15 Celebrity Lookalikes Who Should Be Hired As Their Stunt Doubles

When some people meet celebrities, they're completely starstruck. No matter how composed they usually are in their daily lives, seeing a celeb in person has an effect on them that they can't control. Maybe it's because of how surreal it feels; they probably feel like they almost know this person, having seen them in countless movies or having heard your favorite songs, but then it hits these regular Joes that the familiarity only goes one way. To them, you're a stranger. This sort of thing isn't exactly natural, so as a result, the moment is jarring.

Now, what happens when someone bumps into a celebrity, are overcome with star power, and then later realize that the person they met wasn't even a celebrity at all? They're not famous at all — they just look famous. Well... it'd be pretty awkward.

Keep reading to check out 15 celeb doppelgängers who are straight-up twins.


15 Matthew McConaughey

Via: Pinterest

Repeat to yourself: Matthew McConaughey is not a vampire, Matthew McConaughey is not a vampire, Matthew McConaughey is not a vampire... Otherwise, you might convince yourself after looking at this side-by-side photo of him with, well, what can only be described as Matthew McConaughey himself.

The only difference here is that the guy on the right (aka Matthew McConaughey) is much more proficient with facial hair grooming. Otherwise, they're the same people. Remove the sepia tone Instagram filter, and voila! There is literally no difference. Matthew McConaughey is either time-traveling, reincarnated, or—as already mentioned—one with the blood-sucking undead, which seems the most likely.

(BTW, this entry alone just won a Guinness World Record for mentioning Matthew McConaughey's full name the most times in a single online post.)

14 Daniel Radcliffe

Via: Metro

When Daniel Radcliffe broke out into the mainstream as everyone's favorite boy wizard in 2001's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, he was an instant star. Obsessive Potterheads and casual viewers alike couldn't get enough of this budding child actor, waiting with bated breath as Warner Bros released the subsequent entries based on J.K. Rowling's YA series.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, there was his doppelgänger; some guy who could easily pass off as Radcliffe's twin (or clone, even), minus all the thespian-focused talent. The likeness is uncanny, and while you might assume that they must be related to each other in some way, that just isn't the case. Somewhere out there is a Daniel Radcliffe doppelgänger, spending his days inadvertently confusing everyone he meets.

13 George Clooney

Via: Viralogist

If you're using public transportation and happen to bump into who you believe is George Clooney, just leave them be; not because you shouldn't bother celebrities in public, but because this man isn't actually George Clooney.

As convincing as this doppelgänger of his may be, it's just some dude (sorry to burst your bubble). He's just trying to make a living, get through life with that giant, suspicious duffel bag, shooting the Clooney-est of Clooney faces at people on the train. Is he carrying the Batsuit in there? Old scrubs from ER? The entire cast of Ocean's Eleven? No, because he's not actually George Clooney.

To be fair, Clooney may be handsome, but he still just looks like someone's dad. It's no wonder people are confused for him.

12 Anthony Hopkins

Via: Capelino

In 1991, Anthony Hopkins terrified audiences as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. These days, though, he may as well be taking naps in public as a friendly old woman wearing a babushka. In actuality, he's not—this woman just happens to look exactly like him—but it's still fun to imagine.

Who knows what this woman was up to while Hopkins was delving her liver and chianti to Jodie Foster? And who knows what Hopkins was up to while she was wishing parents these days were tougher on their children? Despite looking exactly alike, these two lived completely separate lives; both happy in their owns, sure, but in vastly different ways, no doubt.

Then again, this may just be a still from a Hannibal sequel. The dude is still alive after all...

11 Ed Sheeran

Via: HuffPost

To be fair, if you've got red hair, you're already halfway there at being an Ed Sheeran twin. It just so happens that this particular gentleman happens to have the likeness locked down more so than others (that facial structure, that glance, that half-smile bordering on the creepy scale). As it so happens, though, these are not the same people. One is an imposter and one had a cameo on Game of Thrones for some reason.

So, people, before you start jumping for joy at the sight of everyone's favorite ginger crooner, keep in mind that you might be ogling the wrong guy completely. Somewhere out there is an Ed Sheeran imposter, and he is creepily convincing AF.

Basically, if you're not sure, just ask him to sing for you.

10 Maisie Williams

Via: Scribol

Speaking of Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams has that show to thank for all of her success. Having started off on the show when she was 14 years old, Williams has proven herself to not just be entertaining, but intimidating. Audiences have seen her kill men in cold blood, survive major knife attacks, and survive on her own in the calamitous world of Westeros, and all the while she's remained a fan favorite.

Now, if you're ever out strolling around and happen to come across who you believe to be Maisie Williams, be absolutely sure that it's her. There is a young woman passing off as a Williams look-alike, so you might end up wasting your time with an average non-celebrity. She may be a perfectly nice individual, but has she wielded Needle and stabbed Ser Meryn Trant in the eyes?

9 Will Ferrell

Via: PasteMagazine

Will Ferrell is as insane as he is funny. Starting off on Saturday Night Live, Ferrell perfected his comedy routine with characters like Harry Caray, a Spartan cheerleader, and even former US President George W. Bush. After leaving the show, he made his claim to fame with movies like Old School, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and the Christmas classic Elf. All the while, though, there was a man who could easily be his twin also living life in the spotlight: the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith.

People have been so blown away by the likeness, that these two have even shown up on talk shows together. In fact, they even had a drum-off together on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, kind of insinuating that maybe Smith doesn't look like Ferrell, but Ferrell looks like Smith...

