15 Celebrities Who Totally Got Busted Hitting On Their Fans

Most fans consider themselves blessed when they get a chance to scream their love at their favorite celebrities at a concert, red carpet or sports game, but what would it be like to flirt with them... and have them flirt back?! We used to think that it's impossible for regular people to hook up with big name stars, but every year, another thirsty celebrity gets caught trying to sleep with one of their gorgeous "groupies" and gives us hope that we actually have a shot. These totally busted celebrities prove that they're just as awkward with their crushes as we are, and we aren't sure if we'd cringe if they slipped into our DM's or message back with a time and place to meet up!

15 Drake Bell

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We used to absolutely adore Drake Bell back when he starred on Drake & Josh, but ever since then, he's been pretty unlikable. He frequently bashes Justin Bieber and harasses every Belieber who talks to him on Twitter, he's made several anti-trans remarks he basically had a mental breakdown when Josh Peck didn't invite him to his wedding and he aggressively hits on pretty girls online. These two girls freaked out when the former Nickelodeon star started hitting on them, but when the flirting got a bit too descriptive and raunchy for their tastes, they posted about the awkward conversation all over Twitter. Drake apparently described all the sexual acts he wanted to perform on them, and talked about how he wanted to pull their panties off. There was a time where we'd love to have a kinky conversation with this child star, but that time has long passed!

14 James Franco

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James Franco does an amazing job truly becoming the characters he's paid to portray in his films, but his sketchy roles in Spring Breakers and Palo Alto might have had a drastically negative effect on his personality. The award-winning actor totally got busted texting a 17-year-old fan and asking her if she wanted him to rent them a hotel room. She unsurprisingly didn't believe him at first (because who on Earth gets random texts from James Franco?!), but he sent her two pictures to verify his identity. James didn't care whatsoever that she wasn't even 18, and asked her not to tell any of her friends that he was propositioning her. You can't expect someone to get messages like these and not show them to everyone online minutes later!

13 Justin Bieber

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When a gym in Savannah, Georgia posted a Boomerang of 22-year-old employee Jessica Gober promoting an energy drink on their Instagram, Justin Bieber immediately slid into their DM's to ask who she was (an included a heart emoji to make his attraction clear). That might sound like the plot of a very unrealistic Disney movie, but it actually happened... and believe it or not, he got totally shut down! Gober already had a boyfriend, and said she was a bit creeped out by how Justin even found the picture, as the gym only had 70 followers and had only made 5 posts on Instagram. “We were like how in the world did he see this random post,” she said to Buzzfeed. Justin never replied to any press requests for a comment on this incredibly awkward pick-up attempt.

12 Mike Epps

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It's super weird when a celebrity randomly tweets at one of their fans, but it's way worse when that celebrity happens to be married! Comedian Mike Epps totally shocked his fan @CeciCitra when he said "hey" to her out of the blue and asked if she had an Instagram account. When she said no, he proceeded to ask her to DM him, which can only mean one thing—he wanted a little one-on-one action with her. What Mike failed to realize was that those tweets were visible to all of his followers, including his wife. She sent him a "watching eyes" emoji to show that she was fully aware of what was going on, and minutes later, Mike blocked @CeciCitra. It doesn't get much more shady than that!

11 Nick Jonas

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We've yet to find any proof of Nick Jonas' low-key social media stalking of his crushes, but the former Camp Rock and J.O.N.A.S. star isn't afraid to admit that he frequently uses Instagram to discretely hit on some of his beautiful fans. "Slide right in there sometimes, and then you'll text the person and finally meet the person. It's like online dating," he told Complex in a recent interview. Nick also confessed that it sometimes "freaks him out" to ask his fans to meet up with him because he doesn't know if he should be asking them on a solo date or a group date. Uh, Nick, we can pretty much guarantee that the girls you're asking out are way more nervous than you are when they see your DM in their inbox!

10 Marco Belinelli

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In 2013, shooting guard Marco Belinelli was traded to the San Antonio Spurs, the team he'd go on to win a NBA championship with (making him the first Italian player to achieve that feat) later that season. Things in his life were looking up, and his deserved newfound confidence inspired him to make some disgustingly cocky (pun intended) comments to one of his followers on Twitter. "Wanna see something big to eat," he asked her. The fan was appropriately mortified by the question, and the conversation only got worse when he proceeded to tell her that the "something big" was also "long and thick." Okay we get it, Marco, you love your junk. You're also super gross, and we're glad the fan shot you down by saying she had a boyfriend.

9 Austin Jones

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YouTube star Austin Jones amassed a huge following online a few years ago thanks to his beautiful voice and Bieber-like haircut, but unfortunately, a lot of his fans were preteen girls. The 24-year-old repeatedly asked them for inappropriate pictures, and came under fire by fans and the media in 2015 for soliciting "twerking" videos from some underage girls. He recorded a very emotional apology video on YouTube and claimed on Facebook that he "NEVER asked them to do anything more than send a twerking video," but he later got caught forcing 14-year-olds to "audition" for a chance to say that they were his biggest fan by sending him sexually explicit videos. The police found the child pornography on his computer, and upon his arrest, Austin admittedly that the content was for his "sexual pleasure." Gross.

