15 Bridesmaid Horror Stories You Won't Believe

Weddings are supposed to be about union and sharing unconditional love with a bride and groom's friends and family, right? So, when your bestie asks you to be a bridesmaid, you are more than happy to say yes! It's going to be so freakin' fun! Your love weddings! Until you wind up spending a gazillion dollars on a tacky dress that makes you look fat and that you will never wear again, are dragged to a bachelorette party in an overpriced and touristy town, and your friend becomes such a miserable bridezilla that this wedding is probably the last time that you will ever see her again. Yay to being a bridesmaid...? Here are 15 bridesmaid horror stories that are so bad, you won't believe!

15 The $2400 dress from hell

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“My college roommate asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I agreed. Then, the bridesmaid dress she picked out for me was $2400. I couldn't afford it and gently told her so. I found a pattern for a similar dress and fabric that was the same color and type, so I asked her if it was okay if I made the similar dress, or perhaps we could go dress shopping together to find something in my budget?

All of the bridesmaids were going to be wearing the same color, but she'd picked out different styles of dresses for each of us, so it wasn't as if I would stick out like a sore thumb. She cussed me out, told me I was ruining her wedding, that her "vision" required me to wear THAT dress, and can't I just get a credit card to charge the dress on?

When I told her no, she cut all contact with me, claiming that if I was a true friend I would make the finances work. She's never spoken to me again and she'd been like a sister to me up until that point. One of the dresses she'd picked out for another bridesmaid was $300, by the way. I was pissed when I found that out.” - LetMeWearWhatiWant

14 Who needs six wedding dresses?

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“One of my oldest friends turned out to be kind of a crazy bride. We lost contact in college, but when she asked me to be in her wedding, I was stoked because growing up, she had always been really laidback and fun. A lot changed I guess...

The bridal party was twenty people, ten bridesmaids, ten groomsmen. We were basically the unpaid wedding staff; although over half of the bridesmaids and groomsmen sat around flirting instead of working. The remaining eight of us set up, and completely decorated the venue for a 200 guest wedding. The bride and her super-controlling mother followed us around, correcting absolutely everything we did.

Why? The bride and her mother didn't want to pay the venue staff who would normally do this. What did they spend the budget on instead? Six wedding dresses. Yes, throughout the course of the very long wedding ceremony/reception, the bride changed into all six. No, it wasn't a cultural thing. There were six, nearly identical, very expensive white satin dresses. I guarantee you, most people hardly noticed that she changed six times.

Hours before the wedding, the bride has a breakdown because she didn't make a hair or makeup appointment, and the salon she wanted to go to couldn't squeeze her in. She is crying, while eight of her ten bridesmaids comfort her and proceed to work on her hair and makeup. Myself and the remaining bridesmaid are sent to go check on things in the kitchen.

So, although the venue let us set up, it was sort of a requirement that you use the catering staff in place. But that didn't stop the mother of the bride from micromanaging in the kitchen. We walk in, and she is yelling at the kitchen staff, telling them how they should be doing things. She sees us, and starts giving us tasks. Peel, chop! Uh... ok? So the other bridesmaid and I do as she says despite the kitchen staff staring daggers at us.

So there we are, sweating profusely, peeling and chopping. Quick mental picture: the bridesmaid dresses the bride picked out were these garish purple numbers, with a fully open back and extremely deep V down the front. Under this, we had to wear neon bustiers, which were completely visible under the dresses (that was the point, I guess). Impractical, unflattering... and the absolute LAST thing I want to be cooking in.

It was a surreal and bizarre experience. I could go on and on, but this is already ridiculously long.” -KochiraChiRah

13 Hey bridesmaid, you are mine now! 

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“After my friend got engaged, she invited me out to coffee to let me know that she wouldn't be asking me to be a bridesmaid—she didn't have enough room in the party. I was surprised since we were pretty close, but not upset.

