15 Brutally Honest Posts That Will Make You Laugh, Then Cry

Like anyone else, I love getting lost in Internet worm holes of random posts — especially when those posts are relatable. But sometimes, there are posts that hit home just a little too hard. Do you know what I mean? I want to look at posts and laugh about how much I relate to them. I don’t want to be called out on problematic behavior or unfavorable aspects of my life, I'd rather read about it on the Internet!

Despite that, there’s a weird masochistic pleasure in seeing these kinds of posts because at least I know I’m not alone, and if it’s the same for you, you should keep reading. These are 15 posts that stood out as so brutally honest, that they made me laugh because if I didn’t laugh, I would probably cry because of just how much I can relate to them.

18 Dating Anyone Is A Long, Slow Death

This also might seem funny at first but, damn. How true is this when you actually think about it?! Dating someone is literally moving through a relationship until all of their habits become extremely annoying and you find the ones that are make or break. Or until the ones that were already slightly annoying become unbearable. Because most relationships do eventually end as the couple find out more and more about each other.

This is a really depressing way to look at it, but at least when it’s phrased like this, we can laugh at the horrible truth of it all. Like, I literally cringe at the thought of my partner is one day going to discover something that’s the final straw. Thanks for putting that in everyone’s heads!

17 'Guys Don't Start Drama' – Really?

Why is this a thing? I’ve personally heard so many girls say this, particularly when I was in my high school and college years. Some girls only prefer to have male friends because there’s "less drama" and let me tell you, it’s not true.

Actually, that’s a little unfair. I bet guys say this, too, that they don’t want to befriend girls because it’s too much drama. And let me tell everyone who says this: all you need to do is look at history to know this is absolutely not true and a completely unfair stereotype. C’mon, look at every war ever started. It was rarely the women who did it, they weren’t even considered influential enough to physically start a war. It was literally men throwing tantrums, every time.

Please don’t say that boys don’t start drama. I promise, they do. The writer of this tweet has it spot on.

16 The True Mark Of Adulthood Is How You Handle Doctors

Reading this makes me realize I haven’t been to a doctor in years. Why? Because when I was younger and ill, my parents would notice and make an appointment for me to find out what was wrong. Now that I’m older, I brush it off and pray it goes away for weeks and weeks on end before I admit defeat and call the doctor.

Look. I actually don’t have a problem with making phone calls. In my opinion, that isn’t the worst thing about going to a doctor. The worst is that, as an adult, I’m so much more aware of potential damaging health problems that I don’t want to be told I have any. As a kid, I was oblivious to them, and I’d like to go back to a world where I didn’t know many illnesses and my parents made me go. Please and thank you!

15 Storage Almost Full

Every time a new update is installed on an iPhone, it seems to take up more and more memory. Eventually, I ended up only one year into a two year contract with seemingly nothing else I could give up – but my storage was still full. I had deleted all non-essential apps. I had deleted every photo I had that wasn’t extremely important to me. I had cleared out a lot of sentimental text messages that I would actually have preferred to keep. And Apple was still like, “hey! We need more memory.”

This is absolutely the downside to an iPhone, and everyone with one can relate to it. Unless you’ve shelled out a fortune for one with massive memory. For those of us who can’t afford that, we’re stuck trying to give Apple our soul to let us keep pictures of our friends and family.

14 I've Been Brainwashed

This is true on two levels – both for the bra and the boy.

Look. I applaud girls who can go out in public without a bra, I really do. Because while I’d love to, I just don’t have the confidence. I’d be worried they looked like they were drooping, or just sitting too low, or that people could see through my shirt. Boys don’t have to wear bras, but women do, because it’s considered common decency. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need them. Too true for words.

The same with boys to a certain extent. I guess we do need them for reproduction, but if we don’t want to have children… do we actually need guys? Society still seems to say so, but we’re starting to wonder…

(I can hear the sound of men getting upset in the distance.)

13 How To Confuse A Millennial

It’s become common practice to make fun of millennials, because according to the older generation, we don’t have the skills necessary to survive in the world. Here’s the thing.

You literally raised us.

If this entire generation is messed up, it’s not a coincidence – we probably want to take a look at the generation before us. And honestly, in doing so, I can see where the problem lies. Thanks for destroying the environment, the economy, and the housing market! And honestly, I could probably forgive them for this if it wasn’t blamed entirely on us. You don’t get to ruin everything for us and then blame the people who are left struggling to fix the mess.

Please end the trend of making fun of millennials, because this tweet is just too true.

12 Why Do I Want This Job? Well...

Why do interviewers insist on asking this question? Very rarely is someone sitting in an interview thinking about how much they want this job purely for the job. Okay, maybe if the job is the start of their dream career, but I have never found myself sitting in a retail interview thinking about how it’s my dream to deal with angry customer complaints all day. This question should be banned. Surely they know full well that they’re putting the interviewee in an awkward position for not wanting to admit that they’re only here for the money – but everyone in the room knows it anyway. Why is not an acceptable answer? I’ll work hard, I’ll do the job, I’ll be a great employee – but let’s be totally honest, I’m doing it for the money.

