15 Beloved TV Relationships That Were Actually Super Unhealthy

We tune into all of our favorite television shows for the nonstop drama, action and laughs, but we stick around for the relationships and chemistry between all of our favorite characters. Most of TV's beloved pairings—like Jim and Pam on The Office and Turk and JD's bromance on Scrubs—do a great job reminding us of what love is supposed to look like. Unfortunately, not every fan-favorite pairing sets a positive example! These iconic relationships just seriously rub us the wrong way, and we find ourselves screaming at our television screens every time we see these duos together. If you're in a relationship with a family member, friend or significant other that even remotely resembles these incredibly unhealthy relationships, get out ASAP!

15 The Doctor and River Song in 'Doctor Who'

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We absolutely love Doctor Who's River Song. She's sassy, adventurous, incredibly clever and a perfect match for our beloved Doctor. Oh, and she has some Time Lord abilities and traits, courtesy of being conceived on the TARDIS while traveling through the time vortex, so she understands the Doctor in a way very few other beings in the universe possibly could. So why do we find the marriage between those two characters to be so inappropriate and unhealthy? Well, the name River Song came from the language of the Gamma Forests, where there are only rivers and no ponds. Her real name is actually Melody Pond. Yeah, she's the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, two of the Doctor's best friends. Due to the sexual chemistry and friendship Amy shared with the Doctor from the moment she became his companion, his marriage to her offspring is just plain weird.

14 Damon and Elena in 'The Vampire Diaries'

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Damon Salvatore did his best to make up for past sins over the course of The Vampire Diaries' eight seasons and became quite the hero by the end of the series, but still...he's a murderer with a serious dark side. That doesn't just go away with a few selfless acts of heroism! Sparks always flew every time he shared a scene with his brother's girlfriend in the first few seasons, and we admit we were super giddy when they finally hooked up and started dating, but that doesn't make this relationship acceptable. How on earth was Elena just able to forgive and forget that Damon threatened to kill her friends and loved ones on countless occasions, or that he actually did kill Vicki Donovan?! Not exactly setting the best example here, Elena.

13 Aria and Ezra in 'Pretty Little Liars'

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We'll never understand why so many Pretty Little Liars fans loved Aria and Ezra together. Like, sure, they were a couple from the very start of the series, and viewers typically ship characters with their first loves...but come on. Ezra was her teacher! We thought this was a horribly inappropriate relationship from the very start, and that was before we discovered that Ezra actually knew Aria was underage when they first met and hooked up with her so he could enter her life and write a book about Alison DiLaurentis' "murder." That sort of deceit is unforgivable. Aria had the right idea when she thought about reporting Ezra for sexually assaulting a minor, and we're super pissed she married him in the end.

12 Norman and Norma in 'Bates Motel'

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We've seen so many examples of abusive and neglectful parenting on television that it's a relief when you see a mother actually get along well with her on-screen son. Norman and Norma took that bond a bit too far on Bates Motel, though. These two frequently shared the same bed and spooned. Norma would get jealous if Norman had a social life outside of her, and Norman would lash out if his mother developed relationships with men her own age for a change. Norma was in her son's brain so often that he actually developed a Norma personality which would "protect" him if he ever came across any real or imagined danger. If that wasn't enough to seriously sketch us out, Norman keeping his mother's dead body in their house a year after he killed her certainly pushed us over the edge.

11 Chuck and Blair in 'Gossip Girl'

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Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass were, in theory, a perfect match on Gossip Girl. They just made total sense as a coupleBlair was a shallow tease who wanted to be treated like a princess, and Chuck was a rich and handsome playboy who was a bit too into messing around with girls he couldn't have (just look at the times he tried to rape Serena and Jenny). Unfortunately, they were absolutely awful together. They abused each other both physically and emotionally, they weren't faithful to each other, they were a bit too addicted to manipulating each other and they essentially only got married so Blair wouldn't have to testify against Chuck in court. None of that sounds like a recipe for a healthy relationship, but for whatever reasons, fans still ended the series loving this couple and calling them "goals." Um, no.

10 Leonard and Penny in 'Big Bang Theory'

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Leonard and Penny have to be the least realistic couple on television. We're not saying there's anything wrong with a ridiculously attractive woman marrying a fairly below-average manthat sort of thing happens all the time, because appearance isn't everything. Our problem with this couple is they have virtually nothing in common and they constantly make each other feel inadequate! Leonard makes Penny feel dumb all the time, and Penny damages Leonard's self-esteem and he constantly feels unworthy of her love. They don't share any of the same hobbies, so they can't really have too many conversations that are genuinely interesting for both parties. Thank goodness Leonard and Penny are almost always surrounded by their friends, because we think if these two spent enough time together without them, they'd realize just how wrong for each other they actually are.

9 Jamie and Cersei in 'Game of Thrones'

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Okay, maybe calling Jamie and Cersei Lannister a "beloved" television couple is a bit of a stretch. They're more of a couple that fans love to hate. Still though, why are they still a thing (they're twins, for crying out loud!), and why aren't fans screaming for Cersei's death as loud as they screamed for Littlefinger's or Ramsay Bolton's?! Jamie has been becoming a better person over the past few seasons of Game of Thrones, but Cersei is every bit as wicked and power-hungry as she was in the series' first episode. Thank goodness season seven saw them finally have a real fightit's starting to seem like Jamie has come to his senses and might even be the one to kill his sister in the final season. Fingers crossed, because if we have to see one more incestuous sex scene between these two, we're going to lose it.

