15 Brutal Text Messages That Will Immediately End A Relationship

Technology is truly an astonishing thing at this point in history. We came a long way from those wee little doohickeys that we used to call landline phones. Who even has those anymore? Who even makes those things anymore? No, those are ancient relics from an ancient past stored away in the realm of old and forgotten technologies. It is currently sitting between a VCR and a CD player. Like the VCR and the CD player, we no longer need that telephone junk when we have cell phones. Cell phones are much more than just cell phones. We can do more than just call people who are miles and states away from us. We can use the phone to text people several eons away from us. Ok, maybe "eons" is a bit of a stretch, but the fact remains that we can text anyone anywhere at anytime. Text messaging especially has completely altered the way that we communicate with each other, especially in the case of romantic relationships.

If we miss our loved ones, we don't just have to settle on waiting until our lunch break to get away into a bathroom stall and call them for a quick five minutes. We can text them beneath our desks while working at the office all day. It's like they're sitting right there beside us at all times. Except they're not, and instead of speaking to us verbally, they're sending us smiley face emojis and "ily" statements while all we do is reply with the eggplant emoji to let them know what's on our minds when we think about them at work. That right there is true love and undeniable romance if there ever was such a thing. In that regard, text messaging has improved many relationships, but some texts manage to make relationships even worse. In fact, some texts have the power to end a relationship all together. Here are some examples.

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15  A Misunderstanding

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Relationships are a funny thing. Relationships can commence at the sudden spark of a flame between two passionate individuals. Alternatively, a relationship can also end at the drop of a dime for the silliest of reasons. We've all been there. Couples tend to argue at random for the silliest of reasons and if the wrong words get said, that relationship is dead in the water. Spouse #1 might start yelling at Spouse #2 for leaving the kettle on and 20 minutes later, Spouse #1 is packing his bags never to see Spouse #2 again. A similar instance seemed to happen here where John meant to say he wanted to "bulk up," but accidentally typed "break up," only for his girlfriend to flip out. We're hoping they just shrugged off the misunderstanding, but the way things like this happen, there's a good chance John and his girlfriend aren't together anymore.

14 Sneaky Andy

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This should go without saying, but if a girlfriend gets a text from their boyfriend's other girlfriend, you can pretty much assume that that relationship will immediately become null and void. You see here, Andy thought that he was slick. A sneaky slickster. A smooth operator, in fact. He really thought that he could balance out having two girlfriends. For all we know, he was probably pulling it off with flying colors for quite some time before things fell apart. Somehow, he managed to allow his girlfriend to get a hold of his phone and while in possession of Andy's phone, his girlfriend received a text message from Jessica, Andy's other girlfriend. A short back and forth between the two ended both of Andy's relationships.

13 "Dumb Phone"

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God, I hate autocorrect. Everyone hates autocorrect. Autocorrect can be helpful on certain occasions and has helped prevent plenty of us from sending "there" in a text rather than "their." In other words, autocorrect is good when it actually stops us from looking stupid in our text messages, but sadly, in other cases, autocorrect can manage to make us look even dumber by making us say the complete wrong thing. Unless you're "Baby babe," who regardless of if he sent the right message to his girlfriend the first time, he was already risking ending his relationship. Initially, he sent "I'm leaving you" to his girlfriend. He was quick to correct himself, blaming his "dumb phone" and admitting that he meant to say "I don't want to live with you anymore." Either way, either text is just likely to start a fight between spouses and end their relationship.

12 3 Years of Commitment

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If you really want to test your relationship with your boo thang and test just how committed they are to their relationship, tell them that you stopped menstruating (or are pregnant, either one will do the trick). Obviously, do not even imply to them that you are pregnant if you are not actually pregnant because that is a huge d*ck move to do to anybody, but the fact remains that their response would be something that is rather telling of where they stand on this relationship. Take Kyle here for example. Take notice as to how quick he was willing to bounce from a 3-year relationship with his girlfriend when she typed out that she stopped menstruating. She then corrected herself and said she meant to say she stopped meditating, but given Kyle's first reaction, it's safe to say she found a reason to bounce from this relationship herself. She might've dodged a bullet there.

11 Poetry in Motion

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We all love a good poem from our loved ones. Except when that love poem quickly turns into an admittance of infidelity. That's never fun, now is it? Don't answer that because it's self-explanatory. Also, I can't hear your answer. And unless you happen to answer that self-explanatory question aloud with another person in the room, no one will hear you. Kind of like Alien, except this is not space and everyone will hear you scream so please, do not scream aloud for everyone and their mother to hear. Man, that took a dark turn. How did we get here? Oh yes, right, this text. Here, this guy's girlfriend started off a attempt at a sweet poem, but this guy ruined the mood by admitted he slept with her sister. Little did he know that his girlfriend's sister had herpes. Man, now that took a dark turn.

10 Dear John

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Funny how this situation in this text exchange leaves us with more questions than answers. The girl in question--Lindsay, also known as the cheater--thought that she could get away with having two boyfriends. One night, she decided to tease one of her boyfriends with a, for lack of a better word, titillating picture. Turns out that she sent the same picture to her other boyfriend, John, and the two baes managed to link up and break up with Lindsay over the text reply. We do not know exactly how the two boy toys found out about each other. This is where more questions come to mind. Questions that we would love to have answered in, say perhaps, a miniseries sponsored by Lifetime. This would make good television, surely.

