15 Celebrity Houseguests We'd Love To See On 'Celebrity Big Brother U.S.'

We’ve been eyeing the British celebrity version of the reality show Big Brother for years and wondering when in Sam Hill the U.S. networks would jump on board with their own celebrity version of this potential ratings blockbuster. Well, the time has finally come fellow BB fans: CBS plans to air a shortened version of the show featuring celebrity houseguests premiering early in 2018.

Let’s be realistic and not expect to watch A-listers sharing buckets of Big Brother slop with their fellow have-nots; or see Oscar winners crying in the Diary Room because Leonardo DiCaprio is plotting against them. Let’s focus instead on these 15 celebrities who have a chance of actually being casted for the show and who we’d love to see as Celebrity Big Brother U.S. houseguests.

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15 Brandi Glanville

Via: giphy.com

Anyone who’s seen The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows what a firecracker Brandi is: she’s funny, quick-witted and the queen of zingers. She’s also a huge instigator who fights dirty and stoops to low blows, like when she pretended to re-enact a soap opera scene in a restaurant with fellow BH housewife and soap opera star Eileen Davidson and threw wine in her face, just for kicks; or ignited a really dumb defamation lawsuit with fellow Housewives alum Joanna Krupa. Brandi also regularly tangles with LeAnn Rimes, wife of ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, on social media.

All of which makes her the perfect Celebrity Big Brother houseguest. She’s already participated in the British version of the show and is strongly rumored to be in the running to be cast on the upcoming U.S. version.

14 Aaron Carter

Via: washingtonblade.com

Aaron Carter, in the best of health, would be an excellent candidate for this show. He appeared on Dancing With The Stars a while back so he’s certainly not opposed to reality television. Carter also tends to be very open in the press and on social media about his personal issues and struggles, (so he’d be all up in the BB Diary Room 24/7). Big Brother’s pretty mentally intense, though, and since Aaron’s only recently discharged from rehab, he may be a little too emotionally delicate for the show’s mind games at this moment. That said, he’d make an intriguing houseguest and potential force for good in the house with his new sobriety. With filming still a couple of months away, maybe he can get healthy in time to participate.

13 Corinne Olympios

Via: losangelestimes.com

America can’t get enough of Corinne! Or can they? What’s our girl been up to lately? A quick check of her Instagram reveals her latest Halloween costumes were “sexy soccer ball” and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. There are also many postings of glamour photos, bikini shots, product plugs and a couple of tongue-in-cheek photos of Corinne in bed, napping. (Bachelor fans will remember Corinne’s famous line, which launched a million memes, that she, like both Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan, regularly took naps.)

What would Corinne’s BB gameplan be? We know she can stand up to bullies (i.e. Taylor). What does Corinne do when she’s not eating cheese pasta or napping? How would Corinne behave as a have-not? Put her in the BB house so we can find out!

12 Caitlyn Jenner

Via: pinknews.com

Truth be told, Caitlyn was the least interesting character on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It seemed a strange fate for a former world-class Olympian whose face was once plastered all over Wheaties boxes to be such a non-entity on the show. As Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn was like the unknowable Dad always alone in the shed out back or hanging out in the basement by himself—but that was when Caitlyn was Bruce, so she probably tried to be invisible because she never felt right in Bruce’s skin.

Now that Caitlyn’s the woman she’s meant to be, she’d be amazing on Celebrity Big Brother. The show always needs an older houseguest, too, to balance the sometimes wild adrenaline of younger houseguests, and she’d fill that bill as well.

11 Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth

Via: entertainmenttonight.com

Kaitlyn Bristowe told Hollywood Reporter that she and Shawn Booth “want to do the show so bad.” Celebrity couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have already appeared on the UK version of Big Brother and participated as one houseguest. Bristowe and Booth are hoping for the same arrangement if they are cast as houseguests on the U.S. version. Bristowe claims both she and Booth already have a strategy, and says: "You can't just go in there and be a villain…you need to figure out who the strongest players are, then take him out. You have to be able to adjust to what happens in the game."

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Celeb BB viewers get a chance to see their gameplan unfold!

10 Scott Disick

Via: elitedaily.com

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick would make an excellent addition to the Celebrity Big Brother cast. He’s certainly made many memorable appearances on KUWTK. Sure, sometimes Scott parties too much, seems totally immature and has many business schemes up his sleeve that never seem to pan out. He’s also capable of having a real laugh at himself (such as when he became “Lord Disick” on KUWTK, which was totally tongue-in-cheek). He’s also occasionally been the voice of reason in highly charged emotional situations on KUWTK, such as when he asked Kim, (who was crying over having to share space with then-husband Kris Humphries): “You do realize that you are married?”

Ah, Scott. You may be a jerk sometimes but we can’t help but like you.

9 Blac Chyna

Via: heavy.com

The strongest rumors for Celebrity Big Brother U.S. casting thus far swirl around Blac Chyna. Like it or not, the Kardashian’s “15 minutes of fame” have gone on for more than a decade and Blac Chyna, as the mother of Rob Kardashian’s baby, is now part of their dynasty. She and Rob even had their own short-lived reality show Rob & Chyna.

Chyna’s a hot commodity because she recently filed a lawsuit against not only Rob Kardashian but the entire family. Chyna’s reportedly suing for domestic violence, defamation, assault and battery as well as “interference” (which reportedly stems from last summer’s revenge porn attack perpetrated by Rob Kardashian).

