15 Beauty Fails These People Should Not Be Proud Of

Makeup is supposed to enhance a person's beauty, right? For the most part, it does! Makeup can be really awesome for people who like it and there are some people who are crazy skilled with a brush and some eyeliner. But there are other people who aren't quite so good at it and their attempts at doing something cool and unique can go horribly wrong. With all the crazy new makeup trends taking over Instagram left and right, it's not hard for people to make terribly cringeworthy makeup mistakes. For the most part, I'm all about letting people be creative with their makeup, even if it's not really my taste. But some people failed so hard with their beauty routines that it's just scary. Most have a great reason to be proud of their makeup skills, but these 15 people definitely don't.

15 Everyone Who Got Bubble Nails

Most beauty trends that people know about involve makeup. But that doesn't mean all of them do! A lot of beauty trends can be really cool, like the rainbow highlight that was popular for a while or having brightly colored hair. But, there are some that are major fails. We've all seen press-on nails, acrylic nails, and French tips, but there was a horribly cringeworthy nail trend that took the Internet by storm for a short period of time: bubble nails. 

Bubble nails involved having the person's nail tech layer acrylic on the nails over and over until it makes, well, a bubble. The end goal is to basically look like you put on some nail glue and then dipped your hand in a bowl of hard candy. Pass!

14 Meme Eyeshadow

There's no denying that this is really well done. The fact that there are people out there who are better at drawing with a makeup brush than I am with a regular pencil is seriously amazing. But, unfortunately for this person, and everyone else who was doing memes on their eyelids, artistic ability does not negate the fact that this is absolutely ridiculous. This is obviously not a look that anyone would be wearing out of the house, but that's part of what makes it a beauty fail. People are so desperate to get noticed on Instagram that they resort to doing weird things like this to go viral instead of just posting a good makeup look. Everyone feels like they have to outdo the last person and it's getting to be a little too much.

13 Everyone Trying to Make Squiggle Brows Happen

Dear everyone doing "squiggle brows" and posting them on Instagram, please stop. Signed, everyone who is sick of seeing so many pictures of these monstrosities every time they open their app.

I'm all about having fun with makeup... Usually. There are times when even I have to draw the line. It gets to be just a little bit ridiculous after awhile, you know? There's nothing wrong with having fun with makeup and trying out interesting new trends, but there's a fine line between having fun and just doing something weird. And whether or not you drew them on with makeup or used Photoshop to make your eyebrows wiggle, you need to stop. This trend didn't just cross the line between fun and weird, it completely jumped over it and ran away.

12 Nice Eyebrows

My entire life, I've heard that "your eyebrows should be cousins, not sisters." That means that when you pluck, wax, or fill them in, you shouldn't try to make them identical. Having two eyebrows that are ever so slightly different than each other—while still matching for the most part—looks much more natural and appealing on your face. What no one ever told me was the shape they should be, because I guess that's a no brainer for most people. Notice that I said "most people," because there are clearly some people, like this girl, who definitely need more tips on how to do their brows.

The fact that her eyebrows match so perfectly is honestly the least of her worries. Why would someone fill them in in perfect little faded rectangles like that?! Ugh.

11 This Girl Who Used Protection... On Her Beauty Blender

Beauty gurus on Instagram need to be stopped ASAP. Seriously, anyone who is into makeup and watches makeup videos on Instagram will probably agree. They're all the same and they're all weird. They always start with the person using a totally normal tool, like a brush or a beauty blender, and then they shake their head and throw it away to get something else. That's where the trend of using weird things to blend their foundation and put on their makeup started, and this girl totally took prize for the weirdest makeup applicator.

She's using her beauty blender but she decided to find a way to avoid having to clean it by putting a condom around it... Yeah, using protection is important, but not when you're applying makeup. This is weird and a huge fail.

10 #GlitterPits

Everyone has heard the phrase, "opinions are like armpits," right? Normally people say that it's because everyone has them and they all stink. Personally, I think we should change the phrase up a little. Maybe instead, everyone should start saying that armpits are like opinions because everyone has them and putting glitter on them is a bad idea.

It's not often that I say that you shouldn't put glitter on something, either. I know that it's messy AF and can be a huge nuisance to work with, but I love glitter. It makes everything better. Well... Almost everything. Even I can admit that there are some things that glitter does not belong on and armpits are absolutely one of them. I don't know what would possess a person to partake in the #GlitterPits trend, but it needs to stop. This is ridiculous and a huge beauty fail.

9 These Eyelashes

Mascara can be pretty tricky. It always seems like one second, you're just casually covering your eyelashes in it and the next, this happens. It's tricky to find that perfect balance between having nice mascara and basically having a spider living on your eye. This person definitely failed at trying to find that balance ,and fell straight into spider eyelash land. Yikes! The worst part about having clumpy mascara like this is that not only does it look weird, but it also just feels weird. Anyone who, like me, kind of sucks at makeup and goes a little overboard on their mascara, will definitely recognize this feeling. There's nothing worse than feeling your eyelashes all heavy and stuck together like this. Well, maybe posting it on Instagram for everyone to see can be worse...

