15 Celebrities Who Should've Looked In The Mirror Before Going Out

Getting all prepped up, pretty, and well-dressed is a big part of the daily lives of most celebrities. A special event is non-different from stepping outside to grab a coffee for these peeps who are always subjected to public scrutiny. They need to look presentable either way. Paparazzi are everywhere and they can take stolen photos anytime, anywhere. With the help of makeup, this celebs can still look stunning and gorgeous even with their photos taken in the most unexpected ways.

But sadly, not all celebs get their makeup done quite as they should. Instead of covering their imperfections and making them look gorgeous like they always are in the movies, some ends up looking like a total disaster. It is hard to imagine seeing our favorite celebrities looking so unsightly on their pictures. They deserve justice! So let us do them a favor and politely tell them to get a new makeup artist.

15 Lindsay Lohan

This photo of Lindsay Lohan is totally getting the creep out of us. Why did her makeup look so utterly hideous? This is not a horror movie your seeing. She is naturally talented and beautiful but, the makeup definitely hindered her beauty from shining.

Well, we probably could not blame her for doing so, since this photo was taken during one of her court trials from 2011. It is not new to us how many arrest records thia actress had over the past few years. But going back, looking like this, she was sentenced to 16 hours community service at an LA morgue for stealing a gold necklace at a jewelry store. This probably best explains why she looks like a zombie while attending her trial.

Her effort to do a good contour with a shade of brown totally came off and ended up making her look devastated than her current state.

14 Angelina Jolie

Now, isn’t this a bit shocking? Angelina has been seen by many as an attractive, and highly charitable person, with all her philanthropic acts for the benefit of many. And we truly hope that this photo of her will not affect how others see her, by all means. Angelina’s makeup team should be careful; her fans are not going to tolerate this negligence.

The powder applied on Angelina’s face is known as the “Translucent Powder,” and used to help stop the skin's oils from surfacing and damaging the makeup. While this powder comes in many variations to match the skin tone, we cannot help but wonder why her makeup team totally left this idea out.

She probably trusted her team so much that she did not mind to look in the mirror after all the prepping up. But geez, it really does look like she got a face full of flour.

13 Rihanna

via: allure.com

What is this, another case of sabotage? If we could just barge into her makeup room and confront her makeup artist for such a terrible eye mask. To be called makeup artists, they should know proper blending of skin colors. According to Allure too-light concealer and finishing powder is the problem here.

Rihanna has a dark skin color but her concealer applied under her eyes are quite visible.

This makeup tragedy is a common sight not only for celebs but for common people as well. If one does not know how to do proper makeup blending, especially with foundations and concealers, disaster is sure to happen. What makes makeup stunning is the creativity of blending and matching to one’s skin tone. Rihanna’s team totally forgot about this idea.

12 Nadine Coyle

This former Girls Aloud star finally had her fair share of makeup failures. While it does not look so obvious at a fast glance, when we look closely we will see the difference of shade in comparing her face and neck. Yes, we just spotted another foundation tragedy! She would have looked so stunning if her makeup was properly done. Worse,  she totally had this makeup failure on, during the whole duration of a live show! Change your makeup team now Nadine!

The application of foundation is essential to help even out skin tone, cover blemishes and protect the skin for the next layer of makeup. To make it look more natural, it is very important to ensure that the foundation’s tone matches the skin color. As for the case of Nadine, her yellow foundation totally ruined it.

11 Jennifer Anniston

While most makeup failures often occur on celebrities’ faces, Jennifer’s is totally out of the norm. Looking closely, she looks so stunning with her supposed shade of brown complexion. But, looking more closely, there is something different on her back. These strange looking patches of concealer or foundation definitely spoiled her whole look.

This is supposed to help her hide cupping therapy marks. Well, good job!

Concealer, from the name itself, is supposed to help conceal blemishes or any unwanted imperfections. This should be properly matched to the skin’s color, the same with foundation, and make the whole makeup look naturally applied. Concealers are also often termed as color correctors, but for the case of Jennifer, instead of concealing the spots, it made the spots standout instead! This happened during her red carpet premiere of the movie Call Me Crazy.

10 Drew Barrymore

This is definitely an exciting style of makeup if you were going to audition as the Joker in the Dark Knight Rises. But, for a movie premiere, this is kind of a terrible choice. Sadly, Drew Barrymore also became one of the many victims of bad makeup, thanks to her makeup team. Better treat them well, so they will never sabotage your makeup.

As she was attending the premiere of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, she was wearing this masquerade mask made of too much translucent powder. Out of the many translucent powders sold in the market, just how come her makeup artists were not able to find the exact tone to match her skin? Aside from looking like she was wearing a mask, the powder made her look so pale! She ended up looking like she is not wearing any makeup at all.

9 Avril Lavigne

Everybody loves the shade of red and pink when applied to makeups. But if your skin color is pale white, we definitely think that it is best to do away with those colors. When applied without any proper blending, it can cause serious issues.

One example of what we are talking about is this makeup of Avril.

