15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred On 'Friends That You Totally Forgot About

The cast of Friends may have walked out of Monica's apartment for the last time more than 13 years ago, but I know I'm not alone in saying I relive the series all the time on Netflix. Although I've seen every episode more times than I can count, there are always new things I notice while re-watching the show, and a lot of the time, that means realizing that a lot of major celebs appeared on Friends, either before or after they skyrocketed to fame.

Over 10 seasons a ton of stars have appeared on the show and these are just some of them. Here are 15 of the biggest celebrities to ever grace the set of Friends. Some played bigger roles, while others just made cameos, and some of them are even more famous than the regular cast itself!

15 Robin Williams



He was only there for a minute, but the late Robin Williams appeared (alongside fellow megastar Billy Crystal) in the Season 3 episode, "The Ultimate Fighting Champion." He played a customer at Central Perk who clearly didn't know that the Friends were the only people allowed to sit on that famous orange couch, and he and his friend proceeded to discuss their relationship issues right in front of all these strangers.

Watching this episode is a great way to honor Williams' memory, especially since this scene is one of the funniest of the episode. After all, anytime anyone who isn't one of the original cast dares to sit on that orange couch , I'm listening! Williams and Crystal play off of each other so well that I would have loved to have seen them as recurring quirky customers.

14 Winona Ryder


Long before she was known for her role in Netflix's Stranger Things, Winona Ryder played Rachel's former sorority sister, Melissa, in Season 7's "The One With Rachel's Big Kiss." Rachel swears that she and Melissa shared a kiss during a drunken night in college, but Phoebe doesn't believe she'd ever do anything like that. Rachel tries to prove that the kiss really happened, but Melissa denies it... until she reveals she's actually had feelings for Rachel all these years and is still in love with her.

It was a pretty random guest spot, but hilarious all the same. Plus, it also led to Phoebe and Rachel's famous kiss, because Phoebe wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so we have to thank Ryder's character for that, right!

13 Julia Roberts


In the episode "The One After The Super Bowl," Julia Roberts plays Susie, a girl Chandler went to school with. Back then, Chandler humiliated Susie by pulling down her skirt in front of everyone and earning her the nickname "Susie Underpants." But now that she's hot (and Chandler can sometimes be shallow AF), when he runs into her, he's all about taking her out on a date... but it goes really wrong, because all Susie wants is to get back at Chandler for not appreciating her when he had the chance.

Roberts isn't always known for her comedy, but she really pulled out the stops on this one. How priceless was it when she stole Chandler's clothes and left?! I love you, Chandler, but you definitely deserved that one!

12 Danny DeVito


In the words of Damien from Mean Girls, "Danny DeVito, I love your work!" — especially when it comes to your work on Friends. DeVito made his appearance during the Season 10 episode "The One Where The Stripper Cries" as Officer Goodbody, the stripper at Phoebe's "classy" bachelorette party. They mock him at first (because how could you not?!), but then when they realize this is his last performance before he retires, everyone cheers him on so he can live it up one last time.

If anyone could pull off a sad stripper role, it is DeVito, and his appearance is one of my favorites over the course of the show. I totally would have hired a tiny cop as a stripper at my bachelorette party, but if it's not DeVito, is it even worth it? I didn't think so.

11 Jane Lynch


Before she went on to star as Sue Sylvester, cheer coach on Glee, Jane Lynch made a brief cameo in Friends Season 10 as Monica and Chandler's realtor in "The One Where Estelle Dies." She showed them the home they ultimately decided to buy for their growing family... even though they almost didn't get it because there was the brief threat that Janice could move in next door. Um, no thanks.

Lynch's appearance on the show may have been a small one, but her Glee character had such a big personality that I love seeing her take on other roles that are so different from Sue like this one Besides, who else could have sold Monica and Chandler their dream house?! She can be my realtor, too.

10 Ben Stiller


Stiller's role on Friends might have only lasted an episode, but he definitely sticks out in my mind as Rachel's most insane boyfriend — and the character even made it into the episode's title, "The One With The Screamer." Yep, Stiller is the screamer. Not long after breaking up with Ross, Rachel started dating Stiller's character, Tommy. He seems like a really nice guy, until Ross catches him screaming at an older couple who accidentally sat in their seats at one of Joey's plays. Yikes!

Of course, no one believes Ross until they see Tommy screaming for themselves. Eventually, he totally blows up on Rachel and the rest of the group, and she ends it with him for good pretty much immediately. Stiller's performance was absolutely ridiculous but also flawless at the same time.

9 John Stamos


In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that as a lifelong Full House fan, I will love John Stamos in literally anything he does, so seeing him on one of my all time favorite shows was perfect. Stamos plays Chandler's friend from work, Zack, whom Chandler brings home for dinner in order to convince Monica that they should use his sperm in order to get pregnant. It doesn't take much to get Monica on board (because have you seen this man?!) but he gets way too creeped out and peaces out of there ASAP.

Obviously, he's totally not into giving Monica and Chandler his "sample," but can you blame them for wanting it? Stamos is literally the perfect specimen of a man, and I cannot imagine not wanting to pass those genes onto your future children. Have you seen that hair?! Have mercy!

