15 Best Bromance Moments Between Turk and J.D.

Turk and J.D. definitely had one of the best bromances in the history of television. They were pretty much besties from the moment they met and never left each others' side. They were so close, some people thought that they were gay and in a relationship with each other. They even had a talk once about keeping their PDA down at work so that people would stop judging them. Their love for each other was unwavering. Friendships like that are incredibly special. Their relationship was definitely one of the best things about Scrubs and pretty much the thing we miss most about it. We've put together a list of moments between Turk and JD that remind us just why we loved them and their relationship so much.

15 Dude, we're a little married

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J.D. gets upset when Turk defends his honor because J.D. wants to be able to fight his own battles so that he can be a strong male role model for his son, Sam. Turk then reminds J.D. that they decided that being a strong male role model for Sam was Turk's job. He said that when Sam got older, it would be his job to teach him about sports and stuff and that J.D. would be in charge of dealing with Turk's daughter's "emotional crap." Turk adds that they agreed that is how they would raise their kids. J.D. laughs and says "Our kids? Turk, we're not married." Turk responds with "dude, we're a little married." J.D. then says "I know, I love it."

14 When J.D. called Turk after finding out his girlfriend was pregnant

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When J.D. found out that his girlfriend, played by Elizabeth Banks, was pregnant with his child, the first thing he did was panic and call his best friend, Turk. Unfortunately for J.D., Turk didn't answer his phone right away because he set the ringtone on his cell to "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC and everyone in the hospital, including Turk, were dancing to it. As said by Turk, "Bye Bye Bye is timeless. I dare anyone not to shake their butt to it."

J.D. ends up hanging up before Turk picks up his phone. J.D. is a bit freaked out because his bestie isn't there when he needs him. Later, J.D. asks Turk why he didn't answer his phone when he called him and he says "I was dancing." J.D. then says "ohhh!" and asks to hear his ringtone. Nope, he wasn't even mad.

13 Chocolate bear and vanilla bear

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Turk and J.D. had the cutest nicknames for each other all throughout the show. They came up with them in college, the day after they met each other. Turns out they once had a third best friend and the three of them called themselves Chocolate Bear, which was Turk, Vanilla Bear, which was J.D. and Caramel Bear, which was their third friend, Ricky. The day they came up with those names, they decided to place a flaming bag of poop on someone's doorstep, because they thought it would make them the coolest freshmen on campus. Caramel Bear offered to place the bag on the doorstep, but right after he rang the doorbell of the house, a big, tough looking guy opened the door, grabbed him and brought him inside and beat him to death. As J.D. said, "RIP Caramel Bear."

12 J.D. wants Turk inside of him for surgery

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When J.D. discovers that he has appendicitis, he says that he doesn't want his best friend, Turk, to operate on him, so he requests another doctor to perform the surgery. This, of course, hurts Turk's feelings. However, when J.D. is in the hospital on Thanksgiving night, his fever rises and is immediately admitted into surgery. Turk was the surgeon on call at the time, so he ended up performing the surgery, anyway. Later, J.D. apologizes to Turk and said that next time he needed surgery, he wanted Turk "inside of him." Turk then responds by saying "I want to be the one inside of you." This would have been a good moment for Michael Scott from The Office to pop in and say "that's what she said!"

11 When Turk shows J.D. the ring he got Carla

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When Turk decides he wants to propose to his girlfriend, Carla, he shows the engagement ring he picked out to J.D. to get his opinion. J.D. looks at it and tells him that it's beautiful. He then jokingly adds, "but my parents will kill me if I marry a black guy." Ha!

Of course, when Turk pops the question to Carla at a park at the end of the episode, J.D. is not far away, as he runs into the scene with sparklers in his hands. We are pretty sure Carla knew what she was getting into when she agreed to marry Turk. Him and J.D. were pretty much a package deal. J.D. would never miss a major milestone like that in his best friend's life.

10 They have matching secret decoder rings

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When Turk asked J.D. to be his best man at his wedding, Elliot asked them if that is the best moment they have ever shared together. Turns out, it wasn't. The best moment they ever had together was when J.D. discovered two decoder rings inside a single box of cereal. Shown in a flashback, J.D. freaks out and calls for Turk to come and see what he has found. He says "it's finally happened!" Turk says "a double prizer?" Then they get all excited and do a super manly chest bump. Carla then says to them, "you guys realize you're doctors, right?" JD responds, "double secret decoder ring wearing doctors!" Turk and JD then bump their rings together and say "activate!" How very professional of them.

9 J.D. secretly showed up on Turk and Carla's honeymoon

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Carla once brought up the fact that Turk and J.D. have never spent any time apart from each other except for her and Turk's honymoon. Turns out she was wrong. When Turk and Carla were on their honeymoon, turns out that J.D. showed up without Carla knowing about it. Turk admits to Carla that J.D. stayed in a bungalow by the pool. J.D.'s excuse for showing up was that Turk forgot his favorite lotion. "Am I supposed to let him get ashy?" J.D. asks.

Turk then tells Carla that him and J.D. only hung out together whenever she was sleeping or when Turk said he was going to get a massage. J.D. admitted that sometimes he did go to get a massage as J.D. massages Turk's shoulders. Yep, those two were pretty inseparable, alright. They never spend any time apart from each other. If they did, it might kill them.

