15 Celeb Bridezillas Who Pushed The Wedding Planner Too Far With Their Demands

Some people decide to go the traditional route when planning their wedding, while others opt for something less conventional. Celebrities have a lot of money, so usually, they decide to do something to stand out among others. Sometimes they want only the best, most gorgeous and most expensive dress. Sometimes they go out of their way to ensure security at the ceremony. And sometimes they even take animals to their wedding because it signifies something special for them.

A lot of the things celebrity brides (and grooms) want at their weddings are realistic but cost a lot of money. But at times, they go over the top. For example, $100k for flower decorations? Or $2.5 million to fly all the guests to India? Wedding planners of these celebs certainly thought they went crazy!

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15 Tom Cruise Wanted To Make Andrea Bocelli Sing The Song He Didn’t Want To

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The wedding of Tom Cruise and Katey Holmes looked amazing. And really expensive. The bride's gorgeous dress was designed by Giorgio Armani. The event venue was the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy. Obviously, there were multiple celebrity guests. And awesome Andrea Bocelli serenaded the couple. However, there was something he refused to do even for all the money. He didn't sing "Ave Maria" due to religious reasons.

14 Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Had To Be Surrounded By A Thousand Candles

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After discussing Tom Cruise, let's move on to the wedding of his another ex. Nicole Kidman tied the knot with Keith Urban in 2006. Their wedding ceremony took place at the cliff-top Cardinal Ceretti Chapel near Sydney, Australia. The happy couple had to be surrounded by 1,000 candles that symbolized the "eternal flame" of their love. How romantic!

13 Posh Spice Had A Really, Really Posh Dress

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Victoria Beckham was called Posh Spice for a reason. After all, she likes everything posh and luxurious. Obviously, her wedding wasn't an exception. The dress of the bride's choice was a gorgeous Vera Wang gown with a gold, diamond-encrusted crown and a 20-foot train. Wow, that sounds expensive! Besides, the happy couple's guests were instructed to wear black-and-white to make the event even posher.

12 Leonardo DiCaprio Escorted Kate Winslet Down The Aisle

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In 2012, Kate Winslet secretly tied the knot with her third hubby, Ned Rocknroll. Only family members and a few closest friends attended the ceremony. We don't know many details about her wedding, but the one we do know can literally blow our minds. The actress was walked down the aisle by her Titanic and Revolutionary Road co-star and long-time friend, Leonardo DiCaprio!

11 Mariah Carey Wanted To Look Like A Princess

Via: marthastewartweddings

When Mariah Carrey was 23, she was tying the knot with her first hubby, music executive Tommy Mottola, who was 20 years older than her. The lavish ceremony took place at St. Thomas Episcopal Church and the reception was held at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. The bride's dress was designed by Vera Wang and it had a 27-foot-long-train. Carey also wore a Lady Di-style tiara and had as many as 50 flower girls.

10 Brad Pitt Built An Entire Zen Garden For Jennifer Aniston

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Back in the days when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a couple, we couldn't get enough of them because they looked so sweet together. And their wedding also was the sweetest thing ever. Among other things, Pitt had their wedding planner to decorate the entire venue to look like a Zen garden. It had everything from lanterns to floating lotus flowers in a pond. The territory was illuminated by the brown-sugar candles brought from Thailand.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker’s Wedding Was A Surprise Party

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick had a wedding ceremony disguised as a cocktail party. They invited 100 guests and none of them knew that they were going to a wedding. Only when they arrived at the Lower East Side synagogue in New York City, they realized that the two actors were actually tying the knot that day! Can you imagine this kind of secrecy? Even their friends didn't know about their wedding!

8 Beyonce And Jay-Z Needed To Have A Lot Of Very Special Flowers

Via: popsugar

Beyonce and Jay-Z had a lavish wedding ceremony, as well. All their guests were asked to wear all-white. The event took place at Jay-Z's 13,500-square-foot penthouse in New York City and all of it was decorated with 70,000 white dendrobium orchids (which is $100,000 worth of flowers, FYI). But the happy couple did save some money on the caterer because Granny Z took this job. "I cooked all my Creole stuff. My favorite part was when we put all of this home cooking on that fancy china," she later shared.

7 Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Were All About Security

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Catherine Zeta-Jones' big day with her hubby Michael Douglas at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan cost at least $1.5 million. Among other things, this budget included intense security measures. All their 300 guests, including such celebs as Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, and Goldie Hawn, were asked to show a hologram-embedded invitation to enter the venue.

6 Ashlee Simpson Had An ‘Alice In Wonderland’-Themed Wedding

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Ashlee Simpson tied the knot with Pete Wentz in her family's home in Encino, California. The theme of their wedding was Alice in Wonderland. The reception took place in a red-and-black tent and it was filled with 10,000 Black Magic roses. The tables were decorated with rose-filled teapots. During the cocktail hour, the guests were served drinks in little "Drink Me" bottles and in the evening they all received red gift boxes containing cookies inscribed, "Eat Me."

5 Christina Aguilera's Wedding Took Place At A Mountainside Tent Built To Look Like A Castilian Castle

Via: woman

Yes, you read the title right – Christina Aguilera did want a mountainside tent to be built to look like a stained-glass Castilian castle at her wedding with music executive Jordan Bratman. The ceremony actually took place at the Staglin Family Vineyards in Rutherford, California. Their wedding had quite a few expensive details, from a five-tier cake topped with hundreds of sugar flowers to a chandelier crafted with 2,500 crystals.

4 Camels Were Very Much Involved In Dianna Agron’s Wedding

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Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall had a very unusual destination-style wedding in Morocco. First of all, the newlyweds arrived at the ceremony at the Beldi Country Club atop camels. And secondly, Dianna's dress was unconventional. Instead of a dress we're used to seeing on a bride, she wore an embroidered Valentino gown that looked gorgeous on her.

3 Elizabeth Hurley Had A Very Hindu Wedding

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Since Liz Hurley is from England and her hubby Arun Nayar is from India, they decided to make two weddings – one in each country. The newlyweds spent $2.5 million for 200 guests who traveled with them for their week-long celebration. The ceremony in India was fantastic. It included dancing white horses, a sacred fire surrounded by Hindu priests chanting in Sanskrit and walkways lined with millions of chili peppers. Whoah! Wish we could see it!

2 Salma Hayek Arrived By Boat To Her Special Day

Via: gofugyourself

Salma Hayek and billionaire Francois-Henri Penault decided to arrange their wedding celebration in the most romantic city in the world – in Venice. They had 150 guests and most of them were celebrities. The reception (and the prior rehearsal dinner) was held at the Punta Della Dogana historic custom house. The blushing bride, wearing a gorgeous Balenciaga ball gown, arrived at her wedding by boat. How else would she do it in Venice?

1 A Live Elephant Was At Nicole Richie’s Wedding

Via: jezebel

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's wedding ceremony was held at the home of the bride's father Lionel Richie. It had a French-themed garden, a horse and a carriage, as well as... a live elephant! It turns out, Nicole had been dreaming of an elephant being present at her wedding for her whole life. For her, this beautiful animal is a symbol of luck. And on her big day, the dream came true.

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