15 Celebrities Who Slid Into DMs

Just a few years ago, if we heard the phrase "sliding into your DM," most people would have been super confused. It kind of sounds like a weird thing to say, although someone might have been able to guess what it meant, at least partly. According to Urban Dictionary, who defined the term in May 2015, this means "When you start a direct message chain on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hopes of acquiring the booty." Well, there you have it. That's a pretty solid definition. We might not think that celebrities would ever slide into someone's DMs—especially a fan or a random person that they didn't know—because, well, they're celebrities. People would obviously make those DMs public and totally humiliate them, which is what has actually happened a lot. These stars definitely aren't shy, and that's an understatement for sure. So I rounded up 15 celebs who were caught sliding into DMs and the stories are definitely pretty fascinating.

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15 The Biebs: Mystery Girl


I would think that Justin Bieber has no trouble meeting girls since, let's face it, he's pretty adorable... And rich... And famous. But just like every other young man his age, he was another celebrity who was caught sliding into someone's DMs.

In August of 2017, he found a cute girl on Instagram who worked at a gym, and he just had to find out who this mystery girl was. What transpired is this screenshot from what he actually said to the gym. Don't you just love the heart emoji that the Biebs included in the post? It's a pretty cute touch, even though, honestly, there's a bit of a creep factor to the whole thing. Girls don't really like it when a guy tries to find them, even if he's a famous singer. Just a thought.

14 James Franco: Is That Really You?


Did you think that a celebrity would be on Tinder? Probably not, right? Don't they have a famous people Tinder or something so they can match with other people living the life of the rich and famous? Since you want to have something in common with someone you're dating, it seems like stars would want to date other stars, right?

Apparently James Franco uses Tinder (or at least has used the popular dating app in the past) and this person shared an exchange on their Instagram that proves it. Their roomie actually swiped right on James Franco and matched with him, and when they asked if this really was the actor, they asked for Seth Rogen's digits — which was a pretty hilarious twist.

Do you think that James still uses the app today?!

13 Drake Bell: Not So Innocent


Fans of Drake Bell might be shocked to learn that he slid into someone's DMs once (or at least, this was the time he was caught, because it was posted online for everyone to see). But this really happened.

Yup, even former Nickelodeon stars slide into the DM's sometimes. Good to know, right? The star of the sweet and innocent show, Drake & Josh, which ran from 2004 until 2007, was chatting up a girl online something fierce. Drake complimented this girl and called her attractive, asked where she lived, asked her age, and talked about how good her stomach looked. Umm... okay. This is not really something that you want to hear that any celeb did, let alone someone who was known for starring on a family friendly show.

12 Bella Thorne: Sliding Into Cole's DM


In August 2017, Bella Thorne actually slid into Cole Sprouse's DM... and then deleted it.

This caused a whole uproar and was the subject of a whole bunch of articles, which makes sense since let's face it, Bella is a pretty fascinating celebrity. There's the unique way that she dresses, for one thing. People seem to really love seeing what she's wearing from one day to the next. Since this involved Cole Sprouse (aka Jughead), it's only logical that fans would be interested in the whole thing. The confusing thing is that Cole thinks it was "probably by accident"... but how do you accidentally send someone a DM that compliments how they look? If you don't get this at all, don't worry, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

11 Taylor Swift: A Twitter Tale


Sometimes you hear a story about a celebrity that is just nice and gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings. That's what this Twitter tale is about. If you got a DM from T-Swift, you would probably not believe that it was really her... which is exactly how this fan reacted.

In the fall of 2017, Taylor Swift was doing some promotion for her upcoming album, Reputation, and she slid into some DMs of her fans. Honestly, this exchange between her and a fan is a bit confusing because it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense (and she uses a lot of kiss emojis). But nonetheless, it's a nice story, right? And it definitely makes up for some of the creepy DM stories on this list.

10 Rihanna: Heartbreak Help


Here's another heartwarming story: a fan asked Rihanna for some advice over dealing with a breakup... and the singer actually answered. Yes. For real. This is not a joke or a drill.

First loves are never easy to deal with and move on from, and that's true for celebrities and regular people, too. Just because you're famous definitely doesn't mean that you can get away with not feeling the pain of losing someone that you cared about. It's pretty awesome that Rihanna gave her fan some love advice and was so enthusiastic, sweet, and comforting in response. You might not think that a celebrity would have time to talk to a fan because they obviously have crazy busy schedules, but it's just heartwarming to see a celeb take the time.

9 James Franco: April Fools


Yup, James Franco slides into a lot of DM's, which is why he made this list twice. 

