15 Best Bonnie and Damon Moments on The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon's relationship on The Vampire Diaries was fun to watch over the years, as it evolved from strongly disliking each other to eventually becoming best friends. The evolution of their friendship was a beautiful thing and even though they have at times been incredibly nasty to each other, they have also shared some amazing moments together. No friendship is perfect and everyone has their ups and downs, just like Bonnie and Damon. What made their friendship even more special and rare was that they never became lovers, proving that men and women really can be just friends. We've put together a list of some of the greatest moments between Bonnie and Damon that show just how great it is to have a true friend. After all, what would Damon ever do without his Bon-Bon?

15 When they held hands in the season 5 finale

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When Bonnie and Damon were stuck on the other side as it was being destroyed, they had to accept the fact that they only had each other in that moment, when they thought they were going to die. This was basically the beginning of their friendship. In that moment, as the world around them came to an end before the screen faded to white, Bonnie says to Damon, "I'm sure there are a million other people we both would rather be with right now." Bonnie then grabs a hold of Damon's hand as they clasp them together. They look at each other as Damon responds "a couple thousand at most." Nothing bonds two people together more than almost dying, right? Ah, yes, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

14 When Damon recited his letter to Bonnie

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When Elena was put under the sleeping curse, Damon eventually decided that he didn't want to face a future without her, so he decided to put himself to sleep, too. Due to the curse, Elena wasn't going to wake up until Bonnie died, which meant that Damon putting himself to sleep until Elena woke up meant that Bonnie would never see her best friend again. That pissed her off. Damon said his goodbye to her in a letter which she refused to read and eventually got rid of.

Towards the end of the series, Damon finally told Bonnie what was in the letter he wrote her. He confessed that he didn't want to say goodbye to her to her face because he knew that she would convince him to not go ahead with his plans and face a future without Elena. He also knew that she would make him be a better man, the way Elena did, and because of that, he was terrified of letting both of them down. He said that he would rather let Bonnie down once than let her down for the rest of her life because she is an amazing woman and his best friend and deserves the happiest life. Best friend goals!

13 Anytime Damon calls Bonnie Bon-Bon

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One of the greatest things about Bonnie and Damon's relationship was the nickname that he called her throughout the length of the series. He often called her "Bon Bon" and it was a name only he called her. What was so great about it was that he used that nickname no matter what mood he was in; he even called her Bon Bon when he was pissed. Example? "You don't want to push me, Bon Bon." The nickname was often funny when used but in a way it became a term of endearment. Because only Damon called her that, it was part of their relationship and is something that made it special. When friends develop nicknames for each other like that, it shows how close they are.

12 When Damon saved Bonnie from a car

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When Damon and Bonnie were in Europe with Alaric, they accidentally lost him and started looking for him. During their search, a car comes speeding up behind Bonnie, which Damon sees, and he rushes to get her out of the way. Bonnie appreciates him saving her life in this moment, but realizes that he hesitated for 3 seconds before he decided to save her. The reason why he hesitated is because if Bonnie died, he would have Elena back again. Damon set aside the fact that he missed Elena and saved Bonnie, which is a major milestone in their relationship. Early on in the series, Damon didn't care much for Bonnie. Even though Damon hesitated for a few seconds, the two had come a long way at that point.

11 When Damon told Bonnie she was his best friend

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After feeling hurt over the fact that Damon hesitated to save her life, Bonnie confronted Damon about it. Damon told her that in the first second of hesitation, he saw Elena again and in the second second, he was kissing her. By second number three, he reminded himself that Bonnie was his best friend and that if anything ever happened to her, he would lose his mind. Bonnie couldn't argue with that. Damon said that he would wait for Elena to wake up again someday and that Bonnie would have to help him wait. The fact that Damon confessed to Bonnie that he would lose his mind if something happened to her was enough to melt anyone's heart. Damon doesn't often wear his heart on his sleeve like that, which made that confession mean even more.

10 When Damon and Bonnie reunited

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Bonnie was stuck in the prison world of 1994 for quite some time. First she was stuck with Damon, who managed to get out eventually, then she was stuck with Kai and then she was all by herself. Finally, she found her way out of that world and back into present day and where was her first stop? Damon's, of course. She surprised him by whipping up a bunch of pancakes, which they made every morning when they were stuck together in 1994. Damon walked into the room and saw her and said "Bonnie?" He was almost in disbelief. She said "one and only." Damon then smiled and stretched his arms out wide as Bonnie leapt into his arms for the most amazing hug ever. BFF goals.

9 When Damon found Ms. Cuddles

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While Bonnie was still stuck in the 1994 prison world, she was able to send her teddy bear, Ms. Cuddles, to present day. She also managed to hide her magic inside it, to keep it safe and away from Kai. Damon is back in present day but is depressed because he is afraid Bonnie might be dead, as she was wounded right before he left the prison world. He is walking alone in the woods at night and drinking alcohol, when he discovers Ms. Cuddles. He holds the bear to his chest as relief washes over him. "Bonnie, you're still alive," he whispers to himself. Damon then grins as the teddy bear has given him hope that Bonnie can still return to present day and he makes it his mission to get her back.

