15 Behind-The-Scenes 'Bachelor in Paradise' Drama That Wasn't Shown

Bachelor in Paradise is the popular Bachelor franchise’s summer show, where fan favorites from past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette are given an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow show rejects. Contestants are housed at a Mexican resort where they drink, party, fight, laugh, cry and generally stir up television-worthy dramas for Bachelor fans who need their summer fix. Sometimes, some even find true love during their stay in paradise.

Not everyone does, however. In fact, it’s more common for differences to arise between contestants. In some cases, certain rivals continue taking shots at each other through subsequent interviews and social media long after the show is over.

Here are 15 examples of behind-the-scenes drama between Bachelor in Paradise contestants that prove there’s still bad blood between them:

15 Dean Unglert and Rachel Lindsay

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Dean Unglert’s a popular former Bachelorette contestant (so popular he’s rumored to be in the running for the next Bachelor) who made it to hometown dates on Rachel Lindsay’s season, and then headed straight to Mexico after their breakup to start filming Bachelor in Paradise. Dean expressed that he was hurt by Rachel’s rejection but they seemed to part on decent terms. Or did they?

Recently on Instagram, user lauren_gonz posted a photo and captioned it: “Went black, but came back,” (referencing Dean telling Rachel: “I’m ready to go black and never come back,” when the two were first introduced) Unglert’s response was: "Lololol at the caption."

Rachel Lindsay then later posted her own Dean-dissing response: "Sent back...he didn't come back lol." Hmm. That doesn’t sound entirely rosy.

14 Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman

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Remember years ago when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up and Jen was widely quoted as saying that Brad was missing a “sensitivity chip”? It seems Bachelor in Paradise star Dean Unglert’s missing one as well.

It’s cool that Dean wants to be “open and honest” with relationships on the show, but flaunting dates, openly going back and forth and celebrating DLo’s “half-birthday” is not being “open and honest,” it’s being insensitive. By the end of the third episode, it’s safe to say that most viewers wanted to smack Dean around for Kristina’s sake, just like dolphin/shark fan fave contestant Alexis Waters expressed a desire to do in a side interview.

After the BiP premiere, Schulman tweeted: “Dean I wasn’t angry then…I am now. Shade man. #BachelorinParadise.”

13 Jubilee Sharpe and Bryan Abasolo

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Any followers of third season Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jubilee Sharpe’s Twitter feed might have noticed some curious comments she made live-tweeting the first couple of episodes of Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette.

On May 22, referring to Bryan Abasolo’s limo entrance, Jubilee tweeted: “When a blast from my past steps out of the limo…yikes!” and then for episode two on May 29, she tweeted about Abasolo’s kissing skills: “Bryan, please take notes from Dean. Now THAT’S a kiss.”

Turns out Sharpe and Abasolo, who both live in Miami, FL, recently dated for a short while. According to Reality Steve: “It’s not like it was a long term thing, or they were on the verge of marriage or anything.” Sounds like they dated long enough for Jubilee to have some hard feelings, though.

12 DeMario Jackson and Lexi Thexton

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Lexi Thexton is the ex-girlfriend who famously outed DeMario Jackson as her boyfriend when she showed up (surprise!) on DeMario’s group date with Rachel where he’d actually been killing it on the basketball court and successfully showing off for Rachel. That soon changed when Lexi started giving Rachel the skinny on her relationship with DeMario which, as far as Lexi was concerned, was still on.

It should come as no surprise given the circumstances that there’s still bad blood between these two; however, Lexi came to DeMario’s “defense” in the press when his Bachelor in Paradise scandal involving Corinne Olympios emerged. Lexi was quoted as saying that although DeMario may be a “sh*tty guy who’s completely self-absorbed,” he’s also a “30-year-old man child” who’s completely incapable of taking advantage of a drunk woman.

11 Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray

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These two have a history of having really strong feelings for each other running both ways: sweaty hot and icy cold. Their relationship started off with them being attached at the hips and lips throughout their stay in paradise to, within a year, having police called to settle disputes between them because they’re incapable of communicating civilly with each other any longer. Oh, man. This is love gone wrong, all right. It’s rumored that Murray’s mom has harassed Amanda on Instagram; Amanda’s been rumored to have harassed and body-shamed Josh’s assistant (a charge Amanda denies and has been quoted as saying: "Never, ever would I body shame anybody.”) She has, however, gone on the record in saying about Josh: "He's the worst. Everybody warned me."

10 Josh Murray and Nick Viall

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Nick and Josh have a history as rivals on The Bachelor franchise. Their rivalry first began during Andi Dorfman’s season where she chose Josh over Nick in the finale. In the "After the Final Rose" episode, Nick divulged that he and Andi had been intimate, much to Andi’s disgust at the kissing-and-telling.

Then, Nick and Josh were both attracted to Amanda Stanton when they all appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Josh was Amanda’s choice over Nick, however.

Finally, Nick was selected as The Bachelor. Josh was wary of ABC’s choice to cast him and was quoted as saying in Us Magazine: “I don't like to say anything bad about anybody, but let's just say I'm skeptical about (Nick)... I'm just not sure that his intentions are true."

9 Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan

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These two were like oil and water during Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Taylor flaunted her theoretical knowledge of “emotional intelligence” while Corinne actually demonstrated how it works in practice. Corinne was having none of Taylor’s high-handed intellectual snobbery and managed to make her look like a villain while the rest of America grew to love Corinne because she really stood up for herself and fought back hard when Taylor bullied her. You go, Corinne! While Taylor clearly chose the wrong target, she seems to be redeeming herself through her sweet romance with Derek Peth on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

As for Taylor and Corinne, it’s notable that they pointedly avoided each other when all the singles showed up in Mexico during the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

8 Chad Johnson and Robby Hayes

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Chad Johnson really doesn’t mind pissing everybody off does he? He takes on all comers. It’s like he stands on street corners shouting “come one, come all!” because he’s managed to make so many enemies from Bachelor Nation and beyond.

