15 "Cash Me Ousside" Memes That Will Have Anyone Floored

Last September a 13-year-old named Danielle Bregoli broke the Internet by becoming the "cash me outside - howbow dah" girl. (Whether you pronounce it "catch me outside" or "cash me ousside" is your prerogative.)

It all started when Danielle and her mother appeared on Dr. Phil's episodes of "out-of-control teens." In short, Danielle truly is an out of control teen and after Dr. Phil questioned her for her "street" dialogue, the audience had quite the chuckle. The laughter provoked Danielle to threaten the audience (hence the "catch me outside" phrase) after calling them all "hos." Good times. For whatever reason, this meaningless phrase has become a national joke and now memes have been streaming our social media feeds. And as pointless and meaningless as this troubled girl is - she is now famous. Want to see how out of hand these memes have gotten? Check out the 15 below.

15 How Bow Salt Bae

What happens when a 13-year-old with a foul mouth intertwines with a chef who sprinkles salt oddly? 'How Bow Salt Bae' to the rescue!

Around the same time Danielle became an Internet sensation, a man known as, Salt Bae, was also making his rounds online. Salt Bae is actually just a nickname for a Turkish chef who became a sensation for his sensual chef skills. More importantly - the way he sprinkled salt over the finished project. So leave it to the Internet to combine Danielle's phrase with Salt Bae's form. The statement 'shaking my head' is an understatement here. I can't believe were sensationalizing teenage angst mixed with a seasoning mineral. Are as a nation that bored? I guess we could use a good laugh through all the political hoopla we see around every corner.

14 I'm Blue

Okay I'm done. Goodnight.

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Holy cow - who comes up with this kind of stuff? The Instagram account @beigecardigan posted this epic meme of the "I'm Blue" music video with Danielle's catch phrase as the lyrics. Let's be real, Eiffel 65 was not known for much, but anyone who is anyone knows the "I'm Blue" song. "I'm blue, da ba be dee da ba daa..." you get the picture. This song was anything but a lyrical masterpiece but for some reason, it was catchy to sing along to in the car ride to school. But now, in 2017, we changed the lyrics a bit and now say "I'm blue, how bow dee how bow dah..." to make it more current. I can't imagine someone hearing "how bow dah" and directly linking it to this song. But hey, this is the Internet we're talking about and anything is possible.

13 That's One Expensive Ticket

It only makes sense to pair Danielle up with a cop. Because whether it's in two months of five years, this young lady is most likely going to end up in the slammer. She has stollen cars and even framed her mother for drug use. And most recently, her and her mother were arrested on a Spirit airline for punching another passenger. Yikes, so this meme actually could be a reality! The only problem is, I don't think the cop is going to chuckle or let you off easy for you saying "how bow dah," Danielle. You may be earning a nice buck from your ignorance and poor English - but I think I can speak for everyone by saying that they're laughing at you, not with you.

12 Brands Are Hopping On The Bandwagon

Okay, you know you made it when franchises and brands are using your catchphrase to gain attention from fans, consumers, and followers. Take burger joint White Castle for tweeting the infamous line when it comes to their fast-food pickup window. (As much as this girl bothers me, I have to give White Castle credit for being so current and with the times.)

Unfortunately for Danielle, she thought she was more popular than she was and began selling her own merchandise. Yup, she sells sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, and posters all using her "cash me ousside" phrase. However, little miss thang never heard about copyright infringement and used the font and logo from the Champions sportswear. Which followed with a warning from Hanes to stop selling the copied gear. Sorry Danielle, looks like you're not spokesperson material.

11 Hermione Granger FTW!

Done! 😂😂😂😂 #lmao #dying #sofunny #howbowdah #harrypotter #crying

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Where are all my diehard Harry Potter fans at!? Who can forget the first installment of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone, when Hermione was a total boss and schooled Ron  Weasley on the pronunciation of leviosa. "It's not leviOsa, it's leviosAH." Ugh, those were such simple times for the young Harry Potter cast.

Now, this epic scene has been recreated with the pronunciation of "cash me ousside" versus "catch me outside." It seems whenever one of our friends says the phrase or we see a mock video on Instagram, there is always someone correcting the way it's said. Do we say the street version or do we continue to be educated and say the words how they're supposed to be said? It's such a dilemma!

10 Literally, Cash Me Outside

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Via OnSizzle[/caption]

Thanks to this 13-year-old girl, we cannot un-see what we saw on Dr. Phil. Now every time we see the word cash, catch, or outside - we automatically think about this trashy teenager threatening an entire audience for judging her inappropriate lifestyle. But this meme knocks it out of the park, because now every time we go to write a check - you know that little voice is going to be in our head.

The saddest part about this entire situation is this girl is seriously troubled. And now, instead of going to rehab and trying to clean up her act, she's going to continue this reckless lifestyle because it's making her rich and the world laugh. Hopefully she doesn't rely on this five minute stunt of fame for a career because she will be nothing but a memory in a week from now.

9 Finally! Proper Pronunciation!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Via IMGFlip[/caption]

I resonate with this meme so much! As a writer and someone who likes proper pronunciation and proper grammar, hearing slang burns my ears. When I first saw Danielle's video of her on Dr. Phil's show, it took everything in me not to quiver with rage. This little girl should be forced into a rehab facility or some kind of program to get her on the right track. Not making thousands off her nasty attitude. (While her mother watches on!)

