15 Celebrity Paparazzi Photos That Will Make You Laugh

When we think paparazzi and celebrities, we often think of the uglier interactions, where celebrities need to protect their privacy by getting really defensive, often with umbrellas and purses (think Britney Spears during her darker period). The internet can either be vicious, or they can be understanding of the stars' reactions.

There are some moments though, that are de-light-ful to see caught on SD card (since we rarely use film these days), that make us laugh and feel like we are closer to the celebrities we watch on the screens, big and small. It helps us remember they are people too, and not just these people who we can judge mercilessly over Twitter. Here are 15 celebrities caught on film being goofy, grumpy, silly and frankly really adorable.

15 No put-a-way cupcakes left

Via: iwastesomuchtime.com

We've all been there. Teachers warned us if we multi-task nothing is done well, and Anne Hathaway has now discovered this. She was so busy walking and enjoying her cupcakes at the same time, she didn't realize she was on her last cupcake until it was too late. She lost the opportunity to really savor that final cupcake. Like the boyfriend who broke up with his girlfriend just before she won the lottery, Anne Hathaway lost something amazing. The chance to consider saving the last cupcake but then eating it anyway.

That face though, is what really gets us laughing. That disappointment to the point of disgust when the bag or box containing food isn't like Mary Poppins' bag—the treats must end at some point. Anne Hathaway, girl, we get you.

14 That unimpressed face tho

Via: pinterest.com

It doesn't matter where you first met her, Reese Witherspoon is a household name by this point. Her southern sass and intelligence makes her a delight to watch. However, this face is both comical and terrifying. Comically, because it's so very rare that we see Witherspoon angry, and we chuckle, wondering if she's made cereal and all the spoons are dirty (so she's with-out-her-spoon).

But at the same time, our mamas warned us that it's the nicest people we need to watch out for. Because they so rarely get angry, that when they do all you can do is duck for cover and wait for the storm to pass. If you're messaging someone and they tick you off, just send them this picture. They will clearly get the hint.

13 Ryan Gosling's moose impression

Via: cdn.brainberries.co

Some celebrities get angry when people interrupt their dinner time—and we get it, food is food. Don't get between a hungry person and their delicious meal, it could get physical. But Ryan Gosling decides to stop and give his best moose impression. And come on, it's Gosling. He could flip the camera off and girls would still swoon over him.

But it's so very Canadian of him to provide the world the image of him as a moose, Canada's most dangerous roadblock. And in our minds comes the scene in Princess Diaries 2 when the hairstylist Paolo reassures the princess, "Yes, but a very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go Whhaaaaaaaa."

This picture of Gosling is beautifully adorable, and we love that he took the time to provide this picture that will be saved on the internet forever.

12 Simon Cowell's newest b-Phone

Via: cdn-brainberries.co

We always have this image of Simon Cowell being the mean jerk judge on America's Got Talent, but there's always been the sneaky suspicion that he's softening up as he gets older, and this picture is Exhibit A. Hot off the presses, Simon Cowell removes himself out of the phone war. He doesn't have an i-Phone, or an android...he has a banana phone. And he's clearly preparing to be the next act in his show, and despite his fear of clowns, seems to be getting ready for his role as the next Bozo in white face paint.

This picture is funny because of how little we see Simon goofing off, and it just makes his harsh edges get filed a bit more done. You go Simon, you keep playing with your food. It's hilarious.

11 Daniel Radcliffe's genius work around

Via: me.me.com

This is an amazing idea. It's hilariously funny—as long as you aren't the paparazzi waiting in England rain documenting the six months. This type of planning takes forethought, and the willingness to remember the exact same jacket and hat. We wonder if he had to hide his other attire to make sure he didn't accidentally wear a blue jacket four months in, and ruining his plan. He would be the person at the party refusing to remove his jacket, for fear of forgetting it and losing it.

Or maybe he bought five of the same jacket, just in case. He could have an emergency hat left in his change room, and emergency hat left in the backseat of his car. Maybe there are tons of the exact same jacket on Ebay because of his having to get rid of them after this plot.

10 Emma Stone's picnic fun times

Via: boredpanda.com

We aren't a hundred percent sure what Emma Stone is trying to do, but we are fully convinced of her adorableness. These are the type of actions one does when making goofy faces to a friend across the room, and it makes us feel like we could be friends with her too. We're not surprised that she and Gosling have the same attitude towards picture taking, considering they starred in a movie called La La Land together.

We can totally see Emma Stone as a camp counselor, being the fun, weird one that all the teenagers raise an eyebrow at but secretly wish they had her as a counselor instead of the counselor that is cool, but really boring. Emma Stone would make any campfire interesting.

9 Gerard Butler's paparazzi skills

Via: brightside.me

When someone takes your picture, don't take one back. Be the bigger man, just walk away. Or, be like Gerard Butler, and do whatever you want because you could just yell "this is Sparta" and kick someone down a well. And no one would bother you as you coolly walked away afterwards. So really, taking a picture is really minor compared to what Butler is capable of. He will take your picture, and you're going to smile.

Honestly, any paparazzi who follows Gerard Butler around and is brave enough to ask questions and take his photo, clearly has big bills to pay to do something as dangerous as risking getting Butler angry. Though frankly, with that accent of his, even when he's angry, he's still sexy.