11 Dating Me Means A Lot

Honestly, this one is kind of painful. It starts off as if it’s going into a humorous post and then the smiles quickly fade because – damn, this is serious and something we can all relate to. When dating someone, this involves dating all of them — including all of the bad things. And anyone who is a human is prone to insecurities because of this. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just date someone without any worries about our bad qualities putting them off? But the world doesn’t work like that. So laughter fades pretty quickly with this one as we edge towards the crying side of this. Ouch.

Hey, the good thing is, this is true of everyone. It’s nice to read it and know this is a universal problem.

10 You're Not Scared, You're An A*shole

YES. Morgan Freeman is spot on. Who named it homophobia, anyway?

Look, it’s 2017. Homophobia frankly shouldn’t exist in the world and yet, it does anyway. But I can see why calling it a "phobia" is dumb. A phobia is described as something you can’t help, a fear that just seems to be ingrained in someone. Homophobia isn’t generally a fear. Like Freeman says, it’s someone being an a*shole to someone else for not even the decisions they make, but for who they are as a person. Even though being that person isn’t affecting or harming anyone else.

I can’t help but love the sentiment of this tweet and how Freeman phrases it, because I’m surprised it took someone this long to point out how stupid this word is.


8 When Did Your Mother Post Your Valentine's?

If you zone in on the reply, it’s hilarious. Royal Mail had been pretty quick with the comeback here, and their social media correspondent did a pretty good job because this interaction went VIRAL. They were certainly fearless in their response to this poor person who was making a joke out of the fact they didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day. But a lot of single people probably actually feel like this. Or even people with just extremely unsentimental partners — just waiting for their card on Valentine’s Day and then it doesn’t come. Ouch. Most of us have been in this position at one point in our lives, and that’s why it actually stings a little bit to read the first tweet. At least this person has a sense of humor about it.


6 What Happens When You Die?

Kids are brutal. This poor parent was just trying to explain the emotional side of death to help the kid to preemptively cope, but this kid was worried about the more material aspect. And honestly, it's kind of hilarious, because kids have absolutely no filter and are just full on brutally honest. Still, I’m sure it made this parent do the whole ‘laugh because if you don’t, you’ll cry’ thing, that their kid seemed more worried about the possessions they were going to inherit, rather than how they’d cope without their father when he was gone. People say kids are pure because they have no filter, but honestly, I’m not sure purity is the word I’d use for this exchange…

Honesty is the best policy, right?

5 That Awkward Middle Ground Age

This is a real thing for anyone in their early, mid, or late twenties. Everyone hits an age where their friends are completely divided in their lifestyles and we aren’t quite sure which way to swing. Some people mature very quickly and become fully functioning adults by the time they’re twenty (usually with a marriage and kids under their belt). Other people will still act kind of like teenagers for years after this, being more interested in going out and getting drunk rather than buying a house, finding their career, or having babies.

I definitely did the first one, but it made me kind of uneasy to see some of my friends having babies when I still thought of them as kids myself. Don’t make me have to start acting responsibly!

4 This Is Almost Too Tempting...

Student loans are horrendous. I actually live in a place where university and college tuition itself is totally free, and yet I still have ridiculous student loans. So I can’t imagine how it is when people have tuition to pay back on top of living expenses, books, etc. They’re a constant burden by the time you leave college, and unless you have an extremely rich family or find a very lucrative career really fast, they’re going to be there for a long time.

Therefore, I can kinda see why this person was tempted to let them go by any means possible. Okay, it's probably not worth letting someone shoot you over, but they really need to find a more affordable way for people to get an education.

3 Good News And Bad News...

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted for dinner was dessert? You’d have to force down vegetables and other foods that you didn’t actually like the taste of, only to get to the ice-cream…

Well, this was definitely me, anyway. If someone had told me I could have ice-cream and chocolate fudge cake every night for dinner, I’d have done it. And then I became an adult where I could make my own decisions and could do that every night if I actually wanted to and realized that this only happens when people are too depressed to cook.

It’s weird how a childhood dream can go to something extremely unhealthy and terrible in adulthood. I’ve definitely had my fair share of ‘ice-cream for dinner’ nights, but they haven’t been good ones.

2 Let us delete the undeletable stocks app instead.

1 But Are You Really A Student?

This one hits home hard. Being a student is expensive. Loans have to be taken out, ridiculously over-priced books have to be bought, living expenses have to be paid for – and part of the student life is working out exactly to afford all this.

In high school, summers were spent having fun. In college, this quickly transitions to working somewhere that is absolutely dismal and totally soul-destroying in an effort to make the money needed to actually go to college. Some lucky people get their parents paying for everything, but I like to tell myself it’s not the true college experience if you don’t have to work in a call centre or retail store on your weeks off…

But I definitely just tell myself this to make me feel better.

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