15 Captions That Elevated These Photos Into Comedic Gold

You can find all kinds of stuff on the internet. You can find recipes, you can find the answers to your homework, you can find cool pictures of cats, and you can find pretty much anything else your mind could ever come up with.

Another thing you can find on the internet are people captioning seemingly nondescript pictures in some of the most hilarious ways you have ever seen.

When it comes to the internet, creativity is in pretty steady supply, meaning everywhere you look, you’re bound to find something funny, something offensive, or something downright clever.

So, we thought we would celebrate everything the internet has to offer and share with you fifteen of the funniest captions that the world has ever seen.

15 Ruh-Roh, Raggy


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When we first saw this photo, we thought it had to be a joke, or at least a Halloween costume gone horribly right. But, upon further review, we realized that he had no idea that he looked exactly like Shaggy from all of those awesome, “Scooby-Doo,” cartoons.

Hear us out: if this was just a Halloween costume, there’s no way he would post a photo of himself urging people to caption it. If anything, he would have just shared a picture of him in his Shaggy get up standing next to all his other friends who decided to go as Scooby and the Gang for All Hallow’s.

And it's for this reason that we thought the caption the person came up with for this photo was absolutely hilarious, not to mention very on point.

14 Do a Kickflip

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If you follow skateboarding at all, or have had the pleasure of playing any of his video games, then you know full well that Tony Hawk is a living legend. He was the first person to do a 900, he invented practically every trick that’s done on a skateboard these days, and he’s responsible for ushering in a whole new generation of young skaters.

But, out of all of the other amazing things he’s done, one thing he absolutely didn’t do was wait for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise to be released before he learned to skate.

His career milestones are aplenty both on and off the board. So, as hilarious as this caption is, it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

13 Gotcha

Wow amazing

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These days, it doesn’t take much photoshop to make even the most mundane of pictures absolutely hilarious. Like the picture above, for example: when you first see it, you recognize it as one of the most iconic pictures of Muhammad Ali to ever have been taken.

Upon closer look though, there is a lot more to this picture than meets the eye. That’s right, Ali, the greatest himself, is giving everyone the finger circle that has for some reason taken the internet by storm.

The worst part about seeing this particular finger circle is that you’d have to suffer one of Ali’s vicious jabs upon making eye contact with it. And with his knockout record, you know that it would hurt pretty bad to get smacked by the champ.

12 This Message Brought To You By Jameson

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No matter how much of a booze aficionado you think you are, it should be well known by now that whiskey isn’t for beginners. It’s dangerous stuff when not consumed responsibly. Heck, it’s dangerous stuff even when you’re just sipping on it slowly.

Most every alcohol has its own kind of buzz that goes along with it. But, the whiskey buzz is unlike many others. It’s one of the only buzzes that starts out really classy, but almost instantaneously becomes super trashy.

So, when drinking whiskey, especially Jameson, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to be careful. Because if you aren’t careful, you run the risk of doing exactly what’s in the thought bubble in the picture above.

Don’t try that at home, kids.

11 "No Comment"

Lemme get that faux-wood duraflame triple breasted suit 🔥

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Ian Mckellen has had a decades long career as an actor. He’s probably best known for his role as Gandalf the Grey in Peter Jackson’s, “Lord of the Rings,” trilogy. But, there are a few roles that he’s had over the years that aren’t nearly as well known as this one that he probably wishes didn’t show up on his IMDb page.

That’s right, back in the year 2000, Mr. Mckellen took up the cape and helmet as Magneto in Bryan Singer’s original X-Men film.

Those of you out there who have seen it know that it received quite a bit of critical ire both from regular moviegoers and X-Men diehards. So, it should come as no surprise that Mckellen had nothing to say but, “no comment,” when someone posted this photo of him and the rest of Singer’s cast.

10 Overdraft Fees Will Break Your Bank

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We aren’t sure who it was that thought of overdraft fees, but if we could find that person, we would absolutely have some words with them. And that’s because overdraft fees are the worst and will easily break your bank if you’re not careful about your spending.

Depending on what bank you have, the dollar amount of the fee itself will vary. But, some banks charge $35+ each and every time you reach a negative balance in your account.

People who are responsible with their money probably don’t have to worry about these kinds of fees wrecking their bank accounts. But, the rest of us need all the help we can get, and a $35 fee is enough to break our banks and send us straight to the poorhouse.

9 Reading Between the Lines

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Although many internet users seem pretty half-baked, believe it or not, they are all fairly perceptive. Sure, they may enjoy their fair share of toilet humor, but, there’s really not much that they let slip past them.

Whether it’s ferociously commenting on YouTube videos, spewing their beliefs all over Facebook, or subtweeting friends and family, people online are no strangers to being incredibly vocal about what they believe in.

Which is why we thought it was funny that, even with our highly advanced brains, us human beings still found a way to see Woody Harrelson in that man’s tummy. Now, what does that Rorschach Test say about all of us?

