15 Awkward Cakes That Totally Deserve To Be On Netflix's 'Nailed It!'

They don't deserve to have a stove.

Every time we come across a beautiful cake on Pinterest or Instagram, we rush into the kitchen to try to make an identical masterpiece of our own. More often than not, however, our creations come out looking like a complete disaster! We used to be ashamed of our inability to make cakes that look or taste like they're supposed to, but thanks to Netflix's new reality baking competition show Nailed It!, we now know we're not alone.

If you're anything like us and binge-watched the entire first season of Nailed It! because you love watching people struggle as hard in the kitchen as you do, you're going to love these hilarious cake slip-ups we found hidden throughout the Internet. We don't mean to laugh at these people's failures, but we have to admit that their hideous cakes make us feel better about our own lack of skills!

15 Toss this cake under the sea

Little girls love throwing princess parties, and Ariel is one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all time because she's spunky, independent, talented and absolutely stunning. One thoughtful mom wanted to surprise her daughter on her birthday with a cake that looked just like the little mermaid, so she found a cute portrait of Ariel and tried to model her creation off of that image. We're pretty sure if Prince Eric saw the finished product, however, he'd run for the hills! The shape of the cake here was actually fairly spot-on, but the similarities end there—cake Ariel has pure white skin, hideous pink hair that encircles her entire face, and her face is painted on more like a clown than a sea princess.

14 We'd rather eat a sponge

We'll never really understand why, but Nickelodeon's talking sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea has been captivating viewers for over eighteen years now, and thousands of kids over the past two decades have demanded SpongeBob-themed birthday parties and cakes. Instead of just going to a nearby supermarket and picking up one of their SpongeBob cakes (every market seems to have one!), one amateur baker tried just making one themselves. They got the shape and general color scheme of the beloved character right, but something went very wrong with the frosting. SpongeBob's face seems to have melted (which Nailed It! fans know is an inevitable consequence of frosting before the cake has had time to cool down after being taken out of the oven), and his eyes are all over the place! One smeared up while the other slid down to the side of the cake. It's slightly terrifying and entirely unappetizing.

13 Watch out for the train


Thomas the Tank Engine has been a favorite character of children worldwide since the 1970's, when Reverend Wilbert Awdry's Railway Series books were brought to life on the TV series Thomas & Friends. Thomas is typically depicted with a bright smile on his face, but whoever made this cake seemingly decided to switch things up a bit and add new layers to the animated train's personality. Cake Thomas was frosted incredibly well and looks exactly how he looked in the children's book and television show, but the expression on his face appears to be one of pure rage and hatred! Thomas is doing being Mr. Nice Train... after years of bringing joy to kids, now he's ready to run a few over! Choo-chew on that! 

12 Baby, baby NOOOO

Remember how adorable and innocent Justin Bieber used to be back in his Baby days? Before he covered himself in tattoos and made headlines for getting into fights all the time, Justin was actually a sweet kid with amazing hair and a whole lot of talent. One mom wanted to make her Bieber-loving daughter a Justin meat cake for her birthday, and used a picture of vintage Justin for inspiration. We're not sure what happened from there, but the thing she pulled out of the oven looks like an absolute nightmare. His bacon hair looks uncooked, his red face is horrifying and the chef appears to have used actual human eyes and teeth to fill out his face. We can't help but laugh that Justin—who is now a complete meathead himself—now has a meat head, but we'd still be way too freaked out to eat this.

11 Do you wanna build a snowman?


Anna and Elsa may have been the stars of Disney's Frozen, but there's a reason everyone left theaters obsessed with Olaf—he's absolutely hilarious! Olaf is basically what every kid imagines when they build a snowman during the winter, so it's no big surprise that so many parents try making Olaf-themed cakes around Christmastime. One home cook printed out a picture of the beloved comic relief character and used it as inspiration for her holiday Olaf cake, but the finished product came out looking slightly terrifying. His eyes look manic and disturbed, and the frosting was applied very sloppily. To the amateur baker's credit, though, we can at least recognize who this was intended to be! That's more than some people can say when they're making character cakes!

10 What even is this?!

Okay, we honestly don't know who this cake was supposed to look like. Based on the green head and purple bandanna, we believe the baker who made this meant for it to resemble Donatello, one of the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, based off of the bizarrely long shape of the character's face, it also looks a bit like Larry-Boy, the superhero alter-ego of Larry the Cucumber in the children's Christian culture VeggieTales films. Larry-Boy wear a purple mask, but he also wears a costume that this cake is lacking... so it's not him, but the face is far too long to be Donatello, either! We have a feeling whoever received this cake was a bit underwhelmed by its confusing appearance. Hopefully it at least tasted alright!

9 Enjoy your super cake


Most hosts just serve pizza, chicken wings and potato chips at their Super Bowl parties, but a few overachievers also like to treat their guests to desserts as they cheer on their favorite team. The baker who made this cake tried his hardest to create something festive for the occasion—we really like that it was decorated to look like a football field, and the frosting trim around the cake looks nice... even if we find the yellow-green color to be a bit unappetizing. Hopefully the guests at this Super Bowl party were too busy watching the game to really pay attention to the cake, though, because right in the middle of it is the message "Super Bowel." That's right, instead of celebrating the NFL's biggest game, this cake celebrates a particularly significant bowel movement. Disgusting!

