15 Brothers Who Are On A Different Level Of Savage

15 Brothers Who Are On A Different Level Of Savage

Anyone who has grown up with a brother, younger or older, knows what a struggle it was getting through life. Trying to do a simple task is all the more difficult when you have a person whose sole purpose is to annoy you as much as possible. You ask yourself everyday, “What did I do to deserve this?” Through years and years of sibling rivalry and constant bickering, even your parents started keeping out of it. Complaining to them just doesn’t cut it anymore. We can all agree that brothers have a knack to get on our nerves and they only get better at it the older they get. Here are 15 brothers who are are definitely on a different level of savage than the rest!

15. Meet the newest member of the family

Via: twitter.com

We can’t help but wonder how long this has been going on for. Even Mom did not notice that the pictures of her children were being replaced by pictures of Steve Buscemi…. This is saying a lot since we all know that nothing usually goes unnoticed under Mom’s radar. This took master planning on the brother’s part. Changing all the photos in the house at once would have been far more noticeable. Switching them out slowly, day by day, was clearly a more effective plan. Even his sister didn’t bother ratting her brother out to their mom. While she probably facepalmed once she noticed Steve Buscemi is now part of the family, she was also clearly impressed. We are all just very grateful she decided to share with the world.

14. This brother is just keeping it real

Via: twitter.com

Being a savage brother is a full-time job. Those of us who have brothers as siblings know far too well that they do not take breaks from being savage. Every opportunity is a good opportunity—especially on holidays. When trying to think of a Christmas gift, this brother served the realness to his sister. It is always a joy to be reminded of just how single you are on Christmas. Luckily, your brother is always there to help you remember that you will probably be alone for the rest of your life, surrounded by cats. This brother even tied everything together by using toilet paper instead of gift tissue paper. An added touch that adds to the hilarity of the whole crappy present, that’s for sure!

13. “Please save me a little bit of everything.”

Via: reddit.com

As we already mentioned, savage brothers do not take breaks on holidays. Once the holidays come around, it seems as though the savageness level increases. Holidays are usually a time where family comes together and we are all reminded of what we should be grateful for. You would think that your brother would take a break from pulling pranks on you, but this picture is a perfect example of just how untrue that is. All this sibling wanted was a little bit of everything from the Thanksgiving dinner and his brother did just that for him—literally. He even took the time to write down a description of all the foods on the plate. We guess this sibling should have made an effort to be there for Thanksgiving dinner…

12. Well, he did do as told…

Via: me.me

Growing up with siblings, from early on you are taught that sharing is caring. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Who actually wants to share anything with their annoying little sibling? The only real reason you do is to have them stop screaming for Mom. This sister was kind enough to share her grapes with her brother, and she gets repaid with this. This is a whole new level of savage. Who would even think of doing something like this? Technically, he did do as he was told by his sister. We just cannot believe that he would go to these lengths to serve his sister a platter of steaming hot savageness. A lot of us can relate to this, that is a guarantee.

11. No place in this family for rats

Via: onsizzle.com

There is no denying that there is always one sibling who is low-key your parents’ favorite. They get away with virtually everything and anything. Sometimes, they even work up to the status of being the favorite through ratting on the other siblings and that can never fly. The brother in this picture went full savage on his sibling for ratting him out to their parents. We can only imagine the parents’ reaction when they found their favorite crammed into a small rat cage. As savage as this is, there is also no denying that it is as equally hilarious. This kid is definitely going to need some therapy sessions to deal with this experience and he will have this picture circulating on the internet to remind him of it—forever.

10. This brother has an ice cold heart

Via: awesomeinventions.com

We have all been in a situation where we have been craving something all day and just couldn’t wait to get home and indulge. Well, this person was craving Neapolitan ice cream all day, only to come home to this heartbreaking realness. All this sibling wanted was some ice cream after a long day at school and this happens. This brother ate to his heart’s content and just before finishing the last little bit, he decided to do this instead. This is equally hilarious prank material and gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking. We aren’t even surprised anymore at this level of savage. When we look at this picture we ask ourselves, how far is too far? We think that the line should be drawn at food. Food is definitely on the list of things not to be messed with—ever.

9. Check out this level of savageness

Via: awesomeinventions.com

No brother can be sentimental to their siblings without adding a dash of savage to the mix. This brother went all out for his sibling’s birthday gift. Right off the bat, this brother raises his sibling’s hopes up by dropping hints that this card might be full of glorious birthday cash. That’s shot straight down once the card is opened up. At least there was somewhat of a heartfelt message inside, showing off that brotherly love. Then hopes are raised right back up, only to be shot down one last time. This truly is a savagely executed birthday card. A birthday card that only a younger brother can truly pull off. The whole family probably had a good laugh. We know that we sure did!