Next week, she invites me to coffee again, looking for a shoulder to cry on. Her sister, who she had named Maid of Honor, wasn't performing her duties. Now, there was magically room for me in the bridal party, and she asked me to fulfill the role while not having the title. I felt for her, so I agreed.

I did everything for that girl. I planned with her, I was a shoulder to cry on, I showed up for everything when every other bridesmaid and family member repeatedly bailed. One weekend, her sister felt inspired to throw a last-minute bridal shower (she contacted me two days before). My boyfriend was coming home from his one year deployment that same weekend. I declined to go, thinking the bride would understand since I had attended everything else, and hadn't seen my boyfriend in a year.

Wrong. That whole night, she and her fiance blew up my phone with aggressive texts, cursing me out for not coming, telling me I shouldn't even come to the wedding. I agreed. Haven't talked to her since.” - offprint

12 Thanks, but no thanks

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“I almost had to end my friendship with my best friend during her wedding. She picked out a $500 dress for me and a $200 one for my daughter, the flower girl. I am a single mom and could not afford that at all. I told her we can try and find something similar, but she INSISTED on having it. I basically told her if she insisted, then she would have to pay for it; I was not going to put myself in debt that much and I couldn't do especially since I was struggling so much at the time. She knew all this way ahead of time, too.

Then, there were times she would call me at 1 p.m. in the middle of a weekday when I was working. She knew my hours, but she would say, "I just decided to get a fitting done, another bridesmaid is here, you need to be here NOW." I couldn't just leave work so I had to say no. She would also plan last-minute late night get togethers to help plan things. Of course, it was always on weeknights when my daughter had school the next day. I offered for her to come to me but she refused, I HAD to go to her. An email was sent and she told me I was not helping her with anything, how could I not support her though the biggest day of her life, that I was a horrible friend, etc. Man, it was emotionally destroying.

Final straw came at her bachelorette party when she got drunk at a club, puked on my hand, and flushed my phone down the toilet without even apologizing or feeling bad. I walked out and did not speak to her until the wedding day. Eventually, she did apologize profusely and we are still friends. But man, girls can get NUTS for their weddings. I decided I will just get married in Vegas one day, screw the big wedding.” -hjonsey

11 You all have to sleep in a tent

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“A good friend of mine was a bridesmaid for a girl who had lost her mind over the course of her planning in her pursuit of ceremonial perfection. Her escalating decrees included:

-No bridesmaid was allowed to wear pink makeup because the bride didn't like it. (My friend has dark brown skin and pinks were pretty much the only colors that would work for her).

-The bridesmaids had to coordinate their heel heights so they would all appear to be the same height—my friend was 5'2," the tallest bridesmaid 5'9." She wanted my friend to wear 7-inch stilettos—for an outdoor wedding, no less.

-The bride expected all her bridesmaids to abstain from eating, night-before-surgery-style, until after the wedding was over so there were no unsavory stomach bulges.

-(My personal favorite) The bride wanted all the bridesmaids to stay in a tent in her backyard for the night following the wedding, so they would be early to set up for the present-opening.

I had to talk my friend off the ledge for a couple of those. She abstained from #1, 3 and 4, and I don't think she was able to find suitable shoes to comply with #2.

Apparently the bride received swift karmic justice anyway; she went with #3 for herself but opted to "calm her nerves" by front-loading before the ceremony. She was drunk for her vows, sh*tfaced at the reception, and ultimately puked down the front of her dress. So much for perfect. (And no one stayed in tents.)” - idiosyncrassy

10 Can I get a thank you?

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"Worst bridesmaid experience? Spending close to a $1,000 on a bachelorette party and receiving zero thanks. Then, for the wedding, spending four days out of town with my husband and children doing so much work. 

Then, she dropped it on me that I needed to feed her entire 'crew' of 25, lunch—on my dime. Then, I spent like two hours doing custom airbrush makeup work on her, plus did her whole bridal party for free (if someone would have been counting, it would have netted me about $700 because it's my job). I was so busy with all this stuff that I literally did not shower once this whole time. Ew.

