15 Celebs Nicki Minaj Has Beef With (5 Who Adore Her)

Nicki Minaj is definitely one of those stars who is known for having plenty of celebrity friends — but just as many enemies. The 36-year-old rapper is usually quite vocal about her opinions and while her fans love her for that, it surely doesn't always make it easy for the star to make friends in the business. This is exactly why some fellow musicians such as Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Eminem, and Beyoncé have quite a few things to say about the rapper. Even reality television stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have their own thoughts on Nicki.

To make things easier for you, we figured we'd put a list together of 15 celebs who Nicki has beef with followed by 5 who adore her!

20 Let's Start With Taylor Swift And The Infamous Twitter Argument

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Who could forget when Nicki tweeted about how when 'other' girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination — which fans were quick to see as shade thrown towards Taylor Swift, whose "Bad Blood" music video got an MTV Video Music Awards nomination while Nicki's "Anaconda" didn't. Taylor quickly responded by saying that Nicki's comment was uncalled for!

19 And Who Could Forget Cardi B's Blue Eye?

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Next on our list is Cardi B, and it's no secret that Nicki and Cardi have been on bad terms since day one. Things escalated during the 2018 New York Fashion Week, where they got into a fight and Cardi was later on seen with a big bruise above her eye.

18 Kim Kardashian Has Definitely Been Vocal About Being Team Cardi

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Once the Nicki and Cardi B drama escalated, Cardi made a social media post about it and Kim Kardashian was quick to show her support. According to Metro, Kim is totally on team Cardi which, in return, means that she and Nicki are probably not the best of friends.

17 And It's Safe To Say That Migos Won't Collab With Nicki Anymore

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In 2017 the American hip hop group Migos released the song "MotorSport" which featured both, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. However, now we know that Nicki and Cardi aren't too fond of each other, and considering that Cardi's husband Offset is a member of Migos, we doubt we'll see them collaborating with Nicki again anytime soon.

16 And Nicki Has Beef With Demi Lovato Ever Since Last Year's Met Gala

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Last year, Nicki decided to post a photo of herself, designer Jeremy Scott, and singer Demi Lovato at the Met Gala. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, you'd think — except for the fact that Nicki only tagged Scott, and left Demi completely unacknowledged in the post's caption.

15 Are We Even Surprised That Farrah Abraham Is Also Beefing With Nicki?

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Both Nicki and Farrah are known for beefing with plenty of people, so we're really not surprised that the ladies are not on good terms with each other. According to People, the two got into a heated Twitter battle and we're slowly seeing a pattern with Nicki's beefs — most of them are social media related!

14 And Who Could Forget The Iconic "Miley, What's Good?" Line

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Anyone who watched the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will remember Nicki's iconic "What's good, Miley?" line. The whole drama started when Miley said in an interview that Nicki "isn't too kind", referring to Nicki Minaj's drama with Taylor Swift over the MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

13 Diva Mariah Carey Doesn't Seem Too Fond Of Nicki Either

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Singer Mariah Carey is yet another famous lady on our list who isn't besties with Nicki. Both divas were judges on American Idol at the same time and according to MTV, there was plenty of beefing going on between the two — on-camera as well as off!

12 And Lil' Kim Is Yet Another Female Rapper Nicki Managed To Annoy

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Lil' Kim is known to have inspired plenty of other female rap stars, and it seems as if she thinks that Nicki copied from her a bit too much. According to Capital Xtra, in 2010 Lil' Kim spoke openly about her beef with Nicki which resulted in Nicki calling Lil' Kim "a sore loser".

11 Let's Just Say We Don't Expect Travis Scott To Ever Sit Next To Her Again Either

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According to Insider, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott's beef started in 2018, when Nicki was claiming her fourth studio album Queen wasn't doing that well because Spotify was promoting Travis Scott's album Astroworld too much. After that, Nicki even complained about Travis on her radio show a couple of times!

10 Obviously, That Means Kylie Jenner Doesn't Like Nicki Either

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Nicki also brought Kylie into the beef by saying how Travis uses Kylie to promote his tour, as she asks her fans to attend his concerts so that they could see her and Stormi. Insider even claimes that Travis and Kylie asked to have seats far away from Nicki at the 2018 Video Music Awards.

9 It's No Secret That Iggy Azalea And Nicki Have Beef 

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Back in 2014 when Nicki won the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards, she shaded Iggy Azalea by implying that the Australian rapper uses a ghostwriter. As far as Nicki is concerned though, she wants you to know that "when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it".

8 And It Seems As If Rihanna And Nicki Don't Talk Much Either Anymore

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According to BuzzFeed, during an episode of her radio show Queen Radio this summer, Nicki Minaj was taking phone calls from fans and one of them asked if the Rihanna situation will ever be cleared up and whether the two are still friends, to which Nicki simply hung up the phone.

7 Drake Is Definitely Not Obsessed With Nicki Anymore

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Nicki and Drake were pretty close friends for years (there were even rumors that they're more than friends), but Nicki and Drake seem to no longer enjoy each other's company. In a lyric from her track “Barbie Dream” Nicki seems to shade Drake by saying that the rapper is always crying.

6 And She Also Didn't Make It Onto T.I.'s List

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When T.I. was talking about his list of top 50 rappers Nicki fans were shocked to hear that he didn't think Nicki would get a place on it. He did, however, change his mind and included Nicki as number 41 once he published the final list on his social media.

5 A Celeb Who Does Seem To Be On Nicki's Side Is Beyoncé

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One celeb who seems to like Nicki is certainly Beyoncé. The two divas even collaborated on the 2014 hit song "Feeling Myself", that instantly became a classic. We don't know what the future holds, but we certainly hope the two remain friends and give us more hits!

4 And Ariana Grande Loves Making Music With The Rap Star

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Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have collaborated on the song "Side To Side" as well as "Bang Bang" — both of which have become massive hits. The ladies always seem to support each other over social media, and look super happy whenever they run into each other at events!

3 Cara Delevigne Seems To Always Have A Blast With Nicki

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Lately, Nicki Minaj has been spotted hanging out with model Cara Delevigne and it's safe to say that two enjoy each other's company. Judging from the pic above it seems as if the ladies always end up having plenty of fun and we cant wait to see more of them together!

2 And Lil Wayne Will Always Be There For Her

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Lil Wayne was the one who actually discovered Nicki Minaj, so we're not really surprised that the two are still pretty close friends. Back in 2009, the diva signed a record deal with Lil Wayne's record label Young Money Entertainment and the rest is history!

1 Lastly, Who Could Forget About Nicki And Eminem — Our One OTP

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After mentioning Eminem on her "Big Bank" track, fans were quick to ask Nicki on social media if she was dating him. The diva responded to one fan with "Yes", and Eminem got in on the conversation too by responding, "Girl, you know it's true". Seems like these two love fooling around!

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