8 Dexter and Deb in 'Dexter'

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Speaking of incest, can we talk about Deb Morgan's love for her brother for a second? Almost immediately after discovering that Dexter wasn't actually related to her, Deb realized that she was in love with him. Um, how can you go from sibling love to romantic and sexual love that quickly?! These two grew up under the same roof, and Deb spent almost the entirety of her life thinking she was Dex's baby sister...but that didn't stop her from falling for the titular serial killer. We were so glad that she walked in on Dexter during a kill before revealing her feelings, because this is one romance we never needed to see play out on screen. Sure, they had chemistry (likely because the two actors were married in real life), but ew.

7 Ted and Robin in 'How I Met Your Mother'

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Ted and Robin just never really seemed right for each other. Ted told Robin he loved her way before she felt the same way about him, and after they broke up, they both dated (and just slept with) countless other guys before finding each other again. Fans hardcore shipped Robin with Barney, and rejoiced when they finally got married after an entire season of build-up. We loved seeing Ted with "The Mother" (who was perfect for him in virtually every way) for the way-too-brief amount of time they shared the screen. It seemed like everyone found who they were supposed to be with! Then "The Mother" died and we discovered that the story told over the course of How I Met Your Mother was just Ted's way of seeking permission from his kids to date their Aunt Robin, who was his "true soulmate" all along. Did he forget that they never actually worked as a couple?! This stupid twist absolutely ruined an otherwise perfect show.

6 Ross and Rachel in 'Friends'

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Friends gave us plenty of examples of healthy and beautiful relationships. Joey was the perfect BFF to both Chandler and Phoebe, Monica and Chandler were the ideal couple because they balanced each other's eccentricities out so well and we could only dream of being as close with our siblings as Ross and Monica were. So why did the show spend so much time focusing on its least healthy relationship?! Ross and Rachel were made out to be the OTP of the popular comedy, but they were so dramatic as a couple. Ross cheated on Rachel, so Rachel dumped him. When Ross finally moved on and married Emily, Rachel stepped in and ruined everything. Eventually, Ross and Rachel got married and had a kid together, but they just couldn't make it work. For nearly a decade, they butted into each other's lives and ensured their mutual unhappiness and loneliness. Hopefully someday we'll get a Friends reunion to see if their touching reconciliation in the finale actually worked out, because we have some doubts.

5 Oliver and Felicity in 'Arrow'

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We all spent the first season of Arrow begging the writers of the show to finally bring Oliver and Felicity together as a couple. Felicity was clearly in love with her employer, and dating the genius tech-girl could help bring a sense of normalcy to Oliver's incredibly difficult and dramatic life. Sadly, when they actually started dating...we hated them together! Felicity seemed to want to be put before his work as the Green Arrow, and she broke up with him when she found out about his secret son, William...even though William's mother made Oliver promise he'd keep William's existence a secret. Months after their separation, Felicity slept with Ollie and gave him hope that they'd get back together, but explained to him after the sex that it was just a one time thing and nothing had changed. That's called emotional manipulation, Felicity, and it's totally not cool.

4 Kara and Mon-El in 'Supergirl'

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Mon-El and Kara were made out to be perfect couple on Supergirl, but plenty of fans realized just a few episodes into their relationship that things were a bit off between the two of them. As much as he tried to act like one, Mon-El just...wasn't a good guy. He frequently talked about how "life was easier" when he objectified women, how he only wanted to help people because it'd impress Kara, and how he needed to protect his girlfriend when things got bad (even though she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself). Mon-El never treated Supergirl as a true equal, and he only pretended to share her moral code to get her in bed. Oh, and he also lied about his true identity for the first several weeks of their relationship! Last season ended with the super-powered frat boy leaving earth, and hopefully he stays gone for some time.

3 Tate and Violet in 'American Horror Story'

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The "love story" between Violet and Tate was one of the focuses of the first season of American Horror Story, and most fans of the show consider it to be the series' best relationship. Sure, the pair had a lot in common—both Violet and Tate felt misunderstood and alone, and they both had a dark side that they couldn't quite conquer on their own. We liked them together at first, but then Tate impregnated her mom with a demon baby and helped convince Violet to commit suicide so she could be his ghost girlfriend. Violet luckily came to her senses after a while and broke things off with her undead, murdering rapist BF, but Tate kept stalking her and scaring away any potential suitors.

2 Daenerys and Jon in 'Game of Thrones'

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The Lannisters have been the subject of a lot of jokes and sneers from Game of Thrones fans for their incestual relationship, but those very same fans lost their minds with happiness when Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally had sex in the finale of season seven. How is that fair? A voiceover from Bran during their intimate boat hook-up session revealed that Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate child of Daenery's brother Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark. So yeah, the King of the North was boning his aunt. We can't wait for these two to discover Jon's true parentage, and see whether or not their undeniable chemistry and mutual attraction allows them to look past the fact that they share some DNA (or that Jon is the rightful ruler of Westeros, not Dany).

1 Sam and Dean in 'Supernatural'

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We're sure this will bring on the wrath of the Supernatural fandom community, but it needs to be said—Sam and Dean Winchester have the most unhealthy relationship in all of television. Ever since Dean came back into Sammy's life and basically forced him to become a hunter, they've kept each other from having any other meaningful or lasting relationships. Sam had a chance at happiness with Jessica, but Dean stepped in and ruined it. When Dean had a shot at starting a family of his own with Lisa, Sam did the same thing. It seems like they just refuse to be without each other 24/7! Worst of all, whenever one of them dies or is threatened, the other is willing to bring about a new apocalypse to protect his brother. As much as we love seeing the Winchester brothers together, the boys (and the entire world) would be better off if they parted ways.

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