15 Celebrities Who Just Can't Stop Themselves From Starting Drama

Some celebs have become known for their natural cool and calm, despite living their lives in the public eye. Then, there are the ones who feed off of creating tension. They just can't seem to stop themselves from letting their drama take the spotlight off of their careers. Some of these actors, musicians and stars have let their personal problems get out of hand. For some, it involves their romantic lives, while others just can’t stop themselves from arguing with other celebs, even when they obviously made the wrong call or refused to apologize for some mistake.

A couple of them just sort of seem to be going through personal breakdowns and dramas that they can’t keep from hurting their work. For whatever reason, these celebs just can’t seem to squash all the different dramas they end up in before they can even get themselves thrown into a different piece of drama. Here are 15 celebs from movies, television and music who just can’t ever seem to stop themselves from getting into more and more drama.

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15 Kanye West

VIA: Indiaspot

Kanye West has been a genuine force within the music community for more than 10 years at this point. He transitioned from producer to rapper to star, seemingly overnight with his smooth samplings and infectious beats. He also made a real name for himself outside his music, but not in a good way. Kanye has been constantly causing problems for himself and everyone around him for years. His outspoken political thoughts led him to call out President George Bush in 2005 over the response to Hurricane Katrina. His targets became less lofty than that, though. One of his most famous pop culture moments came when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for her MTV Video Music Award just to complain about how Beyoncé should have won instead (and to Beyoncé’s credit, she just looked at him like he was an idiot).

He’s garnered a lot of negative attention for his views, which he sometimes intends to be complimentary, but come out insulting (particularly his comments about the Jewish community having lots of money and connections). West has also famously refused to apologize for many of these moments, and often feels that he doesn’t really have to apologize for anything he ends up saying.

14 Iggy Azalea

VIA: Billboard

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has been tearing it up online since 2011, becoming one of the biggest female rappers in the game. But she’s also managed to attract a lot of drama in that relatively short time too, which may have increased awareness of her around the world, but not always in a positive light. Vulture has put together a history of her controversies and it’s surprising. She didn’t get off to a good start, using a slavery analogy in her debut mixtape. She also ended up in plenty of feuds, particularly with other artists, like Azealia Banks after Iggy misremembered a tweeted joke to be a vicious insult.

As Iggy's fame continue to grow, the scrutiny around her only got more intense. People began looking at her older Tweets that revealed some comments that definitely did not age well at all. And she only invited more drama when she answered questions about using a “black” inflection as a rapper, despite her being Australian, during an interview and doubled down on the idea. Iggy has become so divisive amongst others in the music industry that entire raps have been written that just call her out, and even legends of the industry like Snoop Dogg have gone after her online.

13 Lindsay Lohan

VIA: Variety

For a hot minute there, Lindsay Lohan really looked like she was going to become the next notable young starlet in Hollywood. She appeared in a series of well-received films and was specifically cited as a great talent within those movies. But even just a decade later, she’s become something of a horror story for new up and coming actresses. Following some of her early success, she went off the wagon and was forced to go into rehab to try and get her life (and career) back on track. But every attempt she’s made since then to reenter the public light has gone poorly.

She has been arrested on multiple occasions and faced real legal consequences for everything from reckless driving to failing a sobriety test to shoplifting.

After spending time under house arrest for her most recent crimes, she tried to get back into the film game by starring in the independent dramatic thriller, The Canyons, but she reportedly proved to be incredibly difficult to work with on-set. There was even a full on article in the New York Times that outlined the problems that she had caused on set, despite apparently trying to help repair her public image. As you can see, it's not going well for her.

12 Taryn Manning

VIA: TV Guide

Taryn Manning has been a consistent presence in television for years now, with strong central roles on Hawaii Five-0 and Sons of Anarchy. But her most critically applauded television spot (and probably her best if we’re all being honest) is her part as Doggett, one of the prisoners in Orange is the New Black. While she’s gotten plenty of attention for her acting chops, she’s also ended up getting some real negative attention for her personal life and the drama she invites into it.

