15 Celebrity Red Carpet Looks That'll Make Anyone Say "WTF?!"

Everyone loves watching their celebrity crushes walk down a red carpet, because it's a chance to see them looking their absolute sexiest. Some stars, however, don't feel a need to impress their fans or the paparazzi, and use their moment on the red carpet to wear something completely ridiculous and get some extra publicity via tabloid's "worst dressed" lists. Celebrities are typically considered fashion role models, but never, ever go out in these infamous red carpet looks unless you want everyone staring at you in complete disbelief and disgust.

15 CeeLo Green's statuesque monstrosity

via: Cosmopolitan

It's been awhile since CeeLo Green has had his name in the headlines, and the former The Voice judge and "Forget You" singer clearly wanted to change that. When he was invited to the 2017 Grammy Awards this month, he decided to attend as... some sort of evil Mortal Kombat character. Celebrities typically want their faces to be seen on the red carpet, but Cee Lo hid his mug behind some freaky prosthetics, painted his skin gold and threw on an all-gold outfit to complete the scary statuesque look. Guys typically have it pretty easy on the red carpet because they can just throw any nice suit on and avoid being criticized by the fashion police, so you have to give CeeLo some credit for going so far out of his way to look like an embarrassing mess.

14 This infamous Obama dress

via: Tumblr

President Obama was a really great guy, a fact that people are becoming more and more reminded of every day this year. That does not mean you should pay tribute to him by wearing a dress that has his face printed all over it! Soap opera star Victoria Rowell went to the 2009 Emmy Awards in this African dress dedicated to our beloved former President, and got way more public attention from it than she ever received in twenty years of being a television star. It was a win for her in that respect, but if being a complete fashion disaster is your biggest claim to fame, maybe you should try for some bigger roles.

13 Nicki's attempt at looking like a creepy doll... or cake...

via: Boston Herald

What... exactly was Nicki Minaj going for with this outfit?! She looks a little bit like an overly sugary quinceañera cake or one of those ugly dolls a grandma makes her new grandaughter out of fabric she had lying around the house, that gets thrown out once the girl grows up because she realizes how creepy it is. Nicki doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks about her, and frequently uses her bizarre red carpet outfits to remind the world of that fact, but this is just an eyesore and it's mildly impressive she mustered up the courage to wear it in public. You have to feel bad for whoever made this dress, because his dignity has likely never been restored since its creation.

12 Whoopi, you're not a Disney character anymore

via: E! Online

Whoopi, you were fabulous as the Queen in Brandi's live-action Cinderella film, but you aren't a Disney character in real life. There's no reason a real human should ever wear something this horrid! This dress is something only an Evil Stepmother or maybe Maleficent could love, and wearing it at an event as prestigious as the Oscars... it's no wonder she hasn't landed quite as many roles since then. Nobody wants to cast you in a big film if you might show up in another outfit like this at its big red carpet premiere! Purple and green are colors only Barney can pull off together, and combining that color scheme with a cape, some velvet and those earrings... just no.

11 Paula's skin-tight rainbow disaster

via: Pinterest

People have been questioning Paula Abdul's potential drug use and state of mind for years, and going out in a skin-tight, rainbow mess of a dress like this definitely couldn't have helped stifle the negative rumors. She looks like some sort of diabetes-inducing lollipop! If it was a '80s rave party or some sort of Mardi Gras event, this could almost be considered acceptable red carpet attire, but it was definitely a bit much for an NBA All-Star 2004 Entertainment and American Express tribute to Earvin 'Magic' Johnson. She looks pretty hot regardless of the silly dress, but when you have the money for a proper stylist... use it.

10 Miley, belts and chandelier beads don't make an outfit!

via: MTV

Have you ever heard of an "ABC (Anything But Clothes" party? Frat boys and sorority girls nationwide have loved that theme for years, and Miley Cyrus apparently thought that was the theme of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. She walked onto the red carpet in nothing but a few strategically placed belts and some shiny beads and crystals that used to hang from her dining room chandelier. Miley is another star known for her risqué and often inappropriate fashion decisions, but she really dialed up the promiscuity for this one. Seeing this outfit amidst a sea of beautiful dresses and fashionable tuxes, you really have to question how anyone on earth could ever consider the former Hannah Montana star a role model.

9 This three-piece flannel disaster

via: Pinterest

Nearly every man on a celebrity red carpet wears a three-piece suit, so Alan Cumming wanted to ensure he would stand out from the crowd. He still wore a three-piece suit like everyone else, but found one that the Flannel Fairy threw up on! A little bit of plaid never killed anyone, but wearing nothing but plaid is basically style suicide, especially if the plaid is this bright and noticeable. Either Alan never realized that Spy Kids finished filming over a decade ago and he no longer has to portray his eccentrically-dressed character, Fegan Floop, or he went blind the moment he looked at this suit and wasn't able to fully grasp just how atrocious it really is.

