15 Celebrity Encounters That, Uh…Didn’t Quite Go As Planned

If you're like us, and we know we are, then you also spend hours daydreaming what you would do if you met your favorite celebrities, even though you're supposed to be working because that project your boss put you in charge of is due on Friday, and she's already had it up to here with your perpetual underwhelming job performance.

We imagine what we would do if we ever met our favorite famous peeps, but deep down we know that if we were to meet them in real life, no amount of daydreaming would prepare us for how we would actually react. We'd be starstruck! Who wouldn't? No matter how much we'd like to think we'd play it cool, we know we'd screw it up because, as these 15 picture prove, sometimes celebrity encounters don't go as planned.

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15 *Exclusive photos from Sean Astin's short-lived modeling career*

When he's not throwing rings into fiery volcanoes in The Lord of the Rings franchise, or meeting his unjust and completely uncalled for demise in Stranger Things, Sean Astin spends his time being a fashion icon. He tries to live it down because he's just such a low key, modest guy, that's why a lot of people are surprised to hear that he's so trendy. But it's true. Believe it.

But, hey, you don't have to take our word for it. The guy's plenty capable of speaking for himself. Why, here's Sean Astin now, proving once and for all that when it comes to the latest trends, he is always on the ball. Not everyone can pull off see-through baggy shirts and backwards baseball caps. It takes years of catwalk experience to get this kind of confidence.

14 MattyB, you had to know this was coming, son

Via: reddit.com

Crap. We had to look this kid up, we had no idea who he is. You know what that means, right? We're getting old. We knew that this would happen one day, but we figured we would be safe at least until we hit our fifties. We had no idea senior citizenship would come for us while we were still in our twenties. That hardly seems fair.

We weren't convinced this kid was famous, but we Binged it (can't use Google anymore; gotta use Bing since we're officially old), and apparently he is. Our mistake. Anyway, the point is MattyB probably didn't expect to be mocked thusly when he posted this, but that's just the way the snarky cookie crumbles. When you hand yourself over to the savages, you have to know you're gonna get roasted.

13 Fire up the Bunsen burner, Bill Nye's 'bout ta roast up in here

Holy swear words, Batman, did you see the way Bill Nye just obliterated that smart-mouthed fan? He took them down faster than E = mc squared, and best of all is he did it with science! Okay, maybe he didn't actually use science to deliver that wicked burn, but we figure when you're a scientist, everything you do has includes science simply by virtue of the fact that you are a scientist. Plus, it sounds way cooler.

Just because he hosted an educational TV show for kids doesn't mean Bill Nye is easy game for you to exercise your snark. The guy's got more than one talent, you know. He can name all of the elements on the Periodic Table and still have enough time left in the day to hand your butt to you, so consider yourself warned.

12 Hon hon hon!

If you know anything about us, you know that we are a lover of wordplay. We will bend over backwards to make things rhyme. We'll rearrange our sentences just so we can share our clever puns. We will do what we have to do to make our audience groan and dread our very presence because, dang it, that's just the way we are.

That's why we have so much respect for will.i.am. It's one thing to say you wish your name was a pun, but it's another to take tangible steps to make that a reality. The guy went out of his way to display his clever wordplay, and we'll never forget that. Never. It's just too bad his punny name only works in English. Will.je.suis? Meh. It just doesn't have the same je ne sais quoi.

11 That's a K.O. to the ego

Nothing's a punch to the face like having UFC champion Conor McGregor crop you out of a photo. Talk about a K.O.! That's a real smack down, let us tell you. Hold on. *Looks at writing on hand* Aaaaaand, it looks like that's all of the boxing and mixed martial arts puns we have to offer here. Wow, wait, three? Really? They weren't even that good! You know, our next day off, we're going to have to sit down and come up with some better fighting puns. This is just pathetic.

We imagine this kind of pain transcends Conor McGregor photos. It would probably hurt to discover that you had been cropped out of any celebrity photo, whether it was a famous fighter or Oprah Winfrey or John Goodman. That's gotta hurt.

10 Catfished or not, our hearts are still in a frenzy

Now that we know there's a possibility, however minute, that we could match with a celebrity on Tinder, we have to sign up the next chance we get—especially when the celebrity we might match with happens to be James Franco, AKA our teenaged crush from binge-watching Freaks and Geeks back in the early 2000's. And even though this image turned out to be someone catfishing Mr. Franco, we still wish it were true. We've graduated to crushing on suave, gentlemanly Brits. But just because we don't feel *that way* about James Franco anymore doesn't mean we wouldn't metaphorically kill to get a chance encounter with him.

This is the kind of humorous anecdote other people share at parties, but never seem to happen to you personally. But if Mr. Franco's still on Tinder, then there's no reason why this kind of hilarity can't happen to us, too. Fingers crossed!

9 No touching. None. Don't even think about it

We can understand the "zero touch" policy, but it just didn't translate well. Britney and that fan look as awkward as we do all the time, and even though it works for us since we've made it our signature style, it doesn't really become either of them. We're not saying this guy should be allowed to get uber handsy, or that Britney should be able to become Grabby McGrabberson either, for that matter. But would it really be so bad if they, we don't know, put their arms around each others shoulders or something?

The extreme lengths to which these two are going to just so they don't touch each other, you would think they were attending a dance at a Catholic school! Ease up a little bit, you guys.

