15 Candid Pics Shameless Producers Don't Want Us To See Of Debbie

She started off with the Shameless cast as a twelve-year-old! As she tells Best of NJ, the show is a huge part of her life, “I moved to Fanwood when I was two. From the age of ten, I spent half the year in LA filming Shameless. Before Shameless, I would love to go to the beach in Sea Bright with friends and family.”

It has been quite the transition for Debbie who is still only 20, if you can believe it! In this article, we’ll feature candids Shameless wants us to forget about. Some are rare behind the scenes pics while others feature Debbie off the set and as her real-life self, Emma Kenney.

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15 Smiling With Frank

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Shameless fans might be cringing at this picture. It features Frank and Debbie, all smiles. Fans of the show are well aware that Frank doesn’t have the greatest relationship with his kids, heck they don’t even call him dad, but they call him Frank instead.

We’ll be honest though, it is a cool candid pic showing the cast outside of their gimmicks.

14 Walking The Dog

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Debbie has some candids from everyday life as well. Now she isn’t constantly stalked by the paparazzi like Fiona, though she’s snapped every now and then.

This picture shows Debbie alongside her dog after leaving the pet salon. As evidenced by her IG account, Deb loves spending time with her pet.

13 Roseanne Reunion

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Wait, what? Oh yes, Debbie has other roles as well, she joined the cast of Roseanne for the reunion season. Even though the show got the boot from the network, her services were kept as a part of the spin-off, The Conners.

Still only 20 years of age, Debbie has quite the future in the entertainment business. She already has a dream resume.

12 BTS With The Boys

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Unlike on the show, everyone in the pic above looks clean and well, just downright happy to be alive.

This is a rare BTS picture of the cast – the group shares a close relationship behind the scenes. Debbie has several photos alongside her castmates via IG. On the air for ten seasons (including the next season in November), it is normal that the group bonded that much.

11 BTS With The Cast

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Believe it or not, the house in Chicago is an actual home that is occupied by a family. Shameless uses an authentic neighborhood, they're not using some fancy set or anything like that.

We get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes in the pic above with all of our favorites, including Frank, Fiona, Debs and Kevin.

10 More BTS

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She’s getting tips from the crew in this behind the scenes image. Hard to believe that Emma Kenney got her start on the show at the age of 12! At that point, the actress was in the seventh grade attending school out in Jersey.

We can say the role changed her life completely. She’s gone on to complete numerous film projects as well since.

9 Red Carpet Event

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A side of Debbie we really don’t see too much on Shameless; dressed in a fancy dress and looking like an adult, despite her young age and the fact that she’s barely into her 20s.

Debbie looks great on the red carpet and she isn’t shy in this candid photo, either.

8 Sneaky Candid

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Ah yes, the sneaky paparazzi candid photos. Celebs hate them while those at home are at least intrigued. Thankfully for Debbie, she looks great in the photo above despite the candid nature of the picture.

The Shameless cast, in general, appears to be an easy-going bunch when it comes to public photos.

7 On-Set

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A rare photo featuring Emma on-set, behind the scenes. She gets the royal treatment with her own personal chair, now that’s a VIP experience!

Debbie posted the photo to her IG account. She has quite the following via the social media platform with 1.5 million followers – not too shabby!

6 In Venice Beach

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Out in Venice Beach, the paparazzi had to snap more than a couple of pictures in this instance. Of course, fan-favorite Ian Gallagher (aka Cameron Monaghan) is also present in the photo.

They play brother and sister on the show and also share a close relationship behind the scenes as well.

5 All Dressed Up With The Crew

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This is quite the photo for Shameless fans to digest. The crew is far from living in the slums in the photo above. They all look like celebs, completely different as to what we see on the show.

Other cast members in the pic include favorites Veronica and Svetlana.

4 More LA Dog Walking

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Outside of acting, Debbie lives a normal life out in LA. She’s seen here once again walking her dog. Surely, she makes the most of her time when off the set.

Debbie is currently involved in the film Robert the Bruce, which is in post-production. Of course, she also remains a crucial point of Shameless.

3 Walking Away

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In this instance, the paparazzi didn’t make it on time so they decided to get anything – that includes a pic of Debbie walking away.

It was too little too late – however, the picture is still a flattering one as the actress dressed up in a unique ensemble on the day.

2 Crew Love

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She’s with her crew in the picture above. Emma spoke to Best Of NJ detailing why she thinks fans are so hooked on the show;

“I think it’s multilayered. It’s both relatable and yet so outrageous. I’ve had people tell me that they know families like the Gallaghers or like Frank; the local drunk that neglects his kids. So many people have come up to me to say that. Plus the storylines are so crazy that it crosses between being really funny and really sad.”

1 Candid Selfie With The Crew

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We close off with one more candid picture featuring the entire crew. Ironically, according to Best Of NJ, Debbie’s guilty pleasures when she’s off the set are reality television programs.

Nonetheless, reality or not, Shameless continues to intrigue viewers after nine seasons of the show and the upcoming season just weeks away.

Sources – Pitnerest, IG & Best Of NJ

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