15 Bizarre Wedding Photos That Make Us Want To Stay Single Forever

It can suck to be single this time of year, because wedding season is in full swing and several of our friends (or worse, our frenemies) are off getting married and reminding us of how very alone we are. Even though we go to their weddings and act like we're totally happy for the bride and groom, deep down, we're super jealous and slightly ashamed that the longest relationship we've had in years has been with our local pizza guy. That's why we're thankful for these bizarre wedding photos—they do a great job reminding us that most couples are actually super awkward and embarrassing, and make us realize that being #foreveralone saves us from ever having to be a part of pictures as humiliating as these!

15 Perfect time for planking

Via: collegehumor.com

A few years ago, everyone thought planking was the coolest thing ever. We'll never fully understand why laying flat like a board on random surfaces took off as a viral trend, but it was ridiculously popular for a while. One of the guests at this couple's wedding thought it'd be cool to plank right behind the newly-married bride and groom as they kissed, and the resulting picture will tragically force the couple to remember the planking trend for the rest of their lives. If there's a chance of our immature and idiotic friends ruining our wedding day by doing something this ridiculous, we'd rather just elope or avoid marriage altogether by staying single for the rest of our lives! This is just too much.

14 What a sh*tty wedding cake!

Via: funnycakepics.com

Wedding cakes are supposed to look incredibly beautiful and taste absolutely amazing. Most couples try to find the standard and stunning three-tiered white cake with little bride and groom figurines to place on the top layer, but this unique couple opted for a dramatically different cake. They swapped the vanilla for chocolate (which is totally fine), and swapped the typical tiered shape for a... poop shape. That's right, the bride and groom actually made their reception guests chow down on a giant turd for dessert! Everyone appears to be all smiles as the couple cut into the giant sh*t, but we're sure their parents couldn't have been too thrilled to see their kids lovingly smear "poop" onto each others' faces on such an important day.

13 Release the doves

Via: pinterest.com

When a couple gets married, it's a classic tradition to release a number of white doves into the sky. The doves are supposed to represent the bride and groom as they begin their life's journey together in purity and with no regrets of their past. This couple took that tradition and twisted it into something weird and fairy disgusting—instead of doves, they threw two dead chickens into the air. What on earth could those raw chickens possibly symbolize?! And what did they do with the chickens when they fell down to the ground a second later... serve them to their guests?! We really hope the couple at least washed their hands thoroughly after this weird photography stunt, because nothing ruins a honeymoon quite like salmonella.

12 Happily ever after

Via: dailymail.co.uk

We can all agree that DreamWorks' Shrek franchise was great. It featured a number of super talented voice actors and the films were filled with action, comedy, romance and drama. However, just because we're huge fans of Shrek doesn't mean we'd ever want to attend a Shrek-themed wedding and we'd definitely never want to paint our skin green to look like Shrek or Fiona ourselves. This seems like it'd just have to be embarrassing for everyone involved, but we feel the worst for the poor best man who had to dress up in that hot and humiliating Donkey costume. Theme weddings are fine, but we typically believe that the bride and groom should look attractive on their special day... and not like gigantic cartoon ogres.

11 Keep it classy

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Some single people think that it's only possible to meet your soulmate at a bar or a club, but nowadays, you can bump into your special someone virtually anywhere! Plenty of successful couples met at unconventional places like the gym or the supermarket. Some even met at a gun lodge, like this bride and groom. It's important to share hobbies with your significant other, and shooting and hunting are perfectly acceptable hobbies, but a love for guns doesn't (and definitely shouldn't) mean you should bring guns to your wedding and use them as photography props. This wedding party look is very well dressed and looks great, but they would have looked 10 times classier if they just put the rifles down and took a normal picture.

10 It's a trap!

Via: smosh.com

Women of the universe, beware—if your future husband asks you if you'd be down to have a Star Wars-themed wedding, it's a trap! Plenty of couples every year decide to have Star Wars weddings, so we've seen plenty of wannabe Han Solos marry their Princess Leias (and even seen a few Leia and Luke pairings) over the years. We've never seen a slave Leia officiate a wedding before, or a groom dressed up as Admiral Ackbar, though! This wedding just seems tacky and awkward, and with the bride's lack of a recognizable Star Wars costume, we have to assume she wasn't fully on board with her hubby's bizarre theme idea. We can't blame her for that—who wants to get married to a dude with a gigantic fish head?

9 What were they going for here?!

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

We're not entirely positive what sort of statement this wedding party was trying to make here. Was this some sort of reverse Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen "bend the knee" thing, where the women were kneeling down before their men to prove their subservience? Or were they just genuinely trying to look like they were about to give the groomsmen blow jobs? Both options are seriously embarrassing and inappropriate, and if the wedding photographer asked for this shot, he needs to be fired ASAP. Just look at the men in this picture... they knew exactly what was going on, and had to look from side to side to gauge each others' reactions in order to see how they should act during this awkward moment. Ashamed, guys. You should have looked ashamed for allowing this to happen.

