15 Celebrities Who Had No Business Giving Questionable "Advice"

When people become famous, public figures, everyone wants to know their beauty regimens, their favorite vacation spots and their daily routines. When a person is thrust into the limelight, people start to catch on and become fans of whatever made them who they are today. Some celebrities have somewhat of a cult following after they've proved themselves and afterward, everyone thinks they have the right answers to everything.

In reality, they are really like all of us; they have their own opinions and their own ways of doing things. That's totally OK and we commend them for sticking to their guns, but that doesn't mean they're always right. If we look back into the years of when celebrities have given us "professional" advice, we can probably point out a few of them that have no idea what they were talking about. Or, they are explaining something that the rich and the famous can accomplish, but us Joe Schmoes can't really do.

The 15 celebrities below are famous for a reason, but that doesn't mean that their advice is something we should always follow. We all have that one friend that gives us ridiculous, far-fetched advice and we'd like to think of the celebs below as having similarities to them.

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15 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has been around for quite some time in Hollywood standards and as she's gotten richer, she's acquired some pretty questionable tips and tricks. We're not sure if it's because she's been exposed to so much in her life or the fact that she's always been considerately wealthy, but some of her advice to her fans is a bit odd. Since she founded the lifestyle empire, Goop, she's been tinkering around with beauty regimens and tricks to stay young and we're not quite sure we're on board with most of it, including what she does to her lady parts. Yes, folks, it's not just the parts of our bodies everyone can see, it's the more private ones as well. She took to her website and promoted a beauty technique in order to keep certain parts of the female body healthy and to maintain a relaxed feeling.

We know Gwyneth is a mature woman who has seen the world, but she definitely isn't someone who can speak definitely about anatomy. We're sure her female followers ate this tip right up and ran to their nearest spa to get this treatment done. To each their own, but we doubt any woman would find benefits in hot air and pressure being blow about somewhere it shouldn't be.

14 Snooki

Oh, Snooki, how we've missed your banter and opinions. Since the Jersey Shore days, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has been maintaining her stardom by various ventures of her liking. She's a author, a once professional wrestler and even a beauty promoter. It's safe to say she's made her rounds in business ventures since the days with her Guido housemates, but she's apparently also found beauty tricks along the way as well.

We'd think rich celebrities would find solace in expensive serums and face masks, but Snooki keeps it real. Instead of going to the nearest beauty store, she runs to Target and picks up her favorite type of...kitty litter. Now, we know what everyone is thinking—is this a typo? Have they misread something? No, not at all. Snooki raves about her kitty litter face mask like it's the best thing since sliced bread. We understand she was once obsessed with leopard-print clothing and even has a tattoo as an ode to her favorite animal and pattern, but this has gone too far.

She claims she Googled alternatives to expensive face masks because she doesn't want to spend a fortune, but we're thinking she could've tried a Plan B instead. This is literally dusty pebbles used as a foundation for cats to do their business on, not for a person's face.

13 Demi Moore

When we think of an actress that doesn't age and continues to get better with age, Demi Moore probably comes to mind. She's been around for quite some time and we're not really sure what her secret is to maintaining a youthful glow and look. Instead of continuing to wonder, we have one of the secrets in our grasp right now. Once upon a  time, Demi traveled across the world to Austria for a cleanse and realized that there are other means to getting closer to the Fountain of Youth and it starts with leeches. Yes, we're talking about blood-sucking, slimy lake dwellers that most people would run away from. According to Demi, the leeches that she used for her beauty routine "weren't low-level scavengers, they were highly trained medical leeches."

This practice is a bit loony, if you ask us.

We don't blame Demi for wanting to keep herself looking young since she's in Hollywood and was once married to a much younger Ashton Kutcher. But before this slimy little fella "detoxifies" someone's body, they have to shave all of their body hair and jump into a turpentine bath. This whole process seems like some sort of torture method and we don't want any part of it. Of course these practices might be done overseas, but that doesn't mean that it's safe or healthy for anyone.

12 Uma Thurman

Another actress that has continued to show success throughout the years is Uma Thurman. She was once a model and has starred in movies ranging from romantic comedies, science fictions, dramas and thrillers. It's safe to say that Uma has had quite the career, serving as a lead actress/muse for many famous directors and celebrities. But if there's one thing she might need a little practice in, it's relationships.

Now, we aren't saying that anyone has the perfect advice or answers for a perfect relationship, but Uma definitely shouldn't be walking around telling her fans, family or friends what she believes in. Apparently, she'd rather be in a relationship with a man that does the basic necessities around the home rather than a man that's trustworthy. We get that chores around the house are rather important, but we're thinking that finding a partner that chooses to not stray is way more important.

Of course we're not sure what she's gone through in her life to have these beliefs, but we hope she realizes one day that this is not something she should tell her kids when she talks to them about relationships. This isn't healthy and we're thinking she needs to get herself a man that's willing to vacuum and keep it in his pants.

