15 Beloved TV Heroes Who Were Actually Horrible People

In all our favorite TV shows, good always seems to conquer evil and the heroes always find a way to take down their villains, regardless of how impossible victory may seem. Unless you're a Game of Thrones fan (where we've had to suffer through the Lannisters being in power for the past six seasons and said goodbye to the show's hero, Ned Stark, in the very first season), you can expect for the good guys to win no matter how the odds are stacked against. them. We're supposed to cheer the heroes on and hate the villains, but what do the writers expect us to do when the heroes have some seriously violent, manipulative and wicked tendencies themselves? These leading characters are all low-key awful people, and we're not quite sure how to deal with our emotions towards them.

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15 Regina from "Once Upon A Time"

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We all love Regina. The writers on Once Upon a Time have done an amazing job developing her character, and we now really empathize with one of the most evil Disney characters of all time. That's no easy feat! But let's be real, we're not quite sure how to forgive and forget all the awful stuff she put the people of Storybrooke through before Emma came around and lifted her first dark curse. Regina's thirst for vengeance caused her to terrorize Snow for decades, she separated everyone in the Enchanted Forest from their loved ones with her curse and her wickedness led to the Savior growing up alone, without her parents.  The show has taught us all about the importance of love and we feel bad that an innocent mistake on Snow's part led to the murder of Regina's first love, but come on. She went a bit overboard back when she was the Evil Queen, and it's kind of hard to consider a former villain like her a hero now!

14 Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother"

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Ted Mosby is to How I Met Your Mother as Ross Geller was to Friends. Even though he was the show's hero and got the lion's share of its screen time, we constantly found ourselves praying that the writers would realize we preferred his hilarious companions and dedicate more time to them instead. Our dislike of Ted only got worse when we watched the finale and learned that all this time, he wasn't trying to tell his children the story of how he met their deceased mother like he was claiming to be doing. No, he was actually telling them a ridiculously long story about how Robin has actually been his soulmate all along, in hopes that the story would inspire them to give him permission to move on and date their "aunt." The mother was cast perfectly and we loved her for the brief moment we got to know her, but Ted basically made her an after-thought. Also, did he have to tell his kids about every single woman he hooked up with?! Nasty.

13 Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls"

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Rory Gilmore is the main character of Gilmore Girls, and we're pretty sure the writers hoped viewers would relate to her high ambition, introvert social personality and occasional moral slip-ups. Nope, we despise that girl! It's awesome that she is besties with her mom, but we have a seriously hard time getting over the fact that she's always cheating on her boyfriends, that she slept with an married ex or that she's basically the poster child for white privilege. She tries to act like she's your everyday member of the working class, but she never seems to have a problem taking her grandparents' money for prep school, tuition to Yale, or trips to Europe.  Rory may be the hero of her show, but we hope that no one out there considers her a role model.

12 Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl"

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We millennials try to act like social warriors with a flawless moral code, but if that's true... why did nearly every viewer end up loving Chuck Bass and ship him with Blair Waldorf by the end of Gossip Girl?! Chuck was admittedly super dedicated to Blair and his love for her caused him to give up some of his more manipulative and destructive tendencies, but that doesn't change the fact that he totally tried raping his drunk friend Serena and underage Jenny Humphrey in the show's very first episode! Oh, and who can forget the fact that he married his "soulmate" to gain spousal privilege and keep Blair from having to testify that he was on the rooftop with his father the night he fell to his death? He's not quite the Prince Charming some fans try making him out to be.

11 Daenerys Targaryen from "Game of Thrones"

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Every season, it seems like Game of Thrones introduces us to a villain more evil and destructive than the last. We didn't think anyone could possibly be worst than Joffrey until we met Ramsay Bolton, and now the Night King is making even his sadistic actions seem like child's play. We think Daenerys Targaryen is destined to be the primary hero of the show and the rightful Queen of Westeros, but it's also possible that she's going to surprise everyone and prove to be the kingdom's biggest villain. Khaleesi amassed her armies on the show through means of seduction, intimidation and trickery. While her intentions seem pure, she spreads pain and bloodshed everywhere she goes! Daenerys claims to care about her people, but her focus on claiming her birthright and ruling Westeros seems to be making her forget that thousands of them will die in the war to win the Iron Throne.

10 Damon Salvatore from "The Vampire Diaries"

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Everyone loves a bad boy. We're pretty sure the Vampire Diaries writers expected fans to fall for Stefan in the beginning because he has some serious Edward Cullen-like qualities, but the second we viewers met Damon, it was love at first bite. Damon has done his share of heroics over the years and we love that he stayed loyal to Elena even after she was put under a sleeping curse, but it's hard to forgive or forget all the monstrous stuff he did over the years. He's killed countless humans, and a troubling number of them were just innocent kids. Damon eventually developed a better sense of morality, but he never stopped being willing to kill if doing so meant he could protect his loved ones.

9 Dexter Morgan from "Dexter"

Via: tumblr.com

This one should be pretty obvious. Dexter Morgan frequently referred to himself as a monster, and his "dark passenger" filled him with an insatiable need to kill, but he was still somehow the hero of his show and we couldn't help but root for him every episode. Sure, some could consider his code of only killing criminals "heroic" and plenty of fans made comparisons between Dex and Batman, but let's be real, there's a difference between fighting bad guys and cutting them up in a kill room. The Dark Knight brought the bad guys to Arkham Asylum, the Dark Passenger threw their bodies into the ocean in some plastic bags. Dexter also made us suffer through one of the worst series finales in television history... it doesn't get much more evil than that!