8 When Damon left a voicemail on Bonnie's phone

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Soon after Damon gets back to present day after Bonnie frees him from the prison world, Damon calls Bonnie's cell phone and is disappointed in her voicemail. It's simple and straight to the point and Damon says "The one time I'm actually seeking the sound of your voice, that's all I get?" Gotta love Damon's sarcasm. He then tells her that because of what she did for him, he gets to see Elena, so he says thank you. He also tells her that he's sorry and that defying all possible global scenarios, he might miss her a little bit. Aww. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Damon also tells Bonnie that he's sitting in her room while making the phone call and insists that it's not as creepy as it sounds. Oh, the joys of having a best friend of the opposite gender.

7 When they did the crossword together

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When Bonnie and Damon were trapped in the prison world in 1994, reliving the same day over and over again, they settled into a routine and Bonnie would do the crossword puzzle while Damon made pancakes. There was one answer on the crossword puzzle that Bonnie could never figure out. One time while they were doing their morning routine and Bon Bon was attempting to fill out the crossword puzzle, she says to Damon, "what's a seven letter word for 'kill me now?'" Damon replied by saying "that joke got old six weeks ago." The way they argued was entertaining to watch because it was as if they were an old married couple bickering. The banter they shared back and forth was what made their time together in the prison world such a joy to watch.

6 When they went grocery shopping

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While in the 1994 prison world, we see Bonnie and Damon go grocery shopping together. It was so fun to see two characters who once hated each other living such a domesticated life together. It was especially amusing when Damon put on a pair of sunglasses and without looking, pointed to the eggs in the store to remind Bonnie to get some. He also takes the time to mention the fact that Bonnie talks in her sleep. Once again, they are like an old married couple. She then walks by a shelf and mentions pork rinds. Damon picks up their grocery list, says that pork rinds are not on it and then he says "also... ew." These two together were such a hoot to watch.

5 When Damon Saved Bonnie from Kai

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In the season 7 finale, after Kai turned Alaric's wedding into a bloodbath/disaster, Bonnie is laying on the ground, dying, as Damon comes to her side. Kai tells Damon that he's stupid for trying to save her because if she dies, he will have Elena back. Damon then tells Bonnie he's so sorry and kisses her softy on her forehead before he leaves her and walks away. She gives him a puzzled look as if she can't believe he's going to leave her there to die, especially after all they had been through together. Turns out, he just did this to fool Kai as Damon comes up behind him and decapitates him. Damon then rushes over to Bonnie and says "you thought I was gonna leave you all alone? No way. I'm not out of nicknames for you yet." Damon then gives Bonnie his blood to heal her and saves her life.

4 When Damon put smileys on Bonnie's pancakes

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Part of Bonnie and Damon's daily morning routine in the 1994 prison world included Damon making pancakes for the both of them. He also made smiley faces on the pancakes with fruit and whipped cream. Bonnie tells him "every day I tell you I hate that." Damon responds "and every day I do it, anyway" as he smiles at her. Prison world Bamon was the best. Damon enjoyed putting the smiley on Bonnie's pancakes just to annoy her but in a cute way. They were totally friendship goals. However, one morning when he hands her the pancakes, Bonnie is in a mood and says "I hate pancakes!" as she stabs them with her fork. Okay, so maybe they aren't exactly friendship goals, but best friends don't always have to get along.

3 Damon Tells Bonnie He Loves Her

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Towards the end of season 7, Bonnie, under the influence of the huntress' curse, thanks to a huntress named Rayna, tries to kill Damon in the woods. The scene was painful to watch as we see Bonnie attempt to kill her best friend whom she has grown to care for. Even though it was hard to watch, we got some wonderful and beautiful words out of Damon. Damon said that "the Bonnie that I knew yesterday is gone and she may never come back, but I'm talking to you: crazy bitch Bonnie in all her glory. I still care about you!" Leave it to Damon to say something heartfelt and hilarious at the same time. He then tells her that he admires her, believes in her and loves her the same way Elena loved her. So many feels!

2 When Damon and Bonnie dance

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During the 1960's decade dance at Mystic Falls High School, Bonnie cuts in between Bonnie and her then boyfriend, Jeremy, dancing and asks if he can dance with Bonnie. The two talk about their plan to save Elena by dealing with Klaus who is in Alaric's body. Bonnie says that she has a 50/50 percent chance of surviving and then Damon asks her if there is any way to increase her odds. Bonnie then gives him a look and says "careful Damon, I might start to think you actually care." Damon responds by saying "we wouldn't want that." Aww. This was one of the first times that Damon showed that he cared for Bonnie and it was just a little preview of their friendship that would blossom in the future.

1 When Bonnie admits she didn't mind spending time with Damon in 1994

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Bonnie and Damon's friendship started to really bloom right before Bonnie let Damon escape the prison world by using her magic. They originally planned to escape together, but due to Kai attacking Bonnie, things didn't go as they had planned. Just before they were about to leave the prison world together, Damon says to Bonnie "I'm sure there are about a billion people you would rather be here with." Bonnie smiles at him and says "not exactly." While stuck in that world together, they joked at each other about how they each were in hell because they had to be stuck there with each other. Bonnie even stated that Damon was her least favorite person. However, by the time their journey in 1994 came to an end, Bonnie had come around and had started to actually enjoy Damon's company. Awww. All the feels!

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