15 Bridesmaids Who Selfishly Stole The Spotlight

Most people assume that the main job of a bridesmaid is to help the bride, let her shine, and assist her in having the best day of her life. But some maids of honor clearly have something else in mind or they just don't know what they are doing. I mean, what sensible person will want to announce their engagement or pregnancy at someone else's wedding? Even if it's the best friend's wedding, it's not the place to announce such things! And what good bridesmaid will allow herself to hook up with the bride's father? And what about a nip slip from a way-too-small dress?

Read this list of real-life stories of bridesmaids stealing the bride's thunder like a list of things a maid of honor should never do at a wedding (unless she sorted it out with the bride).

15 A Maid Of Honor Announced She Was Engaged

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At a wedding, a bridesmaid decided to break the unspoken rule and announced her engagement right after the ceremony, when the party had just started. According to Lessons Learned in Life, "The attention was immediately taken away from the newlyweds and brought to the bridesmaid and her equally-smug fiancé." While the bride was acting like she was happy for them, she still "looked like she was on the verge of tears." Of course, she was!

14 And Another One Said That She Was Pregnant

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But it wasn't the end of the story. The bride decided to get revenge and waited until her bridesmaid's wedding to realize her plan. They literally switched sides because the bride became the bridesmaid and prepared a presentation about the newlyweds. The last slide of this presentation was... her ultrasound picture. She announced that she was five months pregnant and expecting a boy. Burn!

13 Wearing A White Dress Is A No-No

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A general rule of thumb is not to wear a white dress to a wedding, especially if it's big and puffy and reminds of a wedding dress in any possible way. After all, you don't want to divert attention from the bride in case, say, your dress turns out to be better looking than hers! So unless you asked the bride and she's okay with your choice, don't risk upstaging her just to look good.

12 A Special Dance To Make The Bride Look Lame

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It's a cute idea to perform a dance for the bride and groom as a wedding gift, but it's a bad idea to do it right before their first dance. Especially if you're a professional dancer. One bride told Cafe Mom how her bridesmaid changed to a revealing outfit and performed amazing tango. After it, the bride and groom went to the dance floor and "looked super lame in comparison".

11 This Is Why Some Brides Don't Like To Have An Expecting Maid

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There are a few reasons why some brides don't like to have pregnant bridesmaids. After all, it diverts attention to them because people tend to come to pregnant women and ask them different questions. Besides, pregnant women can be hormonal and they get tired faster. But, more importantly, brides are afraid that their bridesmaid's labor will start right during ceremony or reception. Yeah, it happens.

10 Bringing A New Baby To A Wedding

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It's also not the best idea to attend a wedding along with a new baby (unless the bride is okay about it). People like babies and they will certainly come to the new mama to ask how she's doing. So if there's no one to leave the baby with on the wedding day, it's best to figure out what to do to ensure that the bride is having her big day.

9 A Bridesmaid And Her Hubby Wanted To Renew Their Vows At The Wedding

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Some old-time couples like to renew their vows from time to time because the ones they gave in the past become irrelevant for some reason. It's a good idea, but it's best to do it on your own. Or, if you want your friends to hear them, plan your own celebration. Don't follow the suit of a woman who asked the bride if they could renew their vows at her wedding because "we will know a lot of the guests"!

8 She Enlarged Her Girls But Didn't Enlarge Her Dress

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A bride on Cafe Mom told a story of how her bridesmaid decided to enlarge her girls a few months before the wedding. It'd be fine if she didn't do it after they'd ordered dresses. Or if she agreed to fix her dress to fit her new humps. "She popped out of her dress during 'YMCA' at the reception," the bride recalled. "The groomsmen were thrilled!" But the bride clearly wasn't so thrilled.

7 A Sister's Speech Wasn't Appropriate For The Bride

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A simple speech of a bridesmaid, aka the bride's sister, made the bride think that her thunder had been stolen. Her maid of honor stood up to tell how she was battling with depression and how the groom helped her. She only wanted to thank him for it, but she inadvertently made things too personal and the bride didn't like it at all.

6 Hitting On A Bride's Dad Is Not Cool

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People who had a bit too much to drink often behave in a weird way and do the things they'd never do when they are sober. A bride on Cafe Mom recalls a similar situation from her wedding day. "One of my bridesmaids got drunk as a skunk and was grinding on my dad on the dance floor. It was so gross. Apparently, they made out later in the night. Thankfully, I missed that special moment." Did she have a secret crush on him, or what?

5 This Maid Posted A Photo With The Bride Before The Wedding

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This unlucky bride was placed in front of two difficult decisions: whether she had to buy a new dress and if she needed to send her bridesmaid packing. Why? Because she showed her dress at a bridal party to her maids and took a few photos, and the next day she learned that one of her bridesmaids uploaded a photo of her in her wedding dress on her IG. Although the bride asked her to delete it, she didn't. Please note - it all happened BEFORE the wedding!

4 Another Maid Gave A Silly Toast And Didn't Remember It The Day After

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Another bridesmaid also had too much at a wedding and then she decided to give her toast. "She talked – rambled – for five minutes about nothing," the bride shared with Cafe Mom. "Though she did manage to drop the f-bomb five times. Finally, her partner made her sit down and shut up. I love her, but it was awful. She remembers nothing about it." It was embarrassing!

3 Photobombing The Bride Is Funny, But Did You Ask Her First?

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Photobombs are always funny. But they aren't always appropriate. At the very least, it's not appropriate to photobomb a bride during her wedding photoshoot. Even though you think it's hilarious and you assume that she'll get the joke, better back off and do it on some other day. After all, if you ruin her photos, she'll remember it forever. And ever.

2 Choosing A Too Low-Cut Dress Was A Bad Idea

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Don't wear a too low-cut dress for a wedding, even if you look gorgeous in it. Well, especially if you look gorgeous in it! And, moreover, don't pose standing in front of the bride in a way that makes everyone around see your girls. One woman did it and she was slammed for it. Believe me, you don't want to have the same fate!

1 What Even Happened There?

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It's unclear what happened during this wedding ceremony and why one of the maids of honor is lying on the floor as if she fainted. Did she have too much to drink? But it's only the beginning of the ceremony! Did she worry too much or felt sick for some reason? We have no idea and we can only hope that the bridesmaid is feeling fine now. And that the bride wasn't too furious about this photo.

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