15 Behind The Scenes Posts Of The 'Supernatural' Crew That Will Make You LOL

Supernatural's first episode aired in September 2005 - over 10 seasons and 250+ episodes ago. That's a lot of time to spend doing the same thing with the same people. Those of us poor souls who suffer through an office or corporate job will know how painful that can be. So you'd think that the cast of the show would've stopped enjoying their jobs years ago. But, if the fun they have at conventions is anything to go by, that's definitely not the case.

Since Dean and Sam share such a close bond on the show, it would be disappointing if Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles didn't get on in real life. We like to know that the casts of our favorite TV programs are friends off set because if they're happy working together, then they'll be happy to keep filming. How do we know the cast of Supernatural isn't tired of making the show yet? Because they have so much fun doing it. We've found 15 GIFs to prove it (and make you wish you were there):

14 Next top models (if they survive the season)

This is the most obvious statement in the history of obvious statements, but Jared and Jensen are beautiful human specimens. It's undoubtedly part of why they were cast to begin with. And if you think Jensen looks like he knows what he's doing in this gif, that's because he does. He started his career as a model - at age four. Anyone that looks that good in a photograph should absolutely be on TV. When he initially auditioned for the show, he read for the part of Sam Winchester. Believing that his charisma would be a better fit for Dean's character, he was asked to audition to play the older Winchester brother. He's the perfect fit for the part - balancing humor with seriousness. Now, next time you're watching the show, try to imagine how different it would have been if the Jared was playing Dean and Jensen was playing Sam.

13 The worst FBI agents to ever FBI agent

Jared and Jensen: Masters of cheese. Unlike other TV shows where characters seem to have endless wardrobes and never appear in the same outfit twice, Sam and Dean seem to own two types of clothes: FBI-style suits and their everyday clothes. And even their normal clothes are always the same. How often have you seen Sam without flannel? Or Dean without a button down? Their (badly tailored) suits are essential to their hunting careers because, without them, they'd never convince anyone they were actual FBI agents. Especially not when they're using aliases like Agents Stark and Banner, or Grohl and Cobain. Neither of which are as bad as Cas's alias choices... How would anyone get away with Agent Beyonce? In the real world, if two men (who are actually an angel and the King of Hell) posing as FBI Agents Spears and Aguilera showed up on your doorstep, you'd call the actual FBI. Or a psychiatric institute.

12 Any opportunity for a prank

The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. Especially when you notice Misha's reaction: He turns into a cat. No, really... watch it again. If there were sound to this gif, we're sure you'd hear Misha hissing at Jensen.

Anyone who's worked a corporate job (or any job at all really) knows what it feels like to be stuck working with the same people every day. Even if you like them, it's challenging. And if you don't like them? Torture. Hell. Basically - adulthood. This is why it's such a relief to see the cast having fun with each other like this. We want to know that they love their work as much as we love watching it. Apparently, it's been like this from the beginning too. Talking about their audition, Jensen said, "It was just immediate chemistry. There was an ease to it. There was a familiarity to it. Once we got into it with each other, it just fell in place..." Makes sense doesn't it? The boys seem like family because they are family.

11 How do they get any work done?

Watching this gif makes us want to quit our day jobs and find new employment on the set of a TV show about demons. If these are the kind of shenanigans that the boys get up to, you have to wonder how anything ever gets done. Don't let this gif fool you, this show takes hard work. Speaking at the Supernatural San Francisco Convention, the boys talked about just how much work goes into each episode. Each one takes up to four weeks from beginning to end: One week for pre-production, eight days for filming and another week for post-production. They also mentioned how they're often filming late at night. The entire Supernatural team puts a lot of effort into making sure every episode is as close to perfect as possible. And it shows. Which is why we can forgive the boys for behaving like clowns every now and then.

10 The Earth is doomed

If you were to put money on who would be most likely to save the world from an apocalypse - Sam and Dean Winchester wouldn't be a safe bet. Firstly, they're dead as often as they are alive. Secondly, they seem to cause more end of world events than they do preventing them. And lastly, see the gif above. These goofs don't seem qualified enough to take on an Apocalypse.

Until you see them with shotguns or machetes in their hands. Once you've seen them in action, your confidence in them would be complete. The reason it looks so good is because (with the exception of the most dangerous ones) Jared and Jensen have been doing their own stunts for years. According to Jared, the scariest stunt he's done required him to jump through a stained glass window. It's one thing to jump through a clear plate glass window. It's a whole other thing to jump through one that isn't translucent.

9 Jensen and Dean - both funny guys

When the producers asked Jensen to audition for Dean after he'd initially auditioned for Sam, he agreed because he liked that Dean was funny. He's got great comedic timing so it's worked out well for the show, the cast and (most importantly) for us. Considering how heavy some of the material in the show is, those funny moments provided by Dean - and unwittingly by poor clueless Castiel - are really important. They must be a welcome relief to Jensen too.

Jared isn't so lucky. Sam takes everything so seriously - even the funny things. One of our favorite episodes is 'Mystery Spot.' In it, Dean dies over and over again when Sam gets stuck in a time loop. While Jensen got scenes that were often hilarious (death by taco anyone?), Sam spent the entire episode crying. Which means that Jared spent an entire week crying. According to him, it was one of the most miserable weeks of his life.