8 Ansel, puberty can hit you fast, but not THIS fast

via: PerezHilton.com

At a whopping 6'4", Ansel Elgort likely had a rapid growth spurt when he was going through puberty. This suit jacket makes it seem like that the bulk of that growth spurt took place between the time he bought it and this red carpet! If the suit jacket wasn't about five sizes too small, people would notice how badly it clashes with his practically leopard-print dress pants, but all you can think when you see this is "Ansel Elgort has to be the tallest person in all of Hollywood." It's not the worst reputation to have, and he doesn't seem to be having any trouble finding work despite being so much taller than his celebrity peers, but hopefully as he becomes a bit wealthier, he'll invest in clothes made out of a bit more fabric.

7 Not even Justin and Britney could pull this off, so why try again?!

via: Daily Mail

When Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears showed up to the 2001 American Music Awards red carpet matching in all-denim outfits, they received an appropriately high number of insults and jokes at their expense from fans and the press, despite being the country's sweethearts at the time. So why on earth did Katy Perry and Riff Raff think they could pull off such a horrible look?! From the looks on their faces, they actually might not have, and simply chose those outfits as a joke so people would start talking about them again. It's a desperate move, but it clearly worked—they were the talk of the VMAs that year and countless tabloids wasted their time talking about the short-lived couple.

6 Was her closet filled with nothing but stuffed animals?

via: Tumblr

Bjork has been considered a "peculiar music genius" for decades, and either this outfit is another example of that peculiarity or her closet was filled with nothing but stuffed animals when she was trying to find an Oscars dress. She is wearing nothing but a skin-colored body suit and a stuffed swan. Don't worry PETA, it's not a real swan, it is, in fact, just a gigantic plushie. Maybe she was worried about walking the red carpet and seeing another celebrity in the same dress, so she took extreme measures to avoid that embarrassing possibility? This is a decent idea for another one of those Anything But Clothes parties, but when you're a Grammy-winning artist, you should really aim to be a bit classier.

5 Whoever designed this bootylicious dress needs to find a new career

via: Pinterest

Geri Halliwell probably saw this dress on display at a local boutique and bought it without ever putting it on and spinning around in a mirror to see how it fit. She'll never make that mistake again. It's admittedly very pretty from the front, and the color of the fabric is perfect for the red carpet. However, once Ginger Spice walked down the carpet and spun around so the press could see the back of her outfit, photographers got a nice shot of her bare butt. They say you should always wear dresses that show off your assets, but this might be taking that advice a bit too seriously. You'd expect a young, rebellious star like Miley to rock a look like this, but it's a bit too revealing for a woman in her forties.

4 Frankie Grande's attention-seeking mess of a suit

via: E! Online

Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande's half-brother, and has been trying to capitalize off of her popularity for years. Enough of Ariana's fans follow him on YouTube and Facebook that he considers himself a "social media mogul," and his status as a celebrity's sibling helped him land a spot on Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. Despite all this, Frankie is barely famous, so he does everything possible to get on the public's radar, including wearing this awful suit. It's way too bright and shiny to be taken seriously, and he went completely overboard by matching his hair to it. He's known for being extremely eccentric and his personal motto is "shine bright like a Frankie," so this might have actually been a genuine attempt to look fashionable rather than another cry for attention... which might actually make it even worse.

3 Whatever the heck this is

via: Pinterest

Dennis Rodman has always been a fashion abomination. He'll show up to red carpets in sequined tube tops, pink feathered boas, drag queen-length fake eyelashes... he is basically a elementary school girl playing dress-up, despite being a former all-star level professional athlete. So while it was no real surprise when he showed up to this Sapphire Pool & Dayclub red carpet wearing a hippie flowered '70s suit jacket, a long clashing scarf, with a series of pirate-like scarves hanging from his belt, it's still an incredibly absurd outfit that no sane human should ever wear outside of their home. It looks like he just closed his eyes in a thrift shop and threw on every article of clothing he bumped into.

2 Nicki, this is a look not even a Granny could love

via: USA Today

Nicki Minaj is such a hot mess on the red carpet, she had to be on this list twice. The top half of this dress looks like a very elaborate Little Red Riding Hood cosplay, and while that has no place on the Grammy Awards red carpet, it's not half as bad as some of her past fashion choices. Then, you see the bottom half of the outfit and realize that Nicki hasn't developed a better sense of style after all. The gigantic, sequined face with an elaborate headdress looks like something you'd find on an African vase, not a dress. If Red Riding Hood showed up to Granny's house in an outfit like this, not even the wolf would find her appetizing enough to eat.

1 Lady Gaga's iconic meat suit

via: MTV

Lady Gaga's meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards has to be the most iconic red carpet disaster of all time. Gaga told Ellen DeGeneres that the dress was part of her protest against the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and was a statement against the governmental restrictions placed on the rights of gay soldiers, but PETA and vegans worldwide understandably took more offense to the outfit than the government did. Also, can you imagine how grossed out everyone sitting next to her at the award show must have been?! There's nothing like going to a fancy celebrity event and having to worry about the smell or germs from raw meat getting all over your expensive wardrobe.

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