8 Matt Damon

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It's not always sketchy and uncomfortable when a celebrity hits up a fan. Just look at Matt Damon and his adorable relationship with his non-famous wife, former bartender Luciana Barroso! When Luciana helped Matt escape from a group of autograph chasers in Miami in 2003, it was love at first sight and they got married two years later. Matt and Luciana are the parents of three daughters, as well as Barroso’s daughter from a previous relationship. “I got lucky, I fell in love with a civilian. Not an actress and not a famous actress at that," Matt told Esquire. "Because then the attention doesn’t double—it grows exponentially. Because then suddenly everybody wants to be in your bedroom.” They couple renewed their vows in 2013, and they live a very peaceful, private life.

7 Marcus Jordan

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Michael Jordan is one of the most pure and beloved athletes in sports history, but his son Marcus probably won't be invited to take part in the Space Jam sequel any time soon! Marcus, who was a rising basketball star at the University of Central Florida, totally got caught sending a porn star Rachel Roxxx a wildly inappropriate tweet that we're sure was meant to go in her DM's and not on his timeline. "Was ready for round 2, 1st black one huh" and "got lot more for you $$," he wrote, making it clear that they'd already had sex and that he had paid for their first meeting. Marcus soon realized his mistake and tried to act like his account was hacked as a prank, but we all know the truth.

6 LeBron James

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Speaking of basketball stars who got busted hitting up their fans, just check out this hilarious attempt at flirtation by legend LeBron James. LeBron messaged "hey what's up" to 18-year-old Instagram model Rachel Bush, not realizing that Bush loves attention and would be eager to jump on the chance to put him on blast. She tweeted the exchange out to all of her followers and immediately called into the Billy Madison Show to give them the scoop on what happened. She was nice enough to point out that LeBron may not have been the one who hit send as celebrities often having multiple people running their social media accounts, but she also pointed out that he has a wife and kids so the message was highly inappropriate if he was the one who sent it. Awkward.

5 Steve Harvey

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When Steve Harvey saw his now-wife Marjorie in the audience of his show back in 1990, he immediately commented on how gorgeous she was and joked that he would marry her someday. After the show, he asked Marjorie out and they dated for a short while before ultimately breaking up due to the stress long distance put on their relationship. Seventeen years later, the two reconnected and started dating again, and he made good on the remark he made when he first saw her by asking her to marry him. Now, he jokes to fans in search of relationship advice, "if it's not working out between you and your girl, take a 15 year pause and come back to it. Works like a charm."

4 Jake T Austin

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They say that "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again," and Danielle Caesar definitely took that advice to heart when trying to win the heart of her favorite celebrity, Wizards of Waverly Place star Jake T. Austin. Danielle tagged Jake in nearly a hundred tweets, and frequently joked for FIVE YEARS about how she was going to marry him before they even met! You'd think that those tweets would be enough to scare anyone away, but for some reason, Jake found them endearing and eventually gave her a shot last year. The two connected instantly, and they've been dating ever since. "It doesn't matter how you meet someone," Jake explained to People. "Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click."

3 Tyga

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Tyga came under some serious fire when he began dating Kylie Jenner the moment she turned 18 because people we're grossed out by the eight year age gap between the rapper and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, but this is so much worse! Molly O'Malia, a 14-year-old singer, received a random message from Tyga saying "your dope" in her Instagram DM's. She was initially honored, but quickly got grossed out when he asked her if she's ever in Los Angles and made it clear that he was interested in more than just a musical collaboration. In a press conference, O'Malia said that she thought their conversations would be about music, but he never actually brought that up and instead asked her to FaceTime him three times. We definitely don't blame her for not responding after that point!

2 Anthony Weiner

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Former New York State congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in June 2011 when he got caught sexting one of his loyal followers. He claimed to have seen the error of his ways, but the married, disgraced politician got busted yet again when a young Republican-turned-“catfish” baited him into talking about some sexual fantasies, porn scenes and "strappy black heels." Posing as an attractive young woman, the catfish encouraged Anthony to boast about his animal prowess and how he was "deceptively strong... like a mongoose." The conniving catfish then posted the entire flirty, private online chat all over the Internet. When The Post asked him for a comment about the conversation, he jokingly replied with, “I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose."

1 James Franco... again?!

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That's right, getting busted talking to an underage girl once just wasn't enough for James Franco. He had to make headlines a second time to make it perfectly clear to all of his fans that he was a pervert who has no problem breaking the law if it means he gets to hook-up with a super young fan! James noticed that one of his cute young Instagram fans, Lucy Clode, was visiting nearby in New York and immediately asked "who are you with" and "do you have a bf?" She explained that she was on a birthday vacation with her mother and that she wasn't quite eighteen yet, but her "heart eyes" emojis definitely imply that if James was still down to mess around, so was she. You'd think someone with James' fame, wealth and smile could find a nice girl his own age!

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