15 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'The Office' That'll Change How You View The Show

The Office was definitely one of the best sitcoms ever created. The humor was always smart and on point, and the show set itself apart from other comedies on television. One of the many great things about the show was its incredible cast. They worked together for long hours on set for 9 whole seasons, so of course, there's plenty of photographic evidence of how awesome they are. The cast is a pretty close group and they hang out whenever they can, even though the series is no longer in production. They also occasionally post throwback photos from set on their social media accounts.

We've put together a bunch of photos from the set of The Office during the filming days and we hope you enjoy taking the trip down memory lane!

15 When Jenna Fischer won a baking contest on set

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

When Jenna Fischer was pregnant with her first child during season 8 of The Office, she entered a baking contest on the set of the show that included other cast members as well as members of the crew. Jenna ended up winning the baking contest for a cake she made. Judging by the photo, she looks pretty thrilled about her win.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who published this photo, she hated having to get up at 5 a.m. for work, but she said becoming a mother would probably change that. She said that having a kid would have her up at that hour anyway, so she might as well go to work while she's up. Ha. We love her positive attitude about being a working mom!

14 When John Krasinski was just one of the girls

Via: Twitter

One day when John Krasinski was getting his makeup done for one of the final episodes of The Office, he was sitting in between his co-stars Jenna Fischer and Ellie Kemper. He decided to take a photo of the three of them in the mirror in front of them and tweeted it with the caption "just us girls." 

Seeing these three together just chilling in the makeup trailer makes us miss this show like crazy. Also, how adorable is John Krasinski? He didn't tweet many photos from the set of the show, so when he did, it was like getting a present on Christmas morning. We also love him for the fact that he didn't mind including himself as one of the girls. Ha ha.

13 When Jenna Fischer fell asleep in the warehouse

One year for Jenna Fischer's birthday, Brian Baumgartner posted a photo on Instagram of her sleeping on boxes of paper in the warehouse set of The Office. He captioned the photo by saying what he remembered most about working with Jenna. He said he remembered her "get up and go spirit and her Can Do attitude." He then said "Happy 50th birthday, old lady!!! You deserve that nap today!"

While we are shaking our heads at the meanness of Brian's post, we are sure Jenna took it in stride and laughed it off. Jenna was actually turning 42, not 50. Just like Kevin, Brian doesn't seem to be the greatest with numbers.

All jokes aside, this photo of Jenna sleeping on a box of papers is pretty darn priceless.

12 When the accountants were practically babies

"The Accountants" circa 2004. Taken while shooting the pilot. @YahooTV

A post shared by Brian Baumgartner (@bbbaumgartner) on

The Office changed a lot following their first season. The characters got better wardrobes, Michael was given a bit more humanity and the show got a bit more colorful and brighter and less drab.

Brian Baumgartner shared a photo of him, Oscar and Angela while they were filming the pilot sometime in 2004. All three of them look so young. Also, we love how none of them are smiling in the photo. They look like real co-workers who despise their jobs and just want to go home. Ha!

The three were obviously in complete character while posing for this photo, as we know these guys really enjoyed working together over the years. Throwback photos like this one make us want a reunion more and more!

11 When Angela told Kate Flannery a crazy story on set one day

Back during the filming of an episode in Season 5 of The Office, Angela was breastfeeding her daughter at the time and apparently had a crazy morning. Angela captioned the photo and said the set photographer happened to catch her telling a story to he co-star Kate Flannery, while being very animated. If you look at the photo, you will understand what we are talking about. The photographer e-mailed the image to Angela and asked her what the story was about.

Angela came across the photo recently while she was scrapbooking and immediately remembered the story she was telling. She also said she was sorry for oversharing, but couldn't help but laugh when she saw the photo. We totally see why!

Thanks for sharing, Angela.

10 When The Office Finished Filming

Via: New York Times

While filming a scene that ended up being cut out of the series finale, the cast of The Office took a group photo together right outside the Dunder Mifflin building to commemorate being together working on the show for the last time.

You may notice that Andy Buckly who played David Wallace is in this photo; he unfortunately was cut from the episode, as well. At least he was included in this photo!

Also, we would like to point out the fact that Jenna Fischer is wearing Ugg boots in this picture. We are assuming in the deleted scene that her feet were not on camera. Ha. It's always fun to see behind the scenes photos and notice little details like that. Why wear uncomfortable shoes if you don't have to?

9 When Oscar brushed Angela's hair

Angela Kinsey found some old set photos from The Office on an old laptop of hers that she came across while doing some organization in her home office. One of the photos was of Oscar brushing her hair in between takes. The funniest thing about this photo is that Oscar has such a serious look on her face, as if he's really trying to do a good job and make Angela's hair look nice. Angela smiling at the camera while he's brushing her hair is pretty priceless, too.

Angela said in the caption of the photo that they were such goofs. They definitely were. Thank you so much to Angela for posting this gem among many other set photos from The Office that she found.

8 That's a wrap!

Via: Reddit

After the final scene was filmed for The Office, a photo was taken to capture the moment of everyone hugging each other and saying goodbye. In the photo, Angela is seen wiping tears from her face. Other cast members seem to be crying, too. We can only imagine the amount of emotions that were in the room that night.