I did it cheerfully with zero grumbling. And I still haven't heard a murmur of gratitude, and I'm still checking my mailbox for that thank you card on the daily (yes, I got her a f*cking gift)." -DeservingDaisy

9 The big bailout

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"My then-husband got in an accident while drunk driving on his way to the rehearsal dinner. He had my dress in the car and the car and dress ended up in the impound lot the night before the wedding. 

I had to get the maid of honor to drive me there just as it was closing and plead with the person at the gate to let me in after closing. And then, I had to get my stupid husband out of jail in the middle of the night and drive back to the wedding location." - BailOutBrandy

Well look at that! A story that doesn't involve a crazy, psycho bride-to-be. Bail out, Brandy, we are glad that you dumped that ex-husband of yours. He sounds like he was a handful!

8 Magic Mike XXX

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"Getting drunk at your bachelorette party? Normal!

Sleeping with the sleazy male stripper you wanted hired 'as a joke?' TACKY!

Doing it in front of your groom's sister, who happens to be your bridesmaid? STUPID." - MarieFromMichigan

Wow, this is quite the scandal. We didn't know think that anyone really wanted a male stripper at their bachelorette party, but according to this bride, they do!  They really do! It's awkward enough that the male stripper is a part of the wedding activities. But then, you have to watch your drunk friend (who is the one GETTING MARRIED) go way over the line with a male stripper, and THEN you have to witness it in front of the groom's sister. Can we end this night already?

7 The backup bridesmaid

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"I was a friend's personal attendant and 'backup bridesmaid.' Yes, she actually had me listed as a backup bridesmaid. The wedding party included nine bridesmaids, and she really wanted to make sure that things were balanced just in case someone was sick. She also wanted me to buy a dress, just in case; I convinced her that I could just alter the dress of whoever wasn't there, just in case. Luckily, no backup was needed. Being a personal attendant was a pain, though, since she fit the definition of a bridezilla." - BackupBetty

Oh, wow. We don't just have bridesmaids? Now we have stand-ins for bridesmaids? Someone who is asked to buy the dress and contribute to all the activities, but they are not allowed to participate unless another bridesmaid gets sick? What is happening?

6 Money down the drain

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"I was asked to be maid of honor for my best friend. I threw her an amazing shower and then planned a whole bachelorette weekend in Vegas. I paid for everything (the other bridesmaids were supposed to pay me back), and then we got into a giant fight a few weeks before the wedding and she kicked me out of the wedding.

The other bridesmaids never paid me back and I ended up with a credit card bill of over $4,000 and didn't even go to the damn wedding. Ouch." - PaigeWhoPays

Okay, so, not only is the bride a total jerk, but so are all of her friends! How dare they make her pay for everything. Yes this is so wrong, but remember that karma is a real b*tch.

5 Wedding walk of shame

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“Weddings are beautiful, rare occasions that bring people together, and remind you how very, extremely f*cking single you are. When my BFF got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor, I had a serious boyfriend, so I could be genuinely happy for her. I was so happy that I almost cried. Four months before her wedding, I got dumped while I was in the shower. I went to her wedding stag, still mourning my breakup.

The night before the wedding, halfway through the rehearsal dinner, my BFF waited until I had been placated with cake, then said, “Hey, soooo we have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, so you’re gonna have to walk down the aisle first, by yourself.”

The next morning, the bridal party went straight into beauty mode. We were given mimosas while we endured having bobby pins shoved into our scalps. We were given more mimosas as we did our makeup. Then, we were shuttled to the wedding venue, where we were given glasses of champagne to toast and sip while we got dressed. As my BFF put her wedding dress on and adjusted her veil, I felt something happen: I was starting to cry. I only cry when I’m drunk.

