. Last year, Chelsea was permitted a temporary protective order against Michael, claiming that he grabbed and pushed her during an altercation. He then reportedly ripped their Labrador from her arms and drug the dog to his truck. Michael denied this, and the claim was dropped. Most recently, when Chelsea left to film the show, Michael filed a motion stating that he didn't need to pay child support while she was away. They share custody of Sammy, who stayed with his dad while his mom was on The Bachelor.

12 Michelle Money has a long-lost love

Michelle was the villain on Brad Womack's second round of The Bachelor and seemed to rub all of the other women the wrong way. She might have been a little pretentious in her approach to everything, but she also had a lot of hurt in her past. Not that a harsh past is a free ticket to be a diva, but to have loved and lost is pretty tough...especially when that lost love was a child.

Many people know that Michelle has a preteen daughter with her ex-husband. But what a lot of people don’t know is that she also gave birth to a son when she was only 15. Michelle made the tough decision to give her baby up for adoption. Even though she knows it was the right choice, she still thinks about him all the time and hopes he has a good life. She is open to meeting him one day, but only on his terms.

11 Lee Garrett's racism didn't start on the show

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One of the most controversial contestants both on and off of The Bachelorette is Lee Garrett. He made a name for himself on Rachel's season by getting dubbed the racist loudmouth. He was first brought into question during Rachel's season when he had a tendency to pick fights with certain other contestants, including Kenny.

It didn't take long after that for Internet sleuths to find racist and sexist tweets posted by Lee before his time on the show. Of course, this riled up everyone on social media, including some of Lee's former costars. All of this came to a head during the Men Tell All episode in which Lee was schooled on why he shouldn't have compared the NAACP to the KKK. After Josiah finished giving Lee a history lesson on race and culture, Lee finally admitted that his tweets were offensive.

10 Liz Sandoz chased after an old flame

With social media and tons of Bachelor family meet and greets going on all the time, it's not unusual for a contestant to have met the Bachelor or Bachelorette before. But the connection ran a little deeper with Liz Sandoz and Nick Viall. That's because these two had a one-night stand at Jade and Tanner's wedding, then left things a little awkward.

Instead of talking to Nick about it alone, she chose to bring it up in her break-up monologue during a group date. She had also laid it all out in detail for fellow contestant Christen, who later brought it up to Nick. The Bachelor was then forced to tell all of the other women about his history with Liz, and then he sent Liz home. Whatever happened between them before the show was never resolved, and it didn't seem to get resolved during the show either.

9 DeMario Jackson's ex chased him down

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The only thing that could possibly be worse than someone from the Bachelor's past coming on the show as a contestant would be someone from a contestant's past coming on the show to confront him, along with the Bachelorette. That's exactly what happened to DeMario on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette when a girl named Lexi showed up on a group date. She told Rachel how she and DeMario had been together for the past several months and even showed some of his messages to her as evidence.

DeMario pleaded his case to Rachel by saying it was an on-and-off relationship and that he was trying to "wean her off" of him by disappearing. Of course, no-nonsense Rachel didn't want to even try to believe DeMario and sent him packing.

8 Amanda Stanton's ex-husband tried to ruin her Paradise

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Amanda Stanton is one of the many people who have been on The Bachelor shows three times. And who knows if she's finished yet? Nick Buonfiglio, AKA Amanda's ex-husband and baby daddy times two, wasn't the least bit pleased to find out that she signed up for a third round of realty TV dating. He called Amanda immature on Facebook and commented that her looks were more important to her than her (rather, their) children.

Nick went on to say that Amanda has high anxiety, but was quick to mention that he probably could've dealt with it better. One interesting fact is that the couple divorced only three months before she went on Ben's season of The Bachelor. With such long audition processes that makes us wonder if their relationship was still intact (at least legally) when she signed up for the gig.

7 Britt Nilsson really abused her body

Many Bachelor fans remember Britt from Prince Farming's season. She was the really flawless chick who even slept in a full face of makeup. She made a big impression on the Bachelor as well and eventually went head-to-head with Kaitlyn for The Bachelorette. While she looked flawless on the outside, she was battling a lot of internal demons, before and during the show.

Britt eventually blogged and posted a video in which she admitted struggling with drugs and alcohol. She also talked about her battle with bulimia and binge eating. Most of this diabolic behavior come to a head during her college days, but she relapsed when she went on The Bachelor. She would hide from the cameras and turn off her mic so that she could throw up without anyone knowing. Britt credits her recent husband Jeremy with helping her overcome a lot of her addictions.

