15 Bizarre Products You Can Actually Buy That Will Make You Go, "But Why Tho..."

Have you ever been in a store or shopping online and see something weird? Okay, not in the mall food court, but the products on shelves. Not "normal" weird, but weird enough that you just had to stop and ask yourself, "WHY?" Why did someone make this? Why would anyone buy this? I think we've all had those moments before. Every time you think you've seen the strangest products out there, something comes along and one ups it. Some of them are clever, some of them are hilarious, and others are just downright strange. However, some stuff is so strange, it just makes me even more tempted to buy it. I just see it and think to myself, "Do I need this weird thing? No, but do I want it? Absolutely."

Put your wallet away and check out this list of 15 of the weirdest products ever made.

15 The Egg Cuber

This novelty kitchen gadget first appeared a few decades ago, but is still around and sold in stores in modern times. Why? I'm not sure either, but the Egg Cuber is a hit with a lot of people who purchased one and now love it. In order to get your square egg, all you have to do is hard boil an egg, take it out and peel it while it's still hot, and then put it in the Egg Cuber to cool. Then, ta-da! Square egg. I'm still unclear as to why someone would want a square egg, but only being able to do one at a time seems tedious. I guess they're a fun novelty food for parties or to send in a kid's lunchbox, but making more than a couple would get just plain annoying.

14 My Kind Of Crafts

Do you have a cat that sheds a lot? Are you always picking cat hair off of your clothes, furniture, and floor? Well, have I got a book for you. Instead of lint rolling and plucking it away to just throw in the garbage - save it instead! All that cat hair doesn't need to go to waste anymore. Now, with the help of this handy book, you can make crafts out of all that stray cat hair. Yay! I mean, wait, what?

Yeah, I'm not sure either. But I guess this is a thing because this is the second book I've ever seen about this. Another was one I saw in a bookstore called Knitting Cats With Cat Hair or something like that. Instead of making cute little finger puppets like this, you basically just turned the cat hair into a ball and put googly eyes on it.

13 Girl Scout Cereal

This one really makes me say, "Why?" As in, "Why don't I have this in my stomach right now?" I don't know if this is new or if it was out a long time ago and now it's gone, but I need it. The fact that no one told me there's Girl Scouts cereal is honestly all the proof I need that none of my friends love me.

Also, none of them told me a few years ago when they made Girl Scouts ice cream either. I had to find out about that all by myself, but at least that was in the store when I was buying it. The Samoas, or Caramel DeLites, depending on where you live, ice cream is delicious and I need to try the cereal next.

12 Bacon Floss

I have a confession to make, everyone. I love bacon, but I'm sick of the trend of making literally everything bacon scented or flavored. Real bacon is delicious, but the fake bacon flavor people feel the need to give everything is just gross and salty. I don't understand why bacon gum or mints or floss were necessary. They're not funny novelty gifts, they don't taste good, why even get them? I've seen all kinds of bacon stuff like bandaids and soda and candy, but this is the first time I've ever seen floss. While that's a new one for me, it's still disgusting and confusing. I'm sure there's someone out there who would love this one, though. Maybe because they love bacon and dental hygiene? Maybe because they want it as a gag gift for their friend who loves bacon? Either way, I don't understand it.

11 Pizza Hut Perfume

Apparently in 2012, Pizza Hut in Canada sent out 100 bottles of a limited edition Pizza Hut perfume. The perfume was described as smelling like, "fresh dough with a bit of spice.” The perfume was part of a promotion for the Pizza Hut Canada's Facebook page reaching a big milestone of likes. The first 100 people who sent them a message were promised a bottle of the perfume. Since they hadn't done any kind of promotions or anything surrounding the contest, they thought they'd get about 250 messages from people wanting to get their hands on a bottle. Within the first hour of the post going up, they reportedly got over 1,000 messages. Yeah, that means there are 1,000 people out there who want to smell like pizza.

10 Earthworm Jerky

For the adventurous eaters and jerky super fans out there, the Newport Jerky Company from Newport, Rhode Island has got a treat for you. Along with a lot of other various creepy crawly treats like grasshoppers, shark jerky, and edible scorpions, they sell earthworm jerky. It's described as, "Grilled, dried earthworm with a spicy marinade." Delicious. Although I'm not much of an adventurous eater, they have some fairly promising reviews.

A lot of people bought them as gag gifts for friends or for Halloween parties, but say they were hilarious to watch people be tricked into eating. Although they said they don't have a ton of flavor, I think that's to be expected since they're, well, worms. I guess if you want to eat something different, this is quite a place to start.

9 This Justin Bieber Duck Tape

I don't know why this exists. Or why this store was apparently stocking at least 3 rows of it. Maybe they were having a Justin Bieber concert in that city soon and they were hoping a lot of concert goers would be shopping before hand and just happen to look at the Fuck Tape? Or maybe this is the clearance section because they realized people don't want celebrity-branded Duck Tape. Whatever it is, I have some additional questions. The first one is just, "Why?"