8 Harry Styles

Via: Brainberries

The longer Harry Styles' hair grew, the more irresistible he became. So, basically, if you're looking for a timeline on his beauty, just look at the length of his hair. As it were, though, the guy ended up chopping it all off to star in Christopher Nolan's WWII movie Dunkirk, and—lo and behold!—the irresistibility was somehow elevated. (It doesn't make scientific sense, but somehow he made it possible with that fancy British magic.)

So, if you want to see what he looks like with those shorter locks, assuming you haven't seen Dunkirk (why haven't you seen Dunkirk yet?), just look at the photo on the left.

Wait. Wait. That's not Harry Styles? It's an imposter... But... The likeness... The beauty... The gorgeous eyes crafted from the heavens...

7 Gordon Ramsay

Via: FirstForWomen

When Gordon Ramsay is behind a stove, he's possessed by something. The guy can create the edible equivalent of lovemaking, and he does it with seemingly no effort at all. He's a wizard with a whisk, a savant with a spoon, and a beast with a baster. It's no wonder the man isn't just an owner of restaurants all over the world, but the host of several cooking shows, as well as his own online Masterclass.

Still, as qualified as the man may be, he may have some competition. And, in fact, the competition may be himself (oddly enough). If you don't believe in reincarnation, that's totally fine, but keep in mind that a legitimate reincarnation of Gordon Ramsay himself exists on this planet — and he's already ready to throw and apron on and get to work in the kitchen. Here's the photo evidence to prove it.

6 Richard Madden

Via: People

These Game of Thrones stars need to be careful, because they've clearly got clones coming out of left field for their stardom and glory.

While Robert Madden's Robb Stark was busy trying to win the war in Westeros, freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy was training for the Olympics. Before long, he ended up going so far as to actually scooping up some medals, ultimately making a name for himself as an American star athlete. Madden, on the other hand, was getting himself (SPOILER) killed at the Red Wedding. So, while the fans still love Robb Stark deeply, he's certainly got some competition.

If you had to choose between a dead guy who got himself whacked at a wedding and a medal-winning Olympian, who would get the vote? No pressure.

5 Jay Z

Via: BoredPanda

Jay Z may well be the most famous rap artist alive today. Not only did he change the game with his producing talents, but he cemented his status in celebrity royalty by marrying Beyoncé. Whether he's in front of the mic or playing a key role behind the scenes, the guy is not just working, but continuously making a name for himself (so, bravo).

As it turns out, though, Jay Z isn't alone in his pursuits. Though she's never been officially mentioned, there is a female clone of Jay Z somewhere in the world. It's unclear whether she's ever made any moves to steal the throne from him, but seeing as it's nearly impossible to tell these two apart, she certainly won't have a difficult time doing so... With a haircut and a change of clothes, this Jay Z look-alike could take over the music industry in seconds flat if she wanted to.

4 Jimmy Fallon

Via: Ranker

How old is Jimmy Fallon? Without looking at his Wikipedia or IMDb page, what age would you guess if you had to? Late 30's/early 40's sounds about right, yeah? Sure. But what if someone were to tell you that Jimmy Fallon is ageless? What if someone were to tell you that Jimmy Fallon has existed throughout all of time, showing up in various photos throughout history, proving this point?

It may sound crazy, but the photographic evidence speaks for itself. Okay, so Fallon is sporting a mustache in the "old" photo, so it may be difficult for some folks to see beyond the facial hair, but he's in there. Or it's just someone who happens to look a lot like Fallon.

Go with whatever makes more sense to you.

3 Dave Franco

Via: TheSun

So, Dave Franco is James Franco's younger brother, right? While this is pretty much common knowledge at this point, we may have all been fed lies after all these years. It turns out that Dave Franco isn't just James' younger brother, but he may as well be his grandfather. It's definitely some Twilight Zone-esque nonsense, but the evidence is there (in fact, it's literally right here — you're looking at it).

So, sure, the sepia tone and hair might be distracting, but look closer. It's freaking Dave Franco, star of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Now, not unlike some of the other photos on this list, the photo on the left could just be someone who resembles Franco, but... where's the fun in that? (Answer: there's no fun in that.)

2 Benedict Cumberbatch


Everybody loves Benedict Cumberbatch. Correction: everyone obsessed with the television series Sherlock loves Benedict Cumberbatch. Everybody else simply finds him as charming and entertaining as they would any other celebrity.

That said, though, would they feel the same if they were to discover that Cumberbatch has manufactured a cloning facility that is currently pumping out younger clones of himself in order to take over the world? Because that's clearly what the guy is doing, seeing as this younger clone-looking kid exists somewhere in the world. Are his plans nefarious? Does he consider this an act of charity for his obsessed fans? Or is he simply obsessed with looking at himself and tired of mirrors?

The answers are out there, but still... the world may never know.

1 Adam Sandler

Via: Dorkly

In an alternative universe, Max Kessler is a famous comedian. He's starred in movies about a privileged brat going back to school in order to save his father's company, a dirty-mouthed golf pro, and a guy who can control time with the click of a button. In our universe, Kessler is replaced with Adam Sandler, the star of Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Click. And in this very universe, Kessler does exist — only, he isn't famous. Sandler beat him to the punch.

Still, though, the guy has still managed to gain some notoriety, having been invited by Sandler himself to the premiere of The Do-Over (which is a smart move on Sandler's part, assuming he wants to dodge questions from reporters and just pawn off Kessler as himself).

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