15 Celeb "Lookalikes" Who Went Fishing For Compliments But Came Up Empty-Handed

It’s not wrong to dream—everyone is allowed to do it and what’s even better is that it’s free. Our parents were probably the first people to tell us that we look attractive. And they probably still do even now that we’re all grown-up. Don’t have parents like that? No worries, we can always take a good look at ourselves in the mirror, be self-supportive and tell ourselves we’re good-looking. Not only will that increase our self-esteem, it will also improve our intra-personal skills.

However, we should be careful in doing so because we might be labeled as nuts, or even worse—boastful. But these 15 people who took it too far by announcing to the world that they look celebrities couldn’t be called nuts or boastful. If anything, they’re delusional.

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15 Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been wowing the crowd since her debut in the music industry in 2005. Her musical style is very unique and her songs are catchy, which is why her fans are constantly raving about how awesome she is. On top of that, for a famous singer and songwriter, Lana is considered gorgeous without any doubt. And although she has a lot of supporters who adore her every move, the performer isn't safe from the voices of critics. No matter how beautiful a person is, there will still be people out there who will spread negativity. Although some people might argue and say that “It’s just for fun,” it will still be considered wrong if it’s actually hurting the victim’s feelings to the point where their career gets affected.

Luckily, for this girl, she didn’t give a dang about the bashers out there and still posted her selfie online, claiming that she actually looks like the singer Lana Del Rey. There’s nothing wrong with being confident and it’s really helping a lot of people boost their self-confidence as well. But there’s always a limit when it comes to being assertive. We just hope that this missy right here didn’t receive too much flak because nobody deserves that.

14 Taylor Swift

Via: reddit.com

It’s impossible not to know who Taylor Swift is. People of all ages might even admit that once in their life, they’ve sung along to one of Taylor’s hit songs, like “Love Story,” “Speak Now,” or “22.” It’s really hard to resist singing along because her songs are always so catchy and lively. Most of her hit tracks are about her own experiences—specifically her love life. Despite this, many people can still relate to her tunes because, well, falling in love and heartbreaks are always going to be a part of people’s lives.

Taylor is famous all around the world and because of this, so it’s kinda hard for her to dodge the issues surrounding her romantic relationships. That’s cool, though, because T is able to handle them professionally. That might even be a requirement to last in the showbiz industry. Celebrities need to have a heart made of (not gold but) metal and endure the negativity and detestation. But how about ordinary people claiming that they look like one of the most famous people today? Well, according to this girl, she also suffers because she can’t seem to go out and freely roam the mall because as stated by her, she resembles Taylor Swift. We have a feeling she may be overstating it a bit.

13 Queen Boo

It’s safe to assume that Beyoncé has made us all dance to her hits several times in our life. Her fans call her Queen B because her pure talent and charm truly reveal the royalty in her. She definitely deserves being looked at as a Queen because she has sold gazillions of copies of her albums as well as tickets for her tours worldwide. If that’s not the definition of impressive, we don’t know what is. She’s been renowned in the music industry for more than a decade now and we think she’s planning to continue reigning until who knows when. Well, we’re not going to complain, are we? Of course, not.

However, with this woman, we would like to complain all day because it’s just too difficult to accept the statement she captioned her picture with.

She literally uploaded her selfie on Twitter and said that people tell her she looks like Queen B. If we ever bumped into her, there’s no chance we’d tell her she looks like Beyoncé. Instead, we would ask her if she needed a new ophthalmologist. If she said no, we might have to convince her to see one for her own good. But right now, we’re not gonna ask how she managed to construct such a caption because we’re truly not interested.

12 Kylee Jander who?

Kylie Jenner is one of the most successful people in show business these days. Not only is she a TV personality, she’s also a model and young entrepreneur. She’s behind the gorgeous Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, which seems to be one of the trendiest makeup line around right now. Many beauty gurus and even ordinary makeup lovers will agree to this, even if they don't use her products. We often hear girls request a Kylie lip kit for their birthday because it’s like the must-have lipstick of the modern times and a girl should own at least one in her lifetime. We cannot blame women because her cosmetics are absolutely good quality and will definitely impress the wearer even after having only used it once.

We wonder how many girls have cried because they couldn’t afford (or they are just not allowed to purchase) her makeup products.

Kylie must have been using her own cosmetics because she’s always looking fabulous and picture-ready. But we also wonder if this girl used Kylie’s products, thus making her believe she looks like Kylie Jenner. Well, that’s a likely story. What we can’t believe is that the churchgoers would choose to tell a lie just to boost her confidence. Chances are, she wasn’t telling the truth in this post.

11 Rihan-nah

Being proud of your significant other makes the relationship even more beautiful. Having the desire to walk beside them hand in hand while looking happy and proud means that you’re actually satisfied with your relationship. And there is really nothing wrong with building up their self-esteem and confidence by telling them that they’re the greatest person in the world and that they’re the most attractive person you have ever laid your eyes on. They might even thank you by doing things that please you and make you happy.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we get a little too enthusiastic and end up telling them positive things about them that aren’t close to the truth.