So why do Chad and Robby hate each other? It started when Chad accused Robby of breaking up with his ex to appear on the show and pursue Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher. Robby admitted to JoJo during their hometown date that he had indeed recently broken up with his girlfriend, but their breakup had nothing to do with the show.

Whether or not their breakup had anything to do with it, after filming was completed, Chad started dating Robby’s ex and posting pictures of them together on social media. Ouch.

7 Chad Johnson and Alex Woytkiw

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And then there was Alex Woytkiw, the Marine whom Chad had an ongoing beef with in the Bachelor Mansion. He threatened to kill Alex, in fact, on camera on several occasions. How is that okay?

Alex has spoken openly to the media about his time with Chad, and how he felt the need to sleep with one eye open while he and Chad stayed together filming the show, and that Chad’s crazy behavior escalated as time passed.

Woytkiw told Hollywood Reporter that as the time neared for their two-on-one date, he really thought Chad was going mad: “I felt like he was losing it, he was becoming super unstable," says Alex. "He was saying weird things to me, it was like he was unraveling, it was pretty intense."

6 Daniel Maguire and Luke Pell

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Daniel Maguire is the goofy, lovable, Speedo-wearing, maple syrup guzzling Canadian who’s become a fixture on Bachelor in Paradise, filling the role of resident jester or fool. Daniel gives and receives sympathy and friendship roses; no one’s ever really romantically into him. Bachelor Nation remains hopeful that one of these summers, Daniel will finally get lucky.

Daniel’s also Chad Johnson’s only friend from the franchise. That’s because Daniel’s so ridiculously easygoing that he’s the only guy Chad could possibly get along with. In fact, Daniel’s so well-liked that no one takes exception when he attacks anyone. Like when he told the press that Luke Pell would make a “boring” Bachelor. Daniel was quoted as saying: “it will be so boring you could just put the television on mute.” *Crickets*

5 Michelle Money and Cody Sattler

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This unlikely couple fell in love filming Bachelor in Paradise season one. Michelle’s quick-witted and fun-loving while Cody’s more of an introverted beefcake. Somehow, they got together and carried their relationship into the real world. They made it work for a while, but as it often happens for these reality show contestants, things fell apart. Everything isn’t taken care of in the real world like it is on the show. Someone has to prepare food, take out the garbage, balance the bank account, etc. All that boring, everyday stuff.

At any rate, these two appeared on Marriage Boot Camp where Michelle accused Cody of using her to gain more social media followers. They broke up on that show’s finale. Michelle’s now reportedly dating golfer Mike Weir.

4 Sean Lowe and Nick Viall

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Thank God for Corinne because Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor was pretty boring. That said, other than Corinne, another dash of spice during Nick’s season came from Sean Lowe’s Twitter feed. Lowe live tweets the show, making semi-snide remarks throughout and during Nick’s season he went pretty hard at Nick sometimes. At one point during an episode that aired in early February, Sean made like he was a voice in Nick’s head during a rose ceremony and tweeted jokingly: "I can't give you this rose because I honestly can't remember your name.” Sean also tweeted on March 23: “What's the winner going to do with her time this summer while nick is filming BIP?” implying that Nick’s real motive here is ongoing reality television fame, not love.

3 Lacey Mark, Danielle Maltby and Alex Woytkiw

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Some ridicule has been directed toward diminutive Marine Alex Woytkiw during this season’s Bachelor in Paradise. Some of the show’s contestants have made unkind remarks regarding Alex’s short stature. In side interviews, Lacey Mark said: “(He’s) literally the size of a fun-sized candy bar,” and Amanda Stanton told the camera: “I already have two kids. I don’t need another little person following me around and needing attention.” That’s harsh.

Now that the show’s airing, some are regretting their words about the “little guy” and are now pointing out that he has a pretty face on social media, if that’s any consolation.

On August 15, 2017 Danielle Maltby tweeted: “But…have y’all seen @alexander_yq’s face…that’s a handsome face,” and Lacey Mark added: “that is a fact. @alexander_yq’s face can stop traffic.”

2 Juelia Kinney, Sam Steffen and Joe Bailey

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So apparently Joe Bailey is some kind of Casanova casting spells over women—or at least inspiring Twitter hashtags to that effect. For those who don’t know the story, Joe romanced Juelia Kinney on season two of Bachelor in Paradise until Samantha Steffen (who happens to be one of Juelia’s closest friends) showed up. Joe promptly ditched Juelia and went for Samantha, who tweeted to Juelia on August 17, 2015: “Sorry Juelia! I was scared & had no idea of drama going on. deceiving some1 is never an option #undertheJoespell.” “Joe spell”?! Is that, like, the hashtag to use when you fall for a moron?

Of the whole fallout on the "After Paradise" recap show, Juelia told hosts Jenny Mollen and Chris Harrison that her friendship with Samantha was most definitely over.

1 Ashley Iaconetti and Caila Quinn

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So Jared Haibon never really seemed that into Ashley Iaconetti romantically but he clearly liked her well enough as a person to want to preserve her feelings and their friendship. Jared knew like everyone else that Ashley was crazy about him and that even before paradise, Ashley had told Caila Quinn specifically that she didn’t want Caila meeting Jared because she was afraid Caila was Jared’s type. Well, Jared met Caila in paradise and she was his type. The two of them went on a date and seemed to hit it off.

Ashley saw Caila going on a date with Jared as betrayal, of course, and admitted in a side interview that she wanted to “scratch (Caila’s) eyes out.” Caila wound up leaving Paradise early, however, because she just wasn’t that into Jared.

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