15 Celebrities That Have Gotten Caught In The #MeToo Scandal

In the past several months, Hollywood has been turned on its head by women who are alleging sexual misconduct against celebrities. After a few big breaking stories, the #MeToo campaign began and women all over the world posted their own stories in solidarity against misconduct of any kind. And while any kind of sexual misconduct is deplorable, celebrities are getting the most attention and some of the names being brought up by reputable individuals are rather large. Honesty is being touted as the best policy and more women—and even men—are being more honest about their past experiences now than ever before. The list is growing longer by the day, but these are some of the high-profile men that have been accused of sexual harassment or assault or both.

15 Matt Lauer shocks the nation's morning show fans

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Matt Lauer was perhaps one of the most surprising and shocking celebrities to get caught up in the #MeToo campaign. Following two decades as the popular male anchor on The Today Show, he was promptly fired after a detailed complaint was brought against him regarding his inappropriate sexual behavior in the work place.

In a memo to other employees, the NBC News Chairman said a complaint, which came from several female colleagues, prompted a review of his conduct, which was a clear violation of company standards.

The incidents began in 2014 at the Winter Olympics and continued on after the games. The first complaint against him came in 1997, but there was no reason to believe it wasn’t an isolated incident until more recently. Now, dozens have come forward with more complaints, ranging from allegations of sexual misconduct to sexual assault.

14 Kevin Spacey's career is decimated

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Kevin Spacey, a highly talented, often awarded actor, has seen his career spiral to the point of no return as part of recent accusations. A Broadway veteran came out with a story that Spacey climbed on top of him when he was just 14 and Space was in his thirties. Other actors, both male and female, accused him of inappropriate touching and eight people on the set of House of Cards said he created a toxic work environment. Spacey was removed from House of Cards and replaced in his upcoming movie roles. No one wants to touch his name with a 10-foot pole and with that many accusers, it seems likely that he is finally getting what he deserves. Though he denies many of the specific allegations, there are too many for them all to be false in the eyes of popular opinion.

13 Dustin Hoffman apologizes a bit too late

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On the 1985 film Death of a Salesman a then 17-year-old production assistant says that Dustin Hoffman used explicit language with her and grabbed her in a forceful manner. Her account was first published by The Hollywood Reporter. Then, a playwright accused him of sexual harassment in 1991.

Hoffman told The Hollywood Reporter that he has nothing but respect for women and he feels bad that anything he did or said could have put them in an uncomfortable situation.

Hoffman’s attorney calls the stories that have come tumbling out since the first few “defamatory falsehoods,” but in total, six separate women have accused him of a variety of misconducts ranging from harassment to indecent exposure and unwanted advanced and propositions. #MeToo is coming out full force for Hoffman.

12 Many allegations flying about Jeremy Piven

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Jeremy Piven is best known for his role in HBO's Entourage, but he’s been in more movies and TV shows than we can count. However, he’s now accused of some pretty deplorable conduct. An actress and reality star first accused him of groping her on set and again at a party at the Playboy Mansion. A few days after that, another actress posted about unwanted advances he made. Piven denied the allegations and applauded victims of such acts while saying he didn’t do what they said. A week after that, yet another actress came forward with a story about an indecent exposure he imposed upon her. One accuser can perhaps be dismissed, but multiple are easier to listen to when it comes to a person’s character.

11 Ed Westwick has been accused of two counts of rape

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An actress decided to take part in #MeToo by posting on Facebook that she and a boyfriend went to Ed Westwick’s home three years ago. When she took a nap in one of his rooms, she says he sexually assaulted her as she woke. She stated that she tried to fight him off, but he was too strong for her and held her down.

He denied the allegations and said he didn’t know her, nor had he ever forced himself on a woman.

However, another actress shared a claim that Westwick raped her as well when she napped in 2014. Police reports were filed and investigations have started, but that does not prove evidence of a crime at this point. As they say, two are better than one and there are two stories here.

10 James Franco stands vaguely accused

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The accusations revolving around James Franco are shady and slim, but they still exist and cast a shadow over the actor. First, Ally Sheedy, of The Breakfast Club fame, first placed a cryptic message on Twitter after Franco won a Golden Globe. Her posts weren’t clear, but they revived rumors of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct that were already swirling around the star. A filmmaker and actress then told a story about a nudity clause in her agreement while another claimed he exposed himself to her. Franco denied the accusations on a recent appearance on The Late Show, but showed his support for the #MeToo community and urged people to have a voice and come out with their stories of misconduct and abuse. Perhaps time will tell more on this story.

9 Steven Seagal faces multiple allegations

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At least three actresses have come forward with stories about Steven Seagal, including actress Portia de Rossi. She alleges that he didn’t conduct himself professionally during an audition and unzipped his pants in front of her. Another told a similar story, saying he asked her to meet him in his hotel room for an audition.

Even actress Jenny McCarthy had a story to tell, which she says Seagal asked her not to repeat.