A lot of people might not agree with the idea of a person telling the truth and hurting someone’s feelings as a result, but comforting people with sweet words that are basically just lies may actually be worse. Perfect example is this fella who proudly proclaimed that his bae looks like the singer, actress and entrepreneur Rihanna, even though we can't really spot any similarities between the two ladies. That leaves us all wondering if the guy has some sort of difficulty in spelling, or if he has some kind of problem with his vision.

10 Yes, it’s just you

If you were born in the '90s, you probably know or at least have seen the dance steps and heard the lyrics to Britney Spears’ hit song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” at least once. Even if you aren’t a '90s kid, you still probably have heard this song somewhere. Who wouldn’t have, really? The song, as well as its music video, was constantly played everywhere during the '90s and the early 2000s. So, everyone was left with no choice but to listen, watch, memorize the song and dance along. The pop star has since become very successful in her career and she’s still making a lot of noise in the industry. Although she has let herself be involved in numerous issues in the past, she never gave up trying to succeed. In fact, during those tumultuous years, she had been pretty brave, independent and courageous.

Many people would literally give anything to be Britney, given her looks and talent. And we think this lady right here is another one of the many Britney wannabes, except we just can’t seem to see the resemblance. That’s fine though because she actually just asked a question and we are absolutely ready to give her the most honest answer she will ever receive her whole life. Not trying to be rude here, but to answer her question, yes, it’s literally just her.

9 Don’t RT

Things that are posted online are not always factual. Some of them may even come from someone who knows nothing but to fool people. But that doesn’t mean that all people on the Internet are a fraud. There are still some that are amazing and kind. Maybe there aren’t too many of them, but we can still spot some occasionally. And while there are people on the Internet who actually have a fully-functioning brain, some just refuse to use theirs when they need to. Like when they are asked to share or retweet something, they’re most likely going to do it either for fun or because they really believe it’s true.

Regardless, if a lot of people retweeted fallacious information, it’s most likely going to spread around the Internet like wildfire.

For some reason, lies go so much more viral than the truth, which is probably why we have a problem with fake news. It seems that the woman in this entry—who asked people to retweet her post if they think she looks like Rihanna—was able to deceive a lot of people judging from the number of retweets she’s got. We’re not one to judge, but there’s just something wrong about it. Two outcomes are possible to happen—she’ll continue believing her obviously false claim and she’ll keep on posting her selfies online with similar captions.

8 Tyra Banks

There will be times when people around will tell us tons of lies just to make us feel good about ourselves. The morality of this is still debatable because some people are against it. There are a lot of people who are in favor of this, but the fact remains that it’s technically wrong to use lies to encourage someone for whatever reason. We have probably seen a woman compliment her fellow woman the second she sees her one too many times. But the intention behind this is usually never bad. There are just some people who are actually fond of making others smile by complimenting them on their looks, attitude or something else about them.

However, many people like taking things a bit too far. Perfect example is the unacceptable truth that people sometimes tell this lady that she bears some kind of resemblance to Tyra Banks, which we think is outright lying. They’re giving her false hopes and false information that may lead to confusion and disappointment in the future. But the thing is, what if people aren’t actually saying this to her? It’s still up to us to decide whether or not to believe this woman’s claims. For all you know, she could be making all of it up.

7 JT—Just Trolling

Via: imgur.com

Kids nowadays know of a lot of ways to catch the attention of the people around them; it helps that they have such creative minds and are full of energy. That may produce either good or bad results depending on their actual reasons for doing such things. Parents sometimes lose their cool because their children are giving them lots and lots of headaches. It seems like whatever their children do, they will always get into trouble. And when they do, they have to be disciplined.

Parents and guardians shouldn’t think twice about reprimanding their unruly children because this will help their kids in the future.

They can always choose the reward-or-punishment system. This will be helpful because the kids will know when they’re actually doing something good. Chances are, with this, they’re going to keep on doing the right things and avoid committing mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, this kid seems to have committed a mistake by posting his selfie and claiming that a lot of people say he looks like Justin Timberlake. This should be a warning for all parents and guardians—don’t let your children use the computer unsupervised for too long. Otherwise, they might binge watch music videos of NSYNC and eventually think they look like Justin Timberlake, too.

6 How about no?

Via: me.me

Ryan Gosling started his career as a child star on Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club, and we bet only a few of us are aware of this. He was adorable then, but now we all think he’s super cool. He’s also really good at his job, like when he starred in the hit romantic film The Notebook. In this movie, Ryan’s character was very romantic, which was something many girls who watched the movie loved. Indeed, the movie reminds us that true love does actually exist—you just need to find the right person. And his character found exactly that, and never gave up on the love he shared with the woman of her dreams.

