• 15 Celebrities Obsessed With Pokémon GO

    It seems like everyone loves playing Pokémon GO. After the mobile game released, millions of people got off their couches and out into the world, all in search for rare Pokémon to add to their virtual collection. Everyone seems obsessed with the mobile game, which has done more to bring people together more than anything else. Even celebrities have taken up the sport of Pokémon hunting: here are those celebs who have taken their love of all things Pokémon GO to an obsession.

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    John Mayer

    YES I DO

    A post shared by johnmayer (@johnmayer) on

    Musician and singer John Mayer took his love for Pokémon GO and threw a lot of his money at it. Being a celebrity means that he can afford to buy more PokeCoins than most of us, although some players might argue that that gives Mayer an unfair advantage. Whatever the case, though, Mayer’s recent purchase of 14,500 PokeCoins makes him a real contender to not only catch them all, but also to train his Pokemon to legendary levels to take over gyms for his team. It’s also not fair that the musician often travels all over the world on tour, meaning he’ll have a chance to get those rare Pokemon that many of us will never have access to. Go big or go home.

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    Chrissy Teigen

    Supermodel Chrissy Teigen shared her experience with discovering Pokémon GO on her Twitter account. Her tweets capture her full adventures with Pokémon GO, starting with her initial interest in the app. Teigen’s Twitter offers the full story of her love affair with Pokémon, which started out with questions, but quickly became an obsession.

    But it didn’t take long for Teigen to post her first Pokémon capture from the game.

    After that, Chrissy posted about the game regularly, even wondering if she could play it in Italy. But after completely surrounding herself with nothing but Pokémon for days, Teigen finally decided that it was way too much of a distraction (and a big hit to her wallet, although as a celebrity, she can obviously afford it).

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    Wiz Khalifa

    Rapper and actor Wiz Khalifa also discovered Pokémon GO shortly after it released in the U.S. At first, he announced that it was “cuhrazy” on Twitter, but it was obviously his kind of crazy, because he downloaded the game and started playing. Suddenly, Khalifa saw the world in an entirely new light: Pokemon are everywhere.

    Khalifa tweeted about his new love for all things Pokémon GO with the world.

    It was obvious that the Pokémon bug bit Khalifa hard. Check out this awesome fan art he posted:

    Although Pokémon GO is about getting out there in the world and exploring, Khalifa spent a lot of time kicking back and catching Pokémon. That’s what happens when you’re as cool as he is: the Pokémon come to you.

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    Mario Lopez

    Although most of us still remember Mario Lopez as the hunky AC Slater from Saved By the Bell, he also often graces our TV screens as a host for shows such as Extra, The X Factor, MTV's Top Pop Group and America's Best Dance Crew. He has even showed us his slick moves on Dancing with the Stars and briefly appeared on Broadway. If that wasn't enough, the ambitious Lopez published three books. In 2002, Lopez overcame a cat allergy to host Pet Star on Animal Planet. But it seems that Lopez likes Pokémon better than canines and felines, because he was one of the first celebrities to catch the aloof Magikarp. Lopez currently has his own syndicated radio show on iHeart Radio and hosts the iHeartRadio Countdown.

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    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber playing Pokemon Go
    Via Reddit

    One thing that Pokémon GO is great for is bringing large groups of people together, even if those people aren't like the rest of us and live in a world totally different from ours. So it isn't a huge surprise that the game brought Justin Bieber out of his nice digs and into Central Park to join fellow Pokémon GO players in search of gyms and Pokestops. The funniest part of the story, though, is that everyone at the park was so focused on playing the game that no one actually recognized Bieber. For the first time in Bieber's celebrity life, he wasn't the thing that people were chasing. Take note, celebrities: if you want to blend into a crowd, put on your Pokémon GO team hat and hit the park.

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    Jimmy Fallon

    Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is also a big fan of Pokémon GO and recently told a story about his experiences with the game on that show. Fallon placed a lure near his apartment to attract more creatures, but that also brought a lot of other players to his neighborhood, something he didn't realize would happen. Imagine his surprise when his neighbors informed him that the lure led a hundreds of kids to his location, who spent most of their time that night just hanging around to catch Pokémon. Oops.

    Fallon also recently joined many other players in complaining that his neighborhood seemed to attract only one kind of Pokémon. His problem? For others, it's usually Pidgeys and Ratatas, but Fallon's apartment is overrun with Zubats.

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    Evanna Lynch

    She might play the kooky and misunderstood outcast Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, but actress Evanna Lynch has another crazy obsession that goes beyond wearing funky 3-D glasses and seeing invisible animals. She recently also became obsessed with Pokémon GO and tweeted about it, including asking a question that we all wonder about: where do those transferred creatures actually go? Do they become weird experiments for Professor Oak? Obviously, it's probably a question best left unanswered.

    Lynch also shared her love for the game by expressing how grateful she is about its social experiences: it seems that all her friends are playing it, too. In a world often bogged down with negativity, we agree with her: Pokémon GO offers light in a dark world.

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    Ellen DeGeneres

    Had to look for a long time for this one.