This is a pretty epic case of sliding into someone's DM because it involves an April Fool's joke and a celebrity trying to prove his identity. He messaged a 17-year-old girl and asked her a whole bunch of questions, like her hotel and phone number, and if she was dating anyone. Things got fairly creepy to be honest because, well, he was trying to get a hotel room with a teenage girl. There's just no way around that, right? You can see the proof right here. She said that it was an April Fool's joke and that she wasn't going to meet him, and he was all, "It's really me, when are you free?" The Whole thing is kinda weird, right?

8 Joffrey Lupul: No Pics


If you're a celebrity and you're sliding into a fan's DM, you probably don't want to tell them not to show your email address to anyone. That basically proves that you're doing something at least a little bit shady.

But that's exactly what went down in 2012 when hockey star Joffrey Lupul messaged a fan. It's pretty funny that she told him that photos couldn't be sent via DMs and he was all, like "Email works perfectly then." Talk about being super determined. Do you think that he ended up emailing with this girl and did they really exchange pictures? Do you think that if that happened, she would then give his email out? Hmmm. There's no way of knowing and that makes it even more intriguing for sure.

7 Mike Epps: DM Me

In August of 2015, actor Mike Epps was sliding into the DMs of a woman on Twitter... which was something that his wife, Michelle Epps, didn't like. In fact, she was so not thrilled about the whole thing, so she posted it on Twitter for everyone to see, and the exchange is pretty entertaining; confusing, but mostly entertaining.

Wives don't really want their husbands to DM someone else? Imagine that. It's pretty incredible that something like this actually took place when we stop and think about it since we would assume that a famous person would realize that they would be discovered eventually. But this really happened. Truth is stranger than fiction at certain times and this is a good example of that for sure.

6 JR Smith: Not Getting The Pipe


There are a few different hilarious things happening in this convo, including the fact that this famous athlete used the word "dope" to describe the fact that a fan was attending his game that evening. Who even uses that word anymore?! The '90s called and they want their slang back.

It's also pretty funny that this celebrity asked this fan if she wanted "the pipe." Well, that's... a new word for it. Maybe you've heard that term before, maybe you haven't, but either way, it's a unique thing to say for sure. And a creepy thing to say, especially when you're a famous athlete and you're talking to a fan online (oh and you have a girlfriend and kids at home). Even though this is undeniably creepy, it seems like this kind of thing happens all the time.

5 Marco Belinelli: Scoring (Not)


Just because you're an NBA star doesn't mean that every woman wants to sleep with you. It really doesn't.

That's not something that everyone believes, though. At least based on this exchange between NBA star Marco Belinelli and this girl that he found online. He slid into her DMs and was trying to get her to hook up with him... and well, she was having absolutely none of it. She had a really amazing, epic response and basically told him that she was already in a relationship and was happy with what she had at home. It's impossible not to totally cringe when reading what this celebrity said to her. It would be really gross if a regular person said this and it seems even worse that a famous person did. Ugh.

4 Jose Canseco: I Have A Girlfriend


3 Justin Bieber: Take Me Home


Yup, the Biebs is at it again. Apparently the "What Do You Mean?" singer is known for sliding into fans' DMs on a pretty frequent basis and so it's not a big surprise when he does it yet again.

Maybe it's never too late to say sorry, especially when you message your song lyrics to a random fan about taking you home. Justin sent lyrics to his song "Cold Water" with Major Lazer to this fan. Of course the fan was totally thrilled and psyched about it because, well, who wouldn't be?! It's pretty exciting when your favorite singer—or maybe even your favorite celebrity in general—does something like this. And, of course, nothing was ever actually going to happen. It was just some innocent fun.

2 A$AP Rocky: Oops


It's not the best idea to slide into the DM of a famous rapper/singer's ex. But, unfortunately for A$AP Rocky, that's what he did.

He messaged 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend and this didn't work out too well for him. As you can see, 5o Cent responded by taking a screenshot and putting it on his social media page, talking a whole lot of smack on him. Talk about making something incredibly awkward and embarrassing someone in the process, too. The look on A$AP Rocky's face when he saw this and realized what was happening must have been pretty priceless. Do you think this started a big feud between the rappers? It's possible since it seems like every single day, there are a bunch of rappers and singers who are involved in yet another feud.

1 Lebron James: What's Up?


This woman's response is so amazing. Sometimes in life, you just have to laugh because something is so strange and so confusing, and this is definitely one of those times. She definitely wasn't expecting a celebrity like LeBron James to slide into her DMs, but the fact that he did, didn't make her want to respond.

He sounds so happy and enthusiastic, ending his question with an exclamation mark instead of a question mark, and you could say that he didn't expect to be ignored... or to have his DM posted online for everyone to see. But that's what you risk when you're famous and you slide into someone's DM. Someone just might make it public... and the results are always going to be highly entertaining.

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