After she wore a dress that only cost $200 to the SAG Awards, she went on a lengthy Instagram rant about the dress and how insulting it was for her to be seen in public with such a cheap garment on. When people called her on it, she responded by trying to say she’d have been cool with it, if she’d known it was going to be so cheap. It’s a weird hill to pick to fight on. She also has found herself in legal trouble before and after this, specifically in regards to a relationship with her personal assistant/makeup artist.

11 Scott Disick

VIA: Sophisticated Allure

Scott Disick has become a famous figure, thanks to his part in the national phenomenon, AKA reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardasians. He dated Kourtney Kardashian (and is the father of their three children), but has transitioned his TV notoriety into a successful career of his own just by being himself. It’s sort of become his whole brand. But he’s also proven to have his own demons, and hasn’t been able to control them with complete impunity.

These problems led to Disick and Kourtney keeping their relationship on a much more on-and-off situation than what he wanted.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to really respond all that well when the relationship reentered an "off" phase and didn't seem to be going back "on" anytime soon. He even went after Kourtney’s new boyfriend online, vowing to beat him up. While it initially seemed like Scott wanted to rekindle their relationship, photographs in recent years have revealed that Scott has been linked with more than a few younger starlets. These have included Bella Thorne (who denied their suggested relationship) and Sofia Richie. That latter relationship apparently has been the one Disick wants to zero in on, but given his past and his tendency to fall back on his old habits, it might be more difficult than he thinks.

10 Shia LaBeouf

VIA: Mashable

Coming off of a successful stint as a young Disney channel star and recognition for his part in the Transformers films, Shia Labeouf was seen as one of the future big Hollywood stars. But the actor can’t stop causing problems, and it’s only turned the public against him. Labeouf can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth, as he quickly antagonized Alec Baldwin when the two worked together on Broadway, leading to a situation where LaBeouf was forced to pull out of what was intended to be his Broadway debut.

He also deals with substance abuse problems. Despite his attempts to control his predilection for alcohol, he was arrested in 2017 for public intoxication. The rant he went on against the cops was actually recorded via body cam, and made its way to the public, soiling his name even more so than before. But that doesn’t compare to the creative drama he created in 2013 with his attempts to create a short film. He released a short called Howard Cantour.com online, but it didn’t take long for people to note the many similarities between the short film and a comic made by Ghost World creator Dan Clowes. LaBeouf would later apologize for doing so, but also seemed to steal that apology from a Yahoo Answers post, which just made everything worse for himself. He keeps claiming that many of his antics are performance art, but no one is buying it.

9 Nicki Minaj

VIA: Metro

Part of Nicki Minaj’s appeal is that she isn't afraid to showcase her confidence, in her music videos or in her lyrics. And while sometimes that works really well (especially in her music), it can backfire a bit when it comes to public perception. Minaj has gotten into a couple of dramatic tiffs with other stars, and it doesn’t always look good for her. She’s gotten into surprising arguments with other artists, including Cardi B. To her credit, Minaj tried to deescalate the situation when drama seemed to be created when she had to miss a video with her.

But when Nicki got a snide remark from Cardi and mutual collaborator Migos refused to step up and defend her, Nicki brought it to the forefront.

She said that, “It hurt my feelings to know that people would watch me be [sic] and not one person will step in to say the truth. They’ll allow people to run with that lie because it’s entertaining to make Nicki seem like a bad guy. And it’s sad. And when it was time to clear the air about that, no one did that. All of them allowed me to look like I lied… And you still did interviews and ya’ll still jumped around that just to paint Nicki as the bad person so that you could play the victim. And that really, really hurt me because I really fully supported her.” Cardi says it was all a misunderstanding and they've squashed their beef, but who knows what drama Nicki will bring up next?

