15 Celebrities Who Are Totally Hufflepuffs

When it comes to Hogwarts Houses, Hufflepuff usually gets the short end of the stick. There are tons of jokes about how the students of Hufflepuff are essentially “miscellaneous,” as they were not simply brave, or clever, or ambitious enough to go elsewhere–they are the grey area for Hogwarts students.

Well, let us say now that Hufflepuffs have been underestimated and they refuse to be discounted! They are compassionate, friendly, loyal, and trustworthy hard workers, the ideal person to bring to a party because they’ll take care of us while also making sure everyone has a good time. Loving and giving, they are the stuff best friends are made of - and they can always be counted on for a good laugh. With that being said, it’s probably not a surprise that comedians often find themselves in Helga Hufflepuff’s House, or alongside talented people who had to work hard to get to where they are today. These are just 15 celebs who would look right at home decked out in black and yellow, but we can bet there are a lot more who are proud to be with the badger.

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15 Zach Galifianakis

A major goof, Zach Galifianakis has built his career off of playing the role of a lovable loser in films like The Hangover trilogy and his web series with Funny or Die, Between Two Ferns. A hard worker like any good Hufflepuff, Galifianakis has worked as a writer, actor, comedian, and producer throughout his time in Hollywood. And although he’s slimmed down lately, his more robust figure was definitely well suited to the Hogwarts House that is known for excelling at food charms (which is especially helpful since their common room is accessible through the kitchen corridors). Like most Hufflepuffs, Zach’s affable nature and relaxed personality endear him to audiences and celebrities alike, and he’s just as nice in real life - going out of his way to purchase an apartment for an 87-year-old homeless woman who had long been a friend of his!

14 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum may have the physique that might fit him in with Gryffindor students, but he’s a total Huffelpuff. In addition to being a hard worker who can since and dance, he’s also an incredibly devoted family man who fell in love with his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum while filming the movie that would prove to be his breakthrough, Step Up. Along with daughter Everly, the Tatums make an adorable family who Channing can’t help gushing about at any given opportunity.

Like a lot of Hufflepuffs, Channing doesn’t take himself too seriously, and openly pokes fun at himself and his stripper past. Considered to be one of the nicest guys among the Hollywood set, Channing’s loyalty to his family and his strong work ethic put him firmly in the company of Helga Hufflepuff and co.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

You could argue that Leonardo DiCaprio has a bit of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw in him, in his quest to educate people about climate change and reduce the threat of global warming, but DiCaprio is actually a total Hufflepuff! Whereas most actors would stop working so hard after being nominated for an Academy Award (and losing) so many times, DiCaprio kept plugging away at it, working his butt off until he finally earned that golden statuette. While he may not exhibit the Hufflepuff traits of loyalty when it comes to his ladies (everyone knows he’s become a lifelong bachelor), DiCaprio is incredibly loyal to his friends, despite surpassing them in celebrity. With the likes of Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas by his side since boyhood, DiCaprio shows us exactly how a Hufflepuff handles success.

12 Jennifer Aniston

Trustworthy and loyal, Jennifer Aniston has a spot reserved for her in the House of the Badger. Kind-hearted and a total hottie, Jen is known as America’s Sweetheart, even as America picks apart her personal life time and time again. A hard worker who has been acting since her early 20s, Jen is arguably the most successful cast member of Friends – but she also keeps her friends close. While many people question her decision to not have children (although if we believe the tabloids, it’s not by choice), Jen spreads the love with her close relationships with costars like Courtney Cox, and via her philanthropic work with various charities like Clothes Off Our Back, Feeding America, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Project A.L.S. A heart that big definitely sounds like it’d be right at home in Hufflepuff!

11 Miley Cyrus

Look, Miley Cyrus could fit into almost all the Houses at some point. She has the intelligence, cleverness, and creativity of a Ravenclaw, the ambition and cunning of a Slytherin, and the bravery of a Gryffindor (just look at the outfits she wears!). However, Miley is absolutely a Hufflepuff. A woman with a good heart, Miley is exceedingly loyal to those she loves, and is quite the softie, as can be seen in her frequent adoption of adorable animals. She is also far more relaxed, thanks to her copious weed-smoking, and we know that Huffle-PUFF got its name for a good reason–and is clearly the right fit for Smiley Miley! She’s also dedicated to her fans and to using her fame for a good cause, like supporting the LGBT+ community and women’s rights while promoting love and unity.

10 Lady Gaga

Another musician who could belong in almost any house, Lady Gaga, like Miley Cyrus, is a better fit for Hufflepuff! Gaga is a total romantic, and seemed at her most down-to-earth and happy when she was with her ex-fiancé, Taylor Kinney. Plus, Gaga is a huge fan of food, and regularly expresses her love of pasta, which is part of being brought up in an Italian family–and a total Hufflepuff trait.

An incredibly hard worker, Gaga has worked her way up, transforming herself and utilizing her multiple talents to release multi-platinum albums while simultaneously creating a community for the marginalized to feel like they belong in. An outspoken advocate for sexual assault victims and the LGBT+ community, Gaga would make Helga Hufflepuff very proud.

9 Judd Apatow

Exhibiting the Hufflepuff traits of loyalty and hard work, Judd Apatow has built an empire for himself after many years of toil–something any Hufflepuff would be proud to call his or her own. As a comedian, writer, producer, director, and actor, Apatow founded Apatow Productions, which in turn launched the careers of many of his friends and collaborators, including Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, and James Franco. He finds the humor in the everyday, but also injects quite a bit of crassness into his work, with jokes that we can totally imagine the Fat Friar giggling over. With his tight-knit group, Apatow has been more than happy to share the wealth, while also incorporating his wife and daughters into his work as well, showing that he’s a guy who can be trusted to treat people well as much as he can be trusted to deliver a killer joke.