8 This Hair Art

Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, whoever did this hairstyle is really talented and they did an awesome job making her hair look like a bull's head. On the other hand, I just want to know why someone would do this. It's probably for a photoshoot or something, but I still can't imagine any situation, photo shoot or otherwise, where this hairstyle would be fitting. Basically, the look on this model's face is how I feel right now while I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. For someone with such a cool hairstyle, she looks pretty unhappy.

Although this person should be proud of their amazing hair sculpting skills in general, their talent definitely doesn't make this nonsensical hairstyle less of a fail.

7 Whoever Did This to Their Kid

Snapchat filters are getting out of control. Seriously, I hope this is just a filter! I know kids love to play with makeup and there's nothing wrong with that, but this is just too much! This looks like it's a deleted scene from the movie Orphan; about that woman who pretends to be a little kid. That foundation isn't the right color, those eyebrows are horrendous, and the entire look is making this toddler look closer to her grandma's age than her own. Yikes! If whoever did this really felt the need to put so much makeup on such a little kid, they could have at least done something fun, youthful, and cute. Not this mess!

This girl even just looks annoyed. She's so young but even she knows that those eyebrows are horrendous and wants them washed off ASAP!

6 People Who Contour Everything

There's nothing wrong with contouring and highlighting... When it's on your face. The makeup trend of contouring and using highlight on your face has become really popular in recent years. It can basically make you look like a whole new person by accenting certain features and trying to mask others with shadows and light colors. Beauty trends have taken contouring to some weird places. Some people used knives and forks to get the lines of their contour just right. Meanwhile, other people have decided that contouring doesn't need to stop on your face. They've contoured their cleavage, stomach, and even the back of their neck! Um, that's just weird. Contouring your face can be cool, but doing it on random parts of your body like the back of your neck is a major beauty fail.

5 This Sweet Lip Trend

Pulling off some of the viral beauty trends and hacks is definitely easier said than done. Or, maybe easier pinned to a board on Pinterest for beauty ideas you'll never do, than done? Either way, no matter how cute they are, it's definitely never going to look as good as you as it does on the picture. They're not practical and usually have a little bit of Photoshop helping them out. Because of that, they're definitely not as easy to make perfect as they look like they are in the pictures. Although, this picture of a girl with sprinkles on her lips looks precious and totally Instagram-worthy! Too bad the realistic outcome of trying to do this is a lot more like the bottom girl's version.

4 This Girl's Attempt at Nail Art

Cute nail art can be awesome. Unless you're really artistic or good at drawing tiny little details, it can also be infuriatingly difficult to make it look good. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are full to the brim of pictures and videos of cute nail art. But have you ever tried recreating one of them on your own hands? Because it is seriously not easy. Even one that looks like it would be pretty simple, like this adorable three color design.

It only has an actual design on one finger, while the others are just coordinating solid colors, but obviously that one finger is enough to throw her off. Luckily, only one finger on this was actually a real fail, so she could basically just wipe that finger off and try again with one of the solid colors like it never happened. Also, she should have let it dry longer before she tried to add the heart!

3 This Magazine's Fitness Tip

When is the right time to wear makeup? Is it when you're going to school or to work? Is it only when you're going out to a special event, like a date? How about to the grocery store? Honestly, the answer is all the time. If you want to wear makeup, then you should! If you want to go pick up some dinner at the drive-thru with a full face of makeup and sharp winged eyeliner on, then do it! At the same time, if you don't want to wear makeup ever, then you don't need to.

The fact that this magazine is giving out makeup tips for different occasions is awesome! But, um, the occasion they're giving the tips out there for? Yeah, that's pretty uncool. Not many people wear makeup when they workout and the idea that you should so you can impress another runner is a huge fail on their part.

2 Jenna Marbles' 100 Layers Look

After everyone on YouTube seemed to feel the need to do 100 layers of something, Jenna Marbles decided to put a stop to it with her own video. Other beauty gurus were applying 100 layers of things like lipstick, mascara, nail polish, or clothing, and Jenna decided to do... Well, everything. Seriously. Instead of just picking something, Jenna put on 100 layers of just about everything she could think of. It included hairspray, foundation, lipstick, false eyelashes, and fake tanning spray. Obviously this wasn't meant to be a tutorial, and it was only meant to be a joke, but it was still a huge fail because it was just so ridiculous. Just imagine how long it must have taken her to wash it all off! She could have done a sequel called "100 layers of makeup wipes to get all this foundation off." (Although something tells me she'd need more than 100 wipes!)

1 This Girl Who Tried Out That DIY Self Tanner

The Internet is full of life hacks. It doesn't matter what you want to do in life, you can probably find a hack that will supposedly make it easier. Will it really make it easier? Or will it just be several unnecessary steps that end in something disastrous? Well, that's for the brave people of YouTube and Instagram to find out.

There's a whole lot of people on YouTube who make videos testing out life hacks that they find on social media, like this girl who tested out this DIY self tanner recipe. The recipe claims that if you mix together cocoa powder and lotion, you can smear it all over your body for a cheap, instant fake tan. Umm... Or you could just buy an actual bottle of fake tanning lotion or spray? Or maybe just embrace being pale? This life hack is messy, sticky, and just plain gross.

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