Sweetie, it's not "how bow dah." It's "how about that?" If you want to threaten an entire audience for giggling at your misfortune, that's one thing. But at least use proper English and not call a bunch of people you don't know "hos." The worst part is, she's only 13! What happens when she matures and starts hunting for jobs? No one is going to take her seriously because we're all going to remember that name and what was said.

8 We All Saw This Coming

Bitmoji is the amazing app that transforms an avatar into your personal cartoon. You no longer need to pick between a hundred emojis to describe your emotions. You can now use a little version of you with a variety of phrases, feelings, and props. It's awesome! Your friends will feel like you're in the room when you send one of these babies. And since Bitmoji is constantly changing outfits, props, themes, etc., it makes sense they jumped on the popularity of Danielle's ignorance. Now you can have a little version of you saying "cash me ousside - how bow dah" for any situation ever. But be careful Bitmoji, at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if she came after you for royalties. Cash royalties if you catch my drift.

7 Please Love Me!

Finally, a tweet that uses the phrase for something good! We've all had crushes in life. Whether that crush ever amounted to anything is different for all, but there are times where we both know we're into each other, but we're too chicken to make a move. Thanks to Danielle and her brave words, we no longer have to stand idle waiting for the other person to spill their guts out. Instead, we're going to demand those feelings. "Fall in love with me. How bow dah" could be the best way to get the answer you're looking for. Instead of asking if they like you - cut to the chase and get them to admit they love you! Just let us know if this works before we try and use it... We can take a poll if this is a good idea or not.

6 Interviews Are The Worst

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="638"] Via OnSizzle[/caption]

There is nothing more intimidating than a job interview. You can enter the room feeling like the most empowered and intellectual person in the room, but leave feeling inadequate and not what they're looking for. How do they do that to us anyways? All they're doing is asking us questions to see if we're a right fit for the position, how do we always end up second guessing ourselves? Hopefully Danielle doesn't end up on a job interview where she's asked how she deals with customer conflicts. Lord knows she's going to tell them they're the problem (not her) and to "cash" her outside if they don't leave her alone. Oh, Danielle, I hope to god you never write an advice book to young girls your age. I can only imagine what you would encourage.

5 The Best Line I've Ever Heard


Whenever someone brings up going on a taco run, I am down to join! I don't care if I'm at work, in class, or in the middle of running errands - it's hard to turn down a taco. So if anyone asked "let's go get tacos, how bow dah?" I don't even think I could be mad at them. Yes, I would give major side eye and probably an evil glare, but I would do this while walking to my car TO the actual taco joint. I simply cannot turn down a taco date just because someone asks in annoying way. I can only imagine Danielle's household today. She probably says this to her mother daily. It's no wonder her mother is always trying to ground her with a mouth like that! But I'm sure if she asked about a taco run, her luck might change.... Keyword: might.

4 Jesus Take The Wheel

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="618"] Via TheWrap[/caption]

No, seriously, Jesus take the wheel! I don't know whether to give everyone at this church a high five or to shake my head as I walk by the sign. To the younger generation, church can seem old, long, and rather stiff. So in an effort to stay current and to grab a younger crowd, Britt David Baptist Church did the unthinkable and added Danielle's phrase to their advertising sign. "Cash God inside. How Bow Dah?" They even spelled it the way it's said! I don't know about you but I'm floored this church took their sign to this length. I wonder how many new faces showed up to Sunday's service! But on the other hand, I wonder how many questions Pastor Tim got when the older folk were confused in regards to cash and God being indoors.

3 No Grocery Store Is Safe

I want to apologize to every cashier to currently works in a grocery or department store. When lines get long, a new cash register opens up eventually. Which leads to a friendly employee saying, "I can cash you out over here." But now, thanks to Danielle, their lives will be forever changed. They can not longer say "cash you" without hearing the argumentative Danielle Bregoli in their head. Better yet - what if Danielle herself get's a job as a cashier! That would be gold! Because then, she'll be able to cash everybody who walks in her line. Hopefully they don't, you know, insult her for giving them the wrong change or crushing their eggs while bagging. That would be a disaster that would lead to another Dr Phill show titled, "troubled cashiers" starring, none other than, Danielle Bregoli.

2 You Had To Have Seen This Coming


Come on, guys. It's 2017, there is no meme left on the Internet without a Donald Trump version. And in this case, he is making yet another thing illegal, but claiming "cash me ousside" memes are illegal. Well shoot! There goes this entire article. I hope the White House never gets its hands on this or else we're screwed.

As much as Donald Trump is an actual disaster and although he makes terrible decisions, this is one law I will accept fully. These memes should be illegal because they are dumbing us down! Get it together, people! We're spending our time creating memes of a young girl with a troubled life and a lame catchphrase. We can do better than this. Thanks to Trump, now that these memes are "illegal," it looks like we can find other things to turn into memes. Let's stick to pets, pet memes are always the best.

1  YAS!!!

Finally, an educational and correct form of communication. I would bet money if we took Danielle's picture off this meme and kept the "Confront me outdoors to resolve our pre existing issues with a battle of fisticuffs..." she would have no idea that these were words she said in a roundabout and correct way. Whoever added the intelligent glasses is a genius because they really add a soft touch to the meme.

It's strange - I feel a sense of calmness after reading this meme because I almost wish this is what she said! Stay educated and give yourself a fighting chance for a good life by using correct English and proper grammar through your studies and through work, Danielle. Incase you haven't noticed, you're only making your life harder for yourself by making your own merchandise and hyping up the financial perks of being an Internet famous person. This hype will only last so long.


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