The final scene that was shot took place in the office as Creed sang to everyone. We can't imagine that there was a dry eye in the room after that. Just looking at this photo brings tears to our eyes! Ellie hugging Craig, Jenna hugging Kate, and Ed hugging Rainn. We miss this show so much and seeing the cast together all the time. Please excuse us as we go grab a tissue.

7 When Jim and Pam celebrated Valentine's Day

Some sweet Jam for your Valentines Day!

A post shared by Jenna Fischer (@msjennafischer) on

Jim and Pam, everyone's favorite adorable couple on The Office, celebrated Valentine's Day on set one year and John Krasinski posted the photo on Twitter of him and Jenna with a red Valentine's Day bag that held a teddy bear and a red balloon. Jenna re-posted the photo on her Instagram in 2016 to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

John and Jenna were so cute together on screen as Jim and Pam. It's too bad they aren't together in real life. At least we have 9 season of The Office to swoon over their perfection, right?

Even though John and Jenna are married to other people in real life and have their own families, it's still fun to swoon over photos of them together on and off the set.

6 Jenna and Angela Being Adorable

Happy Halloween! Pregnant Pam.

A post shared by Jenna Fischer (@msjennafischer) on

When Jenna Fischer was pregnant in real life, the writers on The Office decided to write her pregnancy into Pam's storyline on the show. During that same time, the character Angela was pregnant on the show, but not in real life. The writers on the show decided to make a joke out of this by making Angela's baby bump small, to match her petite frame. In talking heads, Angela looked tiny compared to Pam when shown side by side. The character of Angela called them "Little Pregs" and "Big Pregs." Pam was not a fan of this, obviously.

One year, Jenna Fischer decided to wish everyone a happy Halloween by posting a photo of her and Angela in their Halloween costumes from the season when she was pregnant. The two were enemies on the show, but in this photo, the two real life best friends are smiling at the camera, looking like they are having a fun time together.

5 A Rashida Jones Sandwich

Via: Pinterest

While filming the "Beach Games" episode of The Office, John Krasinski and Ed Helms, along with a few other cast members, had to wear sumo suits to wrestle on the beach in one of Michael Scott's game ideas to see who should get his manager position at Dunder Mifflin Scranton after he got his job at corporate in New York. While filming in the sumo wrestling suits, John and Ed took a photo with Rashida Jones in the middle of them, squishing her in between their sumo suits. In the photo, Rashida has a fake grin plastered on her face.

They look like such goofballs and it's clear to see these guys had a lot of fun together on set. I mean they basically got paid to be silly. Best job ever? We think so.

4 When Dwight was Breaking Bad

Free meth for The Office! (look who's directing...)

A post shared by Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson) on

During the last season of The Office, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston directed an episode called "Work Bus," which was arguably one of the best episodes of the season. The episode featured The Office gang crammed together on a bus that they had to work in because Jim faked radiation poisoning in the office so that he could get him and Pam a day off of work. Jim ends up convincing Dwight to drive the bus to a pie place to make Pam happy.

Rainn Wilson posted an awesome behind the scenes photo of himself with Bryan Cranston sitting on his lap at Dwight's desk and captioned the photo with "Free meth for The Office! (look who's directing...)." The fact that the two actors have such serious expressions on their faces makes the photo even more amazing.

3 When Mindy Kaling directed Will Ferrell

Via: NBC.com

Before Mindy Kaling to the leap to creating her own show, The Mindy Project, she took a turn as director on the set of The Office. In this photo, she is directing one of the episodes that Will Ferrell was in.

One of the great things about this photo is that there are several men in it, but Mindy, a young woman of color, is the one in charge. That is something that is rarely seen in the entertainment industry and it is a nice change.

Mindy was a writer and actor on the show, so the title of director officially made her a triple threat. She actually directed several episodes while working on the show, which is pretty cool. This image of her directing one of the comedy greats is pretty cool, too.

2 John Krasinski as a director? Yes, please.

Via: Fanpop

This image of John Krasinski directing an episode of The Office is cool because he's dressed as his character, Jim. With a clean shaven face, his hair parted to the side with gel, and a blue button down with a tie, it looks as though Jim Halpert is directing an episode of The Office. It's actually kind of funny when you think of it that way.

Even though it looks as though Jim is directing an episode of the show, it's really just John Krasinski taking on a new role on the set he spent so many years on as only an actor.

It's always a cool thing when actors get to take a step behind the camera and call the shots. Kudos to John for being brave and stepping outside of his comfort zone.

1 Steve Carell's last scene

Via: eBaum's World

Steve Carell filmed his last scene ever in the Dunder Mifflin office set. He did come back for a surprise appearance in the series finale of the show, but besides that, his final take was actually the scene where he looks around at everyone working in the office and Jim gives him a nod, telling him it's okay to leave. Michael gives Jim a smile and with tears in his eyes, makes his way out of the office for the final time.

This photo of Steve holding the clapperboard before his final scene is a sad one. Michael Scott was arguably one of the most iconic television characters of all time, and him leaving the show was such a huge loss in the world of comedy. Also, the sadness on Steve's face in this photo says it all. We wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a dry eye in the room after his final take.

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