15 Brilliant 'Harry Potter' Puns That We Can't Help But Laugh At

The Harry Potter fan club grows more and more each and every day. With a fan following this big, there's guaranteed to be some jokesters in the crowd. If HP fans have ever wanted to see their favorite characters act as someone they're not, this is the place to be! Below, there are memes of Harry as a lizard, Hagrid as a thug and even a special celebrity appearance from Drake himself, in the form of a Mandrake (ha!). Get ready to laugh until the tears come streaming down, while checking out these awesome Harry Potter puns.

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15 Swagrid in the hizouse

Via: pinterest.com

Can you picture Hagrid ever saying something like, "Wuzzup, peeps? Swagrid's in the hizouse, let's party!"? Because we really can't picture this happening. While Swagrid looks pretty fresh and he could definitely represent the "thug life" perfectly, we just can't move past how loving he really is. He's a softy! He loves animals, does what's right and doesn't start drama (well, not much anyway). He's everything that a "thug" isn't. We could definitely see this look on Lucius Malfoy, but Hagrid? He just doesn't rock this look.

We do love the creativity, though. We would have never thought to call Hagrid "Swagrid," before seeing this picture. Remember the song they played during the Yule Ball? One of the lyrics were "Can you dance like a hippogriff?" Imagine Swagrid dancing like his good pal, Buckbeak. That'd be a sight to see.

14 Right or left side?

Via: somuchpun.com

By now, we're sure you've seen those Twix commercials where they have a few people viewing the Twix factory. There's (of course) that one person that just cannot grasp that the right and left Twix bars are different and gets catapulted to the other side of the building. This image proves that both sides of a Twix bar are not the same. If you're unlucky enough, you'll get the reject 'Bellatwix' bar and be placed under the Cruciatus Curse. No one wants that to happen to them when they bite into this candy.

For all you non-believers, there is a big difference in Twix bars. One side is filled with chocolate-y caramel biscuit goodness, while the other has a Death Eater lurking inside. Before you bite into one of these bad boys, make sure you check the packaging. If it seems cursed to you (or looks a little funky), don't eat it. If you're okay with being cursed, well, have it. Best of luck!

13 Thank god he isn't boring

Via: pinterest.com

We always wondered why Dan was just so...rad, y'know? Ever since he was a young boy, he's just been filled with enthusiasm and we loved it from the start! We started wondering how he was always so positive and cool. After seeing this meme, we get it. It's because rad is part of his last name! Imagine what Dan would be like if his last name was Boringcliffe. We probably wouldn't have enjoyed Harry Potter as much.  It would have been super depressing (even more than it already is!). Thankfully, his last name is Radcliffe and he couldn't be any more, well, rad!

Whoever came up with this is brilliant. Not just because of the last name pun, but because they photoshopped his face onto an actual cliff. Perhaps, one day, he'll be sculpted into a huge cliff (along with Rupert and Emma). That would definitely be a rad cliff to look at.

12 Mic drop

Via: top10lists.top

Were you surprised when Snape said to Harry that he was the Half-Blood Prince? We'd like to say that we didn't see it coming, but we did. It was still a pretty big punch in the gut when he came out and said it, though. One of the coolest things about Snape being the Half-Blood Prince was the fact that we got an insight on how awesome Snape really is in Potions class. No wonder he's the Potions teacher; he's always been good at it. He was also able to save Draco from a spell that Harry cast on him while they were in the bathroom. It was a spell that Snape came up with himself (perhaps he planned to use it on James?).

This meme is gold. Can you imagine if the show wasn't The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and instead was The Half-Blood Prince of Bel-Air? That's a show that we'd binge-watch constantly.

11 "I'm a wut?"

Via: smosh.com

We honestly love how many memes there are of this one saying. Our favorite is this one: "You're a lizard, Harry!" But, there's also: "You're a blizzard, Harry!" and "You're a gizzard, Harry!" and finally, "You're getting slizzered, Harry!" None of them ever get old. They're great to hear, but they're even better to see! Out of all the cute lizards there are, we wonder why they chose an ugly one to represent Harry. Perhaps it's because its tongue was out? It does look kind of cool. It doesn't look like any lizard we'd want to get within 10 feet of, though. But hey, Hagrid loves magical creatures, lizards and all.