Fifteen minutes later, I stared down the long slope of the grassy hill I’d have to walk down, by myself, drunk. I tried to remember this wasn’t my moment, so if I ate it, no big deal. Three steps in, I tripped. Another three in, I tripped again. The entire walk was a series of small trips, but miraculously, I didn’t eat it. Later at the reception, an exceptionally cute groomsman walked up to me and said, ‘So glad you made it down the aisle, buddy! We were all holding our breath a little there!’ Then he clapped me on the shoulder and walked away.’ -WailingWendy

4 Poor stripper

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“I once went to a bridal shower where the male stripper, who was quite skinny and almost prepubescent-looking, showed up late, looking a little sad. That, I’m sure, is not unusual. He played his music, and spun his hips, and took off his clothes. He was in every way professional—lewd without being sexy. Then, after he did his act, the stripper asked for a vodka drink. This was not in the contract, and was explicitly prohibited. But the bridal party was generous and a little titillated, so they made him a stiff drink. He sat down on the flowered couches between two of the bridesmaids and promptly began to sob. His life, he explained, had not turned out the way he liked. He didn’t like stripping. He wanted a girlfriend. Intimacy. But he didn’t know how to find it. And every time he took his clothes off for a group of drunk women, which he did with some frequency, because it was his job, the emptiness welled up inside him.

The bridal party was initially sympathetic. They offered relationship tips. They gave him more to drink. He got drunker. He kept sobbing. Finally, the maid of honor had enough, and eased the stripper out into the night.

The bridesmaids tried to go back to their drunken merriment, but the stripper’s despair had filled the room. Everyone went to bed, and woke up hungover.” -SappySusan



“My maid of honor and matron of honor got into a huge fight after my bachelorette party because the maid of honor was acting like a witch and ruining everyone else’s good time, including mine. She bullied us around on where to go that night and when to leave, INSISTED on driving instead of getting someone else to do it, and bitched about having to kick her girlfriend out of the house so we could crash there that night after partying. She didn’t invite ANYONE—just the bridal party, and a lot of my other girlfriends were hurt by that.

I mentioned she let us crash at her house, which don’t get me wrong, was really nice of her, but she didn’t wake up until 11 a.m. the next day and by then, we all had to leave. I had a two hour drive ahead of me for marriage class, the matron had to pick up her little girls from the sitters, and the other two bridesmaids had dress fitting appointments. She sent me a nasty text about leaving her house and the bachelorette party, and didn’t even give me a chance to call her that evening to thank her, which when I tried to, she didn’t answer.

Weeks went by and she didn’t respond to me, or the matron when we tried to contact her. Finally, she dropped out of the wedding 21 days before it over Facebook. Think long and hard about who you want in your wedding party.” -BitterBride

2 Monster-In-Law


“When I was a bridesmaid, we decided to go to the bride’s parents’ house in the countryside for the hen do. They have a farm with a guest house and we took long walks, cooked, and had a lovely time. On the last day, I made lunch for everyone, and just as we were about to eat, the bride’s mother suddenly appeared and pulled her daughter into another room. We didn’t think much of it until the bride came back in tears. After a lot of coaxing, she admitted that her mum didn’t like any of her bridesmaids, especially me. We spent the rest of the afternoon in tears. As the wedding approached, the bride texted to ask if I would step down from bridesmaid duties to keep her mum happy! But the groom—also my friend—insisted I was in the bridal party. I’ll never know what I did to upset the bride’s mum, but on the day itself, everything was fine and her weird outburst was never mentioned again.” -PatientPatty

1 Maid of Stoner

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"I had a maid of honor who "lost" her dress because she didn't like it and showed up with a dress of her own choosing. She also showed up late and stoned for ALL the major events (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception.) She interrupted the photos by sneaking off into the woods to smoke pot while we were trying to take the first group shot. She then stole the photographer and forced him to take pictures of her and her idiot boyfriend instead of doing the family pictures. After all of this, she tried to ride from the photos to the reception with the us, the bride and groom, so she could enter with us and be the center of attention. At the reception, she was no better. She refused to give a toast and was the only person not to stand up after the best man's toast.” - BffNoMore

*Stories have been edited for length and clarity

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