15 Celebrity Face Swaps We Can't Unsee

Graphic designers these days are capable of near anything. Whether it’s drawing up company logos, putting together flyers for punk shows, or crafting some totally sweet memes, Photoshop savants everywhere are expanding their horizons daily.

But, of the many things graphic artists are capable of, face swaps, specifically celebrity face swaps, might be their crowning achievement. They’re hilarious, sometimes even a little scary, and really an excellent way for someone to show off their design chops.

So, without any further ado, here are 15 of the finest celebrity face swaps that can be found on the internet! Be warned though, some of the images located below may not be suitable for people with weak stomachs or lame funny bones. Let’s get it!

15 That One Time Justin Bieber Wore Overalls to Meet the Prime Minister

So, Justin Bieber and the late Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, walk into a bar...sounds like the setup of a really terrible joke, right? Well, back in 2015, this scenario was funny because it was actually true!

The Biebs himself had an opportunity to meet Mr. Harper and shake hands like the young gentleman that he is. Wait a second, Justin Bieber a gentleman? Yeah, not so much.

As photos of this little meet and greet began to surface online, Bieber drew some ire due to his fashion choices. He decided to wear slouchy overalls and a backwards snapback to meet the incredibly important government official.

But, even though the trolls and critics were quick to bash the young popstar, they were at least pleased to see such a quality face swap come out of the whole fiasco.

14 I'm Not High, You're High

Don’t worry, that brownie you had on your lunch break earlier today wasn’t special. This face swap of Seth Rogen and James Franco from the set of Pineapple Express is just that good.

First off, whoever made this masterpiece is a total whiz kid when it comes to graphic design. If you scroll past it fast enough, you may not even realize their faces are swapped! The lines are perfect, the skin tones match flawlessly, and it honestly looks believable.

However, spend a little more time with it and you start to see how utterly freakish these maniacs look wearing each other’s easily recognizable faces.

Rogen honestly looks pretty cool with his dealer-chic makeover. Franco on the other hand....maybe the curls aren’t for you, pal.

13 Could My Face BE Any More Swapped?

Chandler and Monica’s relationship on the show Friends was one of the series’ silliest and most endearing. Every moment from their high school flashbacks, to their first hookup, and then finally to them raising a family were some of the greatest in television history.

But, when it comes to face swaps, it is the thing of nightmares.

What’s funny is that they’re normally such a cute couple when you see them with the rest of the cast. But, as soon as it comes time to swap their faces...oof.

It’s okay though, there’s is still one of the best relationships to ever be on T.V. Let’s just be happy their twins were from a surrogate. Otherwise the Bings may have ended up with some freaky looking offspring.

12 J. Law Would Honestly Be a Pretty Hot Dude

We get it, Jennifer Lawrence, you’re talented, beautiful, and easily one of the most down-to-Earth people in Hollywood. This is why it’s so frustrating that even with your face swapped with your Hunger Games co-star, Josh Hutcherson, you’re honestly still pretty hot.

Not to say Hutcherson isn’t killing it as a lady though. His face fits surprisingly well under J. Law’s previously dyed-dark locks of hair. And of course Jennifer is totally rocking the fashion tycoon look like a pro.

It really makes you wonder if the outcome of the Hunger Games would have been different if these two tributes had walked into the competition looking this fabulous. Probably not, but hey, it would have still been pretty great to watch!

11 Woody, Is That You?

This face swap is another one that could be missed if you scrolled past it a little too fast. Given Jennifer and Woody’s posture, and how well their faces have been transposed onto one another, they might just look like a random couple kicking back and watching the tube.

But, this isn’t another episode of Netflix and chill. In fact, as soon as you notice Harrelson’s five o’clock shadow hiding underneath that mane of hair, it’s hard to resist a good, old-fashioned LOL.

Yet again, J. Law chameleons herself as a pretty cute guy, lazily kicking back with a cocktail in one hand and boots on the table. But, it's Woody who steals the shot with that somber, straight-out-of-Gossip-Girl brood on his face. Looking fierce, buddy! 

10 Kevin Malone: the Zodiac Killer

Rumors of Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer have been circulating ever since he ran for president back in 2016. People went so far as to show up to his rallies with signs demanding he come clean as one of the most feared serial killers in American history.

Alas, the identity of the killer remains unknown, and Cruz walks free, continuing his political career to the delight, or dismay, of the American people.

But, seeing the similarities between him and Kevin Malone from the Office begs a question that citizens of the United States need an answer to: has Kevin been the killer the entire time?

Sure, he is a fictional character, but what if the killer used the show as a cover to avoid conviction this whole time? Now, that’s a conspiracy theory worth exploring.

9 You Crazy for This One, Jay!

There’s no denying that Beyonce is one of the most painfully gorgeous and influential women in entertainment history. She can do it all: sing, dance, act, parent, and be the role model that young girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors can look to for guidance in this crazy, messed up world.

Jay-Z on the other hand...well, let’s just say he’s made his mistakes and seemed pretty eager to put the past behind him. However, you have to admit he’s earned his spot in hip-hop history as one of the most legendary rappers to ever grace this Earth.

But, damn, do these two look scary wearing each other’s faces.

We aren’t sure if it’s the concerned expression on Beyonce’s face, or Jay’s resemblance to Tiffany Pollard from Flavor of Love in this photo that makes it so unsettling to look at. But, we are for sure happy these two haven’t pulled a Face/Off in real life.