11 Melissa Gorga

Guilty pleasures are like carbs: we want to dislike them, but we love them too much to quit. For years, women have been signing up for a certain show franchise that pits them against each other and ramps up the drama for a bigger salary. One city in particular, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has quite the cast. Everyone should be able to voice their own opinion, but when their opinion in putting down their significant other or a gender, maybe it shouldn't be said out loud. In her book Love Italian Style, she writes about some controversial things when it comes to relationships.

Since the topic of how men treat women is so prevalent these days, it would seem taboo to talk about a man being too rough with a woman in the bedroom, but then again, pushing the envelope unfortunately is what sells and Melissa knows it. We want to think she isn't meaning it this way, but Gorga is promoting martial discrepancies that aren't favorable to women.

A particular excerpt, apparently written by her husband, mentions that even if a woman says "no" in bed, she really doesn't mean it. This is what's wrong with society right now and someone with power and a fan base shouldn't be writing that type of thing in a book, especially a woman. We don't mean a man should be writing those things either, but each gender should know better and unfortunately for Gorga, she had to find out the hard way.

10 Victoria Beckham

When it comes to fashion and really cool 1990s girl bands, Victoria Beckham is and was involved in both. First, she was the ultra-cool Posh Spice in England's Spice Girls clan and now, she's at every fashion show known to man because her sense of style is so sought-after. With fashion comes beauty and with beauty comes sacrifices that some people feel like they need to make...like spreading bird droppings on their face. That's right, Victoria Beckham and her soccer star hubby, David Beckham, use an "all natural" regimen to maintain their youthful looks. Most of us run away when we see a bird doing its business, which we'd consider normal behavior.

But these two ultra-rich celebrities actually run toward it. 

We understand that other countries are privy to up and coming beauty trends and tricks, but this one is just sick. Apparently, Victoria took a trip to the Japanese island of Kyushu where she saw this type of facial and has never looked back. Maybe we're missing something here that the natives of this island figured out, but this doesn't seem healthy or legal. Also, maybe we aren't open-minded, but we don't see what benefits this has for anyone other than a bacteria infection.

9 Shailene Woodley

These days, we want products that we put in and on our bodies that aren't harmful to us or to animals. We want things that are organic and rid of anything extra and sometimes, we can't get that. Of course there are products and food that this pertains to, but there are other things that people choose to ingest that aren't the natural we want. Anyone can find clay on the ground and say it's natural, but that doesn't mean we should act like kids and shove it in our mouths. Divergent star Shailene Woodley is an actress that stands her ground on her beliefs, but this is definitely something she shouldn't preach about. We're all for a good cleanse to get rid of toxins in our body, but this one probably isn't one our doctor would recommend.

According to Woodley, she eats clay to rid her body of heavy metals. We're not doctors, but we'd thinking that clay would clog things up and do more harm than good. Having a little of something here and there isn't bad, but clay doesn't seem healthy at all. There's definitely other ways we can make sure our bodies are healthy and strictly use clay for artistic means only.

8 Taylor Swift

If there's one celebrity on this list that has been completely over-exposed, it's Taylor Swift. Tay-Tay once enjoyed all the attention and it seemed like she based her relationship status on when her newest album was coming out. It's safe to say that Taylor's career is slightly based off of her ultra-popular breakup songs and if it's not broken, why break it? It must've gotten old because she's stayed in the shadows and has kept her life and her latest relationship more private lately, but there once was a time that she gave really cruddy relationship advice and how to lure in guys that aren't playing fair. In one interview, Taylor mentioned that it's best not to respond to any texts that a guy may send until he's desperate enough to do something drastic.

This might've worked in middle school, but not in adulthood.

We understand that Taylor has been burned quite a few times when it comes to men and relationships, but playing too hard to get isn't good for either parties either. We don't want to judge Taylor too much because we've all had relationships that haven't worked out, but she should known better than to say this kind of thing on record.

7 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise used to be a 1980s heart throb and for good reason. Nowadays, he's shown us just how unhinged he can be from jumping on couches to insisting to do all of his stunts in his later years. It's safe to say, Tom might not have the best outlook on life right now. Sure he's a multi-millionaire, but that doesn't mean people should follow in his footsteps. People definitely can have different opinions and views, but that doesn't give them the right to shame people that choose to medicate a mental illness.

Part of the Scientology, a religion Cruise practices, beliefs is that people don't use medications for illnesses such as depression and anxiety. We know everyone has their own opinions, but Tom isn't a psychiatrist, or any type of doctor for that matter, so he shouldn't go around telling people that they shouldn't medicate.

We're thinking he believes that everyone should see his views as valid.

We aren't trying to sound preachy, but medical drugs used to treat depression definitely help and going on live television and saying they don't is pretty bold. What's even worse is that Tom doubts the whole practice of psychiatry; but again, to each their own...maybe just go about it in a better way.

6 Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her first daughter, North, she gained weight just like any pregnant woman does. Women carry their pregnancies differently and there's really nothing they can do about it. Kim tried her best to go about her life as if she's the most normal person in the world, but we all know she's not. She's apart of the most commercialized family in the world and with that comes scrutiny and trolls. People are cruel and they want to pick and prod at anything they come across when it comes to celebrities and that sucks, but Kim's way of handling it isn't too good either.

