15 Celebrity Memes That Have A-List Status

Being a public figure is no easy feat. With the Internet being such a major part of keeping up their status, it’s not like they can avoid it altogether unless they're Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren (their star power is just too high to beg for followers).

Being a celebrity and being the face of a meme was bound to be something that would arise eventually. Everyone loves to make fun of public figures and if they can do it in a way that gets them praises in the forms of likes and retweets, why not? For some celebrities, their memes are powerful enough to make them run and hide, or see themselves in a whole new light. In a way, it is a blessing and curse that the world wide web has allowed society to interact directly with celebrities and others.

On one hand, it has allowed for some fun interactions but on the other hand, it has allowed for those public figures to be berated with memes that usually remind them of their biggest mistakes. Here is a list of only a fraction of memes that have made our favorite celebs hate their lives.

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15 Jack White

Jack White has always had this devilish look about him; the pale skin, the jet black hair, and the fact that he rarely smiles. However, the words of this meme are not only funny but they make him look even crazier. But in a sense, he kind of asked for it. He is a walking poster child for everything that is just out-of-the-box. The meme that is a play on words from one of his most famous songs—when he was part of The White Stripes—is now being used against him. The meme describes how he supposedly feels as he sits in a crowd looking as though he is a danger to society. Let this be a lesson to all, don’t leave your house looking messy.

14 Bear Grylls

via YouTube

Bear Grylls has a wildly popular show called Man Vs. Wild. In this show, he sets himself up in positions where he has to survive in the wild. He has gone to some crazy places and has done some absolutely foul things just to survive. One of the things that he will never live down is that he always seems to have a reason to drink his own urine. This meme has to be antagonizing for him, his wife, and his children. It has made him look like a crazy person for deliberately putting himself in a position to have to drink his own bodily fluids. Think about it, he doesn’t have to do this show at all, he doesn’t have to go to the extremes he goes to; he doesn’t have to always resort to drinking his pee. Just learn from your mistake and bring at least one bottle of water and make it last. Jeez.

13 Beyoncé

Yes, Beyoncé is considered to be a queen by most of her fans. They think she can do no wrong and any mistake she does make just simply was not her fault. Beyoncé has a few memes out there but none as unrealistic as this one. This meme was meant to call Bey out on her BS, since it has been long assumed that she does things just for the ‘gram, for publicity, and that she lacks any "real" appeal. This meme of her addressing herself in the mirror is normally used to call her out on how fake she can be. While most of them are savage AF, a lot of them end up being funny because they also have some truth behind them. That being said, fans will never truly know how Beyoncé feels about the meme because, like with everything else, she hasn't commented and basically acts like they aren't there.

12 Drake

via Vogue

Drake would have never guessed that an album cover that was supposed to pay homage to the love of his hometown (Toronto) would turn into a meme that had him sitting atop of statues all over the world.

On the album cover, Drake was initially sitting on top of the CN Tower but with the help of Photoshop and bunch of bored people, he ends up sitting on people’s shoulders, on the top of the NBC building with crazy Charlie Sheen (and his tiger blood), and even on top of himself in the "Hotline Bling" music video. Will Drake ever live down this meme? Probably not. Even if it disappears for a while, someone will remember it and bring it back to life. But, what does he care? He made a lot of money off that album and the subsequent tour.

11 Justin Bieber

via Kurier

Justin Bieber has always been the cause of contention; you either love him or hate him —there really is no in between. When he was arrested for whatever it was he was arrested for, his mugshot went viral. For some reason, Bieber was smiling in his mugshot as if being arrested was funny or something. He also looks like he is under the influence of something strong. People decided it was a great time to make fun of him after this mug shot hit the web. Seeing as he is always trying to prove that he isn’t a little teeny-bopper but a man who is tough and bada**. The meme was meant to destroy his credibility and make him look like an idiot. What it did do, though, was make people laugh AND make him look like an idiot because let’s be honest, only idiots smile in their mugshots.

10 Kanye West

via TheRoot

Most people (even fans) see Kanye West as cocky and inconsiderate. He has so many memes that it’s hard to choose the best one. So, I chose one of the more popular ones.

Many believed the rapper, designer, producer, inventor, and whatever else he wants to call himself, to be a complete d-bag. He rushed the stage of the MTV awards and took the shine away from a young Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award for the Best Music Video of the Year. While he was ahead of the times by exposing Swifty as a basic chick, it made him look like a complete a**hole. People were ready to crucify him but instead, they made a meme; one that has cast a shadow on his career and shown a light on him that was highly unflattering. He has never truly been able to recover from that mishap.

9 Kermit The Frog

via imgur.com

Aww, the lovable green frog has managed to become one of the most savage memes out there. This meme has tarnished the good guy image of the kid-friendly puppet for the last few years. Some of the stuff associated with this meme is something that no kid should have to associate with this beloved puppet. I have always said that the Internet can ruin just about anything and anyone’s image. Kermit has been around since before the Internet was thought of, and he has now been reduced to a meme that is mainly directed at inappropriate clap backs and snarky AF remarks. So, it’s safe to say that his image is slightly tarnished and will probably only get worse because that’s the power of the Internet.

