15 Best Interactions Between The Office Cast On Twitter

The cast of The Office is definitely a tight-knit group. The show ended several years ago and many of its cast members still keep in touch with each other off the internet and online, as well. In fact, the cast often interacts with each other on Twitter, which is always fun to see.

While keeping in touch over Twitter, the gang never fails to tease each other, make jokes and references to The Office. All of these things make us so incredibly happy. Even though The Office is no longer in production, it lives on through interactions between the cast members on social media.

From photos of the cast together to throwing funny insults at each other, here is a list of moments on Twitter that made us chuckle.

15 When Angela thought she saw Creed, but she was wrong

Angela has mentioned before that she lives right near Creed Bratton, her co-star from The Office. They are neighbors. One day, Angela thought she saw Creed walking down the street, so she yelled at him to get his attention. Unfortunately for Angela, the man was not Creed, which was probably a little embarrassing for her.

The best part is that she tweeted about it and Creed replied to her, saying that the elderly man she saw walking down the street was actually his brother, Clint. He also said that his brother was released about a month ago and had been visiting.

Released? Like from prison? Oh, Creed. Something tells us Creed Bratton in real life isn't much different from Creed Bratton on The Office.

14 When Jenna Fischer went to Chili's

Hands down one of the greatest moments in the history of Twitter was when Jenna Fischer posted a photo of herself in front of a Chili's restaurant asking her followers if she should go in. The picture got widespread attention and got a response from Chili's, themselves. Chili's permanently lifted their ban on Pam and several cast members from The Office tweeted a response, including Jenna's onscreen husband, John Krasinski. John retweeted Chili's tweet about lifting the ban on Pam and he added "Finally!" Mindy Kaling then retweeted John and said "hahaha love this" while mentioning the "Whitest Sneaker Award." Jenna then replied to Mindy and said "Thanks Spicy Curry! Miss you!" Mindy responded to Jenna and noted how funny it was that it was an eleven year ban, which is pretty long. Then Steve Carell decided to chime in and said "I want my babyback, babyback, babyback..." Quite possibly one of the greatest threads to ever grace Twitter.

13 When B.J. Novak called out Mindy Kaling for sending too many texts

B.J. Novak once tweeted a joke about his BFF and former co-star, Mindy Kaling, saying that there should be an app that tells you when The Mindy Project has wrapped its season by counting how one's texts from its star, Mindy Kaling, have increased by 1,000. Mindy responded to B.J.'s tweet, clearly offended by the joke, and said "how very dare you."

The reason why this Twitter exchange is so hilarious is because these are things their characters would have said on The Office, without a doubt.

Mindy was probably glad to be done filming and finally get some downtime and she spent it texting her best friend. Who can blame her? She's a very busy woman with a very busy life. Gotta text your friends as much as possible when you can!

12 When Jenna and BJ disagreed on how to wash her face

Jenna Fischer once tweeted that she was out of face wash, so she used baby shampoo instead. Seeing as Jenna has two young children, we can see why she opted to go this route. She said that the baby shampoo worked well and left her face feeling so soft.

B.J. Novak replied to her and asked if she had ever heard of soap. Jenna responded and told him that he was such a man for thinking that. She told him that soap was really drying and her face was like a rose petal. She then asked why he would want to put soap on a rose petal. Hahaha. Such a brilliant response. Go Jenna!

Now we just need to get ourselves some baby shampoo.

11 When B.J. asked Steve Carell to not cyberbully Paul Lieberstein

When Steve Carell joined twitter, his former Office co-star, B.J. Novak, kindly tweeted to him and asked him not to cyberbully his on-screen nemesis, Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby Flenderson on the series. Steve did not reply, but Mindy Kaling did. Mindy replied and said "TOBY NOOOOO." She was probably referring to the scene from The Office where Michael discovered that Toby is back from Costa Rica and is working at Dunder Mifflin again. Michael just stares at Toby in disbelief and yells "nooo!" So freaking funny. The best part of this Twitter exchange was that Paul responded and said that he didn't mind bullying. Ha! Okay, Paul, if you say so. He also said that he was thinking of them, too. How sweet.

10 When B.J. revealed that Mindy was  little crazy

Mindy and her BFF B.J. went out to see Gone Girl together one night. The following day, B.J. decided to tweet about it. He said that he had a great time seeing the movie with the "OG Amazing Amy" which means the original "Amazing Amy" from the movie. Mindy then responded and defended herself. She told B.J. "hey, stop telling people I'm a psychopath."

For those who have read the Gone Girl book or seen the movie, you know why Mindy had this response. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, well, we don't want to spoil it for you. Either way, we can all agree that the way Mindy and B.J. tease each other online is pretty darn funny.

9 When John Krasinski told everyone he had the teapot

When a fan asked Jenna Fischer on Twitter what things she kept from The Office, she listed a bunch of them, including a giraffe pen that had been on Pam's desk since episode 1, Pam's purse, a candy dish, a cardigan and Pam's wedding necklace. She has also mentioned in the past that she had Jim's note from the teapot he gave her in season 2. John Krasinski saw Jenna's tweet about things she kept from the show and claimed he had the teapot. He then added in an evil laugh. Ha! So funny. It's so cute how Jenna loved being on The Office so much that she kept several things from the show. Not only was she a part of the series, but she was also a pretty big fan of it, as well.

