15 Brutally Honest Kids Who Want To Watch The World Burn

As you get older, you start to learn the art of lying. You realize that if you decide to tell a lie in certain scenarios that it can end up working out in your favor. For instance, if you do it, you may save someone from getting their feelings hurt. You might also avoid getting into trouble. At the end of the day, you know when it’s best to fib and when it’s not. Kids don’t always know this. They’ll tell it like it is. If they don’t like you, they’ll let you know. When they’re mad, they’ll tell you, and when they think that something about you is unflattering they’ll enlighten you about this matter as well. Someone should definitely inform the ones on this list that honesty isn’t always the best policy.

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15 What Did Chris Do To Deserve So Much Hate

None of us want to hurt someone that we really care about, and this kid is included. They’re sorry that they upset their friend, especially because he wasn’t the object of their intended hatred. This child clearly hates Chris, but Ben just ended up getting in the crossfire. And when the person who wrote this letter found out that they had upset their buddy, they did everything that they could to make it right. They even confessed something that they could’ve gotten in more trouble for. By reading this note you can really tell that this person feels guilty for what they did, but it also leaves me wondering what this other boy did to them to make them want to throw scissors at him.

14 Being First Is Overrated

Children spend a lot of their time at school. It’s essentially work, but for kids. The fellow students are their coworkers and the teacher is their boss. And we don’t always get along with our boss and kids don’t always get along with the people who educate them. It would be amazing if it wasn’t like this, but for a lot of us, this is our reality. Luckily for this child, that isn’t the case. They ended up with Mrs. Mcmahon, and they actually liked her. And because they enjoyed her, they chose to write her a letter to let her know the impact that she’s had on their life. I’m sure she was happy to get this note, but the youngster probably should’ve stopped writing after they finished the third line.

13 At Least They Made Top Three

I’m sure if everyone in the world took a survey and listed how many friends they have, the vast majority of us would say that we have more than one. Some of us may not have a lot, but sometimes all you need is a few close pals. The kid who wrote this letter is just like most of us. They have buddies, but not all of them are equal. I’m sure that they care about each one of them in their own way, but there is a hierarchy and not everyone is number one on their list. The person who received this card may not be their top compadre, but at least they made the top three. If this youngster only has three buddies then it’s not that impressive, but if they’re the type of individual who has tons of mates then they should be happy that they got the bronze medal of friendship.

12 Cannibalism

This child has the best response ever to this question, and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so because the teacher gave them a star for it. I’m sure that a lot of people would choose to be alone on the island rather than be around somebody that they hated. Being stuck there with someone you didn’t like would most likely make you more miserable, but this person thinks outside of the box. Chances are, you’re going to run out of food at some point, and when this happens you’re going to start getting desperate. So rather than starve, they decided that they could kill their enemy. If they had to murder somebody they cared about it would be a pretty hard thing to do, but if they had to off someone they hated they wouldn’t bat an eye.

11 Keeping It Positive

Every now and again teachers would hand out assignments like this. After spending all day doing the tough subjects, filling out something like this would be a nice little break. The teacher would get one because they didn’t have to grade something difficult and the kids could do some work that required little to no thinking. However, when this educator handed out this paper to her students, they definitely weren’t expecting to get something like this back from one of them. Usually kids will write down something sweet and encouraging when they have to respond to a statement like this, but this kid wasn’t going to lie. Whenever they get into stressful situations, their family lets them know that they just have to deal with it. It’s brutal, but it’s true.

10 The Worst Kind Of Snitch

When you’ve done something bad and you don’t want to get into trouble for it, you’ll keep your mouth shut, and you’ll also tell anyone else who knows about it not to say anything either. You would never dream of telling on yourself, unless you’re this kid. Apparently they’re someplace where speaking in Korean is frowned upon. They got caught doing it the first time, and got a warning. However, when they did it the second time they could have gotten away with it, but instead of keeping it to themselves, they chose to tell on themselves. And they could’ve learned from that experience but then they decided that they would rat themselves out again. This child clearly needs a crash course on when it’s appropriate to keep things to yourself.

9 Father Son Bonding

This boy’s dad works hard all day and he’s tired because of it. The child doesn’t realize this. All he sees is his dad sleeping when he’s at home. He just wants to spend some time with his father, but that’s hard to do when he’s in the bed. His pop must’ve felt guilty though because he promised him that they would spend a day together when it was just the two of them. His son thought that it was too good to be true, so he reminded him about his promise. He wrote him a note, but what he left in it was a little bit on the mean side. It probably ended up serving its purpose however. You just know that there was no way that he backed out of their bonding time after receiving that letter.