8 Mariah Carey

VIA Billboard

Mariah Carey has had so much happen in her life and we've watched a lot of it unfold over the course of her long musical career. Even though she's definitely earned her fame and can just rest on her legacy, Carey can't seem to stay away from the drama. Multiple reports have suggested that Carey is a bit too much of a diva even for other stars. Will Ferrell revealed as much while working the interview circuit for his recent film, The House. Originally, the film was meant to feature Mariah Carey in an extended cameo role. However, she didn’t show up at the last minute, creating chaos on the set of the movie.

Co-star Cedric Yarbrough described the situation, saying, “The film takes place in a suburban home but is made into a 'Casino.' Why not have Mariah be an act in the casino? It's rumored that she eventually showed up to set. This is true. But after waiting for her for 3-4 hours! While we waited the director had the idea of doing a stunt that Mariah's body double would do now & bring in Mariah to match it. They do the stunt. All goes well. When Mariah finally showed up she refused to match the stunt. 'Darling, I would never do it that way'. I heard her say those exact words... She then requested a large fan for her hair to be blown around and a camera that would be above her, basically a crane shot. This lady was unprofessional & borderline abusive to our director.”

7 Alec Baldwin

VIA: EW.com

Alec Baldwin has knocked out plenty of fantastic film and television roles over the years with his part as 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy standing out as one of the best comedic roles of the 2000s. Baldwin has found a way to stay consistently busy for more than 30 years at this point, which is extra impressive when considering how out of hand Baldwin has gotten before. He’s been known to fly off the handle online, breaking out into petty feuds with multiple people over the years.

His divorce with Kim Bassinger was highly publicized at the time, but the aftermath of the split was felt even years later.

Notably, a video recording of him berating his daughter came to light during the events. It wasn’t a good look, even if the two eventually did reconcile their differences. He’s also been called out for his past remarks (which were colored with a certain level of offensiveness) and defense of people like Woody Allen who, at this point and time, really don’t deserve all that much defense. The actor has found himself “leaving” Twitter on multiple occasions, to the point where the actor trying to keep himself from throwing explosive comments out online have become a running joke on shows like South Park.

6 Chris Brown

VIA: People

Chris Brown became one of the most infamous musicians in America when the reality of his relationship with R&B singer Rihanna came to light. During a fit of rage, he beat her so badly that her entire face was swollen. He would eventually plead guilty to the domestic abuse, and all that entails. But he kept his music career going, even as other accusations of abuse plagued the artist, including in his relationships outside of the one with Rihanna. After Rihanna left Brown, his music career kept trucking on, but his personal life just kept getting even more and more dramatic.

Even lately, Brown has been served restraining orders to keep him away from his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and her friends, who felt threatened by all the threats Brown was throwing at him. According to Sohh, “Karrueche has no fear about testifying that Chris allegedly kicked her down a flight of stairs, punched her in the stomach, threatened to shoot her and made other threats … this according to multiple sources connected to Chris’ ex. The actress has been dogging Chris for more than 2 months trying to serve him, but he successfully dodged the process server … until Thursday night when he was hit with legal docs after his BD party.”

5 Justin Bieber

VIA: Billboard

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop music stars of the last 10 years, riding the momentum of an impressive young career into one of the most recognized musicians of the modern day. But that doesn’t mean he’s had much luck in his personal life. His relationship with Selena Gomez has famously gone back and forth, whether or not they want to stay in a relationship. Seriously, these two have been linked since 2010, with the couple going through a series of ups and downs over the years.

Bieber got into serious trouble when rumors surfaced that he had slept with a fan backstage, but the pair wouldn’t break up until November 2012.

While the two have gotten back together a few times over the years, Gomez has perpetually seemed like she is on the upswing of her career with her music and acting career. Meanwhile, Bieber has gotten more and more out of hand, even being arrested for various small crimes over the years and even had to settle a lawsuit after he and a couple of his buddies ended up egging a neighbor’s house even though he is in his 20s. Because Justin Bieber is just kind of awful.