We understand that her first pregnancy was probably traumatic, but telling women not to go out in public isn't a good solution either. Spending nine months contained to a house would be quite boring, but we guess lying around in a huge mansion would be easier to tolerate rather than a regular-sized house.

This whole conversation came about when Kimmy decided to give advice to Elle Magazine on how to dress a baby bump and her response was to just stay inside the whole time. In our minds, being pregnant is a beautiful thing and women shouldn't feel like they have to hide.

5 Patti Stanger

Movies have mocked the work of love gurus and professional matchmakers for quite some time now. Shallow Hal and Hitch are a couple examples and we can't possibly imagine going to a real, serious dating matchmakers other than Bumble or Match.com. But like everything else, any job can be publicized if it has the right money-hungry person. When it comes to the world of professional matchmaking and Hollywood, Patti Stanger is ahead of them all. Her claim to fame is The Millionaire Matchmaker and somehow, it stuck. Since Patti's status is more well-known, she's decided to delve into giving health advice as well. We all have something we don't like about ourselves and Patti is helping society by making it that much more of a stretch to find love. According to her, single people need to be at their lowest weight possible in order to find love.

Apparently, people have to get in the gym before they even consider getting a significant other. 

Patti went even further in an interview and said that "she just couldn't date at a size 8." Yikes, we wonder what that means for the rest of us mere mortals that aren't millionaires. You know Hollywood's won over Patti when she goes on to mention that injections and chemical peels are a necessity.

4 Dr. Oz

When we think of going to the doctor, we probably have it in mind that we'll get credible advice and proper care. Like professional matchmaking, certain doctors have cashed in their ethics and morals and have gone to Hollywood. Maybe we're being a little too cynical about this, but it seems like once people like this get in the limelight, they start advertising and recommending things that may not be as good for us as we would think it would be. In fact, we probably wouldn't even know it until it's too late. Mehmet Oz has his own show on television and comes us with tips and tricks to keep his viewers interested and watching. We've all wanted to lose weight and Dr. Oz seems to be promoting something that wasn't FDA-approved.

His recommendations were later dug into and found inadequate. He had to testify at a Senate hearing because of this and afterward, we're wondering how his credibility stood up to his fans. Not only did Dr. Oz get in trouble for being behind this product, but the "green coffee" masterminds had to pay millions because of false reports as well. We guess it doesn't pay to be untrustworthy.

3 Evangeline Lilly

She was once lost in Lost, she's a wasp in the upcoming movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp and apparently she's found the cure for depression. Anyone at any time could stumble upon the cure for some type of ailment if they have the right tools, but we're thinking Evangeline Lilly is mistaken. People can choose to decline medication for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, but strictly having a good diet isn't what the doctor ordered. Sure it will make our bodies work better and make us feel better in some ways, but this newfound "cure" wouldn't work for everyone and we're confused why Lilly would think that. Being a celebrity means that every move and every sentence you utter is under the microscope and we continue to be confused at the things celebrities come out and say.

Belittling depression and saying that a simple switch to organic food is going to change things is ludicrous. 

If just a mere switch to organics is the actual answer, many people would've done it by now. People wouldn't be suffering from mental breakdowns or chemical imbalances and all would be right in the world. We're really glad this is working for Lilly, but not everyone is the same.

2 Alicia Silverstone

First, she played snooty rich high school girsl in Clueless and then she was literally...clueless. Celebrities know that if they promote or come out with a product with their stamp of approval on it, it will probably be popular. People want to believe the rich and the famous have good advice and sometimes they really do; other times, they probably shouldn't share their advice with the world. Alicia Silverstone decided to jump on the book train and give her audience a little insight into what she believes is good advice.

In her book The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning, she discusses topics of how veganism can help with postpartum depression, how vaccines aren't for everyone and that feminine products can cause infertility. All of those claims are pretty bold and don't all have any scientific findings to back them up, so we're thinking she shouldn't be so sure about these things. Of course, anything could be harmful to our body if it's not handled right, but putting these claims into writing is giving her fans the notion that they aren't handling their selves or their family the right way.

1 Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a brilliant business man and even owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team. He's a mainstay on the popular show Shark Tank and he's a giving philanthropist. He's definitely had to work for what he has, but yet he still doesn't quite understand how the health care system works.  The kicker about this whole situation is that he's actually invested in roughly four health care companies, but fails to realize some of the main components. We know that certain celebrities like to take their opinions to social media and Cuban isn't any different. He jumped on Twitter one day and recommended that everyone should get a quarterly blood test so "you have a baseline for your personal health." We get that everyone should be conscious of going to the doctor and getting what needs to be done, but where is the proof in this?

Also, who has the cash and time to do this?

A ProPublica reporter even reached out on Twitter and asked him to show the proof in the benefits of drawing blood that often. This reporter happens to be Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Ornstein and we're thinking he has a pretty good reason to challenge Cuban. Basically, Cuban didn't have the data to back up his claims and drawing blood that often isn't necessarily more helpful more anyone...or our wallets.

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