8 When Brian Baumgartner messed with John Krasinski

When a fan asked Brian Baumgartner what character he would like to have played on The Office besides Kevin Malone, he responded and said he would have liked to have played Dwight, Michael or Oscar, for the range. He even said he would have liked to play Pam. He then added that he would never want to play John Krasinki's role of Jim. Obviously, he was just messing with John and joking around, but John responded and said "that's... that's fair." Hahaha. Gotta love that the cast has no problems making fun of each other on social media. They all love each other, anyway!

But in all seriousness... we could totally see Brian playing Pam. Right? Okay, now we're just being silly. How about Brian as Dwight? Oh, the hilariousness.

7 When Angela and Brian reminisced about their accounting days

Once in a while The Office cast will post old photos that were taken while they were filming the show. Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin Malone, posted a behind the scenes photo of him, Angela and Oscar one day with a caption that said "I miss these idiots."

Angela replied to Brian on Twitter and said how she missed goofing off in their accounting corner. She also confessed that some of the biggest laughs of her life came from that nook. We believe it. If only we could have been a fly on that wall when they were filming. We can only imagine the hilariousness that ensued between those three! We sure do miss The Office and the crazy accounting department. Can we get a revival?

6 When Angela promised Rainn some cookies

Not long after Angela got married to her now husband Josh, who makes baking videos for YouTube, Rainn Wilson tweeted and said that he heard she was baking with him. He said that she better make him a cookie. Ha! Those that are die-hard fans of The Office know that Dwight and Angela used the word "cookie" as a code word for something naughty on the show.

Angela replied to Rainn and told him that there will always be cookies for him and added a winking emoji. She then ended the tweet with the hashtag #dwangelaforeva.

Gotta love how even though The Office ended several years ago, they still make references on Twitter and still keep in touch. The cast on that show is like a family and we wouldn't have it any other way.

5 When Jenna was tweeting BJ instead of doing her job

While Jenna Fischer was doing a play in New York, B.J.Novak went to go see it and met up with her one evening for dinner. After the two caught up, Jenna tweeted to B.J. and told him "thanks for a great dinner date. Already miss you again."

B.J. tweeted back and asked her "shouldn't you be onstage right now?"

Jenna responded and said "oh shit!!! Talk soon!" Oops! Guess she should have been paying attention to her job instead of tweeting her friends on Twitter.

All joking aside, this Twitter exchange was pretty cute and it warmed our hearts to know that B.J. and Jenna still keep in touch and make efforts to see each other once in a while. We love how close this cast is!

4 When Steve asked Rainn for some unsolicited help

Rainn Wilson once tweeted that he was in the mood to write an open letter to a celebrity. We are guessing he was a bit bored at the time. He asked for ideas on who he should write to and what about. Steve Carell responded and told him that he was in need of his unsolicited help and thanked Rainn in advance.

Rainn then responded to Steve and told him that he should expect his open letter to address Steve's big nose. Steve responded again and told Rainn "never mind then." So freaking funny!

Steve Carell doesn't tweet often, but when he does, it's pretty much golden. We wonder how the rest of Rainn's letter to Steve would have gone. Can those two have their own talk show?

3 When Oscar showed up to BJ's book signing as a fan

When B.J. Novak did a book signing in Los Angeles for one of his published works, Oscar Nunez from The Office showed up and posted a photo of the two on Twitter. B.J. didn't respond to this tweet, but we thought it was worth mentioning, anyway.

Oscar said in the tweet that his wife surprised him by taking him to a book reading by a "young literary upstart." He also added that he believed the young author's name was B.J. Novak. Oh, Oscar. In the photo of the two actors, you can see that Oscar had his name written on a post-it note so that B.J. would know how to spell it when he signed Oscar's book. Oscar is smiling so wide in the photo, trying to act as if he was an excited fan. So funny.

2 When B.J. asked Mindy if her Google was broken

When B.J. tweeted about 420 one year, Mindy Kaling replied to him and asked him what it meant. For those who don't know, 420 is April 20th in the calendar year, but it's also the numerical code for marijuana.

Instead of giving Mindy a direct answer, B.J. made fun of her by responding to her tweet and asking her if her Google was broken. Oh, the sarcasm. So darn funny! The comeback was so witty, it's worth repeating whenever someone asks you a dumb question. These days, pretty much anything can be answered through a quick google search, which was the reason for B.J.'s response.

The only reason B.J. made such a sarcastic response was because him and Mindy are such close friends and we all know that they love each other anyway.

1 When Angela asked everyone what their weekend plans were

Angela tweeted once asking everyone what their plans were. She said her plans for that weekend were to possibly make blueberry muffins and do some scrapbooking. Naturally, Brian Baumgartner retweeted her and said "lame."

Jenna Fischer responded to Brian with one word: "poker?"

Brian loves to play poker, which was why Jenna was asking him if that was his plans for the weekend. It was likely her attempt to say in a subtle way that his plans were probably no more exciting than Angela's, which is pretty darn funny.

One of the great things about the cast of The Office and why we love them so much is that they are so down to earth and their lives aren't much more glamorous than ours. That's what makes them so great!


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