4 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has had an incredibly surprising career in Hollywood, especially after the early years of success that she had. Heigl spent a couple of years becoming the kind of actress that should normally be poised for stardom. She was one of the headlining actresses in Grey’s Anatomy, and had just appeared in the smash hit comedy Knocked Up. And unfortunately, it seems like she somehow turned those two major successes into the platform for her downfall. During an interview about Knocked Up, Heigl said, “It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys… It exaggerated the characters, and I had a hard time with it, on some days.” While these comments might have been embraced today, at the time, they were seen as ungrateful and mean. That was especially true in light of her taking more simplistic roles in the aftermath of the part, such as the much maligned The Ugly Truth.

While that comment may have hurt her chances of landing any more comedy roles, the snide shade she threw at her Grey’s Anatomy writers sealed the deal for her time on the hit medical drama. The year Heigl didn’t submit an Emmy consideration video, she explained it by saying, “I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.” That's definitely not a great thing to say about the people who hold your character's fate in their hands.

3 Charlie Sheen

VIA: Fox News

Oh, Charlie Sheen. There was a time the man was known more for his comedy work than any of the more public incidents that involved the actor. Sheen has been married three separate times, with each one trying to help tame the unruly actor. None of them succeeded. He’s even had an ex-wife bring a restraining order to the police to bring their sons out of contact with the actor. She reportedly voiced fears that her former husband was legitimately insane.

When Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men, he became a viral hit for the sheer absurdity of his actions.

But that affection soon dried up when his behavior and some of the details of what he’d been saying came to light. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t a good look for the actor. Things got worse when his show Anger Management was cancelled by FX and he went further off the deep end. How bad did it get? He ended up under investigation by the LAPD for threatening to hurt an ex. Yeah. It got that kind of bad. Sheen has been receiving HIV treatment since 2011, and that surely played a role in his behavior of the last few years. But it also doesn’t help explain away some of the more over the top choices of his life.

2 Michael Pitt

VIA: Gala.fr

Michael Pitt had one of those opportunities that every other young actor would live for. He was starring in a Martin Scorsese HBO Show alongside actors like Steve Buschemi and Michael K. Williams. He was even being written as essentially the main character of the entire endeavor, or at least initially was before his character was taken out in the climax of the second season. While the initial reasoning blamed a busy schedule and overall arc for the choice, later leaks hinted that Pitt might have just been too dramatic for the cast and the crew to want to deal with on a consistent basis.

According to these leaks, “Pitt was late a lot (this costs production money), he had trouble remembering lines (they had to reshoot an entire scene because he couldn’t remember his lines…this costs production money), [was] constantly questioning his character’s story line, tried to change dialogue a lot, would wander from the set, got into a little fist fight with William Forsythe during the Jimmy scene, etc. They had plans for him and Angela’s character but they pretty much just got tired of him.” Other people in the industry have voiced their own experiences of working with Pitt, and it never sounds like he’s ever the easiest guy to be around.

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is easily one of the biggest music stars in the world. She’s got an entire group of famous friends and fellow stars, and the lot of them can make a strong case for being some of the biggest celebs in the world. But despite that (or partly because of that), the country/pop star has found herself embroiled in a surprising amount of feuds over the years. Elle has put together a breakdown of all the various fights that Swift has gotten herself into over the years.

It includes feuds with numerous celebs across a whole lot of different industries coming under harsh light from the musician.

While some celebs have apparently brought the drama to a more than willing Swift (like when Katy Perry hired three of her backup dancers for a live tour or when Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech), but there are others that seem to come from Swift and her inability to keep the drama from getting out of hand. Entire songs have been put together in response to her various arguments and problems with other celebs, and it’s surprising to see someone who presents herself as America’s sweetheart just incapable of keeping herself out of fights.

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