15 Celebs In Hollywood That Other Celebs Can't Stand

What is it about celebrities getting into verbal tiffs with one another that gets everyone watching? Is it the drama? Is it the epic Twitter storm? Celebrity feuds are like car crashes. It doesn’t help the victims to watch, but everyone wants to know what will happen next. This has caused some pretty awkward red-carpet moments and celebrity interviews.

Despite all the tension that all the fighting creates, celebs are still penning open letters to their haters. They still go on interviews and publicly discuss their extreme dislike of someone in Hollywood. They will stop their performance midway through a song to call out another artist. It is safe to say that everyone enjoys reading Kanye West’s legendary Twitter rants — especially Kanye West.

When celebs throw figurative punches, they risk being on the wrong side of the argument — and on the wrong side of public opinion, too. If the viewing public no longer agree or sides with a certain celebrity, they could lose new potential job opportunities. In recent years, many artists have turned their feelings and strong dislike toward another and cashed it in for some serious money. Despite all the carnage that a celeb feud brings, it does give way to some chart-toppers.

15 Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - One crazy rift

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Before these two fell onto unfriendly terms back in 2011, they were actually really good friends. This included obnoxiously cute tweets to one another. It is rumored that their falling out had something to do with Katy taking one of Taylor’s back-up dancers while she was still on tour.

Over the course of the last few years, there have been subtle digs at one another on Twitter. Taylor mentioned Katy in an interview and Katy responded with the tweet, “Watch out for Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

When Nikki Minaj and Taylor were having a beef, Katy chimed in. Taylor released the song Bad Blood, which many believe to be about Katy and Taylor’s friendship. Perry also released a song this year called Swish Swish, and the music video is a parody to Taylor’s Bad Blood video. Despite Katy saying she is willing to bury the hatchet, they continue to take swings at one another.

14 Taylor Swift and Kanye West - The come up

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In 2009, Kanye West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video award speech saying that Beyoncé’s video deserved to win. This set into motion one of the biggest celeb feuds we’ve ever seen. The general public condemned Kanye’s actions and Kanye later apologized to Taylor.

In 2010, Taylor released a song called Innocent — causing Kanye to backtrack on his apologies to her and he then accused her of using this incident for publicity. In 2011, the two made amends and in 2015, it looked like everything between them was great. There were even rumors that they might collaborate on a song together.

In August of that year, Taylor presented Kanye with the VMA Video Vanguard Award. In February of 2016, Kanye released his new track Famous — which included lines about Taylor. She was not happy about her reference in the song and the pair have been feuding ever since.

13 Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom - Who's prettier?

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In 2012, Miranda Kerr — Orlando’s then-wife — and Justin Bieber worked together at the Victoria Secret fashion show. Since that show, the singer tried to get in contact with the supermodel. Fast forward to 2015 in Ibiza. Orlando and Justin were at a restaurant together. As their respective groups were passing one another, it is believed that Justin made a comment about Orlando’s ex-wife.

He insinuated that he had physical relations with Miranda while she was married to Orlando. After hearing this, Orlando took a swing at Bieber, but missed when security pulled the two apart — but not before Justin tried to punch Orlando.

After the incident, Justin posted a picture of Miranda in her bikini onto his Instagram account. He deleted that shortly after. He also posted a picture of Orlando crying.

12 Nikki Minaj and Miley Cyrus - We're going live

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Behind Kayne West’s memorable mic-grabbing performance at the VMAs, the fight between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus takes second. The beef that led up to the verbal banter between the two singers was due to Miley saying Nicki was “not polite."

Nicki said in an interview that she didn’t feel it was the singer’s place to weigh in on something that affects black women. At the VMA’s, Nicki was accepting the Best Hip-Hop Video Award when she decided to call Miley out.

She called her some names and said Miley had a lot to say about her in the press — eventually ending it with, “Miley, what’s good?” Cyrus says that the press manipulated what she said and congratulated Nicki on her win. The look on Nicki’s face told us all we needed to know: she was not happy with what Miley had to say.