Other women have claimed that he has acted strangely or inappropriately with them as well, though not specifically in terms of sexual misconduct. His spokesman says the claims are false, but the actresses are banding together as part of #MeToo and Julianna Margulies recently came forward with her story as well. How many more are out there?

8 5 women accuse Louis C.K. of misconduct

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The New York Times reported that five women are accusing Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct that dates back as far as 15 years. In the report, comedians, actresses and writers came together to stand strong against the horrors they endured. Louis C.K. admitted that the stories told in the report are true and he says he is remorseful from his actions and that he has learned from them. After the report was published, HBO stated that he would no longer participate in a fundraising special in November and his past projects would be removed from their streaming services. His publicist dropped him as a client and Netflix decided not to produce a second stand-up special after the first one was released earlier this year. His career has taken a big hit—with good reason.

7 Senator Al Franken accused of groping and more

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Everyone seems to think that many in Washington feel too powerful for their own good and when it comes to Senator Al Franken, that might just be true. A radio news anchor accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her in 2006 when they were overseas for a USO show.

Franken apologized for his part in the incident, both to the woman involved and all of those he represents.

But a week later, another woman accused him of grabbing her behind at a state fair. Other allegations have followed as well. Franken resigned in December, but first took a parting shot at President Trump and other Republicans who have also been accused of such actions, but kept their jobs. Perhaps he should take a good, hard look in the mirror first.

6 Morgan Spurlock accuses himself

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In light of the #MeToo movement, director Morgan Spurlock decided to admit to his own history of sexual misconduct. In December, he declared himself a part of the problem. The 47-year-old filmmaker won attention and acclaim for the 2004 documentary Super Size Me. He wrote a blog post that said he was accused of rape in college, settled a sexual harassment lawsuit later in life and has cheated on all of his partners, including two wives. The post was shared from his Twitter account and he says he felt coming clean was necessary. He didn’t want to sit around and wait for the women to come after him, instead deciding to come clean on his own. While we don’t applaud his actions, but we do think it takes guts to come forward when you know it could end your career.

5 James Toback has accusers into the hundreds

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Thirty-eight women, all describing similar incidents, are accusing veteran Hollywood writer and director James Toback of sexual harassment. After that story broke, over 200 additional women contacted The Los Angeles Times in response to their investigation into the matter.

Toback has written and directed over a dozen films and has even been nominated for an Academy Award.

He denied the allegations when contacted and said he had never met the accusers or only spoke with them for brief periods of time. He also stated that it would have been impossible for him to act in such a way because of heart condition and diabetes that he has struggled with for the past 22 years. He’s basically calling 238 women liars and that’s just not cool in the #MeToo era.

4 Jeffrey Tambor apologizes for possible misinterpretations

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Jeffrey Tambor has been a popular actor for many years and has even won critical acclaim recently for portraying a transgender woman in the TV series Transparent. But in November, he was accused of harassing a transgender actress on the show by making sexual advances and remarks towards her. This report came just a few days after he was accused of sexual harassment by his former assistant on the show, who is also transgender. Tambor denies both accounts and says he has never been a predator. He apologized for actions that may have been misinterpreted or offensive, but he denied being a predator in any way. With two accusations to his name, the future may be grim as more jump in on the #MeToo ideals.

3 Ben Affleck has two accusers

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He’s been in the news a lot lately with Batman controversy, his divorce with Jennifer Garner and his alcohol rehabilitation. But as part of the #MeToo campaign, it has also come out that he has possibly not always acted appropriately with women. Hours after he released a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct, he was accused of groping an actress and former TV host in early 2000.

He apologized for his inappropriate behavior and was then accused of grabbing another woman during a party in 2014.

Affleck says that looking at his behavior and addressing it is part of being the solution. We hope that no more women have stories to tell so he can stop the firestorm before it gets any worse because the women are willing to talk today.

2 Journalist Charlie Rose accused of unwanted advances

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Charlie Rose lost his job at CBS News, PBS and Bloomberg after eight women came forward as part of #MeToo, accusing him of sexual harassment and unwanted advances. The allegations included groping colleagues, walking around naked around them and more. The reports all happened with women who worked at the ‘Charlie Rose’ show or with those who hoped to work on the show. Three women spoke to The Washington Post, while the other five wanted to remain anonymous. Rose apologized for his inappropriate behavior and said he was insensitive and accepts responsibility for what he did, though he didn’t feel all of the accusations were accurate. His long-time TV host and journalism career came to a halt when NBC News said they were deeply disturbed by reports and removing him from his duties.

1 Mario Batali allegedly touched inappropriately for decades

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Four women have accused celebrity chef Mario Batali of touching them inappropriately over the course of two decades. The television host and restaurateur stepped has aside from his projects in light of the accusations. The first reports were published by Eater New York in December and three of the accusers were employees of the chef’s at one time.

All of the women recounted instances where he groped them and made inappropriate comments.

Batali says the accusations match up to the way he acted and he apologized to those he hurt and mistreated. Most of the women are remaining under cloak and cover, but he admits to the wrongdoing anyway and says he is sorry for his actions. His businesses are carrying on without him for the time being.

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