8 Cindy needs a redo

Whoever made this cake came so close to creating something beautiful. The ribbons and flowers that outline the edges of the cake look professional. The color scheme is stunning and very appetizing. Cinderella has the right hair, hairband and necklace. So far, the cake is definitely one that would make any Disney fan's birthday a dream come true, right? Then you look at Cindy's face, and notice that she looks far more like a horse than the princess we grew up loving. It can be difficult to draw faces, but this looks like the artwork of a below-average Kindergarten student! To make matters worse, the price tag in the picture implies this was actually the creation of a paid baker, not an amateur home cook. That's just embarrassing.

7 My little uh....

If you've ever been to a BronyCon, you know that My Little Pony isn't just for little girls—men and women of all ages seem to be obsessed with the magical and colorful steeds! Pinterest is filled with My Little Pony-themed birthday cakes, including the Rainbow Dash cake on the left side of this picture. Someone tried using that flawless creation as inspiration for their own birthday cake, but the finished product came out looking nothing like the model! The Rainbow Dash failure shares her light blue skin tone and has some of her rainbow-colored hair, but for some reason, she looks more like a hippopotamus than a pony! She also lacks Rainbow's emotive animated eyes, and the baker seems to have replaced fondant with hastily-applied frosting. That was clearly a very bad idea.

6 Far from super


If you're a superhero fan, you've definitely seen this viral cake that's been shared all over Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook. Instead of just featuring one of the most popular characters throughout Marvel and DC, it has a layer for all three of the most beloved heroes—Spider-Man, Batman and Superman. The cake is way too perfect for us to even consider trying to replicate it, but one brave soul went into the kitchen and tried to do the impossible for her son's sixth birthday. We can't say we're surprised that the finished product came out looking like a "super" mess! The home baker correctly used fondant instead of frosting to decorate the cake, but she applied it before the cake was cooled, causing the fondant to melt and drip all over the place. Knowing her son wouldn't be able to recognize which heroes were supposed to be represented on the cake, she just gave up and put plastic bats and pictures of Batman all over it.

5 Let it go... in the waste bin

Queen Elsa is one of the best Disney characters of all time. Her song Let It Go is basically our life anthem, and we love that she—unlike most women in Disney films—knows that it makes no sense to marry someone you just met (we're looking at you, Snow White and Cinderella). Every Halloween since her movie came out has been filled with little girls dressed up as Elsa, and countless birthday parties have been Frozen-themed because of her. A semi-professional baker wanted to capitalize on the young queen's popularity and make an Elsa cake that kids would beg their parents to buy for them, but it didn't quite turn out the way he'd hoped. Elsa has the right hair, her iconic ice-blue outfit and a gorgeous necklace... but it looks like she's gotten a lot of work done on her face, and her shoulders are as broad as a professional bodybuilder! Yikes.

4 Pikachu, I don't choose you


Even though there are too many Pokémon to keep track of now, the world still has one clear favorite—Pikachu, the electric rodent that followed Ash Ketchum around in the hit animated series. He's as powerful as he is adorable, so it's no wonder fans of the franchise have taken such a strong liking to him! Pikachu typically has bright, emotional eyes and a cute, energetic smile... but when this amateur baker modeled a cake after him, she gave him the eyes of a hardcore drug addict and an expression that screams "help me!" This almost looks more like a child's papier-mâché art project than a birthday cake, so it's hard to find it particularly appetizing. Even it it was, who wants to cut up and eat pieces of Pikachu?!

3 Frosting mess

Every home baker has been ashamed of their mediocre frosting skills at one point or another. Even if you are great at making delicious desserts, if you stink at frosting them, they're never going to turn out as appetizing as cakes made by professionals! Well, it turns out, some pros struggle with frosting, too. At first glance, this Thanksgiving cookie cake looks absolutely amazing—the outer trim is flawless, the leaves are perfect and the turkey's feathers are delightfully colorful. If you look closer at the turkey's body, however, you'll see that it doesn't actually look like the bird we all love devouring every Fall. It looks more like a great big pile of doo-doo! That's not exactly the most appetizing visual, and someone actually paid for this!

2 Not the cutest duckling

Here's another hilarious example of a professional baker who hardcore struggles with frosting his masterpieces. The majority of this cookie cake looks awesome. The cake itself appears to be perfectly cooked, the green and yellow flowers that outline the dessert are adorable and the "welcome baby" message was written very neatly. The little duckling featured on the cake, however, has something extremely unusual going on with its face. The baker failed to remember that if you look at an animal from the side, you typically can't see both eyes. Also, ducks have beaks... not pink lips. Unless he meant for this to look like an ugly duckling as a throwback to the classic children's story about seeing the beauty within someone... this was a huge, embarrassing failure.

1 Slightly too literal

It's not as easy to be a professional baker as some people think. Every day, so many customers call you up demanding customized desserts that it can be hard to keep track of all of the instructions you receive, and your mind is on so many things at once that it becomes difficult to think logically. This cake is perfect proof of how scatterbrained bakers can become on particularly busy days—a customer asked for a cake that featured the number 30 on it and asked for it to be filled with stars and sprinkles, but the baker took the request a bit too literally. He pulled out his frosting device, and actually wrote out the client's instructions verbatim, "30 with stars and sprinkles around it!"

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