Wherever Blac Chyna goes these days, drama seems to follow. CBS probably hopes she’ll spill some Kardashian family secrets in the BB Diary Room.

8 Jax Taylor

Via: dailymail.com

Maybe Jax isn’t the most famous model/actor/waiter in the world, but he’s been on two reality shows (one was his own spinoff starring himself and his girlfriend of about two years Brittany Cartwright, called Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky) and drama seems to follow him wherever he goes.

While no one would ever accuse Jax of being A-list material, he seems to love living on camera. As such, the Celebrity Big Brother house would probably be perfect for him. He’s eye candy (if you like the beefcake type) and an occasional bad boy. He’s been accused of hooking up with several of his SUR co-workers and was even arrested during a Hawaiian vacation in 2015 after being accused of stealing a pair of sunglasses. Jax can stir it up!

7 Guy Fieri

Via: gq.com

While we’d like to see Guy Fieri in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we think it’s unlikely he’d find the time since he seems to host every damn show on the Food Network! (Can Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s Grocery Games really be that popular? Sometimes we watch Food Network and wonder whether there are any other cooking show hosts out there anymore.) Guy drops the word “righteous” like he invented it and could whip up tantalizing feasts for his fellow celebrity houseguests. We’d like to see another side to Guy when he’s not being the loudmouth foodie host we know and love/hate. We’d be the first to elect Guy to become a have-not so he could spruce up the BB slop!

6 NeNe Leakes

Via: patheos.com

NeNe is one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars, so she’s no stranger to reality TV. NeNe, like Brandi Glanville of RHOBH, is a drama queen of the most savage variety. NeNe’s lately been feuding with RHOA co-star Kim Zolciak again; and during her time on The Celebrity Apprentice, NeNe went after Star Jones so hard, she pretty much shut the famed lawyer down. And that’s no small feat!

As much as NeNe tells it like it is and as tough as NeNe can sometimes be, she also has a soft and likable side that fans can’t help but love. At the same time, NeNe can really bring the drama.

5 Snoop Dogg

Via: huh.magazine.com

We know it’s sooooo unlikely that Snoop would sign on to be a houseguest, but we can dream! And here we’re dreaming big because we love Snoop. He’s really only made this list because he’s such a chill and likable guy that we think he’d walk into the BB house like he’d always lived there and be everyone’s best friend immediately. Snoop comes across like a living Buddha with a contagiously cool vibe every time we see him on TV. He could hang out in the Celebrity Big Brother house wearing his flannel cupcake pajamas and gossip about his good friend, Martha Stewart. Snoop’s probably too busy for the BB house, but we just want to put the idea out there in the universe in case there’s any chance…

4 Ryan Lochte

Via: cnn.com

If not for Michael Phelps, you’d hear a lot more about Ryan Lochte. He’s a swimming superstar in his own right, a 12-time Olympic medalist who’s always swam in Phelps’ shadow. Unlike Phelps, Lochte seeks fame outside the pool. He appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2016 (after his debut, the stage was swarmed by protesters demonstrating against Lochte’s appearance on DWTS because he’d been accused of filing a false robbery report during the Rio Olympics—charges which he was recently cleared of) and Lochte even had his own reality show back in 2013 called What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

Besides being something of a loose cannon, Lochte could round out the Celebrity Big Brother cast because he’s a sports superstar who could potentially dominate physical challenges.

3 Jenna Marbles

Via: trendingallday.com

YouTube superstars are apparently being considered for the cast and an excellent choice would be Jenna Marbles, a hugely popular American YouTube personality who, according to Wikipedia, has the 28th most subscribed channel on YouTube. She has 17 million subscribers who've helped her garner more than 2 billion views. Marbles is also the first social media star to be immortalized in wax by the Madame Tussauds’ Museum in New York. In other words, in the social media world, Marbles is a really big star.

While some may not consider social media stars to be on par with tabloid celebrities yet, we believe their credibility is growing, so let’s embrace this trend and hope that funny and likable Jenna is on the casting shortlist.

2 Tim Gunn

Via: entertainmentweekly.com

Much like Snoop Dogg and possibly some others on this list, Tim Gunn in the Celebrity Big Brother U.S. house is a real long shot, but wouldn’t it be awesome if CBS made it happen? Big Brother typically casts at least one older guy or gal on the show and Tim would be an amazing choice to be everyone’s cheerleader and mentor (just like he is to aspiring designers on Project Runway). Imagine Tim telling fellow cast members that he believes in them when they’re stuck eating slop all week, or have to sleep on a spiked bed in the have-not room? The thing is, we can’t imagine Tim eating slop himself, or sleeping on a spiked bed. He requires Egyptian cotton 2000-thread count sheets, at least.

1 Kathy Griffin

Via: cnnmoney.com

Back in May 2017, Kathy Griffin foolishly posed for a photo holding a mannequin’s bloody, severed head (which happened to resemble President Trump). Since then, Griffin’s been blacklisted from Hollywood and fired from pretty much every gig she had going, which really seems like an overreaction to a forgivable crime: so she took a dumb photo and apologized for it (though she’s since retracted her apology).

At any rate, Griffin’s always been a Big Brother fan and this self-declared D-lister would fit right into any Celebrity Big Brother cast with her outspoken chutzpah. Being a long-time follower of the show, she’s probably developed a decent strategy, too. We say it’s time to extend an olive branch and give peace (and Kathy Griffin) a chance!

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