8 When they played live action space invaders

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Bros that play video games together stay together. Or something like that. Turk and J.D. took their video game playing to an entire new level when they created a live-action version of the popular Atari game, Space Invaders. They made workers at the hospital line up in rows in the parking lot while Turk and J.D. took water balloons and threw them off the roof of the hospital at everyone in the parking lot. One guy was dressed in red and was supposed to be the "mother ship." J.D. asked one of the women to use her annoying voice to make the mother ship sound. The whole thing was pretty genius. Unfortunately, the guy playing the mother ship gets hit by a water balloon and is knocked to the ground, resulting in a concussion. Oops.

7 Carla says she doesn't love Turk like J.D. does

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In an episode where J.D. is hanging out with his annoying brother, he shows up to lunch in the cafeteria with him and tells Turk and Carla about his brother's living situation, which is in their mom's attic. J.D. says that there are lots of bats up there, but it's only because there's no air conditioning. Turk then asks J.D. if bats like heat. J.D. tells Turk that this was a good question. Turk then asks Carla why she never tells him when he asks good questions. Carla responds "because I don't love you like he does." True story, bro. J.D. then asks his brother if he's doing so well financially with his new real estate job, why he asked J.D. to buy his lunch. Turk says "good question!" True love.

6 They've always been known as "Turk and J.D."

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Turk and J.D. are with each other so much, that they have always been known as an item. You know, a two for one kinda thing. You can't have one without the other. Ever since college, Turk points out that they have always been known as "Turk and JD." For instance, when they were in college, people would ask "when are Turk and J.D. getting here?" They would say the same thing when they were in med school. J.D. goes on to say that they were together so much, that one time an Indian girl slept with Turk because she thought his last name was "Andjd."

Turk and JD go together so well, they are most definitely each other's soulmates. That's what makes their bromance one of the greatest of all time.

5 They have plans to meet up in heaven

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When J.D. and Turk start discussing their deaths, Turk mentions that J.D. thinks Turk will die first because of his diabetes. J.D. asks him "where do we meet up in heaven?" just to make sure Turk remembers. Turk answers "at the milkshake pool on the lesbian cloud." Of course. J.D. then says "I'll see you there, playa! I love religion." Hilarious.

J.D. then goes on to say that if anyone ever pulled the plug on Turk without being honest with him, they would end up in hell watching "The View" next to the super high and unreachable cupcake table. Because obviously that would be the worst experience ever.

Turk and J.D. aren't just besties in life, but also in the afterlife. Because why wouldn't they be?

4 Their PDA

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Turk and J.D. don't have much of a problem when it comes to PDA. Other people they work with, however, sometimes judge them for it. Once Turk finds out that the whole hospital views them as a couple, he gets a little offended by it because he thought it was a joke that only Carla and Elliot were in on. Turk then suggested to J.D. that they should tone down their PDA a little while at work. This saddens J.D.

Later, J.D. finds out that Turk is getting his old therapy paper published. J.D. so badly wants to give Turk a hug in this moment and he could tell Turk wanted one, but because they had agreed on no longer showing PDA at work, he settled by saying "congrats." That doesn't last long, however, as Turk runs around the hospital and comes up behind J.D. for a massive hug. True love at it's best.

3 Eagle!

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One of Turk and J.D.'s all-time favorite things to do was to have J.D. mount Turk's back as he spun around and made J.D. feel like he was flying. They did it so many times over the years that it became one of the most popular and fan-favorite jokes on the series. They even included an "eagle" in the series finale, when J.D. had his last day at Sacred Heart. Turk surprised him in the parking lot with pads on the ground for J.D. to land on. "I'm about to give you your final, full turbo, spinning eagle," Turk told him. Once J.D. is spinning around, he tells Turk "never stop spinning me!" Yes, Turk and J.D. are grown men, in case you had forgotten.

2 Guy love

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During Scrubs' musical episode, one of the catchy songs featured was called "Guy Love," sung by, you guessed it, Turk and J.D. The song is all about bromance and there was no better duo to sing it.

The lyrics go something like this: "It's guy love, that's all it is. It's guy love, he's mine, I'm his. There's nothing gay about it in our eyes."

Some of the other lyrics are "We're closer than the average man and wife, that's why our matching bracelets say 'Turk and J.D.' I'll stick by you for the rest of my life. You're the only man who's ever been inside of me!"

Turk then clarifies that he just took out J.D.'s appendix.

It's guy love, between two guys.

1 JD went to Disneyland without Turk

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One thing a friend should never do is go to Disneyland without their friend. One day, Elliot tells Turk that she's covering at work for J.D. because him and his son, Sam went on a little trip to Disneyland. She stops herself before she finishes the word "Disneyland," however. Turk then urges her to finish what she was saying. She tells him where J.D. went and Turk insists that is impossible, because him and J.D. promised each other that since neither of them had ever been to Disneyland, the two of them were going to go for their 40th birthday together. Turk has a hard time letting this go and tells Elliot that it hurts him deep down inside. "They've got a roller coaster in the dark and a Finding Nemo ride where you ride around with Nemo!" he exclaims.

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