8 Kobe Bryant

via Twitter

Everyone knows about the numerous times Kobe Bryant cheated on his gorgeous wife. Time after time, he has made promises to her and to the public to be faithful, but then he ends up messing up again. This meme exists based purely on his actions; people have been clowning on him for being a crappy husband and this meme only solidifies that. It's suggesting that with a busy schedule of basketball and cheating on his family, he has no clue what activities to do with his kids or even how to relate to his wife. While some people have used this meme to make fun of a number of things, it is mostly used to bash Bryant and his philandering ways. It has also been used to make fun of his game, cheating on his partner, and everyday life. Kobe can't win with this meme floating around.

7 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio is a celebrity that has been made the butt of many Oscar jokes. He just couldn’t seem to win no matter what he did, what roles he played, how much distress he put on his body — the Academy was just not budging. It was bound to happen that someone would make a meme out of his misfortune. This meme has been used to describe a number of situations and to be honest, this look is so relatable. However, no one has been burned more by this meme than DiCaprio; he will never live this down. Even though he has now finally won an Oscar, fans around the world know what he went through to get to this point. It’s only fair to let him stew in his own sadness.

6 Rihanna

via Mashable

The MET gala is supposed to be a distinguished event. A place where people gather to celebrate fashion that just would not be functional in any real-life situation. And each year, a lot of the celebrities get clowned for the wardrobe decisions they make. However, no one was more clowned than Rihanna in this…dress? In addition to this dress being Photoshopped into a pizza and the infamous yellow brick road, it has also been turned into other food items, like a grilled cheese sandwich. It has even been turned into Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Fans definitely took to social media to clown bad girl RiRi but of course, she clapped back. Apparently, it was all in the name of fun. Or so we hope, seeing as Rihanna can get a little bit feisty when pushed.

5 Macklemore

via Pinterest

So, apparently in addition to Macklemore appropriating people’s culture, he is also trying to steal some of the Harry Potter fame. The rapper has been made fun of in the public eye several times before, but this one just takes the cake. There is no denying that he has become a combination of all of these actors and here we were thinking he was trying to be unique. It a case of who wore it best and to be honest, my money is on Professor Snape, seeing as he was the first to do it.

When will Macklemore just get his own style?

Isn’t he sick of being called out for stealing from people? The only thing he is missing is that bada** hat but I get it, he doesn’t want to mess up his perfectly styled tresses.

4 Chad Kroeger

via Pinterest

Everyone knows his voice (they’ve made fun of it a time or two) and now his hair has been turned into a meme. When will Chad Kroeger catch a break? At this point, I feel bad for him that his band is being clowned for the lead singer's hair. There are other members of this band, too, you know? Regardless, he is laughing all the way to the bank, so a little meme about his hair being the texture of Ramen Noodles probably isn’t even on his radar. That being said, it is uncanny how much his hair actually does resemble Ramen Noodles. What is that anyway — mousse 0r styling gel? Or maybe a fresh wash and go? Maybe this meme can secure him a new career in hairstyling.

3 Danny DeVito

via WishMeme

The funnyman has had a resurgence in his career ever since he started on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You know you’ve made it big (or at least are thought about) when you are the subject of a meme. If this meme was based on his character Frank Reynolds, then it fits perfectly. Frank is a pig, there is simply no better way to put it. He shoves food down his throat, he’s loud, and overall, he shares a bed with his "maybe" son. The best part of this meme is that Danny DeVito actually reminds me of a burrito, like physically. He’s round, stubby, and his crazy hair could pass as lettuce (or rice if you’re into carbs) falling out of the burrito. Don’t act like you won't picture a burrito every time you think of DeVito now.

2 Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt has a career in Hollywood that many would envy. He even made the transition from actor to director pretty seamlessly. His film Don Jon received some great reviews and a lot of praise, but we all know that the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is the people behind a computer screen and on a forum. They had this to say about Levitt’s directorial debut, and while they aren’t wrong, some of the most savage memes are the ones that are 100% true. Whether it was a good movie or bad movie, the truth is the truth. Like many of the celebrities on this list, he probably doesn’t give a darn about this meme, but there is no denying that the there is humor in this statement.

1 Post Malone/Shia Labeouf

I'm not sure what's more insulting, Shia Labeouf being compared to Post Malone or vice versa. This meme rings true for so many reasons besides the obvious resemblance. They both also have crazy personalities, get way too hyped up about random things (JUST DO IT! DO IT!), and they are both people who look like they have made a lot of messed up decisions in life. One of the best things about this meme is Post Malone’s photo; he looks like he is doing a prescription drug commercial and he just switched to something else for a better life. It’s hard to choose who this meme is insulting more, but it can go both ways. These two need to go on Who Do You Think You Are? They are probably related and don’t even know it.

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