8 Eddie Redmayne

Hey, Eddie Redmayne–like his character in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Newt Scamander–even revealed his Hufflepuff-ness and actually put out a PSA requesting the fair treatment of Hufflepuffs everywhere! Disputing the notion that Hufflepuffs are boring or just the “nice guys,” Redmayne brought up the good qualities of the House, including loyalty, hard work, compassion, friendship, and working towards the greater good. Since Eddie did exactly that in his PSA, we can see why he clearly belongs in the House of black and yellow–and perhaps he’d even make it to Head Boy! He has a reputation for being one of the nicest actors in the biz, and when he talks about his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, he’s said, “Getting married was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done.” Awww, spoken by a true Hufflepuff!

7 Tom Hanks

Another “nice guy” in Hollywood (sorry, Eddie Redmayne, this does seem to be a true Hufflepuff stereotype), Tom Hanks has made the most recent part of his career playing everyone’s dad, which is why it’s accepted by everyone that he totally deserves a seat at the Hufflepuff table. A hard worker, Hanks has won two Oscars for his work but also takes on comedic roles and uses his Twitter to crack jokes. Considered by people everywhere to be an affable guy, Hanks has used his fame to support many causes including same-sex marriage, environmentalism, and alternative fuels, and was even awarded the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama! One of the most beloved celebrities ever, Tom Hanks is undeniably a Hufflepuff, and we know he’d happily accept a room in their House.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

She’s a major goof who more often than not suffers from a severe case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, but her love of food, likability factor, and hard working nature are all reasons why self-professed Harry Potter geek Jennifer Lawrence belongs in Hufflepuff! Having been one of the youngest women to win the Best Actress Oscar, J-Law hasn’t let Hollywood go to her head, which is some of the trademark Hufflepuff humility. Rather than chill with a big squad, J-Law prefers to keep the company of a few select friends, most of whom have known her since before she made it big (with the exception of funny lady and total Ravenclaw, Amy Schumer). Silly and friendly, J-Law seems more at home on a couch with a pizza and bottle of wine than traipsing the red carpet, and we know more than few Hufflepuffs who would happily join her!

5 Melissa McCarthy

Both incredibly likable and incredibly funny, Melissa McCarthy refuses to slow down when it comes to her career, even when it means simultaneously juggling movies and a TV show. She’s also super loyal, too, like when she recently worked alongside her husband, Ben Falcone, in many of her films, like Bridesmaids, The Boss, and Tammy, just to name a few. Plus, she can kick some major butt, like when she’s taken on the role of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, for SNL or in the all female-reboot of Ghostbusters. And everyone knows that Hufflepuff was the house to provide the second largest showing of fighters during the Battle of Hogwarts. She also had the most badger-ly response to critics of Ghostbusters: “I just hope they find a friend.” Leave it to a Hufflepuff to stave off the haters in a nice way!

4 Chris Pratt

Before he got all buff for his recent stint as an action hero, Chris Pratt was playing shlubby Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, but even with his new ripped physique, we can’t take the Hufflepuff out of this guy! A humble actor, Pratt knows the importance of family, and makes time every day to check in with his wife, Anna Faris, and son Jack, even when he’s busy somewhere else in the world. Despite the legions of women now fawning over him, though, Chris isn’t the type to stray, and regularly gushes about his wife in interviews.

He’s also a major dork, which is a big Hufflepuff trait, and has mentioned his love of food more than once. He’s also a big sweetie, like when he told Jimmy Fallon on-air, “I think you deserve all your success because you were nice to me and nice people deserve success.” Awww!

3 Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling once tweeted that nobody wants to be a Hufflepuff, but sorry Mindy, you totally are! While she’s definitely got a bit of Ravenclaw in her, because girl is hella smart and talented, it’s her hard work and loyalty to her friends and family that put her in with the badgers. Having worked her way up from creating a stage show with a friend, Mindy has gone from writer, director, and actor on The Office to the star, writer, and producer of her own show, The Mindy Project! She’s also a total goof, which we can see on her social media (where she says things we can all relate to) or in either of her books. See, Mindy! When she kicks as much ass as she does, it can be a good thing to stick with the Hufflepuff crowd!

2 Drake

Maybe it’s because he’s Canadian and Canadians are typically considered the “nice guys” of the world, but whatever it is, Drake is definitely a member of the Hufflepuff squad. He’s always sincere, and wears his heart on his sleeve, especially when it comes to his relationships with women (just look how he followed Rihanna around like a puppy dog). In addition to his sincerity and hard work (because he started from the bottom and now he’s here), Drake is loyal to his friends, his hometown, and the sports teams in that hometown - specifically the Toronto Raptors. Rather than posturing and showing off his chains like a lot of other hip-hop stars, Drake seems more down-to-earth, and uses his celebrity for good, by working with THORN, a charity that develops technology to fight child sexual exploitation. Get down with the badger, Drake!

1 Britney Spears

In an industry as cutthroat as music, it’s impressive that Britney Spears has been able to maintain her Hufflepuff status. A hard worker who has managed to bounce back into the open arms of the public after battling personal demons, Brit has also been known to fall head over heels in love, even when she should know better. That desire to find the best in people is definitely a Hufflepuff trait! Her optimistic outlook belongs in the badger’s House, and her dedication to her music and her sons also feel right at home in with the likes of Helga Hufflepuff. A bit of a goof with more than enough naiveté despite being forced to grow up fast, Brit-Brit has endeared herself to her devoted fans and had everyone else wishing her all the best in everything she does. Who else could instil that kind of affection but a Hufflepuff?

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