5 Celebs Who Can't Stand Jennifer Aniston (15 Who Worship Her)

We first got introduced to the stunning Jennifer Aniston on Friends, when we were just children in the '90s. She instantly became the woman of every man's dreams and even little boys were smitten by the strawberry blonde blue-eyed babe.

We're not going to lie. As teens, we were envious of Jen because every guy went bonkers for her. It is safe to say that it didn't take long before the Friends star became the "it girl." Decades later, Aniston is still the "it girl." There will always be hype surrounding her because men and women alike are just hopelessly in love with her.

Although she has many celebrity friends, after all these years in the business there are some stars she just doesn't get along with. Read on to know who Aniston parties with and who she'll never even glance at.

20 Perez Hilton Is One Gossiper Jen Won't Be Seen With

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The King of Hollywood gossip, Perez Hilton, made it known that he was not always the biggest fan of the actress. He clearly was not watching the same show, since he cited that he did not think she was a friendly person. Really?

Hilton took the opportunity to throw many jabs at Jen, even insulting her looks. Aniston may have forgiven him, but they won't be caught hanging out.

19 Selena Gomez And Jen Share A Bond

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The two have quite an age gap, but age is just a number, right? According to Celebrity Insider, the two stars met in 2014 and Aniston instantly fell in love with the songstress.

Gomez looks up to Aniston like a mama figure and goes to her for support. How rad is that? Gomez loves sharing social media posts with her second mother.

18 Jen And Paul Rudd Hit It Off During Friends

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If you're a fan of Friends, you may remember the time Paul Rudd made an appearance on the sitcom. From that moment on, Aniston and Rudd remained very close friends. The pals have even starred on screen together, and their friendship is transparent as it shines through on camera.

Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter, "We just have a true affection for each other."

17 Courteney Cox And Jen Aniston Go Way Back

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The former Friends co-stars have remained close friends since the show ended - they truly stuck by the "I'll Be There for You" Friends theme song.

Aniston and Cox's friendship has evolved over the years, and the two have only become even tighter. Aniston turned 50 years old this year, and her bestie Cox was by her side.

16 Jen And Chelsea Handler Have Had Their Ups And Downs

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Although Aniston and Handler had a falling out, and the feud made headlines, the two were besties for years. Handler was always Aniston's biggest supporter. It is still unclear what ended their friendship, but we're pretty sure that the two will reconcile one day.

There have been mixed reports about the current state of their friendship, but we know Aniston wouldn't shut her out. Right now, it is what it is.

15 Angelina Jolie And Jen Will Never Be Friends

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It is hard to imagine anyone having anything bad to say about one of Hollywood's favourite sweethearts, but Angelina Jolie is evidently on the other side of the fence.

The two have rivalled each other since the time Pitt fell in love with Jolie and divorced Aniston. Not much has changed as they still do not have a soft spot for one another.

14 Jen And Ellen DeGeneres Are Practically Besties

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If you're a fan of Ellen's show, then you certainly know how much the generous TV host loves Aniston. The two are so close that when Reese Witherspoon joined Ellen on her show, Ellen fought with her to know who Aniston’s better friend is.

It seems like Ellen always wants to know where she ranks in Aniston's friend list. The comedian also partook in Aniston's 50th birthday festivities.

13 Kristen Stewart Is Not Welcome

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Like Perez Hilton, Kristen Stewart let it out in the open that she was not a fan of the formidable actress. Stewart is known for throwing shade at actresses, and it so happens that our sweet Aniston was a target.

According to Worldation, Stewart “never really rated Jennifer Aniston as an actress.” Now that is a big no-no, Stewart.

12 Brad Pitt Is Surprisingly Allowed To Be In Her Squad

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As of this very moment, we do not know the exact status between former lovers Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but we sense that there is love boiling between the two.

Whatever the case may be, since Pitt's divorce from Jolie, Aniston has made it clear that Pitt remains close to her heart, as she invited him to her 50th birthday.

11 Reese Witherspoon And Jen Are Often Together

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Aniston's 50th birthday bash took place at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, and A-lister Reese Witherspoon was a guest. If you recall, Witherspoon played Aniston's sister, Jill, on Friends.

Since then, the two actresses became fast friends, and have a sweet and precious history together. The two have a strong presence in each other's lives and simply adore each other.

10 Of Course, Lisa Kudrow Is A Member Of Her Squad

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It has been approximately 15 years that we have lived without the classic sitcom Friends, but former co-stars Jen Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are still as close as two peas in a pod.

In fact, according to The Today Show, the two always keep in touch. How do they so with their busy lives? Aniston, Kudrow and Cox communicate on a group text chat.

9 Robert Downey Jr. Still Has Ties With Jen

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We know that Aniston finds Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., dreamy, but the two have a tight bond. Always seen sharing affection, Aniston and Downey Jr. got close when she was with her ex, Justin Theroux.

Since the actor and Theroux are like brothers, he became super close to Aniston. So much so, that despite the split he was still in attendance at her lavish bash.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow Is In The Squad

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Talk about #squadgoals. Paltrow was another A-lister that had a blast at the posh 50th birthday! Not only did Aniston celebrate her birthday surrounded by best friends, but exes, too.

Once upon a time, Paltrow and Pitt were an item, in case you forgot. However, Aniston and Paltrow have always been sweet to each other, and they recently became very chummy.

7 We Love Seeing Kate Hudson And Jen Aniston Together

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Aniston had a photo booth at her party, and the snaps are sure to lift your spirits as Kate Hudson, Aniston and Paltrow were seen having some innocent fun.

Funnily enough, Hudson was the only one allowed to break the "no social media" ban that Aniston imposed on her guests, and she went ahead and shared some snaps with the world. The two have shared the screen before, but they're RL buddies.

6 John Mayer Is Around (Sometimes)

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Jen and John started dating in 2008 and split up months later, but things have not been bitter between them. Remember how we said that Jen's 50th party was full of exes? Well, John Mayer was an invited ex.

The two were caught mingling, but we have not seen much of them together since then.

5 Musician Ed Sheeran Is Close To The Actress

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As of 2013, musician Ed Sheeran had a new friend in his life, Jennifer Aniston. Because we have a whole lot of love for the two of them, we're envious of their friendship.

According to Us Weekly, when Sheeran first met Aniston, she "restored his faith" because of how humble the Hollywood actress is. Sheeran even spent a Thanksgiving at her place one year.

4 Jason Bateman Is Her Buddy IRL, Too

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Chances are when you see Aniston step out in public, she may just be attached to the hip with her long-time friend and co-star, Jason Bateman.

When the comedian got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was Aniston that honoured him with a speech. The two do not only support each other on-screen, but IRL, too - talk about #friendshipgoals.

3 Justin Theroux Is An Ex Left Behind

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Their separation may have been gentle, but their relationship afterwards was a roller coaster ride. Quite frankly, Aniston has enough celebrity friends and does not need her ex in her life as a friend.

According to Us Weekly, Jen and Justin have kept their distance and have not been in contact. Aniston clearly closed that chapter of her life.

2 Jen Loves George And Amal Clooney

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Even when Aniston was no longer with Pitt, she kept close ties with Clooney. The two often went out on posh dinner dates together with their significant others when Aniston was with Theroux.

George and Amal Clooney attended Jennifer's 50th birthday party.

1 The Friends Star Is Still Close To David Schwimmer

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Do we really need to tell you that Rachel and Ross will forever be a thing? No, they may not have been an item IRL, but the two share an inseparable bond.

The two stars, who were once paid more than their castmates during their time on Friends, always have each other's back. Until this day, they share a brother-sister relationship that is so sweet.

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