8 This wedding was SUPER (embarrassing)

Via: pinterest.com

Have you ever seen a picture where a groom and his groomsmen unbutton their dress shirts to reveal superhero T-shirts underneath? After one of those pictures went viral on Tumblr and Pinterest a few years ago, a number of other guys have replicated the idea at their own weddings. We think that's awesome, because the undercover hero gag is a great way for people to subtly incorporate their love for superheroes into their wedding! We don't quite stand by guys who swap their tux for an actual superhero costume on their big day, though... especially if they also make the best man and maid of honor dress in superhero costumes as well! We're glad the bride here still wore a traditional dress, but her lack of a costume might actually make this wedding idea more awkward.

7 Taking fandom too far

Via: tumblr.com

James Cameron's Avatar set all sorts of records and showed us the potential of 3-D film-making. There's a reason it took Cameron a whole decade to make the film and Avatar took in over $3 billion worldwide—the world of Pandora was absolutely breathtaking and thanks to the 3-D technology, audiences got to feel like they were really there! China's Zhangjiajie National Forest Park acted as the prototype for various elements of Pandora, so this bride wanted her wedding there to include some people dressed up as Na'vi. We totally understand wanting to pretend to be in Pandora, but it's a bit weird to invite (fairly creepy) blue aliens to your wedding. If you love Avatar that much, just watch it again after your honeymoon!

6 Those poor bridesmaids

Via: pinterest.com

Some brides are nice enough to allow their bridesmaids to wear gorgeous dresses on their big day, but it seems to be an unspoken tradition for the majority of brides to force their friends and family to wear absolutely hideous outfits so they look more attractive by comparison. We've seen plenty of pictures of puffy and frill-filled bridesmaid abominations, but this just takes things to a new level—the bride actually forced her party to match the ugly AF curtains in her home! We have to give the women in this picture serious props for going along with the bride's awful request, because we would have just rebelled and worn something else to the wedding. There's no way we'd go out in public looking like walking drapes!

5 They just really, really love chocolate

Via: pinterest.com

There are so many holidays that couples have to buy presents for every year! You're expected to buy your significant other a gift on Christmas, on Easter, on Valentine's Day, on the anniversary of when you started dating, on the anniversary of your engagement, on the anniversary of your wedding... it's just too much. That's why this couple decided to combine two of the special occasions and get married on Valentine's Day. Genius idea, right? Well, don't think too highly of them just yet—they also felt a need to get married while sitting knee-deep in a tub full of melted chocolate. We've got a sweet tooth too, but this is just bizarre. The couple looks super happy about their life choices here, but the mother of the groom, the bridesmaid and the rabbi in the picture all appear to be appropriately weirded out.

4 Not just for kids

Via: onewed.com

There's so much we don't understand about the Hello Kitty craze that's taken the world by storm for the past few decades. Our minds were blown when Sanrio (the Japanese company that created the character) revealed in 2014 that Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat and that her name is actually Kitty White, but that wasn't as surprising as the discovery that fully-grown adult women can apparently order Hello Kitty characters to walk them down the aisle at their weddings! Good for the groom for being chill about his wife requesting something so awkward at their wedding... we're sure his friends had a real laugh, watching him celebrate his big day with characters created for little girls. Unless, of course, he was the one who asked for them.

3 Super-size my wedding

Via: flickr.com

If you aren't particularly religious or you just don't want to get married in a church, there's a number of good alternatives. You can get hitched at a local beach, in the woods, in your backyard, inside your home... those are all solid possibilities that can be every bit as beautiful as getting married in a big chapel. We don't recommend getting married in a McDonald's, however. Fast food joints just make for really embarrassing wedding venues, and no wedding guest wants to eat Mickey D's at the reception dinner. This couple does look like they love McDonald's, but come on. If you're set on getting married at a restaurant, at least splurge a bit and opt for TGI Friday's or someplace that doesn't have a dollar menu!

2 Looks so good you could eat it

Via: nbcnews.com

Have you ever heard the expression "you look so good, I could eat you up"? This couple apparently didn't know that that's supposed to be just a saying. The groom, Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano, spent two months baking 1,500 cream puffs and shaping them into a croquembouche dress for his future bride. The dress weighed 20 pounds, and she wore it alongside Shtefano on their special day while he wore his standard chef's outfit instead of a tuxedo. Like in several of the other pictures on this list, this was a cute idea that just may have been better suited for their engagement pictures... not for their actual wedding day. Did their guests just eat the bride's dress instead of a cake at the reception?!

1 Show me the goods

Via: weddingunveils.com

It's common and totally normal for a bride and her bridemaids to do a "butt" picture, so they can show off the backs of their stunning and expensive gowns. It's not quite as popular for those women to show off the their butts in a wedding picture, and for good reason! We're going to guess that the man grabbing her ass, isn't the groom and that the alcohol in her hand is an indication that she wouldn't make these same choices if she were sober. You can also see the angry look from the bridesmaid in the back who looks a little more peeved by the lack of the attention she's getting. Maybe she wanted to hook up with the dude?

It's a funny picture, sure... but is it really one the bride and groom want included in the wedding album they'll someday show their kids?

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