15 Burning Questions We Need Answered In Season 3 Of ‘The Magicians’

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15 Burning Questions We Need Answered In Season 3 Of ‘The Magicians’

Picture a magical world like that seen in Harry Potter, but imagine it as more mature and a lot more screwed up. That’s the premise for Syfy’s series The Magicians, based on the book series of the same name by Lev Grossman. Although the series does deal with the magical and fantastical, it also shows a world where actions have consequences, a world struggling between the good, the bad and everything in between. Nothing is black or white on the series, which means that even after the season two finale, we still have a lot of lingering questions about what’s going on and what will happen in the future. Here are the most burning questions we have about the future adventures of Quentin, Julia, Alice, Eliot, Margo and Penny.

Please note that the following may contain spoilers for season 2 of The Magicians.

15. Will Alice return to normal?

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Earlier this season, the character of Alice deliberately cast a spell that would make her niffin out, meaning that she became something that is almost a being of pure magic. The mortal part of Alice died, though, but her niffin hung around and spent a lot of time tormenting Quentin to set her free. Quentin eventually let the niffin go, understanding that this was not the Alice he remembered and loved. But then Quentin brought back Alice’s shade, returning it to her to make her whole. There’s just one problem: Alice remembers all that power and knowledge she had as a niffin and that still makes her different from who she was before all this happened. Will she ever regain her humanity? And will she ever really forgive Quentin from taking that away from her?

14. Will Penny survive and get his magic back?

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A magic-user in Fillory cursed Penny’s hands after Penny was rude to the man. Now, Penny cannot do magic, although he can still teleport at will. This led Penny to sign up to become a librarian of the Neitherlands, a city between worlds. Penny hopes that the library can help him figure how to fix his cursed hands and let him cast spells again, something he can no longer do. But while there, Penny discovered something even better: a secret room of “forbidden” books. He manages to break into this room, but it poisons him, meaning that he will soon die. So not only is he still unable to do magic, but he may not survive much longer to help the others figure out why all their books have blank pages.

13. Will Penny and Kady ever get back together?

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Once, Kady was a student at Brakebills, just like the other magicians. There, at the school, she met Penny and the two had a torrid love affair. But Kady only enrolled at Brakebills to get access to the school to steal items and spells for a hedge witch named Marina. We later learned that Kady was basically the property of Marina because of her mother. Eventually, Kady fled Brakebills and Penny, leaving the latter’s heart in shreds. Now that Kady is back on the scene, though, it’s obvious that the two have a connection, although Kady continues to deny it. Penny already admitted that he cares for her, but does she feel the same? Will the two ever find love and their way back to each other again?

12. Can Eliot and Margot save Fillory from the faeries?

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This season of The Magicians saw Eliot become the High King of Fillory, with his fellow magicians acting as lesser kings and queens of the fantasy world. This includes Queen Margot, who remains at Eliot’s side even after betraying him by giving his wife and unborn child up to the faeries to restore magic in the world. But the faeries do not seem happy enough with just that, especially after Umber dies just before they kill Ember, the gods of that world. After Margot’s visit, the faeries decided to invade the kingdom of Fillory. In the season finale, the faeries turn up at the castle with their army, and it seems that Eliot, Margot and all of Fillory may just become the kingdom of the faeries.

11. Why is Julia the only one with magic?

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After the magicians killed Ember, who killed Umber, the older gods grew angry with them. In retaliation, the old gods sent in their plumbers to turn off magic everywhere. In the season finale, it’s two months later, and magic is gone, although Dean Fogg suggests that it might return one day. Until then, the students at Brakebills study theoretical magic, unable to cast spells. It seems that all hope is lost, though, at least until Julia has Quentin meet her so that she can show him something. The something that she shows him is her attempting to cast a spell. Although Quentin tells her she can’t do it because magic is gone, sparks fly from her hands. It seems that Julia has magic again, but why just her?

10. What really happened to Julia’s baby?

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After Reynard raped Julia, she soon learned that she was pregnant with Reynard’s child. Obviously, she doesn’t want the child and goes to great lengths to get rid of it, although Reynard makes that very difficult. So Julia goes to a special kind of magician, someone who can remove the child from her body, but to pay for the spell, the team must help her rob a bank. Julia does get the spell to remove the child, which also removes her shade. But with Reynard so invested in that child, is that child really gone? The show never went into details about the spell that gave her the abortion, so what happened to the fetus, which is a demi-god, after that? We’re guessing we haven’t seen the last of Julia’s baby.

9. Will Eliot ever get to see his baby?

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Julia isn’t the only character who got knocked up on the series. Eliot also has a baby on the way, which is pretty funny considering that he’s gay. Of course, the baby is the result of a wild night with him getting confused between his clone at Brakebills and his self in Fillory, but whatever the case, Fin, Eliot’s wife, is pregnant. But there’s just one problem: Margo promised that baby to the faeries in exchange for them fixing the problem with the Wellspring. It was the only way to save Eliot’s life because the Wellspring controls all magic in the realm of Fillory. Most recently, though, the faeries came for Fin and the child in her belly, and although Margo swore she would find a way to fix things, will she? Will Eliot ever see his child?