Thank goodness the line Hagrid said was: "You're a wizard, Harry." We're glad these books weren't based on a reptilian boy that was trying to kill a snake. Last time we checked, snakes kill lizards pretty fast. The whole Harry/Voldemort story would have been much different.

10 #goals

Via: buzzfeed.com

Hahaha. "He's probably a Keeper" is so true, because that's literally what Ron is (both on the Quidditch field and off). One of the funniest things about this image (other than it being ridiculously true) is Ron's facial expression. The look he has on his face is the same look that most guys have on their faces after deciding on something serious. In Ron's case, he became the Gryffindor Quidditch team's Keeper. He also screwed up his relationship with Hermione for a hot minute and made out with Lavender Brown, but hey, he's still a keeper!

The people who come up with these memes are honestly the best people in the world. Without them, we're not sure where we'd get our humor for the day. Ron Weasley will always be a Keeper in our eyes, regardless of whether or not he's on the Quidditch team.

9 Punny pads

Via: buzzfeed.com

Good lord, this one is honestly too good to be true. We've all seen this before, but it never gets old. You see the tattoo "always" on a lot of Harry Potter fans (we've even thought about getting the tattoo, but we didn't want to get it just to fit in). It's honestly no surprise that fans of Harry Potter relate the word "always" with Snape whenever they can. So, this is one of those images that makes you think, "Gosh, that's funny, but I never want to see it again."

Why on earth would we want to see Professor Snape holding a package of pads? Unless he's coming to our rescue (but...um...no thanks), we don't need to see this! The facial expression is also too much. It's as if he's thinking: "Alright, I got the pads you needed. Take them out of my sights, I can't bare to look at them for another minute." He looks utterly disgusted! If that's what he looks like by just holding the pads, we don't want to know what he'd look like after seeing a used one.

8 Thank god our lamps are good, right?

Via: pinterest.com

Whenever we look at this image, we imagine scenarios that we'll probably go through when have children. We'll probably say something like this: "Honey, can you please shut the Dumbledoor before you get in bed? Don't forget to turn off your Lampgood! Put down the Whomping Pillow this instant! Stop jumping on the Barty Couch Jr.! You're going to hit your head off of Dobby the House Shelf!" If these thoughts don't go through your head, we're not sure what does! Whatever goes through your head, you've got to admit that this image is super funny.

It just goes to show that once you're sucked into the Harry Potter fandom, you'll never leave. Everything you see will remind you of a character (or a place) from the books and movies. Just learn to accept this early on and you'll be fine.

7 New album released!

Via: pinterest.com

Haha! As soon as we saw this, we thought of the song "Royals" and pictured Lord Voldemort singing: "Let me be your ruler, you can call me Lord V." We about died from laughter. We can definitely see why they photoshopped Voldemort's face on Lorde's body—it's almost like Voldemort was meant to be the singer, Lorde. The hairstyle honestly fits him a lot better than we would have imagined, but he does look a bit like Sirius Black. Can you imagine if he had a groupie, instead of a group of Death Eaters? Bellatrix would still be his number one fan, too. We're sure Lucius Malfoy would pretend to be there for him, but would never show up to his shows.

Harry Potter would have been a lot different if Voldemort was a singer and not a blood-thirsty killer, don't you think? We're almost glad that the storyline wasn't like this. While a lot of good characters died, this "Lorde Voldemort" would have been boring.

6 So tired of these Snapes on a plane!

Via: sobadsogood.com

How many times do we have to tell you? We're tired of all these freakin' Snapes on a plane! No, but really, if we ever saw Snape on a plane, we'd wonder what was wrong with the fireplace. Did he run out of Floo Powder? And why isn't he Apparating? He can do that. Hmm...if Snape was on a plane, it would raise a lot of questions. Especially if he boarded the plane wearing his long, black cloak. People would probably be nervous to sit near him. The best thing about this picture is that each Snape has a completely different facial expression. It's like he's trying to say: "Ha, see me now? What about now? You see me? Crap."