But if your significant other is spreading lies on the Internet claiming people think they look like a celebrity, then you might wanna rethink your life decisions.This man, who’s not actually claiming that he looks like Ryan Gosling, claims that people say he looks like the celebrity. He blatantly posted his photo and Ryan’s photo side by side as if trying to do a comparison and as if hinting that they do resemble each other. But we all know this is a lie because no person with an okay vision will tell him he looks like Ryan Gosling.

5 Don’t see it either

If we ever get the chance to see a celebrity just casually walking down the street, we are probably going to approach them and stop them from their tracks and freak out. Then, we might ask for a picture with them and maybe ask them to sign the shirt we’re wearing. This is most likely what will happen if we are their number one fan. And it’s perfectly fine to be a fan of someone famous because their job literally involves getting people to love them. There might be things about them that are kind of questionable, but we still choose to support them because we think they’re awesome.

Without a doubt, our favorite celebrities can make us do surprising things to the point where we almost treat them like some kind of god.

And it seems this kid right here is so enamored by Channing Tatum he’s starting to actually believe he looks like him. He publicly stated that people stop him in the streets and ask if he’s the handsome Channing Tatum. What’s worse is that he’s feigning dissent, as if to get more people to say he does look like the actor. He’s either making up this story or the people who approach him saying he looks like the actor are just pulling his leg.

4 Celebrity Lookalike

People like comparing themselves to celebrities. Sometimes they claim that they resemble these celebrities in one way or another. Some say that they sing like Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande. Some say that they dance like Michael Jackson or Beyoncé. And it makes sense that they announce this to the world—people, after all, admire and praise those who possess the same looks or talent as the celebrities we adore. Unfortunately, sometimes, some fans get so obsessed with their celebrity inspirations that they try every method just to look like them, such as unnatural enhancements. This could cause harmful effects later on in their lives if not done correctly.

However, there’s always good news for everyone. If we want to look like a celebrity, there’s a safe route that we can take and that is what this woman chose to take. She just randomly snapped a photo of herself (trying her hardest to accentuate her curves) and posted it alongside Kim Kardashian’s picture. The caption is what will probably blow your mind. Seeing as she took a mirror selfie, she obviously was able to clearly see herself and what she looked like. But it seems she wasn’t able to differentiate dreams from reality.

3 Ariana Grande

At her young age, Ariana Grande was able to showcase her talent by being a star on a couple of Nickelodeon series. Not only was she great at acting, but also singing (definitely) and dancing. In the last few years, she has been making hit songs and is becoming more and more popular all around the world. She surely has a lot of impersonators worldwide, but none of them seem to match her vocal prowess. We might have seen a number of AG impersonators on YouTube but none of them are able to accurately copy the singer.

This doesn’t mean that she is the greatest singer of all time, but it just tells us that Ariana’s talent and skill are exceptionally outstanding.

She has her own signature look, too—cat ears, high ponytail, cat eyes. And for some reason, a lot of young people (even those that aren’t her fans) are following this fad. And that’s totally understandable. What we don’t understand is how this person could claim that people tell him he looks like Ariana Grande. Because not only is he a different gender, he also doesn’t look like the singer one bit. Looks like his followers didn’t agree either, coz he didn’t get a single comment or retweet.

2 Kimpossible Kardashian

Via: nypost.com

Some people are willing to go through painful cosmetic enhancements just to look like their idol. We cannot blame them, though. If they have the means to do it, then who are we to stop them? If it will make them happier, we’re surely going to be all for it. But they have to realize that it can come with a negative consequence or two. Think of all the high spenders out there who are getting surgery here and there, getting every kind of surgery a surgeon could offer, just to bear some semblance to their favorite celebrity. It can get a little too much. It gets worse and worse to the point where they eventually turn themselves into a completely different person.

Imagine knowing someone who’s done this and meeting them at a reunion—you’ll literally have no idea who they are. Or rather, who they used to be. On top of that, even if the actual surgery wasn’t painful due to anesthesia, the recovery period isn’t gonna be easy, and pain will be a daily part of it. But this guy right here braved it and spent a fortune just to look like his idol Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately for him though, he still hasn’t come close.

1 Gossips, girl

Friends are always there to support us. They are the people who will give us meaningful and sometimes stupid advice during the darkest moments of our life. They are going to be mean at one point or two, but they’re just like that because they’re trying to be true and honest to us. They are also going to be the ones who will defend us from our enemies who keep on gossiping about us. Speaking of gossip, we probably all know that Blake Lively played the character of Serena van der Woodsen in the teen-drama television series Gossip Girl.

What everyone doesn’t know is that many people want to look so much like her they claim all sorts of things on social media.

Like this girl who posted Blake Lively’s photo alongside her selfie on her Twitter account and captioned it with a statement saying people tell her she looks like the actress. Okay, so they both belong to the same ethnicity. But that doesn’t mean this girl looks like Blake Lively. We honestly don’t see any resemblance, although we’d like to point out that she at least does look attractive, which is a plus. She doesn’t need to make a false claim on social media. She’s cute—she has that going for her at least.

Reference: imdb.comnypost.com

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