8. Will the series feature more musical numbers?

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One of the best episodes of season two of The Magicians was “Lesser Evils.” In that episode, Eliot prepared to go to battle with a neighboring Fillory kingdom. Eliot knows that he has no battle prowess and there’s an issue with magic being on the fritz, but Margo tells him that he can do it and encourages him to sing. So right before Eliot goes to a fight before his death, everyone begins to sing “One Day More” from Les Miserables. And although it should have seemed ridiculous, it was one of the highlights of the series. When all else fails, at least according to Margo, sing it out. And the series did it with a musical number worthy of Broadway. We can only hope we get more of this in the future.

7. Why did Ember poop in the wellspring?

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We’re not even entirely sure what the ram-like humanoid thing that is Ember is, but he seems god-like. We do know that along with his brother, Umber, he watches over the world of Fillory. And that is a very important job. So it seems odd that he would do something that would screw up the kingdom. But he did. The act in question is one of a disgusting nature: Ember is the one who pooped in the Wellspring, filling it up with so much excrement that it started affecting all magic in the kingdom. It gets so bad that magic almost dies before Margo makes a deal with the faeries to clean it up. But why did Ember do that if he’s in charge of protecting the Kingdom?

6. Will Dean Fogg regain his sight?

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In season one, Dean Fogg was the confident head of Brakebills, who many of the students turned to in times of need. That all changed, though, when the Beast attacked the school, which resulted in Fogg losing his eyesight. But Fogg’s eyesight wasn’t the only thing the attack affected: it also made him less confident. In season two, Fogg isn’t exactly the man we knew earlier in the season. Fogg does have these magical sunglasses, though, that helps him see shapes and outlines, but do they even work now that magic is gone? And is magic really gone? And once magic returns, can someone heal his eyes so that he is no longer blind? There are still gods in the world, so surely there is magic powerful enough to do that.

5. Is the library gone?

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When the plumbers come to shut off magic in the world, one of the first scenes of the repercussions of that occurs in the library, where we see the library destroyed. The library held all the books on the knowledge of magic and magicians, so it makes sense that it no longer exists if magic no longer exists, right? But what happened to it? Does it exist on some other plane of existence? And what happened to the people who worked there? We don’t see Penny after the library goes away, so what happened to him and the other librarians? Is he gone? Is the library gone? We find it hard to believe that the library just vanished, so where is it and will the magicians find their way back there?

4. What did Alice’s niffin do?

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Quentin didn’t exactly do the responsible thing when he let Alice’s niffin go out into the world to create chaos. Sure, he loved her, so he didn’t want to trap her, and she did beg nicely and promised that she wouldn’t cause too many problems. But Alice did something bad as a niffin, because in the season finale, Joseph comes back to warn her that she’s in trouble and that someone (or something) that she wronged while in her niffin form is mad and is coming back for revenge. So what exactly did Alice, the niffin, do? Hopefully, we’ll get some flashbacks in season three showing exactly what Alice was up to in her niffin form.

3. Why isn’t this world’s Julia at Brakebills?

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One of the biggest disappointments of the series is the fact that, for some weird reason, Julia did not get into Brakebills. Although her best friend, Quentin, managed to enroll in the school, Brakebills denied Julia entrance. But why? What’s even odder is that in every other reality, as experienced via the time loop, Julia is not just a student at the school, but a very promising one. We’ve seen her in flashbacks excelling at all kinds of magic in all those alternate timelines. But again, in this timeline, Brakebills didn’t want her. Is there a reason that this one version of Julia is so screwed up that the school didn’t want her? Why isn’t she a student? We know that when Brakebills denied her, she went down a very dark path.

2. Will Margo get her eye back from the faeries?

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Margo learned the hard way that faeries are not beings one wants to trifle with. But she really had no choice when she made a deal with them to give up Fen and the baby to save the wellspring, the source of all magic in Fillory. She attempted to make things right and traveled to the faerie realm to try and bargain for Fen and the child, but the queen of the faeries wouldn’t hear her out. To make things worse, the queen demanded payment so that Margo could travel back to Fillory. That payment was one of Margo’s eyes, so when she comes back to Fillory, she isn’t just blind in one eye—her eye is literally gone. Margo is resourceful, though, so will she figure out a way to get her eye back?

1. Will Eliot ever become respected by the people of Fillory as their High King?

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Eliot is not exactly happy about becoming High King of Fillory. Sure, it seemed pretty cool at first, but being High King comes with a lot of baggage, as well as problems. Not only can Eliot now never leave Fillory, but as a gay man, the kingdom forced him to take a wife. Not only that, but magic began to fail the kingdom after Ember took a dump in the Wellspring, which is the source of Fillory’s magic. Needless to say, his popularity as High King isn’t good among his people. Even after the Wellspring got cleaned and magic returned, though, and even after Eliot promised his people another royal wedding and a royal baby, his poll numbers are still way down. Will the people of Fillory ever grow to love their new High King? Of course, he now has a faerie army at his doorstep, but will the people of Fillory follow him into battle?

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