8 Grant Gustin looking so fly for a white guy

Via: borepanda.com

It's not surprising that Grant Gustin doesn't mind flash photography. If he wanted to, he could just run away, but he chooses to have fun with it. This just puts a smile on our face, because it's just adorable. You can just imagine him coming up to you, "Hey girl, I like those sneakers." There's something about a guy lowering his glasses that ups his suave factor a few degrees. I'm surprised he's not winking at the camera, but he could be under those sunglasses, who knows. Let's pretend he is, so that we can all swoon accordingly.

These pictures were taken between takes on The Flash set (now you understand the earlier flash photography reference), and just goes to show that you can work and have fun at the same time.

7 Who needs bodyguards when you're Aquaman?

Via: 9gag.com

This picture makes us laugh, drink water, do a spit take and laugh some more. There's something deliciously wonderful about Jason Momoa's size difference between him and his bodyguards. Not to mention that the bodyguard is giving more a photo ready face to the camera than Jason is.

But really, like anyone would mess with a super hero/barbarian/warrior leader, unless they themselves wanted to get messed up. Jason's lovable personality (seriously, we've seen him on talk shows...it's too bad he got married this year. Congrats to his wife) would change to something fierce if he had to protect himself. Think bear meet wolverine, and you have Jason Momoa. On that note, we wonder who would win in a fight, Wolverine or Aquaman? That would be popcorn-worthy entertainment.

6 Jennifer Lawrence not giving a care

Via: boredpanda.com

This is an old, but good photo of Jennifer Lawrence just being her normal, weird, awesome self. She established a don't care attitude towards media and what's considered appropriate long ago. Her part cringe-worthy part-hilarious persona makes people either love her or hate her, and we choose to love this photo. Because anyone who willingly chooses to look like a walrus who needs to go see the vet dentist, is someone we all should be friends with. They would graciously to do something weird to get the attention off the fact you just split your pants. She probably would even put those pants on and parade them around, making an embarrassing moment more about the laughter by helping making it mutually humiliating.

Lawrence is good at laughing things off, and we're good at laughing with her.

5 Jim Carrey is the king of dealing with paparazzi

Via: storypick.com

Jim Carrey has made a name of himself by being a Hollywood class goofball, but there is some genius behind his carefree, joking manner. This picture with the bathing suits is a perfect example. This can almost become a perfect case of "who wore it better", because Carrey confidently wears it like he and Jenny McCarthy always traded clothing when they dated.

Another great example of Jim Carrey's reaction towards paparazzi is shown in this reddit story, when there were five or six paparazzi waiting for him, and he proceeded to hug each and every one of them for an long, awkward amount of time. Afterwards, the paparazzi just walked away. Make love, not war, and maybe you can call up a loved one saying you got hugged.

4 Couple goals caught on camera

Via: celebzz.com

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got engaged a month ago, and apparently are kicking butt at this whole fiancé game thing. They and their friend Cole Whittle show off some kickboxing style moves in this picture, and frankly, we're not surprised. Considering how Sophie Turner is in Game of Thrones and hasn't been killed off yet (though knowing the series, it's only a matter of time), she's bound to feel like she can conquer anything.

This picture looks like it could be a CD cover, they are way too graceful for this to be a candid shot. There has to be some Photoshop involved somehow, or it'll just be another slap in the face to mere mortals who trip going from their doorway to their bed in the middle of the night.

3 Dax Shepard and wife making face

Via: pinterest.com

Yes, we are well aware his wife's name is Kristen Bell, star of Frozen, The Good Place, Veronica Mars—but we wanted Dax to have his rightful time to shine as well. Because in this picture, both of them look ready to fight for dominance in battle of the pufferfish. It'll be a battle worthy of the Finding Nemo universe.

This couple always makes us laugh at their love language of competition, and this picture shows off their goofiness. We can only assume that the kiss cam had gotten them, considering how big of a smile the guy has that is sitting in front of them. Not to mention that while Dax's eyes are closed, focused on the kill, Kristen is looking up as if watching herself on the jumbo-tron. Kristen, you always look glamorous. You do you, girl.

2 Paparazzi inception moments

Via: nydailynews.com

It's Leonardo DiCaprio, pretending to be paparazzi, in a photo, taken by paparazzi. It's a regular photo inception. It's a photo inside a photo. Is the top still spinning? Are we just going deeper into someone's subconsciousness? Is this joke seven years too late? Do we feel old when we realize that inception came out seven years ago? Yes.

Leo and Jonah Hill were in Wolf on Wall Street together, and we are giddy over the idea that they got close enough that they are willing to mess with each other on the streets, not just on set. Jonah Hill looks like he's wishing he took lessons from Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, the way he looks a little freaked out at this person rushing him for a picture. Don't worry folks, he laughed when he found out who it was. Keep your socks on.

1 May the laughs be with you

Via: cdn.brainberries.co

Most of us are waiting eagerly to watch the Last Jedi, others still think that Episode I was the first movie to come out. All can appreciate this hilarious photo of Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker, because it shows that even if someone has been in the limelight for decades, they still can be goofy with the fans and paparazzi.

Frankly, we're just excited he's still in the picture. After the fictitious downfall of Harrison Ford, and the heartbreaking real death of Carrie Fischer, we are watching Mark Hamill with held breath, praying he'll make it through the movie alive. Which, with the way that Stormtroopers shoot, could be awhile longer. And we can continue making Star War references for the happiness of all who understand them.

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