8. This brother saved a newspaper from the date of his sister’s special day

Via: reddit.com

There are plenty of ways to make the memory of your special day even more special. For example, keeping a newspaper that was published on the day you got married. Great idea in theory, but we are guessing it doesn’t pan out most of the time. Especially when you leave the task with a brother who jumps at any opportunity to be as savage as he possibly can. It looks like this savageness wrote itself; all the brother had to do was deliver. Just look at him smiling from ear to ear, knowing just how epically this prank worked. Even his sister couldn’t help but have a laugh over it. Let’s just hope that this wasn’t an insight into the bride and groom’s future. Otherwise, this would be even more savage than initially intended.

7. This prank war has taken a turn for the savage

Via: reddit.com

Anyone who has ever proclaimed a prank war on their sibling knows how seriously everyone involved takes it. TBH, most of the time you live in fear day in and day out, ready for the next prank that’s probably waiting for you around the corner. Prank wars are definitely taken seriously in any household! Nowhere is safe, especially when you have a brother as savage as this one. While one brother was out, the other brother patiently removed all his belongings and decided to give his room a fresh new coat of pink paint. The funniest part is how much patience was dedicated to this prank. Once he was done, everything was moved back into place. Just to make the prank that much more savage. A+ for a savage job done!

6. This brother planted a burger in his drunk vegan sister’s hands

Via: imgur.com

How far is too far in the art of savageness? This would be around the time that we would draw the line. It certainly did not stop this brother from taking the opportunity to fulfill the ultimate prank on his vegan sister. We can only imagine how horrified this sister was when she woke up to a half-eaten hamburger. You can easily determine your level of savage by how fast you think of a prank like this. This guy is on the high end of that bar! We are also wondering how long he let her believe that she has broken the only rule of being vegan. Here’s hoping that it was not too long before this bro broke the truth to his sister.

5. This watermelon prank disaster

Via: reddit.com

On a hot summer day, all anyone wants to do is find a way to cool down. Whether it’s a jumping in the pool or indulging in some ice cold watermelon, we all have our ways of beating the heat. But some people just want to watch the world burn… This savage brother is definitely on that list of people. He offered his sibling a cool down by indulging in some deliciously sliced watermelon. We can only imagine this person’s disappointment when they realized their brother carved the watermelon out, leaving nothing left to enjoy. This watermelon is as cold and empty as this bro’s heart. Here’s hoping this bro saved some of the carved out watermelon. Otherwise, this is the work of a true savage.

4. What are brothers for?

Via: funnyasduck.net

As savage as most brothers are, at least we can say that it is never a dull moment with them. Their ruthless ways are what created your biggest childhood traumas, but also your best childhood memories. Just take a look at this brother and sister duo. You can tell that they have began this whole sibling thing off on the right foot. Where else would this bro practice his sick new karate moves he learned from watching his favorite show? The sister doesn’t look like she minds all that much either. She’s just enjoying the thrill of the ride. You have to admit, this did make for one hilarious photo. We are sure that this will stay in the family albums for years and years to come.

3. This is just uncalled for

Via: reddit.com

Every part of the house is fair game when prank wars commence. TBH, you do not even have to proclaim a prank war and things like this would still happen with a brother in the house. This prank is especially brutal if the person did not notice this setup until he sat down on the toilet seat… that would just make it incredibly worse. In that case, your trip to the toilet really did just become a gory scene from the Saw movies franchise. Either you use the duct tape as toilet paper or you make a run for it and get your hands on some actual toilet paper. This savageness definitely took some prior masterminding to achieve. We have ourselves an evil genius here!

2. Check out this family gem

Via: onsizzle.com

There are many great things about having a sibling. Siblings can be savage with one another all day long, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs. This is one of those situations where the line blurs between sibling savagery and looking out for your brother. On one hand, it is a good thing that this big brother tried to be involved with his little brother’s school Christmas play. On the other hand, he let his little brother take a bong to the school Christmas play. We are pretty sure that none of the wisemen carried a bong in the original version of the traditional Christmas play. Times have clearly changed and this savage brother is there to thank for it.

1. This brother needs to be stopped

Via: pinimg.com

Some brothers show their savageness through persistence, and this is definitely one of those times. It is clear from this picture that even growing up does not stop brothers from carrying on their savage ways. This is not the first time this brother has sent his sibling a potato in the mail. We do not know what is funnier: receiving a potato in the mail or that the mailman persistently delivers potatoes to this guy’s mailbox. That is some dedication on both the brother’s part and the mailman’s part. How do you even stop such a thing from happening? Well, at least this brother can be sure he will not ever go hungry with all the potatoes he is being sent, that is a solid guarantee.

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