8 Spare The Rod

There are some parents that believe that it’s not a good idea to spank their children. They think that there are other ways to get their point across without having to hit them. This is one of those pretty heated debates. Either you fall on one side of it or the other. There isn’t really an in between position. And from this assignment, we know how this kid’s parental figures would react to them acting up. Any time that they do something wrong they know that they have to go get the belt. And for anyone who was spanked as a child, you know just how scary that can be. Your fate has been sealed at this point. The only good thing about it is that you have the choice to pick which belt is going to be connecting with your skin. If you choose wisely it might not hurt as bad.

7 Sorry Not Sorry

A backhanded apology is one of the pettiest things you can do. These happen whenever you’re forced to apologize for something that you’re not the least bit sorry for. When you’re a kid you may end up doing it a lot. Adults have a habit of telling you to ask for forgiveness when you’ve done something wrong, but as you get older you realize that you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. This kid clearly has no desire to express regret for his actions. Liam may have hurt Brody in some way but he doesn’t believe that he was in the wrong for what he did. If Miss P hadn’t told him to write a letter then he would’ve have never shown any remorse for his actions.

6 Off With Her Head

There’s no getting around it. Valerie did something that this person didn’t like, and they weren’t going to pretend like they weren’t mad at her. In their opinion, whatever she did to them was bad enough to warrant getting her head chopped off. After seeing this note, all I want to know is what she did. This kid wasn’t a little angry, they were furious. And you have to be in order to send a note like this. I’m sure that whatever she did wasn’t that horrible, but I still need to know what she did that warranted this kind of response. This child wouldn’t have the means to do what this picture suggests, but I still would definitely not want to get on their bad side.

5 Make It Yourself Next Time

Every kid hits a point in their life when their parent stops making their lunch for them, and it usually follows a letter like this. Once the child is old enough to start complaining about how their meal tastes and once they’re able to write a legible hand written note to express this concern then they are also old enough to make said meal. When I started to complain about not liking how the food that my mom packed for me tasted, she told me to make it myself. Few of us want to do this, but there’s usually a point when we have to. If they wanted to avoid the inevitable a little bit longer then they probably should have kept their mouth shut

4 Rookie Mistake

This kid was clearly happy about their squirt gun because they wanted to actually use it. It sucks when someone gives you a gift that you don’t want and you have to pretend that you like it, but this child didn’t have to worry about that. What they do have to concern themselves with is finding a way to attack this present giver with the toy. In the letter they let them know that they’re going to use it on them, but now that means that this individual is going to be on guard. They know they’re going to be attacked and this means that they’re going to prepare for it. If they don’t want to get wet, they’ll definitely make sure to avoid this little one like the plague.

3 Revenge

Even at a young age, this kid realized that it wasn’t okay for his neighbor’s dog to come and poop in their yard, and so they decided to get some revenge. And their vengeance was one of those tit for tat situations. The pooch relieved itself in front of their house, so this child decided to relieve themselves in the same manner. And they’re lucky they didn’t get caught. It’s pretty hard to take a dump in the open without someone seeing you, but this youngster got away with it. Unfortunately, they were feeling a little bit too cocky because they decided to confess their crime on this note. Now someone knows what they did and they could actually end up getting punished because of it.

2 No Sweets For You

This kid’s mom must try so hard to keep herself in shape, but with all of the running around that she has to do, it has become difficult. She also has chosen not to keep her struggles to herself. The members of her family know what she’s going through, and one of her kids have decided to use it to their advantage. This little one realizes that their mom is trying to lose some weight, so they chose to remind her of her problem so that they can keep all the sweets to themselves. This note can actually end up helping her out in the long run, however, because she can use it as a reminder to stick to her diet. But we can all agree that there definitely was a nicer way that her offspring could have used to keep her away from the treats.

1 Christmas Wishes

This little one was nice enough to write a Christmas card to someone. They wanted to make sure that their loved one got a ton of presents so they wrote this note. And it would have been fine if they had stopped with the message on the left side, but they kept on writing. Next to the little drawing that they made, they wrote a second part that is pretty hurtful. Just in case the picture with the large circle for a stomach wasn’t enough of an indicator that they weigh too much, they wanted to make sure that the owner of the card realized that they drew them that way because they’re fat. That part of the letter seems pretty irrelevant to the holiday greetings, but the kid had something on their mind and they needed to make sure that it was said.

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