8 David Sutcliffe


You may know David Sutcliffe from one of his many other roles, but to me, this man will always be Rory Gilmore's father from Gilmore Girls, and when I realized he was on Friends, I completely freaked out! In the Season 7 episode, "The One With The Engagement Picture," Phoebe briefly dates him before he decides to get back with his ex wife... who just so happens to be dating Joey at the time.

Oh, and by the way, Sutcliffe's character is also "Hums While He Pees," AKA the guy who's always in the bathroom at Central Perk (you guessed it) humming while he pees. And every time I get mad at Christopher on Gilmore Girls, I remind myself of this fact, and it makes me feel a little better.

7 Charlie Sheen


Long before Charlie Sheen was known for tiger blood and #winning, he made an appearance on Friends as one of the loves of Phoebe's life. In season 2, Sheen plays Ryan, a guy Phoebs used to go out with before his job in the navy took him away. He's home for two weeks, which sounds fabulous for her, except there's a catch: She has chicken pox she caught from Ross' son, Ben.

However, that's not enough to stop Ryan from seeing her, so they spend his entire time off dealing with the pox together, and trying to resist the urge to scratch each other. They're actually an adorable couple, and if Phoebe hadn't ended up with perfect, perfect Mike, I would have totally signed off on this relationship as endgame.

6 Brad Pitt


It seems like forever since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married — and for him, that was two divorces ago — but when they were together, Pitt appeared in one of Friends' most famous Thanksgiving episodes. Pitt played Rachel, Monica, and Ross' former classmate who also happened to be part of an I Hate Rachel Green club, where he and Ross would sit around and hate Rachel. Normal, right?

His character was actually really hilarious, though, especially in light of the fact that back when it was filmed, he and Aniston were still in love. Plus, the best part of his role is the fact that Phoebe just cannot stop staring at him, but if I was having Thanksgiving dinner with Pitt, I probably wouldn't be able to stop staring at him either!

5 Anna Faris


These days, Anna Faris is married to Chris Pratt — something that I will always be jealous of! — and she has become famous for her movies and her comedy in her own right, but when she was on Friends, she wasn't quite so well known. She appeared in several Season 10 episodes as the biological mother of Chandler and Monica's adopted babies, and she was regularly on the show during her pregnancy, up until the final episode of the series when she gave birth to the twins.

Faris' episodes serve as an awesome predictor of how far her career would actually go, and it's really fun looking back at them and knowing all she's accomplished since then. I love that she's part of the Friends universe forever in such a cool way!

4 Ellen Pompeo


After 13 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, it's hard to remember a time before Ellen Pompeo was known as Meredith Grey. But before she put on her scrubs and fell in love with McDreamy, she appeared on Friends in a cameo so tiny that if you blinked, you might miss it. In "The One Where The Stripper Cries" — yes, the same episode that starred Danny DeVito! — Pompeo played Missy Goldberg, a girl Chandler and Ross both had crushes on in college.

Just a year later, Grey's Anatomy would premiere on ABC, and Pompeo would start her rise to fame. As a huge Grey's fan myself, I love seeing her on Friends before she took on  her iconic role as one of the most unforgettable TV doctors ever.

3 Mae Whitman


Before she became The Duff or Amber Holt on Parenthood, a teeny, tiny Mae Whitman guest starred on Friends. She played a girl selling cookies in the episode "The One Where Rachel Quits." While she's out selling cookies, Ross accidentally trips her, leading her to break her leg and making her entirely unable to sell the cookies she needs to in order to go to space camp. So instead, Ross sells her cookies for her, with completely disastrous results.

If you love seeing celebrities in their pint-sized roles as much as I do, this episode is one you definitely have to check out. Whitman grew up to be an absolutely gorgeous woman, so it's no surprise that back then she was a really cute kid.

2 Dakota Fanning


Speaking of really cute kids, remember the time Dakota Fanning was on Friends? She showed up in Season 10 as the little girl who lives in the house Monica and Chandler are buying. Since Joey is really upset they're leaving, they decide to take him out to see the house for himself and to show him the room they're saving just for him so he can visit whenever he wants to. It doesn't make him feel that much better, but it's still sweet.

Fanning's character and Joey manage to strike up a bond, since she doesn't want to move and Joey doesn't want his friends to leave the city. Since Joey is so much of a kid at heart, this episode has so many adorable scenes, and obviously, Fanning is adorable as well!

1 George Clooney


In the '90s, ER was super popular, so it's no surprise that this led to George Clooney making an appearance on Friends... as a doctor, no less, and alongside his ER costar, Noah Wyle. After Rachel takes a fall that lands her in the emergency room, Clooney is one of her doctors... and he and Wyle ask Rachel and Monica out on a date. Sounds like a dream situation, right?

Maybe not. Rachel and Monica are in the process of committing insurance fraud since Rachel doesn't have any and has to use Monica's to get her hospital visit covered without a massive bill. They go on the date anyway, but not without Clooney and Wyle thinking that they're total freaks. It's okay, boys. You can go out with me instead!

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