15 Brazen Friends Who Are Playing With Fire

One of the best things in life are friends. Wait... friends and tacos. There... that's better.

They're the family we can actually pick ourselves. We can pick 'em, get rid of 'em, and find new ones. The only problem with friends is that sometimes they annoy the wits out of us. Considering we can be our truest self around our friends, things tend to get a tad out of hand...

With apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, everyone has those friends that constantly film every moment of their friendship. The annoying part is just that — they film the good, the bad, and the lame. From friends who don't answer their phones, to people who love a good prank, to those friends who are just a tad extra — these are 15 people who straight up need a break from their friends.

The good thing about friendship, however, is that we can take a break from them and always come back a little stronger. We can't be 100% happy all the time, right? The secret to a great friendship is knowing when enough is enough and when their friend is at their limits. And I think it's safe to say that these 15 people are at that limit.

15 There's Always That ONE Person

Can everyone give a slow-clap for @itsmehgd...

Now, as a woman, I have no idea how men's sleepovers work. However, I know VERY well how women's sleepovers work. And this meme is spot on. This is EXACTLY how they go down, no matter the girl group.

Pillow talk is just one of those things that women (that I know, at least) enjoy doing. We turn off the lights and get ready for bed, but as soon as our heads hit those pillows — it's girl chat, baby. We can talk until the sun rises. However, there's always a few girls who are on different sleep schedules. Some are pretty wound up and keep joking around or bringing up conversation, while others are pretty adamant about getting some shuteye.

These sassy women are usually the more serious ones — the more responsible ones. But my question is, why can't those who want to fall asleep just fall asleep? Why do they need everyone else to stop giggling and talking quietly for them to finally snooze? Regardless of the reason, there's always that ONE person who is upset at the group for not falling asleep. Now that I'm older, I think all my friends who were the "responsible" ones at sleepovers are still this way. God bless 'em. Because I was always the one who kept talking.

14 The Friend Who Doesn't Answer Their Phone

It's hard to believe anyone who says that they're never on their phone or that they always "forget" to answer their text messages. In this day and age, everyone has their faces buried in their phones, so it's kind of hard to believe a person when they say they're not. However, this screenshot of this conversation is 100% my best friend. I'll ask her a serious question and TWO DAYS LATER she'll respond with "Sorry, I couldn't find my phone." And it's like, at that point, I've already answered my own question. I am no longer looking for an answer or need help. Thanks for nothing, though...

Oddly enough, the ONE app that she happens to answer most frequently though is.... SNAPCHAT. Why she answers snaps and not text messages is beyond me. But I now know if I need an answer ASAP from my bestie, I have to snap her. Because that's her quickest response time.

Does this screenshot resonate with me? Yes. Instead of sending pictures of ostriches though, I usually send GIFs with funny quotes from our favorite shows or reality TV shows. She doesn't really appreciate them, but I sure do. For people who are on social media a lot but DON'T answer their messages or phone calls are the strangest forms of people.

13 Can You Not?

First of all, this girl looks phenomenal for an off-guard shot. I don't know what she's talking about. And it's super hard to look cute in khaki pants, may I add (I feel bad for the people of Target).

I think we all have that ONE friend who is annoying when it comes to social media.

They're either always snapping pictures, recording videos, or just constantly stalking other people's pages. And while I commend them for being so tech-savvy, it's also gravely concerning that they can't enjoy an evening without their phone. Nevertheless, this is life, and these are the friends we're working with.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I think I'm the friend who secretly films people being hilarious when no one else is watching, but I'd never post something that embarrassed them for being themselves. I'm not trying to make my friends look bad — but that's not the same for every friend. Some friends go out of their way to take bad pictures of their friends. It's all for the laughs, right? WRONG. It's annoying and they must be stopped.

Hide your annoying friend's phone and give them a taste of their own medicine.