8 Would You Like to Supersize that Kevin Hart Today for Just a Dollar?

This may seem like yet another funny, run-of-the-mill face swap to be included on the list, but there’s actually a lot more to this photo than meets the eye.

First off, let’s talk about that fact that Shaq is almost an entire Kevin Hart taller than Kevin Hart himself. A quick Google search will tell you that the comedian is barely over five feet, while Shaq comes in just above seven feet tall.

With the height difference in mind, let’s take a look at Shaq’s outfit. He looks sharp as hell, but the guy is so tall that it looks like he’s wearing a child-sized tie. We aren’t sure if it’s possible to find a longer one, but we do know that there definitely shouldn’t be that much space between his belt and the end of it.

7 Like Father, Like Son, But Like Not Really At All

Normally, when you see a picture of Jaden and Will Smith next to each other, you can see the resemblance. They definitely look like father and son, but when you switch their faces, all hell breaks loose.

They’re such handsome dudes, so it’s hard to believe how different they look when you put their faces on one another’s heads. Will looks like that wannabe-hip dad that won’t leave you and your friends alone, and Jaden clearly hasn’t grown into his features yet in this photo.

Also, not entirely sure of the context here, but they seem oddly stoked to be holding that soccer ball. Maybe it was a big game for Jaden? It’s hard to say, but at least you can always tell there’s a lot of love between these two, and really the entire Smith family.

6 When You See It

This is another face swap that deserves a bit of unpacking.

First off, to whoever is responsible for the swap between Obama and the young woman standing next to him: you totally nailed it. The expressions match perfectly, the skin tones are spot on, and even the facial dimensions look super convincing.

But, as we have seen in countless viral images over the years, oftentimes it’s the “when you see it” moments that prove to be the most memorable. And if you take a look at the two people standing behind the ex-POTUS and his sassy counterpart, you’ll see exactly why it’s always worth taking a second look.

Not sure who those two people in the background are, but they should probably keep their faces to themselves next time. Yikes.

5 The Rock is Literally a Rock

Okay, okay, this one’s pretty stupid. But, you have to admit there’s something pretty funny about this face swap starring none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

As dumb as it is, this one definitely takes a second to really sink in. At first you’re like, “wait, what the heck am I looking at?” Then, you see the tattoo, and his signature haircut from the early 2000s, and you’re like, “oh, that’s the Rock!”

And then it hits you…”wow, the Rock is literally a rock.” Boom! Classic comedy.

And if that’s not enough hilarity for you, then the weird, loving embrace between Dwayne and that chunk of stone is definitely enough to at least put a smile on your face, even if it’s just for a second.

And if not, well, let’s go ahead and move on to entry #4 then!

4 What Has Two Blokes and is Scarier Than Zombies?

That’s right it’s this face swap!

Anyone who’s seen Shaun of the Dead knows just how funny Simon Pegg (Shaun) and Nick Frost (Ed) are when they team up to take on a legion of zombies in their hometown of London, England. The movie itself is a laugh riot, but there’s something quite creepy about these two when you swap their faces.

Sure, they’re not a gaggle of undead freaks trying to bite your throat out, but come on! You have to admit it looks pretty eerie when you realize their likenesses are fairly interchangeable.

They honestly look just like a couple blokes that you could catch over at the Winchester sharing a pint and gorging themselves with chips. Well, that is until the zombies break in. Damn those zombies, always ruining a good time.

3 These Transformers Are Almost as Bad as the Sequels

Despite Michael Bay’s penchant for explosions and poorly developed plots, his first installment in the rebooted Transformers franchise was actually kind of good. Yeah, it suffered through a lot of the same tropes you find in any film made specifically for prepubescent boys, but it was at least entertaining to watch!

However, there’s nothing pretty about what you get when you swap co-stars Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf’s moviestar mugs.

In this particular photo, Megan looks like a Wal-Mart version of Ryan Seacrest and Shia has a bit of an awkward Orlando Bloom kind of thing going on. Not exactly what you’d expect to see on the red carpet, or in any of Mr. Bay’s films.

But, in terms of celebrity face swaps, this is easily one of the funniest that we have ever seen.

2 The Curious Case of Thomas and Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks truly is a national treasure. He’s starred in more critically-acclaimed movies than you can probably count, including Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, and of course, Big.

His son, Colin, is no slouch at the box office though. He has an impressive resume as well, having starred in King Kong, Orange County, Fargo, and a season of Dexter in which he (spoiler alert) aided in the endeavors of the Doomsday Killer.

But, of the many awards that they have won, the one for “Weirdest Face Swap” is yet another they could add to their mantle.

Much like Will and Jaden, Colin and his father do look quite a bit alike when you see them in photos together. But, as soon as you swap their faces, look out, because it gets a little strange.

1 Wait For It

And now, for a little game of the internet’s favorite way to waste your day: Wait For It!

When you first see this photo of Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman’s Aaron Paul with wife, and fellow actress, Lauren Parsekian, you may think that you know what’s coming.

So, like anyone else, you scroll down expecting to see these two swap faces like the many other celebrities on this list. Knowing you, you’re probably prepared to ROFL, or maybe even do a little LMFAO if you’re lucky.

But, nothing can prepare you for what lies at the end of this particular celebrity face swap…

And thus concludes another round of America’s favorite internet pastime, Wait For It! Thanks for playing, everybody! We will see you all next time.

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