8 Uh, yeah, about that...

Via: reddit.com

So whoever took this picture knew enough about Stevie Wonder to recognize the guy out in public, but they didn't know enough about him to know that he's blind? We find that incredibly hard to believe. Why, the first thing that they teach you when you attend Stevie Wonder Academy—a school which, admittedly, doesn't exist, but just roll with it, capeesh?—is that, while he is a brilliant piano player and lyricist, the guy can't see a thing.

Welp. This is disappointing, to be sure, but it makes for a great addition to our list of celebrity encounters that, uh...didn't quite go as planned. Here's hoping whoever took this picture does the bare minimum and looks up Stevie Wonder on Wikipedia tonight so they wise up and refrain from making this mistake again.

7 The internet always delivers

The internet is a wacky place. A place where people don't even have to be doing drugs in order to look and act like they have been doing drugs—and yes, just in case you're wondering, it really is as magical and as terrifying as it sounds. People on the world wide web, they're innovators. They're not afraid to cross lines and dream up fantastical dreams. And what's better (or, quite possibly, worse) is that they're not afraid to make their visions become a reality.

We didn't wake up this morning thinking that we would witness this picture of Edward Scissorhands giving Iron Man pre Iron Man days a haircut, and if you'd suggested we would, we'd've called you crazy. But you learn something new every day, don't you? Thanks, internet!

6 It'th good that he can laugh about thith

For years, it's been the running gag amongst literally everyone everywhere that Mike Tyson has a lithp—er, sorry. We mean lisp. Yes, we know, it's wrong to make fun of him for it. And again, yes, we know that we're a big bunch of immature ne'er-do-wells who probably aren't going to get into heaven as long as we continue to exhibit this type of behavior. But come on, can you honestly say you're not guilty on this charge? Yeah, didn't think so.

Anyway, the good news is, Mike Tyson is finally self-aware! Woo hoo! Yay! Hooray! Now that he knows he has a lisp, and has proven that he can laugh about it like the champ he is, we're all allowed to engage in thome good-natured thmack talk! Thorry, it'th jutht tho thilly!

5 *Sets this as desktop background*

Beyoncé's alter ego is Sasha Fierce, okay? That means she's fierce (also it means her alternate first name is Sasha, but that's beside the point). Do you think it's easy to spook someone who's fake last name is literally "fierce"? Of course not! Heck no! Why, it takes a lot of careful planning and a whole can of jellied "what in the world...?" to catch her off guard. But by some miracle, this fan managed to do it. And all we can say is, LOL!

This isn't the celebrity encounter that we expected, but maybe, just maybe, this is the celebrity encounter that we needed all along. Maybe this girl got an odd reaction from Bey, but it was also a memorable one, and sometimes a laugh is worth more than an autograph.

4 We have found a new purpose in life, and it involves Nic Cage and stealing a historical document

Our bucket list is pretty short, and the things that we've got written on it are highly unlikely to come to fruition (looking at you, "ride a unicorn into the sunset while eating a quadruple scoop chocolate ice cream cone"), but "sit next to a drunk and/or high Nicolas Cage on a flight to who cares where" just got added on, and we had to rearrange some stuff so we could put it at the top. How could we not, you know?

We don't want to sound like we're trying to be melodramatic, but we are fully prepared to go to jail for a chance at stealing the Declaration of Independence with Nic Cage. We're confident that we look good in orange and stripes, so we're ready to take on the risk.

3 Wasted you always has more fun than sober you—it's not fair!

Via: emgn.com

We're only human, which means we, too, enjoy getting so drunk that we pass out in public places. But can you imagine how devastating it would be for you when you finally come to with a head-splitting migraine and hangover nausea only to be bombarded by your laughing friends, who show you not one, but two separate pictures of your unconscious body propped up against a pillar with two celebrities mocking you in the background. That's a level of mental anguish we have yet to experience, and we hope we never do.

This right here is enough to make us swear off alcohol forever. Actually, no, it's not. But you can see how it would be. No amount of beer beats meeting John Paul Jones and/or Dave Grohl. Nah, we're lying again. But we'll admit, it's close.

2 Nobody takes selfies with James Franco. Not on his husband, Seth Rogen's, watch!

Hey, wait a minute! We just remembered—James Franco is married to Seth Rogen, so how come James has a Tinder profile? Are they having relationship problems? Hey, listen, you two. We have been there. It's hard to maintain communication sometimes, and it can be easy to let things slide, but it doesn't have to be this way. You can get couple's counseling, you can get some advice that will help you get things back on track. This doesn't have to lead to divorce. Just try to work things out. You might be surprised.

We hope Seth Rogen and James Franco work together to get through this, but in the meantime, let's just appreciate this gem of a celebrity encounter. Boy, this sure is fun, eh? Wee! Okay, that's enough appreciation for now. Moving on!

1 Yet another let down courtesy of a Kardashian

Via: tumblr.com

Those Kardashians. They're nothing if not extra. We have to say, we were like this guy. We also couldn't help but get stoked to find out that Kylie Kardashian was prepared to eat a dead bird. Who could resist watching that video? Besides, those Kardashians will do anything for attention, so eating a dead bird isn't even out of the realm of possibility. This whole thing sounds totally ridiculous, yes, but it was still something that could have happened.

But what we forgot is, while Kardashians are entertaining attention seekers, they're also ultimately disappointing and underwhelming (oh, snap, we went there). Still, it's highly likely that Kylie's veganism is what makes her so extra, as this social media user pointed out. Maybe if she regained her sanity and became an omnivore, she'd boost her chill levels. There's always hope.

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