15 Candid Shots Of Hilary Duff Raising Her Kids

Now that Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot, fans of the lovely actress and singer Hilary Duff will get a chance to see her famous character in her 30s. Hilary is all grown-up herself, raising two kids: her seven-year-old son Luca (whose dad is her ex-husband Mike Comrie) and her daughter Banks (who is 10 months old).

It's fun to see celebs get all dolled up in gowns and beauty products for fancy events, but it's just as fascinating to see them grabbing coffee and walking around their cities. After all, they look truly fabulous even when wearing sweats, so we can't help but want to see every possible picture. It definitely gives us some inspiration.

Here are 15 candid shots of Hilary Duff raising her kids.

15 In A Chic Yellow Sweater (That Matches Her Son's), Hilary's One Stylish Mama

via Zimbio

It's hard to improve on the classic sweater and jeans look when you want something comfortable and casual. Hilary does one better and pairs loose jeans with a gorgeous yellow sweater.

She looks so chic holding her sweet baby girl Banks and walking with her son Luca. And check out his amazing yellow plaid shirt.

14 While Luca's Not Too Pleased, We Think Hilary Looks Awesome

via E! News

Any mom who sees this photo will sigh in relief and think, "Yes, that totally happens." Here the star is, walking around with her adorable son, and yet he's not having any of it.

She proves that we shouldn't be concerned about wearing colorful pants because they can look so great, especially when paired with short brown boots.

13 'OMG' Is Our Reaction To This Casual Pic

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This picture totally proves why we love seeing candid photos of Hilary Duff and her kids: they are all so stylish.

Luca's little sneakers and baggy pants, sweatshirt, and cozy hat are almost too much for us to handle. Looks like she's got a little fashion star in the making.

12 And Here She Is With Chic Sunnies, Long Hair, And Her Sweet Smiling Son

via Heightline

Luca looks a lot happier in this photo, smiling big with his mom, who is proving that cool sunglasses are the only accessory that you need when you have gorgeous long hair.

It's really heartwarming to see the star that we grew up watching star in cheesy movies like A Cinderella Story and on Lizzie McGuire as a mom now.

11 Every Mom Needs Her Coffee, And Hilary's All Smiles Here

via Daily Mail

Moms, rejoice: even stars like Hilary Duff need to grab coffee on a regular basis.

In this picture, we can see the star juggling a tray of take-out coffee cups, a bag of what's probably food (or delicious pastries), and also holding onto her son's hand. She looks so happy and peaceful and like she's got it all under control.

10 Here Hilary Is With A Beautiful Long Bob, Blue Clothing, And Of Course, Her Cute Baby

via Life & Style

We might not think to pair a blue top with blue jeans, but after seeing this snapshot of Hilary and Banks, we're totally going to rethink our fashion ideas. We honestly want this exact outfit.

But we have to talk about the real star of the pic: baby Banks. Her adorable face, her sweet little dress, and her tiny shoes are just too much.

9 Here Hilary Is With Her Fiance And Their Adorable Baby Girl Banks

via TMZ

Hilary Duff is engaged to Matthew Koma, the dad of her baby girl Banks, and they make a beautiful family.

It's cool to see this family pic since Hilary's in a huge sweatshirt and Matthew is in a casual look, too. It reminds us that even stars like to dress down and be comfy.

8 And Another Wildly Fashionable Pic Of The Star And Her Little One

via Star Style

Banks is so tiny in this picture and we can't handle her cuteness. We also can't handle basically anything that Hilary is wearing here, from her loafer-style shoes to her two-toned jeans to her chic and simple black sweater.

Oh, and her chic purse doesn't hurt, either. We can't ignore how great that is.

7 Is There A More Stylish Mom/Son Duo? We Don't Think So

via CelebsFirst

Okay, so by now we know one thing (well, besides what a great mom Hilary is): the girl sure knows how to pick out sweaters. How many do we think that she has? 100? 200? More?

We wonder if her closet is mostly sweaters. Okay, maybe not... but that's definitely how it seems, judging by how many times she's photographed wearing a gorgeous chunky, cozy sweater.

6 The Famous Family Looks Super Happy Here

via Daily Mail

From the big grins on Hilary and Matthew's faces to the hilarious expression on Luca's face, this picture of the famous family has a lot going on.

It's charming to see Luca rocking various facial expressions in different photos. It really keeps things real and honest. Kids have a lot of emotions, even when their moms are famous.

5 The Look Of Love: These Two Are Too Adorable

both images via IG

It's clear from any picture of Hilary and her son Luca that the two share a super special bond. Whether hanging out in a restaurant, cuddling, or running errands around town, they always look like they're having a really good time.

We really like these two pictures since both mom and son are decked out in super stylish threads and the expressions on their faces are so real and sweet.

4 Here's A Real, Honest Photo Of A Family Moment

via AceShowbiz

Here's Luca, once again looking tired and upset... and Hilary looking perfect in a striped sweater, short skirt, and little boots. Oh, and a hat that is total perfection.

This is another good reminder that even famous people have tough moments, and that sometimes their children aren't that happy. Hilary is so great and so easy to relate to.

3 We Can Totally Feel The Joy In This Pic

via ABC News Go

It's honestly like true happiness is radiating off this picture of Hilary holding Banks up in the air. Luca's looking on holding an ice cream cone and definitely looking more pleased than he has in some of these photos.

We're distracted by how cute Banks is... and also by Hilary's floral dress and leather jacket. What a great combination.

2 And Here Is The Star And Her Son Lost In Thought

What are Hilary and Luca thinking in this photo? Maybe about how stylish she is and how happy they are to be hanging out?

Okay, maybe not... but we totally think that's what they should be thinking since they are such an adorable mom/son pair. Once again, Hilary's rocking an amazing sweater.

1 And One Last Sweet Mother/Daughter Snapshot

via PurePeople

What do we love more: Hilary's bangs.... or the watermelon dress that her baby Banks is wearing? We honestly can't pick. Both mama and daughter are so perfectly groomed and dressed.

After seeing these candid pictures of Hilary Duff raising her kids, we can absolutely say that she's one fashionable, beautiful, and wonderful mom.

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