We think that we all may have a little bit too much time on our hands.

8 Just a Dog Chasing Cars

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Not that long ago, articles started popping up all over the internet about weird and hilarious things that were caught on Google Maps. Everything from people in their underwear, to full on crimes were now in plain sight if you happened to be mapping a route to a particular area.

Some of the findings were pretty dark, while others were actually quite cute; case and point: the puppy running after the Google Maps car in the image above.

So much of what you find on the internet is gross. So, it was nice to see something wholesome for a change. Even though our first question after seeing this photo was, “Who in the world would let their tiny, snowball-looking puppy run freely into the road?”

7 Good Roommates Are Hard To Find

Digbert @doggosdoingthings

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Unless you have the means to comfortably live alone, having roommates is really the only way to keep the rent paid and a roof over your head. A few decades ago, owning a home on one person’s income was pretty doable. However, as time has gone on, these kinds of homeowners are fewer and farther between.

Nowadays, packing your home to the brim with roommates is a necessary evil if you’re wanting to keep your bills paid. And while some people are totally okay with this communal style of living, there are others who simply can’t get down with it.

When choosing a roommate, you really have to be selective to avoid getting burned. Or, you can just get a dog instead and live happily ever after.

6 Our World is Full of Majesty

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Even though it’s pretty rough around the edges, our world really is a beautiful place. All over this little planet of ours are oceans, mountains, beautiful fields of grain, and all kinds of other formations of true, natural beauty.

But, in the less than savory locations, the dark can really overshadow the light and it can get pretty ugly for all the people in these particular places. Fortunately, every now and then a shimmer of light comes through the storm clouds and you’re able to see just how amazing Planet Earth really is.

Other times, you just got home from the bar, so you throw a brick of frozen chicken nuggets in the oven to satisfy your late night craving. And in that snack you’re able to see what astronauts look down on every time they’re in space.

5 Whoa There, Ellen

Roar 😏

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One of the best things about people captioning pictures on the internet is that they can take something seemingly innocent and make it vile without having to really try that hard.

And, as you can see in the picture above, this is one of those times.

Now, what we can glean from the original image is that this diagram was most likely found in a child’s workbook for school. It was merely an innocent exercise designed to show a young person the relationship between recognition and action.

Unfortunately, as wholesome as it was from the beginning, one internet user took a closer look at Ellen’s action and put their own little spin on it, thus taking it from scholarly exercise to downright grody.

Seriously though, Ellen, what kind of action is that?

4 The Role of a Lifetime

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When you’re a kid, it can take a while for you to figure out exactly who you are and exactly what kind of hobbies and activities you enjoy. During your early years, you’re bound to try a million different things to see which ones stick. You really learn a lot about yourself during this time, and you get to have a whole lot of fun in the process.

But, for those of us who fell headfirst into the arts from a young age, it can be really intimidating to step up to that platform and show everyone what you’re made of.

Out of all the many disciplines people go into, acting has got to be one of the toughest and most nerve-racking. After all, even with an ensemble cast around you, it’s really up to you to take control of your destiny.

3 Photoshop Is At It Again

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People in 2018 wear a lot of different hats. Each and every time you leave the house to go get coffee, get your oil changed, or take a trip to the DMV, you have no idea who exactly you’re going to run into.

The person making your latte could be working on the next big screenplay; the oil change place could be owned by a DJ that’s about to make it big; and that unpleasant person at the DMV you’ve spent the last few minutes talking to could be an incredibly talented painter.

The point is, you never know how talented the people you see on a daily basis really are. Heck, whoever designed this "Cardi Beans” image might work at Crate & Barrel. You really just never know.

2 Up in Smoke

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Like we have said before, illicit substances are no laughing matter. Even the kinds that do make you laugh really aren’t something you should be messing around with. The occasional indulgence is one thing. But, it’s just too easy to fall down that rabbit hole once you’ve hung your toes over the edge.

And there’s no better way to realize that than to get on the internet and see it all for yourself. Most internet celebrities these days are hopped up on something when they post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and really it’s pretty obvious.

For example, if you’re familiar with funk legend, George Clinton, than you probably know he likes to enjoy the occasional Mary Jane cigarette. And if you didn’t, well, then the person who captioned this photo sure did.

1 That's One Cool Pup


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Dogs are great. No matter how you slice it, dogs are amazing and we as people don’t really deserve their undeniable awesomeness. That being said, we thought number one on this list of ours would be best reserved for none other than one of our all time favorite, canine companions.

Now, as you can see, there’s a lot going on in this photo. So much, in fact, that we wonder if all of this is just another ruse by some photoshopper who spends their day serving up hilarious images from the safety of their parents’ basement.

We may never know how real this is, but, what we do know is that the dog in this photo is one cool pup and definitely worthy of the caption that was bestowed upon him.

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