15 Bizarre Facts That Make Us Say, "Wait, What?"

As if our world isn't confusing and overwhelming enough, there are always new facts and findings that will rack our brains for months. There's so much we don't know about our planet and our surroundings that a simple fact about something we thought we knew so well could change everything. It's simple really, the world we know now may not be what we think it is and that's because people continuously decide to provide us with bizarre and creepy facts that were right under our nose the entire time. Maybe we don't want to know about them, but that doesn't mean we won't read about stuff like this on the internet...alone...and in the dark.

Some of the facts below might not make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up, but they will most likely shock you. See for yourself below and prepare to be blown away or at least a little rattled.

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15 The Pacu fish

Via: boredomtherapy.com

They're slimy, they slither in the depths of the water and they may decide to nibble on your toes if you decide to stay perfectly still. Fish are basically harmless because usually, they're more afraid of us as we are of them. Yes there are some that can grow a little too big and sport razor-sharp teeth, but most people have lived to tell their tales of their encounters. We think we know enough about fish to know they aren't like humans at all, but then again, the Pacu fish hasn't come across our radar until now.

The Pacu fish can be found in South American and in freshwater. It's compared to the frightening piranha, but instead of razor-sharp teeth, it has teeth that look scarily similar to ours. Thankfully they enjoy plants more than flesh and that's a win-win for everyone.

14 Secret messages

Via: pinterest.com

When coincidences happen, we are shocked and most of time, quite pleased. When two situation align so perfectly when they shouldn't have, witnessing it is kind of a special ordeal. Some of these coincidences might be all happy and merry, but nothing about Nazi Germany is or was. This party brought pain upon many people around the world at one point and they didn't stop until they were defeated. We want to spare you the history lesson, but besides their hate for certain types of people, Nazi Germany apparently didn't like books that were "un-German" either. There's one book they burned in particular and call this a horrible coincidence, but a famous phrase literally called out their evil fate.

This revelation is very dark and very unfortunate and we only wish it never happened. Mr. Heine said it right and we don't think he would've been very proud of it.

13 The beginning

Via: pinterest.com

When it comes to ghosts and goblins, there's nothing more creep-tastic than a Ouija board. As kids, we've all played with them in hopes of some sort of movement of the plastic planchette. Movies have used this prop for years as a means to connect with the dead, while giving its viewers a hopeful scare. While people have been dabbling in this sort of seance for over a hundred years, has anyone ever stopped and wondered how the ominous board got its name?

As most of us are skeptical of its authenticity, the inventors were true believers. They played it right away and didn't even have to choose a name for it because it named itself. In Egyptian language, it means "good luck" and that makes things even more bizarre.

12 Eyelash mites

Via: boredomtherapy.com

At first glance, this might look like an alien-like bug that could or will destroy the world. OK, maybe we've seen too many movies, but still, this thing doesn't look friendly. This nasty worm-like fella is actually an eyelash mite. Yes, we said an eyelash mite. Apparently, we now have mites not only eating through our wood, but now on our faces and that's terrifying. We should mention that not everyone has these, but people with pets are at a higher risk. Basically, there are microscopic parasites living in our hair follicles that surround our eyes and we can't think of anything more creepy.

If there is a silver lining to any of this, these parasites only come out at night because they don't like light. OK, no silver lining there.

11 Watch your head

Via: cracked.com

Everyone is afraid of something whether they want to admit to it or not. It could be the fear of the dark or it could be a fear of clowns; no matter what it is, we've all experienced the crippling fear of something. So imagine walking through a forest and seeing the trees above. Without an explanation, it would be a little difficult to figure out what's all over the branches; but then again, we have the explanation and it is horrifying and a little sad.

The tsunami that hit Japan was devastating and we couldn't even imagine how hard it was to start over; but in this situation, the spiders that dwelled there had no issue finding a new home. Yes folks, those are very large cobwebs with spiders dangling in them. On the up, at least they ate all the mosquitoes.

10 A different Cinderella story

Via: huffingtonpost.com

When we were kids, our lives revolved around anything Disney. We loved the talking animals, the songs and the happy ending tied up with a bow. A lot of us probably thought life was even a fairytale and now when we think back, we're glad our young little heads were oblivious. Now that we're older and wiser, we've probably heard of the darker versions of our favorite Disney stories. They vary by country and we couldn't possibly keep up with all of them. So, we'll just focus on one of the oldest fairytales: Cinderella.

In one version of the tale, the evil stepsisters finally get the karma they deserve and cut off their own toes in order to fit their fat feet into the glass slipper. When that doesn't work out, they end up going to Cinderella's wedding and get their eyes pecked out by birds; sounds like a good ending to us.

9 Somebody's watching

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Picture it: you're out in public and perfectly safe, but you get the strange feeling. You know the strange feeling, the feeling that something isn't quite right. The feeling that gives you goosebumps for no apparent reason...or so you think. It doesn't matter if you're alone in a parking lot or in Times Square in New York City, our bodies know when someone is watching us. We might have an inkling of who is watching or maybe we are completely clueless; either way, our brain picks up on it and gives us "that" feeling.