Despite my confusion, it has a lot of good reviews from people saying their daughter or granddaughter loved it. Honestly, good for them. I hope they had a lot of fun and taped everything in sight with their new Bieber Duck Tape. Or maybe made themselves cool Duck Tape crafts.

8 A Pocket-Sized Suture Pad

Has your life dream always been to be a surgeon? Do you aspire to be a mad scientist who performs experiments on people? Is the only thing standing in your way the fact that you're not very good at doing stitches? Then have I got a product for you. This "Simple Suture Pad w/ Wounds" is an excellent starter point for practicing your stitches. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and has 2 different pre-cut wounds in it. A plain straight cut and a slightly more complexed wavy one. Never be bored on your long commute on public transportation again as long as this thing is in your pocket.

I know this isn't all that weird for a medical school student to practice on, but it's just shocking to me that anyone can buy it. Not that I think most other people would want to, but you never know.

7 These Very Dad-Like Socks

Do you hate wearing shoes but love wearing socks? Do you want to look like a fashionable dad with socks and sandals without the hassle of wearing sandals? Never fear, this company has come up with an absolutely brilliant solution for you. Sock Sandals! Don't worry about finding them in the right size for your feet, either. These bad boys claim to be one size fits all. Which I'm kind of skeptical of because I have small feet and these look rather large. Is there anything worse than wearing socks that don't fit? Probably, but that's still pretty terrible. The little heel pocket thing winds up way up the back of your ankle and just feels weird.

Socks that don't fit right would probably be the least of your worries if you were wearing these.

6 "K Is For Knifeball"

While this isn't a book I would be eager to give to kids, K is for Knifeball is a hilarious picture book adults with a darker sense of humor would enjoy. It's by the same people who wrote the hilarious All My Friends Are Dead, which was really popular around the Internet and with people who appreciate a little bit of dark humor every now and then. The book runs through the alphabet with everything from "A is for apple, eat one every day and wash it down with your mom's Cabernet" to "O is for opening things with your teeth."

I just hope no one accidentally buys this for their kids or grandkids because they think it looks like a nice picture book for them to learn the alphabet. But I'm guessing with that kind of a title, they'd know it's not quite so wholesome.

5 This Statue... Thing

I'm not really sure what this is. I know the price tag says it's a flowerpot, but I'm just trying to figure out why anyone would want to put flowers in this. It's shaped like a pear of jean shorts that are for some reason standing up with grass growing all around it. As a nice little finishing touch, there's two hedgehogs in front of it. Are they kissing? Eating grass? Marveling at how these jeans are standing up so nice and solid? This is truly one of life's great mysteries, I must say. I really love the attention to detail on the folds of the jeans and the really tasteful fading on them. I would love to see the kind of yard someone has if they see this and think, "Yes. This is where my Marigolds will go this summer."

4 These Dog Condiments

I've seen these at the store and had a good laugh at them. I don't have a dog, but if I did, I'd buy these for them in a heartbeat. Also, the store I saw them at was way less expensive than this one, so I'm not sure if these are just huge bottles or this store is way overpriced. Either way, I love that these are meat flavored but still have names and look like human condiments. Any dogs that get these must be spoiled. By which, I obviously just mean they have really great owners who care about them a lot and put condiments on their meals. Why have plain, boring dog food when you could have a little squeeze of Petchup on top?

3 This Selfie Stick Brush

Why? Just why? I understand selfie sticks, I guess. if you have short arms and want to take a good picture of yourself or a group while you're on vacation, they can be handy. Yeah, I know, people make fun of them all the time, but seriously. Am I the only one who thinks they're not all that bad? They may look a little strange but they get the job done. This one though, I don't understand. I can't imagine a situation where a hairbrush with a slot to put your phone in would be at all helpful. I'm all for tacky phone cases made of teddy bears or silicone ones shaped like Disney characters or whatever else, but this is just silly. And the people on the package using it don't help me understand it any better.

2 A Farting Teddy Bear

I'm honestly not sure why anyone would ever buy this from this catalog. Who on earth wants a teddy bear with a remote control that farts? There are some funny gifts that I can totally understand, but this one is just confusing to me. I love the picture of the guy sitting next to it laughing and pointing at it like, "Oh, you!" I hope that guy was paid well because that looks like the most uncomfortable photoshoot ever. Not too well though, because he really didn't do a very good job of making it look any less uncomfortable. The best part of this entire ad is the little caption that says he's an, "Innocent-looking bear with an unexpected surprise!" That sounds less like it farts and more like it comes to life at night and watches you sleep.

1 Buffalo Chicken-Shaped Soap

Are you tired of a boring old bar soap? Is liquid soap just not doing it for you anymore? Want to add a little kick to your bathroom routine? Luckily for you, there's a whole world out there of soap shaped like other things. And shaped soap doesn't stop with the little seashells and roses that your grandma always had in her bathroom but never used. No, no. The world of fancy, shaped soap goes far beyond your grandma's fancy bathroom decorations. The latest trend in soap is hyper-realistic soap in the shape of food. It looks almost good enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you need to wash your mouth out. The shine on these chicken wing soap bars makes it look so saucy and delicious, I just want to take a big bite - not take a shower.

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