11 Paris Hilton and Kim Kardasian - Friends no more

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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian grew up together and were longtime friends before Paris rose to fame through her reality show The Simple Life. Kim was Paris’s personal assistant and was in charge of organizing and cleaning out her closet.

When Kim and her family went on to star in their own reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, her friendship with Paris took a major hit. It appears that the more Kim’s fame grew and Paris’s waned, the more Paris would talk bad about Kim in the press.

Sometime around 2009, their friendship was officially over as the queen of the tabloids was no longer being talked about. When Paris did an interview in 2011, she walked out when the interviewed asked how she felt now that her moment in the sun was over. Yikes!

10 Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields - Mothers never forget

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In 2005, Tom Cruise lashed out at Brooke Shields for talking about taking prescription drugs for treating postpartum depression in her book. She said her doctors prescribed her Paxil when her mood dropped — caused by a dip in her estrogen and progesterone levels.

Despite the reason Brook gave in her book, Tom went on a rampage and schooled Matt Lauer about psychiatry and pharmacology, saying that chemical imbalances in the brain do not need to be corrected with prescription medication but with vitamins and exercise.

He would later apologize to her after calling her actions “irresponsible." However, the damage was done. Brooke would fire back calling his rant ridiculous. She said that Tom doesn’t know what he is talking about since he will never have to suffer postpartum depression. Truth.

9 LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville - Ya little homewrecker

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When Brandi Glanville was pregnant with her second son, Eddie Cibrian — her husband at the time — cheated on her and then subsequently left her for songstress LeAnn Rimes. Needless to say, Brandi’s feeling for LeAnn are anything but friendly.

The two have posted rather nasty tweets about one another over the years. Despite that, they have tried to remain friendly over the years for the sake of Brandi’s two children. Still, when Brandi started dating Donald Friese, their relationship hit another bump in the road.

The weekend after Father’s Day, LeAnn and the kids celebrated Step-mother’s Day. Brandi’s boyfriend is active on social media and LeAnn actively follows him on Snapchat. While Brandi was on a date with her boyfriend at the restaurant Nobu, her children, ex-husband and LeAnn walked into the restaurant. The two women sparred afterwards.

8 Leah Remini and Kirstie Alley - Sins of a New Yorker

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Leah Remini spent most of her life as a Scientologist. When Leah left the Church, she had a lot to say about her experience with it and why she ultimately decided to part ways. Naturally, she faced backlash against those she spoke out against.

Kirstie Alley has been a Scientologist for a long time and spoke out in retaliation against Leah. She called her a bigot. Leah knew when she left the Church that their friendship would be over, and has stated on numerous occasions that she understands why Kirstie is behaving this way. She went on further to say that if they crossed in the street, she would not expect for Kirstie to acknowledge her, because Leah has been shunned by the Church she spent three decades a part of.

7 Chrissy Teigen and Piers Morgan - Color clash

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When Piers Morgan took to Twitter to try to throw shade at the Queen of Twitter, he set himself up to be taken down a notch. It started when Piers Morgan made the comment in a series of five tweets that Muhammad Ali said more racist things than Donald Trump does.

John Legend responded to such and said that they should be tested by announcing his retirement — to which his wife reminded him that trolling isn’t a job. Piers took a jab at Chrissy by saying that maybe he should take up a real job, like modeling.

The model responded by saying that it keeps her from being racist and that he should try it. It culminated with Piers referring to Chrissy as a “ludicrous swimwear accessory." The two have gone on to have several other fights in the Twittersphere.

6 Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez - You don't know me

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Their feud started back in the early ‘00s when Mariah Carey was asked about Jennifer Lopez and she responded by saying she didn’t know who she was. In 2014, Andy Cohen addressed what Mariah had said. Jennifer said that she had never met Mariah and the whole incident was blown out of proportion.