12 New Friendships Are Interesting

I want to say that every friend group has that one sarcastic friend, but that's not true. Some groups are all EXACTLY alike; kind of like a group of robots. They all wear the same clothes (they probably all swap clothes, TBH), they all like the same things... heck, they probably all date the same kinds of people. But in my group? We have an array of personalities.

Sarcastic friends offer an interesting brand of friendship. You can never tell if they're being serious, if they're joking, or if they're saying it jokingly but are also serious... That's why you need ANOTHER friend to be honest and call them out from time to time.

Sometimes we just need that one sarcastic friend to be serious. (God forbid, right?) When I'm thankful and am feeling a bit emotional, sometimes I'll reach out to my friends and say how much I love and appreciate them. But what do I get in return? A sarcastic message, much like the one above. *Sigh* Will we ever be on the same page? Eh, probably not. But that's what makes friends so great. We can be completely different but still bond over small things. Now, if only they weren't so darn annoying all the time!

11 When Pranks Aren't Just On April Fool's Day

I am SO lucky that I do not have any friends that are pranksters. Sure, we threw a few pranks at one another back in the day, but these days, there's too much at stake. We're all still jokesters, but with more responsibilities.

Pulling a prank would be hilarious, but at the same time, no one feels like spending the money or time to prank someone. 

Back in college was a different story though. As a college athlete, I had the privilege of having 6am practices (please note the sarcasm). Knowing how early I had to wake up and sneak out of my dorm without waking up my roommate, my friends on the other floor pranked me by putting a tilted bucket of water by my door. So when I opened the door, all the water poured into my dorm... And trust me. The last thing anyone wants to do at 5am is clean up a puddle of water when they have somewhere to be. To get back at them, I texted them that the prank was a good one, but I twisted my ankle when I "slipped" on their water... They felt SO bad they brought me candy and cards. They later found out (after I ate the candy they gave me) that I actually pranked them. I was never injured.

Sucks to suck, annoying friends.

10 Neighbors: The Friends You Can't Pick

I always find myself being extremely jealous of people who become friends with their neighbors. I don't know why, I just think it's so hard to find friends as an adult so when you move and find yourselves having awesome neighbors, it's a win-win.

However, that's not always the case for some people. Although having neighbors you can drink with and rely on, it's not always fun and games. Some neighbors think that because they're friendly with one another, they can get away with more. On the contrary though, just because you're friends doesn't mean you have to always get along or accept one another's behavior.

I mean, even if I loved my neighbor, if they were playing bongos (like Matthew McConaughey did that one time) at 2:30am, I would have a BIG problem with it. Especially if the walls were so thin that I could hear them bang away on those dumb little bowls. Yeah, no thanks. The other good thing about being friends with neighbors is you can talk to one another about your issues instead of straight up calling the cops on them. I guess that's a bonus. Unless you totally dislike your neighbor then. That would suck.

9 The Classic Drunk Friend

Listen, most of us have had one too many drinks before. Those moments aren't always our proudest. Alcohol takes over our minds and we turn into another person. If you're old enough, and have had enough of those experiences, you find out what kind of drinks make you the nice version of yourself, and what drinks make you turn into another person.

My old roommate would become an ANNOYANCE of a human being when she drank too much rum. She would ignore everything I said when I would be trying to help her. I would never leave a friend behind at the bar when they're that obliterated. However, it's hard to get an annoying friend to come home with you when they're straight up refusing and running away from you. My roommate would LITERALLY run away from me like she was a toddler at an ice cream shop.

Now, I've never had a friend start digging up my mom's garden because they disliked Farmville, but I think I had a friend fall asleep in my bushes before? (Again, I tried to get them out, but they preferred the bushes to my couch. So... okay.)

If you don't have any annoying friends who have been this drunk before, consider yourself lucky. Sure, it's hilarious in the moment, but it can also be super annoying, unsafe, and frustrating. Ugh friendships.

