15 Celebs Who Were Fired Because Of How They Behaved On Set

Living life as an actor or actress in Hollywood has to be among the coolest careers imaginable; the profession allows one to experiment and play a library of different roles throughout their time in the spotlight! Getting into character and creating memorable performances for generations of audiences cementing their legacy in the business, has to be one of the best parts of being in the industry!

What about those actors who continue to put on a performance of sorts long after the cameras stop rolling and the director yells "cut?" Some actors and actors have gained a reputation for causing behind-the-scenes strife due to their antics. It takes a village for a film to be made, and unfortunately for some A-listers, there isn't much room left to fool around before their behavior tendencies affect the other members of a film's "tribe!"

Read on to discover those who "could've been!"

15 Super Heroine Megan Fox

via Insider

When Megan Fox returned to film the third installment of the Transformers movies, she showed the public her headstrong nature wasn't only limited to her on-screen performances!

Fox made headlines when she had some choice words surrounding director Michael Bay's treatment of his actors on set. Bay was not pleased by Fox's revelations and made the decision to replace her with another actress.

14  90210's Original Queen Bee Shannen Doherty

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If Shannen Doherty's performance on the classic teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 seems pretty convincing, perhaps her backstage antics may have influenced her role as one of the OG TV bad gals, Brenda Walsh!

Donna Martin had no patience for Brenda. Behind the scenes, Tori Spelling and Shannen didn't mesh well together, and Spelling put in a word to her father to fire Shannen!

13  Vintage Screen Queen Judy Garland

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The image many of us have when "old Hollywood" comes to mind surely features many glamorous actresses and their flawless style, but as reality tells us, real life wasn't always as beautiful as our rose-colored glasses may show us.

Legendary actress Judy Garland's life behind the camera took a turn at the end of her life; her struggles with substance abuse cost Garland a role.

12  The Original 'Aunt Viv': Janet Hubert

via HelloBeautiful

As nostalgic as a revisit to Bel-Air may be for longtime Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air fans, don't count on a reunion between Will Smith and his "original" Aunt Vivian!

The character of Aunt Viv was famously replaced early in the series' run when the OG actress Janet Hubert and a young Will Smith repeatedly clashed. Hubert described Will as being "young and inexperienced," via Us Weekly.

11  'Grey's Anatomy' Throwback Isaiah Washington

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Like any long-ago storyline in Grey's Anatomy's fifteen seasons, going back to remember actual behind the scenes events can feel like several TBTs into yesteryear.

Dr. Burke suddenly disappeared from Grey Sloan Memorial when his IRL counterpart Isaiah Washington went on a hateful tirade against T.R. Knight, who portrayed Dr. O'Malley. Washington's behavior had affected many cast and crew members before he was officially fired.

10  Screen Vet Jean-Claude Van Damme

via Vulture

Remember when Rachel and Monica competed over a date with veteran screen actor Jean-Claude Van Damme? The actor was a must-have leading man at one time in history, but not so much when Van Damme was let go from the set of Predator.

Years after the fact, Van Damme revealed to the public the reason was costume-related! He explained it was "difficult to breathe."

9  The 'Tigerblooded' Charlie Sheen

via E! Online

It's nearly impossible to hear Charlie Sheen's name without quickly being followed by a rundown of his headlining antics or personal struggles.

While the results for some of his antics have turned into quotable internet golden nuggets, others have landed Sheen in some deeper waters; the actor was eventually relieved of his Two and A Half Men duties. The actor wasn't too thrilled about the ordeal!

8  Gossip Gal Taylor Momsen

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There came a point in time when Taylor Momsen seemed to grow a little tired of her squeaky clean Jenny Humphrey-tinged on-screen reputation, and she was more than ready to make the IRL transformation into a full-time rock star, and her intentions spilled over on to the Gossip Girl set.

Momsen was growing increasingly harder to work with, and was eventually put on "indefinite hiatus."

7  Sweet Sidekick Selma Blair

via People

In a case of "he said, she said" banter, ex Two and A Half Men actor Charlie Sheen was unhappy with his co-star in Anger Management, Selma Blair, to the point where he tried to axe his on-screen wife from the series!

According to Zimbio, Blair was officially fired after "[Charlie] believed Blair was talking poorly about his work ethic behind his back."

6  Reality TV Sweetheart Leah Remini

via Redbook

Leah Remini is no stranger to making headlines due to her personal life, but her professional life suddenly slid to the forefront when she was let go from The Talk!

Remini and one of the show's hosts, Sharon Osbourne, didn't get along during her time on the show. After Remini was fired, she initially pointed fingers toward Osbourne.

5  Former Disney Darling Lindsay Lohan

via Vanity Fair

Years before Lindsay Lohan was the head of her own Beach Club with the power to fire her own employees, she was once an employee on a film set and was let go from a film herself!

In the mid-'00s after an extremely successful career-high, Lilo became more known for her off-set shenanigans. The former party gal was fired from the film The Other Side.

4 Lisa Bonet: Not So Denise Huxtable

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Years before she was known for being Zoe Kravitz's mother, Lisa Bonet was a teen idol known for her work on The Cosby Show and its spin-off A Different World!

Her character Denise Huxtable was viewed as a role model for '80s girls everywhere with a squeaky clean reputation which was threatened when Bonet became pregnant and was let go from A Different World.

3  Screen Legend Sylvester Stallone

via The National

Talk about a story involving two Hollywood titans! Eddie Murphy was once a young actor who gained tremendous success from his stand-up comedy and vintage SNL cast member who began to gain traction as a major movie star.

One of Murphy's inaugural film roles was originally going to be played by another Hollywood screen legend, Sylvester Stallone! Stallone was fired due to "creative differences."

2  Almost Space 'Alien' James Remar

via Black Lightning Wiki Fandom

The creative process of the '80s sci-fi classic Aliens has it all. The film featured Carrie Henn in her only role and was directed by a Titanic-sized director.

One actor who won't be participating in Alien's legacy? James Remar. Remar was fired from the film due to his personal struggles with substance abuse, a fact which was kept quiet for years, according to Inverse.com.

1 Studio 8H Dynasty Alec Baldwin

via Street Easy

Alec Baldwin's filmography and his list of iconic Saturday Night Live characters are both pretty lengthy. Unfortunately for the actor, a list of his behind-the-scenes "diva"-type antics, would be lengthy as well.

Baldwin's turbulent reputation caught up with him when he was finally let go from MSNBC after a particularly demeaning public rant. According to Business Insider, his TV show was "suspended" afterward.

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