8 Flannel - the first step on the path to thug life

You couldn't find two people less likely to find thug life than these two. And yet, they're always on the run, are frequently breaking and entering, carry a trunk full of weapons, and find themselves at murder scenes way more often than any criminals should. Plus, you know, they kill things. With big guns. So, basically, the Winchesters are a gang of two - causing chaos wherever they go. While wearing flannel and cheap suits. One of the most exciting things about owning any TV show's DVD box set is that you get to watch the gag reel that comes with it. And Supernatural has some of the best gag reels in the business. Here's the latest one from Season 11. And if you want to go back to the beginning, here's Season 1's reel. Or for a clip of the best gag reel moments from the first nine seasons, here.

7 No love like love between two brothers, a fallen angel and the King of Hell

"Do you have a toothpick in your center pocket?!" This is the kind of snarky line that even the King of Hell would be proud of. Because it's normally Crowley (and sometimes Rowena or Lucifer) who has the best zingers. Like that time he mocked Bobby with this wonderful imitation, "In fact, I'll do the shorthand for you: 'I want my soul back, idjit.' 'Fraid not.' 'But I'm surly and I got a beard. Gimme!' (Side note: How much do you miss hearing Bobby say, "Idjits" or "Balls!")

Mark Sheppard is the perfect actor for the part. He's also the everyman of fantasy and science-fiction TV, having appeared in some cult genre classics like Doctor Who, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Charmed, Star Trek, and The X-Files. In most roles, he plays a cunning villain - something he's well-suited for. (That British accent goes a long way, huh?)  Basically, if Mark Sheppard is in it, it's guaranteed to be something special.

6 Who else could pull off jorts?

That dog is adorable. Those jorts? Not so much. And yet... Jensen manages to make them almost cute. It helps that he looks like some kind of demi-god, of course. The shorts may be a surprise, but the dog definitely isn't. After all, Dean turns into a dog whisperer in the episode 'Dog Dean Afternoon.' After casting a spell to allow Dean to talk to a dog about a case, the boys discover that he can actually talk to all animals. Including pidgeons. Who are, apparently, total douchebags. He also makes eyes at a cute poodle. Incidentally, this is the episode which provided us with one of our favorite Dean-isms, "I always knew I'd find the source of all evil at a vegan bakery."It also gives us this hilarity:Sam: Are those bleeding hearts actually witches or just hippies?Dean: What's the difference?

5 Between takes: More shenanigans!

It must be really easy to put together blooper reels for this show... these boys are always acting the fool. Can you tell what's happening in the gif? We can't. These guys are such dorks! You'll find many clips from conventions where they're acting the fool and joking around with each other.

There's been a bit of a prank war on the set of Supernatural. When Jared and Jensen were climbing down a narrow manhole, the crew dumped gallons of cold water on them. And then there is the Words With friends incident where Misha owed Jared $1970 after he'd been beaten by the tall actor. As payback, he paid using hundreds of coins - dumping four buckets worth of them onto the floor of Jared's trailer. 

4 Ping Pong the witches are dead

There's no doubt that Jared and Jensen look like sportsmen, and the stunts and action scenes they do in the show make them seem naturally athletic. Here's another gif that proves it. And also proves that they're good at everything. Seriously, is there anything these two can't do?

They're also both sports fans. Jensen has played football, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball and even planned to study sports science to become a physical therapist. Jared has joked that he was too small to play sports in school (!!) and started acting at age 12 instead, saying that it helped him find his identity. The boys both love watching sports and are both Dallas Cowboys supporters. Jensen's favorite basketball team is the Dallas Mavericks. (Can you tell they're both from Texas?) They also both work out frequently: Jared because he had a massive growth spurt that made him tall and skinny and required him to put on some muscle. Jensen because he's always been a fan of exercise. And because he says it cures his hangovers.

3 If you've got it, flaunt it (or whatever)

Jensen was a model before he was an actor. (And if you haven't seen photos from his career yet, do yourself a favor and have a look.) If this gif is anything to go by, Jared has found his way to (butt) modeling much later in life. It's surprising that he didn't end up there sooner - he was already gorgeous when he was playing Dean. No not that Dean. The other one on that show where people talk faster than Usain Bolt runs. Here's your dose of nostalgia for the day - the time Rory and Dean meet in Gilmore Girls. See? He was cute from day one! Sidenote: Ever wondered what it would be like to see Jensen Ackles in Stars Hollow? We have the answer to that question. And for you Gilmore Girls fans... here's the clip from the revival where Rory bumps into Dean. It's all kinds of awkward sweet.

2 All the funny faces

How many times do you think these boys pull weird faces while they're filming? Because if you look on Tumblr, you'll find tons of gifs where their faces are in all kinds of bizarre distortions. And yet... they're still beautiful human creatures. The set of a supernatural horror(ish) show - since it's already creepy - is the perfect place to play pranks on unsuspecting cast members. Like they did during the episode called 'Playthings.' The set was decorated with creepy dolls and the boys were freaked out by them. Apparently, they kept daring each other to poke the dolls in the eyes. Naturally, things escalated when Jensen snuck a whole lot of them into Jared's trailer. The Supernatural Wiki has a list of all the pranks they've played (and the revenge pranks that followed) during filming.

1 It's Cat-stiel!

Is there anything weirder than Misha Collins in cat ears? Sure! Misha Collins dancing while wearing cat ears. But then Misha is all kinds of weird and wonderful. And hilarious. We've even found a video with a compilation of some of the funniest things he's posted on social media. (We're not sure what that egg thing is all about either.)

Some things you may not know about Misha: When he was in high school, his house burnt down. He's worked as a carpenter, a White House intern, and a software developer. He's also a published poet and is a practicing Buddhist who has spent time at a monastery in Nepal. While Cas is mostly clueless about how the world works and uses angel magic to achieve things, Misha is handy with everything and built his house - and everything in it - himself. He's also got a huge heart and uses it to do some amazing charity work.

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