During Mariah’s performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Award, Jennifer was spotted checking her Instagram. In 2016, when Jennifer returned to Andy’s late night talk show Watch What Happens Live to discuss all of her projects in the works, he asked about what happened at the awards show.

She said she watched most of the performance, checked her phone for a minute and again said it was being blown out of proportion. However, when Jennifer had her Vegas residency, Mariah was said to have waited for her residency until Jennifer was no longer in Vegas.

5 Jay-Z and Kanye West - Two egos too big

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This pair has made some great hits together, like Made in America, and have worked together for nearly a decade. After Kayne’s wife was robbed in Paris, Kanye took to the stage in the following months to go on a rant against Jay-Z and Beyoncé. During his stunt, Kanye asked Jay to call him and accused Beyoncé of refusing to perform unless her video were to win Video of the Year. She did win the award.

After his side-show performance, Kanye sought medical help to treat his exhaustion. Jay-Z eventually responded to what Kanye did and said he was hurt that he brought Beyoncé and his child into the performance. He also stated that they had a good relationship until this happened. Jay-Z says space has come between them now since Kanye knew he went too far.

4 50 Cent and Vivica Fox - Homo no-no

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In 2003, 50 Cent and Vivica Fox were a hot item. When they broke up, Vivica spoke with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. She started talking about 50 Cent, and began to insinuate that he was gay. She did so when Andy asked what her opinion of the rapper was when he argued that the rating dip was about the homosexuality.

She retorted that it was, “the pot calling the kettle black." In retaliation, he shared very unflattering photos — including one with an image of with the words, “really bad boob job,” written all over it. Yikes!

He then took to Twitter to call her crazy. In September, he shared another photo of Vivica next to a woman with botched plastic surgery. Vivica did not take those pictures well and has openly said she is trying to move past it.

3 Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga - Artificial allies

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Perez Hilton had championed Lady Gaga since the early days of her career. The two became good friends until the celebrity blogger conducted an interview with her in 2013. According to Perez, she was drunk before the interview and during it, Gaga was upset by the blogger’s line of questions and stormed off set.

The following year, Perez did an interview with an Australian talk show to go on the record stating that their friendship was actually strained during the summer of 2011 in Australia. The two were filmed a cooking show, but Lady Gaga was a functional drunk.

He claimed that after these two incidents, he questioned their entire friendship. He further stated fame “poisoned” Lady Gaga and it had damaged her. He has also heavily criticized her newest albums and called her a cartoon.

2 Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis - Greed and grief

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These two Hollywood heavy-hitters make some serious bucks at the box office. When Bruce Willis was offered a part in The Expendables 3, he declined. No one was happier than Sylvester Stallone at the news Bruce would not be in the film, because he accused the actor of being “greedy."

In a tweet he said, “Been waiting years for this! Greedy and lazy. A sure formula for career failure.” Despite the nasty things that Sylvester is saying, Bruce says he didn’t care because he wanted to concentrate on a wider variety of genres. He described the action and special effects in a movie to be a bit boring for him.

He also said that money isn’t everything, which is easy to say when he has millions in the bank. Despite what Sylvester claims, Bruce’s movies continue to rake in big bucks at the box office.

1 Chelsea Handler and Angelina Jolie - Defending Jen

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Chelsea Handler and Angelina Jolie have never been friends. Thus, there has never been a falling out between the pair. However, Chelsea is good friends with Jennifer Aniston. Chels had taken to her talk show to make jabs at the actress by calling her a home-wrecker — amongst some other colorful words. She has even used Angelina’s adoptions in her stand-up comedy performances with the punchline being, “When are we going to Malibu?”

When Angelina announced her divorce from her husband Brad Pitt — who is also Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband — Chelsea did not waste a second. She started tearing into Angelina saying that she is a lunatic and it isn’t a surprise if Brad does have to self-medicate. Angelina has never gone on the record to say anything about the comedian. So, it looks as though this feud is one-sided.

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