While we appreciate how pretty she looks, even without those hot pink lips and eyeshadows, with this on she ended up looking more like a clown than a punk princess. Her pale white skin made this unmatched color stand out even more. While it is a fact that Avril is best known to be a punk star, this makeup totally lost it and made her look like a kid being played with makeup by another kid.

8 Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is best known for her versatile roles. She is an actress, businesswoman, author, and model. But, being the model that she is, she should have also worked harder on being a role model on makeup too.

This happened while attending a ball in New York in 2012. She looks more like a super villain from a superhero movie than a well-known Victoria's Secret model attending a ball.

The eyeshadow is an important aspect of makeup. It can make or break the overall look of your face. Her makeup overshadowed her beautiful face. Instead of simply enhancing her eyes, it was overly enhanced to the point that it looked like she got a good blow to her eyes. Matched with her neon pink colored lips, it is easy to believe that she is attending a Halloween party instead.

7 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is best known for her iconic makeup styles that made the world go crazy and follow her style. Everything should have been perfect in this photo except for the overly done contouring. The contouring fail may not be that obvious at first glance.

But, because it is far much lighter than her natural skin tone, it shows quite a bit.

Being part of a clan who is totally obsessed with contouring, Kylie had her fair share of contouring failure in this photo. Kim is probably her idol when it comes to makeup, and this time she might have forgotten to ask for her advice. Contouring is a makeup technique used to emphasize the natural shadows in the face. This is also effective for creating an illusion of a thinner face at a certain angle.

6 Miley Cyrus

Here come another makeup failure and victim of translucent powder. Just look at those beautiful eyes, red lips and properly done contouring and highlight. All of which is undone by her unblended white chin! Just what did her makeup artists do? Nevertheless, she survived so many things, we're sure that she will definitely get through this.

Despite being naturally lovely, this singer-actress ended up with a ghastly face. It is amazing just how many artists and celebrities end up being murdered by just a mere translucent powder. Oh well, we know that the powder is at no fault. All of these failures are totally done by their respective makeup team. While translucent powders are originally applied to give an extra-perfect look, when applied wrongly, it is highly proven that it can cause a total disaster.

5 Kristen Stewart

All hail Kristen Stewart’s makeup team, for giving the actress the perfect vampire look with that excessively applied red eyeshadows. Even outside the set, her team is definitely trying to send her out to look just like the vampire she is portraying, but sadly, their efforts put the actress to shame. Eyeshadow should be used to enhance the beauty of one’s eye and emphasize it even more.

With Kristen’s eyeshadow, it definitely made her eyes standout, but not quite in a good way.

Aside from her shocking red eyeshadows, Kristen is again one of those many artists who suffered a makeup failure through the application of translucent powder. Is it too hard to blend them, that even celebs are having such a hard time? Or, are the makeup artists to blame for being so artistic, they went overboard?

4 Selena Gomez

Selena definitely looks so stunning in this photo. She is best known for her different makeup looks that made her beauty stand out wherever she goes. Kudos to her makeup team for that. But, we cannot help ourselves from noticing her eyeshadow here, which kind of came out a little inappropriate for her supposedly nude and natural look. A combination of light and dark pink was properly blended. However, its application defeated the purpose of sending the singer-actress out for a natural look.

While this might not be a total failure if we add a little bit artistry and creativity, the longer we look at the photo the more the eyeshadows stand out. But if this was done so that many will look at her eyes more, then the purpose was definitely delivered.

3 Nicki Minaj

Nicki is one of those singers who are truly playful with colors even in the application of her makeup. Although we are not saying that a colorful mixture is totally bad, a good one will definitely look stunning even with the different colors applied. The issue of this photo is not the playful colors applied on her face, but rather the contour failure visible on her nose.

And, that is where contouring comes in.

A nose line contour aims to give an illusion of making the nose looks longer, thinner and more prominent. Without the knowledge and skills of correct contouring techniques, its application will definitely make your nose look like it has a runway on your face. The highlight really did give Nicki’s nose an emphasis we will never forget.

2 Christina Aguilera

Christina’s makeup team definitely went overboard with the singer’s eye makeup in this photo. While it matches the color of her dress really well, the result made the singer look like she was about to go to a Halloween party rather than a red carpet event. All the colours were perfectly matched to her dress, but her eyes made her look fiercer and about to attack anytime. Her cheeks are also too red, enough to be mistaken for a sunburn.

Indeed, her makeup made her eyes stand out, but in a weird way. Eyeshadows are applied to make us stand out in the crowd by highlighting the natural beauty of our eyes and not making people turn their heads for a second look at a disastrous makeup.

1 Jennifer Lopez

JLo is one of the many artists who always looks stunning, either when performing in a concert or heading out the streets for a good walk. But, come on! This photo of hers made the nude look totally overboard and unsightly. It made us all think twice whether going for a natural look is really a good choice.

This natural look ended up making her look too lifeless and sick

Having a nude or natural makeup on should have brought out JLo's natural and simple beauty. Without too much color applied, the goal is for others to appreciate the real splendor of her bare face. But, this excessive natural look ended up making her look too lifeless and sick. She looks so dry and worn out that the makeup made her look horrible, far away from the gorgeous and stunning looks she always had.

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