8 Felicity Smoak from "Arrow"

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In the first few seasons of Arrow, Felicity Smoak was a fan favorite. She was super smart, she was incredibly brave and Team Arrow probably would have fallen apart without her. Our inner fangirls squealed when our months of shipping Olicity paid off and the Green Arrow finally started hooking up with his nerdy IT assistant, but then something changed and we started hating Felicity. She was well-aware of Oliver's tendency to retreat into himself and get thrown off his game when things get dark, and yet she ended their engagement and threw him into a downward spiral when she found out he kept his son's existence a secret (even though she knew that wasn't a secret he was even allowed to tell). She then proceeded to sleep with Oliver a few months later, giving him hope and keeping him from being able to properly move on, just to let him know that nothing had changed—she just wanted to get laid.

7 Archie Andrews from "Riverdale"

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Archie Andrews is basically the King of Riverdale. He's somehow super popular without being a huge jerk, he's able to pull a Zac Efron from High School Musical and balance a music career with a sports career and he totally saved the Queen Bee of his high school from drowning. Don't let his ridiculously hot abs or innocent smile fool you, though—Archie is a low-key bad boy who lets his hormones control his actions way too often. He slept with his music teacher despite being underage, which led to Ms. Grundy being forced out of town when their affair was uncovered. He hooked up with the sexy new girl hours after his best friend admitted her feelings for him. And he messed around with one of the Pussycats despite his clear feelings for Veronica. Get it together, Archie. We're disappointed in you.

6 Barry Allen from "The Flash"

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Barry Allen likes playing the hero, but he might very well be the most evil person on The Flash. Barry has the power to run fast enough to enter the Speed Force and travel through time, and instead of using that power to stop catastrophic events from taking place in the world, he solely uses it to try to revive his dead mother or save his girlfriend. Selfish, much?! His misadventures created Flashpoint and an altered main universe, where Cisco's brother was dead, the gender of Diggle's child was changed, and Caitlin had evil ice powers. He told Cisco that he couldn't possibly travel through time again to save his brother, but a few months later, he was back at it trying to protect Iris from his evil time remnant, Savitar.

5 Claire Temple from Marvel's Netflix shows

Via: netflix.com

Marvel's Netflix Night Nurse has helped Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, so Claire Temple has definitely earned the title of hero—even if her lack of superpowers keeps her from being considered a full-fledged member of The Defenders. However, we can't help wondering if she's a bit selfish and intentionally puts her superfriends in danger so she can save the day. She's the most well-connected woman in New York City, but for some reason, she refuses to introduce her companions to each other. We're sure Daredevil would have been more help to Danny Rand in his fight against The Hand than she was (especially since Matt Murdock has had plenty of experience with that ninja organization), but instead of making a mere phone call, she sent Iron Fist into danger so she could heal him up and earn some more superhero brownie points. We're onto you, Claire.

4 Rachel Berry from "Glee"

Via: fox.com

Rachel might have been the hero of Glee, but few characters on that high school drama were as selfish and irrational as she was! Rachel was a hardcore Slytherin, and was always defined by her ambition, determination and self-preservation. It didn't matter if her BFFs Mercedes or Kurt were better suited for a particular solo, she had to have the spotlight in every single musical number performed by New Directions or she'd completely lose it. Her career goals were always more important than her relationships with her friends, and while the students of McKinley High were able to look past her obnoxious diva behavior, we never really got over it. We loved Rachel on the show, but we definitely would loathe her in real life.

3 Norman Bates from "Bates Motel"

Via: aetv.com

Freddie Highmore gave us all the feels in Bates Motel. We were always torn between finding him absolutely adorable and endearing or being completely creeped out by his psychotic tendencies and obvious attraction to his mother. Audiences are supposed to cheer on the main character of a show, but the more people he killed and the more he hooked up with women who clearly resembled Norma, the more we found ourselves praying that someone would finally put an end to his madness. Serial killers with dissociative identity disorder don't really make for good heroes, and we're a bit uncomfortable about the fact that Freddie made us crush on Norman Bates for so long.

2 Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily from "Pretty Little Liars"

Via: freeform.go.com

We've seen Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily get terrorized by countless "A's" over the past seven seasons. Sometimes, we feel bad for them... but on occasion, we have to wonder if they deserve it. The girls were there when Alison blinded Jenna and did nothing. They frequently bullied Mona, Lucas, Paige and Toby for years but never had any problem relying on them for help. Aria, Emily and Hannah have all killed someone at some point, and while most incidents were self-defense, they were still murder and they should have reported their crimes to the authories. Oh, and Aria totally hooked up with her teacher for years, which is a crime and could have led to Ezra's arrest. These girls kind of had it coming, and definitely shouldn't be considered heroes.

1 The Winchester brothers from "Supernatural"

Via: cwtv.com

We're sure Supernatural fans are going to flip out over this unpopular (but valid) opinion—Sam and Dean Winchester aren't heroes, and the British Men of Letters were totally right for wanting to take them out. Sure, they took down Lucifer and stopped the apocalypse before it could happen, but don't forget that Lucifer never would have been released from Hell if Sammy didn't break the final seal! Dean stopped the Darkness and reunited her with God, but he was the one who set her loose in the first place. The Winchesters' heroics are more often than not just them cleaning up their own messes, and they've proven time and time again that they're fine putting the world at risk if it means they get to save each other. It's possible that the world might actually be better off without them.

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