8 Keep Nigel!

I MUST KNOW IF NIGEL IS STILL THERE! Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys was such an iconic show for SO many reasons. For starters, it was all about a family who pretty much lived in their bus and traveled the world because the parents studied wildlife. (Um, that's already a dream come true.) What's even better is that their youngest daughter, Eliza, could TALK to animals! She saved so many lives, made so many friends, and learned so much because these animals communicated with her! IT WAS THE COOLEST.

Nigel, Eliza's dad, was hilarious; mainly because of his passion for nature and his cool accent. He was pretty free, you could say.

Have I ever seen Nigel (or a Wild Thornberrys) shower curtain before? No. Actually, I've never seen any products in this day and age with their show or characters on it. So the fact that a grown adult has a shower curtain of the show is amazing.

Now, some people may think that the person who owns the shower curtain is annoying. But I think the annoying ones are the people who are trying to get her to get rid of the curtain. Sure, Nigel is also showering and you can see his bum, but how does his little face not make someone smile in the morning? Seeing Nigel shower would be the highlight of my day and I hope she got 1500 likes so he could stay.

7 When Your Friend Isn't On The Same Page As You

Whoever doesn't text their friends from across the room are liars. EVERYONE (that I know, at least) does this. I remember thinking it was really weird when I found out my friend did this with her significant other. But I now understand why people do this. Sometimes shooting a quick text to a friend in the same room is the only way to ask a secretive question or to make a comment that only you two will understand. It happens!

So when you send a message to a friend who's in the same room, and they straight up don't understand the message... yeah, that's a flop. That's just a sad moment. 

I thought friends were supposed to understand one another; to get each other through it all. But I guess not. Because even in the screenshot above, Nathan had no darn idea what his friend was talking about. And even if he did, he's clearly not the brightest since the clock would look the same if it were AM or PM...

Poor Nathan.

I wonder what transpired after this person sent the sad face text. Like, did Nathan ever figure it out or was he still left waiting or an answer? When you're trying to point someone out that's super attractive, you have to be as discreet as possible. That's why sending this kind of text is actually pretty smart. I just think he should now know to message literally anyone else in that room besides Nathan.

6 When Your Friend Shows Their True Colors

Sometimes annoying friends can turn into enemies. It's a sad day when this happens, but it does indeed happen. I mean, if you don't take this side-by-side picture as proof, think back to the friendships on any of the Real Housewives franchises or MTV's Laguna Beach or The Hills.

Friendships sometimes turn rocky and fall apart. It's just up to you to decide if it's worth keeping that person in your life or not. This little decision is usually more prevalent around graduation time.

In high school, people are pretty much forced to be friends with one another. You grew up together and know each other's histories like no one else. But when you graduate high school and move onto bigger and better things, friendships either stay strong or drift apart. It happens. However, the relationships pictured above clearly did not workout. Not only did this girl lose her significant other, but she also lost her friend... First of all, shame on this girl for hurting her friend like that. There are MILLIONS of men in the world! WHAT was she thinking? That girl isn't just annoying, she's a snake. Not in a Taylor Swift sense, but in a sneaky, messed up sense.

5 When Your Siblings Become Your Friends

People always say that family members are the friends you can't pick; they're simply handed to us and can't get out of it for at least 18 years. So when there are siblings who become best of friends, it's outstanding. That can be tough to do.

One thing I think all sibling BFFs can relate to, is that even though you love them so much, they also annoy you in every sense of the word.

They either eat your favorite foods, take your car or don't fill it up with gas, take your clothes, hijack your social media accounts... You get the picture. Sibling friendships can be deadly, if you ask me.

This sibling, however, was loving enough to lend their Spotify playlist to their sister, but was annoying enough to take over the playlist as soon as they thought she was having too much of a good time. And when one is pregaming with their friends, the last thing they want is someone messing up the music or killing the vibe with slower tunes.

This person could have EASILY saw their sister having a good time and left her be. But instead, they decided to be annoying and have "power' over the kind of music their sister was listening to. They pretty much took control over the theme of their pregaming. For shame.