We love Snape, but not on a plane. We love him at Hogwarts teaching Potions class. There's no reason for him to leave his post. He honestly doesn't need to travel the way Muggles do, so he shouldn't be boarding the plane.

5 The beat of Drumble's drum

Via: youtube.com

We all know that Dumbledore moves to the beat of his own drum. This meme, though? It gives the saying a whole new meaning. Drumbledore is one of the best Dumbledore memes that we've seen to date. We love how perfect that drum set looks in front of him, as well as the drumsticks in his hands. It's as if he was born to play the drums. Just drop what you're doing at Hogwarts, resign as Headmaster and start a band. Call it "Drumbledore's Army" or something catchy like that. Instead of telling Harry how to beat the Dark Lord, sing songs with vital pieces of information in each one!

Hogwarts would never be a bore if their headmaster was a drum master, now would it? They'd all be bouncing up and down in the Great Hall while listening to him play music. Mosh pit in the Great Hall? See ya there!

4 No high-res here

Via: smosh.com

HA! One could only hope this was the case, right? If it were, we doubt Umbridge would have been taking seriously throughout her life. Face it—no one would want to look at Dolores if she was this pixelated! She probably wouldn't have been the Minister of Magic's right-hand woman, which would have saved Hogwarts from a whole lot of headaches. Unfortunately, Dolores is high-res and likes to be in charge. When it comes down to low-res and high-res, we'd rather have a high-res image...even if that means Hogwarts might go to shambles for a hot minute.

If there's one good thing about this picture, it's that we'll probably never look at Dolores Umbridge the same ever again. We'll probably sit there and think, "Shut up, low-res! You're a crappy character!" or something.

3 Yeah, you shook me all night long!

Via: funnyjunk.com

You know that song by AC/DC called "Shook Me All Night Long?" We'd like to imagine that's what Harry was thinking the night Voldemort broke into his home and murdered his parents in front of him, but we highly doubt that song even went through his head. Lil' Harry probably never even heard this song until he was older. We doubt that he even relates this song to what happened that night. We do know, however, that whenever we watch The Philosopher's Stone, we'll think of this song (especially after seeing this image).

It's always so strange how one thought can change the way you look at an image forever. This AC/DC image will forever change the way we look at Harry on the train, as well as his mother's death scene.

2 Ron kept thinkin' he could never live without you by his side

Via: theodysseyonline.com

...Kept thinking Ron could never live without you by his side! We finished the song for our favorite petrified girl, Hermione. This meme makes this scene that much more bearable. It was so upsetting reading about Hermione getting petrified, but actually seeing it in the movie? It was heartbreaking. But, she pulled through (thankfully), Harry saved the day and everything turned out to be A-okay at Hogwarts that year. We honestly wonder what Hogwarts was like before Harry went. Were the students actually focused on their studies?

We can't imagine Hogwarts without the mayhem that Harry, Ron and Hermione caused. It must have been a boring place. We're sure Hermione didn't want to be petrified, but hey, it spiced her life up that year! She was saved! It all worked out in the end. And now, we've got a perfect meme.

1 Man, that's a nice Drake

Via: rebloggy.com

By the looks of it, Drake's going through some tough times. While he doesn't look like he's too bothered by it, we sure as heck are. Why on earth would we want to re-pot these Mandrakes? They look quite scary, after all. Their feet and arms are just roots, their body is quite wrinkly and Drake's face on their body doesn't make them look any better! If anything, it makes them look worse. It honestly looks like he's praising Professor Sprout for raising him out of the dirt. He's thrilled to be out of the pot (only to go back into another one)!

We wonder if his voice would make someone pass out still? If anything, we'd hope that his voice wouldn't kill someone. We're also not sure how we'd feel if Drake had to be chopped up and put into stew, in order to cure those who had been petrified. Celebrities, man. Poor Drake.

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