    A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

    She might be one of the most hippest and certainly the most dancing-est talk show host on television, but when Ellen DeGeneres is relaxing around the house and neighborhood, she's probably searching for Pokémon just like the rest of us. She recently posted a photo with her spouse, Portia de Rossi, who apparently supports this new addiction. Pokémon are everywhere, but the one Ellen searched the hardest for was the elusive Bulbasaur. Fortunately, the couple ventured outside and eventually found it after a long and possibly tiresome search. And like celebrity couples do, they took a photo together with their rare catch. The Bulbasaur seems pretty happy in the photograph, almost as if it were actually looking for them instead (and let's face it, they are an adorable couple).

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    The Jonas Brothers

    Maybe their time as a musical group is over, as each individual brother goes his own way, but The Jonas Brothers know what's important: the family who hunts Pokémon together stays together. All three siblings often express their love for Pokémon through their tweets, including tweets about their frustration of not finding Pokémon in certain areas (we all feel your pain, Kevin). Nick even shares his love with his fellow touring musical act, Demi Lovato (who also seems to struggle with finding Pokémon when she wants to).

    The three brothers could plan a road trip soon, though: Joe believes they could catch the extremely rare Mewtwo at Area 51 in Nevada. It seems hunting for aliens is a thing of the past at the mysterious government base: it's Pokémon people are now after.

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    Josh Groban

    Josh Groban might sing with the voice of an angel, but perhaps his real obsession isn't really music, but something else altogether: catching them all. Groban recently admitted that something strange was keeping him up at nights, and it wasn't inspiration: it was Pokémon. Thank goodness, we're not alone: everyone is losing sleep over this game.

    But Groban has a problem in admitting his addiction. He also tweeted that it was just kids' playing, although fans can easily read between the lines: Groban has a problem of Pokémon proportions. It's okay, dude, we're all right there with you, losing sleep and wandering around the world staring at our smartphones. The addiction is real, but it's also totally okay to admit that you got sucked in.

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    Chris Hardwick

    Chris Hardwick isn't just the founder of the Nerdist empire, but he's sort of the King Nerd himself and host of many geek-oriented TV shows, such as The Talking Dead, so it's no surprise that he took Pokémon GO out for a test run. Of course, that means he became obsessed pretty quickly and was soon chatting about it on social media. His first tweet about the game, though, was about something that frustrates us all: the dreaded "servers are down" error we've all run into.

    The obsession continued, though, in spite of that frustration. Hardwick quickly got sucked in and was roaming around outside with the rest of the world.

    Hardwick often takes to Twitter to ask about the game, getting hints and tips from those who follow him. But most importantly, he chose a team early on: Team Mystic.

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    Monica Lewinsky

    Pokémon GO is certainly not the claim to fame for Monica Lewinsky, who somehow overcame that infamous White House scandal in the 1990s. Now, she works hard as an anti-bullying activist. But when Lewinsky is out there on the go, like the rest of us, she has Pokémon GO on her mind. Who can blame her? We're all playing now, aren't we? But Lewinsky obviously still has some questions about the game, and recently posted an article she related to from Vox.com: "9 questions about the game you were too embarrassed to ask."

    Now that Lewinsky has answers to those burning questions, it's likely she's learning more about the game and how it brings people together, making it a good tool for her future anti-bullying messages and efforts.

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    John Barrowman
    John Barrowman playing Pokemon Go
    Via: twitter.com

    Torchwood and Arrow actor, John Barrowman, is always a fun-loving guy, so Pokémon GO is definitely something that is right up his alley. But in Barrowman's usual tongue-in-cheek fashion, his posts about the game always have some sort of innuendo. When he caught one of his first Pokémon, he had to ask his fans which they would prefer: him or the Pokémon. Barrowman knows, though, that many of his fans would gladly play a game of Barrowman GO instead, but for now, they can just join him in on the fun of catching creatures.

    Barrowman also attends a lot of conventions and when he's not cosplaying himself, he's posting photos of himself with others in costume, including this adorable baby Magikarp. Can we get an "Awwwwww?"

    John Barrowman with Magikarp Baby
    Via Facebook
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    Zach Braff

    Comedian, director, and actor Zack Braff leads a busy life, but not so busy that he can't enjoy the finer and more fun things in life, such as Pokémon GO. And just like everyone else, Braff got sucked in, and has spent much of his time tweeting about Pokémon GO. Braff began his tweets by praising the game for bringing diverse groups of people together:

    But then he began playing, although he seemed a little lost at first. What do all those symbols mean?

    But he did soon find out why certain parts of the city where he lives are often crowded: Pokémon, gyms, and Pokestops, oh my!

    Soon, though, Braff learned his way around the world of Pokémon GO and was snapping funny Pokémon GO screenshots like a pro.

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    Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah, otherwise known as that funny guy who took over The Daily Show after John Stewart's departure, is a huge Pokémon GO fan. Not only does he spend time wandering all over the streets playing the game, but he also often uses the game to make rather humorous tweets.

    Noah also recently congratulated a few other countries in finally getting the game, too, mostly because like everyone else, they'll soon find themselves swearing at the game's servers, which go down more often than not. Noah's frustrations are a shared experience.

    Most importantly, though, Noah uses Pokémon GO for his more politically-charged tweets, using the game as a way to instill humor in what has been a very tumultuous election year for the U.S. Laughter is the best medicine.

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