4 The Sarcastic Friend

Ha...Ha...Ha... I get it, Ashley. You're a cute girl. Congrats... Good for you. You just couldn't let your friend have her moment, could you? You couldn't let her tweet a selfie of herself without you charging in and raining on her parade.

I'm sure this Ashley chick was joking around or being sarcastic, but it doesn't matter. It's still annoying AF. Like, no one cares that YOU think YOU'RE cute, Ashley. If you wanna preach about self-confidence or your looks, stick to your own page. No friend needs to hear your comments about yourself on THEIR page.

Poor Sara was honest with herself and her followers. "I feel cute today," she tweeted. Do you know how hard it is to be confident and let people know that YOU think YOU look good that day? It rarely happens. In a society where us women tear one another apart (along with tearing ourselves apart), it's not cool to make comments like this. It's just annoying.

So, Ashley, some words of advice: no one cares. Especially not me. And I'm assuming Sara as well. She wanted that light to shine on her for a brief moment. If you want the light to be on you and be center stage — then join a theatre group.

3 When You Think It's An Emergency...

I remember being in college and being such a light sleeper. When someone texted me in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning, I ALWAYS woke up to it and responded. Plus, I think there were a lot of people my age who did the same thing as me.

I guess college kids are all night owls, because I always had people calling me.

One of the reasons I always woke up to respond to people is because I wasn't sure if it was an emergency or not. What if a friend needed a ride? What if a friend was lost? What if a friend went home with someone who wasn't as genuine as they thought? So for this person to wake their friend up to talk about coleslaw is just annoying. Like, I know their tipsy and feel like laughing with their buddy about puns, but really? For their friend to wake up at a weird hour and respond, only to talk about a pun must have been irritating. If I were them, I would wake up at an earlier hour–when they were still sleeping—and call them to wake them up; just as retaliation.

When it comes to sleep — people don't mess around.

2 Friends Aren't Always Nice

I'm just realizing that maybe friends aren't really into pranking but siblings most definitely are. Maybe it's easier to prank a sibling or family member because they live with you? You can hide their clothes, pop out of their closet, or you know, do what this sibling did.

One of the best parts about being close with your sibling is when sleepovers get involved. If you're a pranker and want to be that annoying sibling, pranking a sibling's sleepover is the best way to go.

But flipping the lights on and off while their playing with a Ouija Board? I can't tell if that's annoying AF or genius. I would have NEVER thought about flipping the lights on and off from the cellar. I would have probably turned on a few TVs with a remote from afar or make random noises to scare them. But to go in the cellar and pull this kind of move is just... genius. It's kind of like the level of pranks that are shown on The Office.

However, I'm sure the girl that was having the sleepover did not appreciate this stunt. She and her friends probably pissed their pants. There's no way they ever slept that night. They probably slept with all the lights on, burned the book, and drank some caffeine to stay awake. Poor dears.

1 The Friend Who Thinks Everything Is Worth Posting

I know I'm gonna make some enemies saying this, but not EVERY moment in life is worth picturing. Do I post pictures of like, every cup of coffee I drink and all the vegan tacos I eat? Yes. I actually do. Coffee and tacos make me feel a certain kind of way, okay? But I know deep down that a lot of my friends and followers don't give a hoot about what I'm consuming on a regular basis. And that's okay.

But the person above? I mean... when you're flying somewhere, there are MANY opportunities for a cool photo. The picture this dude posted isn't cool in any kind of way. Even their hashtags are just embarrassing. What's more is that their friend called them out on their lame photo by asking (sarcastically) if they can print this image out for them because it was just THAT inspiring.

I guess in this instance, I don't know who would be considered the annoying friend. Is it the person who takes pictures of everything (even though their pictures are lame AF), or is it the friend who calls them out in public for how lame their photo is?

Maybe this is the case of two annoying friends being annoying together. Maybe that's a thing.

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