9 "Wrong Person"

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Above, is a text from Lewis. Lewis is an idiot, a liar, cheater, and a backstabber. Not to make this sound too personal—not like I was dating him or anything—but in just a brief series of text messages, Lewis comes off like a dumb jerk. Jerk because he cheated on his girlfriend. Dumb because he texted the “wrong person” (or, rather, wrong girlfriend) that he had sex with her last night. We are not exactly sure what exactly happened here. Either Lewis thought that he had sex with his other girlfriend and mistook her for his main girlfriend that he was texting, or he just thought that he was texting the completely wrong person. We also know that within an instant, he was dumped. Good riddance.

8 Shut up, Meh

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We mentioned earlier just how aggravating autocorrect can be when it finds a way to make us look stupid. That statement still stands and when it comes to just how badly a slight error could get us in deep water with our loved one, that statement has never been more accurate that in relation to Paul’s blunder, as seen in this text exchange with someone who, at the time, was his girlfriend. All he meant to say was that he was feeling “meh,” but autocorrect turned “meh” into “Meg.” His girlfriend flipped out, thinking he called her a different name. It got so bad that she stopped returning his calls. So congratulations, autocorrect, you destroyed what appeared to be a perfectly stable relationship. Autocorrect sucks.

7 Bieber's Baby, Daddy's Maybe, Momma's "Seriously?"

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For many, if not most people, Justin Bieber is the bane of their existence. Not the bane of their existence like they are Batman and Bieber broke their back or something, but in that most people outside of what few fans he has left think he is a truly detestable human being. Even mentioning him into the conversation runs a risk of getting somebody’s blood to boil. Which is why this girl got even madder at her boyfriend when he responded to her casual break up over the phone by sending back some Bieber lyrics from his song “Baby.” She was already breaking up with him, but him bringing in those lyrics did not help his case if he ever tried to get back together with her.

6 Magic Trick

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There has never been a more romantic declaration of love than giving your loved one a poem. Poetry just speaks to the soul. William Shakespeare says so. He has the phrase copyrighted and everything. Plus, he dabbed when he said it so you know it’s official. With that said, that does not mean that poetry does not backfire sometimes. Take this wee little text exchange for example. This boyfriend thought that it would be cute if poked some fun at his girlfriend as a joke and say that her face belongs in a zoo. Big mistake. She responded in kind with a magic trick. Within an instant, she made her whole boyfriend disappear from her life. Bravo! Encore! What a splendid trick!

5 Failing the Test of Love

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Cheating is a pretty d*ck move. We are not just talking about cheating in the midst of a relationship, but cheating in all walks of life. Even in school. Where is the integrity? The honesty in this world? If you are going to cheat on a math test, what else (or, rather, who else) are you going to cheat off of? It creates a never-ending cycle of nonstop cheating. When will it end? WHEN WILL IT END?! It's MADNESS! Ok, maybe it's not that serious. At least the math test part. Unless you accidentally convince your girlfriend that you cheated on her when in reality, you meant to admit you cheated on her math test. Even worst is when she gets so mad that she admits to sleeping with her boyfriend's brother. Hate when that happens. Needless to say, both parties were single after this text exchange.

4 Knock Knock

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Everyone loves a good knock knock joke, right? I'm not in the minority on this one, am I? Knock knock jokes are hysterical. There is so much anticipation drawn from that initial "knock knock" and depending on how well executed that upcoming punchline is, the joke turns out hilarious. One person who did not find knock knock jokes too funny was when his girlfriend (or, rather ex-girlfriend) sent him a quote-on-quote "heartless" knock knock joke. The punchline in this case was that he was single and she was breaking up with him. We just have to give her an A for creativity, though it was a little harsh. It's bad enough to break up with the guy over a text, but in a knock knock joke? That's harsh. A true stroke of genius, but harsh nonetheless.

3 Caught Cheating in the Middle

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If we have said it once before in this list, we have probably said it several different times: do not cheat on your spouse but if you are going to be a d*ck bag and cheat, at least have the brains to not screw it up by texting the wrong bae. If you are going to text the main bae, make sure you are actually texting the main bae and not the side bae. This is not rocket science, people. If you want to do something stupid, don't hurt yourself by doing something else stupid in return, like this girl. She said she meant to text her dad in this case, but it's just as bad because she accidentally texted her boyfriend permission to date another guy. We know for sure her boyfriend dumped her after this, but we wonder if John actually got that date out of her.  The bigger question is why did she need her dad's permission to cheat on her boyfriend?

2 Picture Perfect

A picture really does say a thousand words. With the perfect picture, you do not even need to break up over a text. Granted, you should never break up over a text message to begin with because breaking up in any way that is not in person is a pretty crappy thing to do, but I digress. If you must insist on doing so over a text message...well, first off, you are a pretty crappy human being, but if you are going to do it, do it via emojis. Emojis are the best thing about texting because you can use funny picture to express your thoughts, which is usually easier than trying to compact it into a single text. If you don't want to waste your breath on a flame who you want to kick to the curb, then use emojis. Take this compilation of emojis, for example. There are no words, but anyone who remotely understands emoji lingo knows exactly what is being said here. In fact, it's arguably a harsher way to break up with someone than using words.

1 Bad Girlfriend

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Here's a bit of advice: if you are going to cheat on your significant other, at least cheat smartly and do not get caught. Actually, scratch that. That is terrible advice. Cheating is terrible and there is no right way to cheat because cheating is horrible. Forget I said anything. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that cheating is like criminality. If you're gonna go to jail, you wanna go to jail for successfully stealing a million dollars or get away with murder, not try and fail at both. Ok, scratch that again because crime is bad and no one wants to be incriminated. The point is that this girlfriend above was horrible enough to cheat and even more horrible at cheating by texting an incriminating text to her boyfriend rather than her side piece. Ok, we all crystal clear on that now? Moving on.

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