It's quite astonishing and creepy to think that without even knowing, our brain picks up on this. It also happens a lot before the slasher catches the woman in the empty house, but we'll just stop there.

8 Skin issues

Via: ebaumsworld.com

When a snake sheds its skin, it's kind of like it's starting anew. To grow, it has to rid its old skin to become stronger and more productive and that brings us to our similarities to snakes. While we can't possibly think of any reason why a human would be like them, in a strange way, we kind of are. Like it says above, on average, we shed around 40 pounds of our own skin. In retrospect, it's kind of impressive; on the other hand, it's kind of repulsive.

Thinking of skin and it falling off our bodies is weird and now we can't stop thinking about snakes. The human body is quite amazing and we can deal with all of its weirdness; but shedding skin is a whole other situation and we're glad we don't notice when it happens.

7 The cursed movie set

Via: unbelievable-facts.com

If critics could name one of the scariest movies to date right now, most of them would probably pick The Exorcist. It was before its time and scared the sh*t out of its viewers. While it's still deemed scary, it might be even more after finding out what happened on the set of filming itAside from big-named directors all turning their noses up to helping out with the film, there were other unusual happenings that happened while filming.

To name just a few, around nine people who worked on the production died, a fire somehow broke out and took half the set with it and actor, Jack MacGowran died from the flu. Even though multiple priests came in to bless the set, nothing could stop the unlucky draw of fate surrounding this film.

6 The Troxler Effect

Via: briandavidphillips.net

As The Spice Girls once told us, "too much of something is bad enough" and really, that's all we need to live by. It goes without saying that having too much cake, too much sun or even, too much time in front of the mirror isn't good for the soul. In fact, there's a name for one of those and it's call, "The Troxler Effect." This effect is an optical illusion of sorts that makes us see ourselves in a different way. While someone is staring at themselves in the mirror for far too long, the outer edges of their vision starts to fade and the images that the person isn't focusing on turns into something else.

The distortion can make our appearance look drastically different. Some could say that staring at ourselves for far too long can turn our reflection into something we don't want to see.

5 The witching window

Via: urbo.com

Every Halloween, people like to tell scary stories and dress up as their favorite monster. On that note, most of us probably don't think about the actuality of witches and wondering if they're real. Movies and books have made our minds expand with knowledge about them, knowing they don't exist. But in the state of Vermont, things are a little different. Now known as "Vermont Windows," these odd little fixtures were once known as "Witch Windows." Blame it on old superstition, but these handy little windows were installed at an angle because apparently, witches couldn't fly their rickety broomsticks through them.

Overall, there isn't really a rhyme or reason why Vermont architecture is like this, but it's still bizarre that just about any older Vermont home has windows like this.

4 All in moderation

Via: cracked.com

Television: our friend, our foe, our excuse to stay in when everyone goes out on a Friday night. We all have our favorite shows or movies that we like to watch on Netflix, Hulu or just good old cable. Unfortunately this type of technology has become a fixture in most of our lives and turning on the tube after a long day at work is just a normalcy we all participate in. But like everything else in excess, television is bad for our health as well. It's true, if we binge too much Game of Thrones or Golden Girls, our body will somehow soak it in like it does cigarette smoke.

Just like that skeleton up there, we might turn to dust if we continue our late-night TV show binges and when it comes down to it, is it worth it? It might be.

3 Watch your step

Via: cracked.com

When we're commuting to work, we take the same old route as if it were our second skin. We don't even hardly have to think about our movements as we make our way there and that alone is kind of bizarre. But what's even more concerning is the fact that the very roads, or in this case, bridges, might not be as safe as we'd hope them to be. Too many times, incidents happen when they could've been prevented. We know that money doesn't grow on trees, but maybe paying attention to bridges that carry thousands of people over to their destination should be a priority.

So maybe next time you're driving across a very narrow and very long bridge that towers over a body of water, you'll be more aware of your route. You're welcome.

2 Say what?

Via: cracked.com

Taylor Swift and birds don't have much in common, but if we were to compare the two, apparently Taylor Swift would come out on top. Thinking about the Bird Flu is terrifying and catching something like that seems very rare, but nowadays, anything is possible. We don't think we'd even get close enough to talk to Taylor so it makes us think of how impossible it would be to contract and die from the Bird Flu in today's society. Unless the government is keeping more things than we think they are, we're going to just be shocked of this comparison.

Over centuries, there have been a lot of plagues and sicknesses that have tormented the human population; but just knowing that the Bird Flu won't kill us makes us feel a little bit better about life...we think.

1 Erase it all

Via: lifebuzz.com

Before the most basic items were invented, people had to improvise more than we'll ever know. There are times when we realize we take certain things for advantage and the use of a pencil with an eraser is definitely a big one. Way back when, when people made writing mistakes, they have to look around their home and think of ways they can undo their wrong. At some point in history, someone thought it would be a good idea to use crustless bread to undo pencil marks. This doesn't really seem like the best item to use, but apparently, it worked.

When we think of bread, all we want to do is shove it in our mouths and move on. Apparently, we have it better than we thought we did because when we buy bread, we can keep it in the kitchen and not worry about using it all up while writing anything.

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