6 Frank Neuschaefer loved someone other than the Bachelorette

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Now we're going to take it back several years to when Ali Fedotowsky was the Bachelorette. For those who can't recall that long ago, she was pretty crazy about a little guy named Frank, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual. Frank gave Ali a metaphorical slap in the face when he stopped by to see his ex-girlfriend in between taking Ali to meet his family and the next round of roses.

ABC filmed his encounter with ex-girlfriend Nicole, who Ali didn't know about until after Frank had his hometown date and then told her what was up with his feelings. In the end, Frank went back to Nicole and left Ali heartbroken. She had assumed he would be one of the final two men vying for her hand in marriage, but instead he simply said his peace and left.

5 Kenny Layne had financial woes

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Kenny was the single dad who won audiences over on Rachel's season of The Bachelor. Of course, he had some racial tensions with Lee on the show, but he also had some very different drama going on back at home. Kenny had so many money problems that he filed bankruptcy not once, not twice but a total of three times.

He owed big time on his mortgage, which eventually led to his home getting foreclosed back in 2010. This started when Bank of America sued him and collected more than $250,000. He also owed thousands of dollars on his car as well as to the IRS. This led to a string of bankruptcy filings. When Kenny filed the third time, he owed creditors more than $220,000. As a wrestler, he barely made more than his monthly living expenses, which no doubt put a strain on his finances.

4 Dr. Bryan Abasolo was accused of insurance fraud

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Despite all the love for Peter (from Rachel and fans of the show), the Bachelorette chose Bryan, a chiropractor from Miami. No, he wasn't Peter, but he seems like a nice enough guy. Well, to everyone but Allstate Insurance. In May 2016, Bryan was one of several chiropractors sued by the insurance provider.

He was accused of "submitting, and causing to be submitted, false and fraudulent medical records, bills and invoices through the U.S. Mail seeking reimbursement." The documents went on to state that he tried to obtain payments for procedures that were never rendered or carried out even though they were unnecessary. Bryan was also accused of referring patients to get unneeded MRIs that could "do more harm than good" for them. He and the other doctors denied the claims, and the case was dismissed in May 2017.

3 Derek Peth didn't want Olivia Caridi in Paradise

Many people who watched Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise witnessed Derek from Kaitlyn's season hitting it off with Taylor Nolan from Nick's season. Then, at the show's finale, he got down on one knee and proposed to Taylor. She accepted, and the two are still happily together.

This wasn't his first round finding love with a fellow Bachelor Nation alum though, as he previously dated Olivia Caridi from Ben Higgins' season. According to Reality Steve, Olivia said that she could have gone to Paradise too, but Derek didn't want her to. Before talking with Olivia, Reality Steve heard that the pair had planned on going to Paradise together. They never made it that far though—geographically or romantically. Olivia told Reality Steve that Derek broke things off with her because he didn't want to date anyone from the franchise. Yet, he met his fiancée on BIP...interesting.

2 Taylor quit counseling after battling Corinne

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Speaking of Taylor, she was best known best as Corinne's sworn enemy who worked as a counselor and coined the catchphrase "emotional intelligence." Producers (along with everyone else in the world) had no way of knowing that such a scandal would occur on the last season of BIP, which would result in Corinne going home early. So it came as a surprise that Taylor would agree to go on the show knowing Corinne would be there as well.

That's especially true since she stopped counseling others after her stint on The Bachelor. The battle between Taylor and Corinne over whether Taylor was qualified to counsel anyone led to a lot of criticism for the young professional. Needless to say, she had a lot of emotions to overcome herself, which is what led to her putting a hold on her counseling practice. Taylor recently graduated from John Hopkins University and had started a private practice before competing for Nick on The Bachelor. As of recent, she's used her emotional intelligence to start a podcast.

1 Corinne had a boyfriend back home during BIP

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Corinne never has been one hide her true feelings, and she had no trouble flaunting a relationship outside of The Bachelor franchise while going on Paradise. Corinne not only went on BIP with a known boyfriend, but he also stood by her side despite the whole debacle in Mexico. Corinne and Jordan Gielchinsky, president of a tobacco company in Miami, got together before BIP and were spotted together in LA after the fact.

Their agreement for her doing BIP was that she would not hook-up with anyone but rather make her presence known to gain publicity for her new clothing line. So much for plans, huh? It's been rumored that in between Nick's season and BIP, Corinne had a fiancé. She also told one source that she had a long-time boyfriend. Not to mention that she also had to leave her nanny behind to compete on these shows.

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