15 Celebs Who Willingly Undergo Bizarre Beauty Treatments

Developing a killer beauty regimen is an essential part of femininity for most women, and the lengths we'll go to in order to achieve aesthetic perfection can get kind of wild. Sometimes it seems as though there's nothing we won't try as we wax, pluck, moisturize, contour, and tone our way to that perfect 10 look... but for the average women, there's usually such a thing as too far. Bird poop facials? Vampire face lifts? Yeah, no—we'll pass.

But for celebrities, beauty is a whole new ballgame—and when these ladies step up to bat, they bring in the big guns. When you're a celeb, looking red carpet ready can come at a cost. When nothing's too unusual, expensive or downright bizarre, celebs are willing to go through some really weird beauty treatments to live up to Hollywood standards. Here are 15 celebrities who willingly undergo beauty treatments that will blow your mind.

15 Teri Hatcher bathes in red wine

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After a hard day, most of us wouldn't mind drinking a bathtub full of wine, but for Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, she'd rather dive right in for a good, long soak. A source spilled to the Daily Telegraph that Hatcher dumps a glass of wine in her bath daily to keep her skin soft. The practice stems from a school of beauty called vinotherapy, which believes that using wine-infused beauty products can harness the powerful antioxidants that can be found in grapes.

If that sounds like a waste of good alcohol to you, you're not alone—because it probably is. The alcohol in wine can actually dry the skin out (and using a dark red like Merlot also runs the risk of turning your tub pink). Try dropping some grape seed oil in your bath instead and save your wine for its true purpose: drinking!

14 Angelina Jolie uses caviar as moisturizer

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Most of us won't have a chance to eat $400 caviar in our lifetimes, but for stars like Angelina Jolie, that's approximately what she allegedly drops on just one jar of caviar-infused face cream. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream harnesses the fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids that caviar is packed with to combat the breakdown of collagen in the skin.

Us common folk probably don't have several hundred spare dollars laying around to drop on fish egg moisturizer, but luckily, if you're looking to replicate Jolie's beauty habits on a budget, there are still options. Supposedly, there's a $9 face cream at Aldi that does pretty much the same thing and is almost as good.

13 Catherine Zeta-Jones uses her kitchen as a beauty salon

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Don't have any money? Not every star is shelling out the big bucks for the sake of beauty. When it comes to Catherine Zeta-Jones' routine, for instance, you're more likely to find her in the kitchen than in the beauty aisle. Zeta-Jones likes to munch on apples to clean and polish her teeth after she eats a meal, and foregoes normal teeth whitening treatments in favor of strawberries and pineapple.

Sound fruity? It might not be. The malic acid in the juice and pulp can act as an astringent, killing off any bad bacteria and lightening unsightly dental stains. The actress doesn't stop there, either—she also admits to conditioning her hair with beer and honey, and exfoliating with honey and salt.

12 Kate Hudson fights puffiness by dunking her head in freezing water

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Just like you might put an ice pack on a swollen ankle, ultra-babe Kate Hudson ices herself down too—by plunging her face into freezing cold ice water. She picked up the trick from a makeup artist. "I used to work with this actor and every day he would stick his face in an ice bath. A little water and a lot of ice. And he would just stick his face in and try to be in there as long as he could, sort of dab off, and go back in," the artist told Hudson, who ended up picking up the technique herself.

The cold water can be uncomfortable and even painful sometimes, but like any other wacky beauty habit, this is just another instance of no pain, no gain. The amount of time Hudson spends on ice? “It depends how badly I want it,” she told StyleCaster.

11 Demi Moore detoxes with blood-sucking leeches

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The most that an average person might go through for a detox is a few extra bottles of water (or a few days off hard liquor and wine). But when you have all the stresses and struggles of a big, Hollywood celeb, sometimes a juice cleanse or a week of clean eating just isn't enough and you're forced to go totally batshit insane.

"I feel like I've always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing," Demi Moore told David Letterman in an interview—which is, apparently, why she jetted off to Australia for a detox that involved allowing medical leeches to suck her blood. The process starts with a turpentine bath and then a sampler leech (placed in your belly button), before the full onslaught begins.

As terrible as it sounds, Moore was actually left wanting, well, more. "I'm going back," she told Letterman. "I only got four leeches and I feel a bit cheated."

10 Cindy Crawford uses a milk facial spritzer

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While most of us wouldn't think the answer to the perfect afternoon pick-me-up would be "spray milk on your face," supermodel Cindy Crawford would disagree. She's rumored to spray herself down with a spritzer made from milk and mineral water to stay fresh throughout the day.

The fatty acids in milk supposedly help the skin protect itself and repair damages, while the lactic acid would act as an exfoliant. Our opinion? Milk is for coffee, cereal, and chocolate chip cookies—so we'll probably steer clear of this one.

9 Kim Kardashian gets vampire facials

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Say what you want about Kim K, but don't call her a quitter. The reality TV queen has officially bled for beauty, and it's just as bizarre as you might imagine. On Kim and Courtney Take Miami, Kim goes the extra mile for gorgeous skin by allowing blood to be drawn from her arm to be injected into her face with acupuncture needles. The result has come to be known as a "vampire facial," which can cost around $1,500 a session.

The treatment is supposed to improve the production of collagen in the skin and prevent wrinkles, but by Kardashian's own admission, she thought it hurt more than it was worth. As for sister Courtney, she wasn't impressed. "Do you think my skin looks better?" Kim asks after the treatment. Courtney answers with a blunt and brutal, "No."

8 Bar Refaeli gets golden facials

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When your beauty is your job, there's no price that's too high—but this golden facial that supermodel Bar Refaeli posted to her Instagram cost less than you'd think. With ingredients like caviar ampule, honey, sea buckthorn, and gold, this facial sounds luxurious—but at only $145, it's a splurge that wouldn't quite break the bank.

The facial is meant to brighten skin and combat the signs of aging—and yes, it contains real gold. But since Refaeli got the treatment at a spa called the Caviar and Carat, that shouldn't be any surprise—in fact, that sounds like the average day in the life of a supermodel to us.

7 Sandra Bullock uses hemorrhoid cream on her eyes

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While the rest of us would like to avoid having to buy a tube of Preparation H for personal use for as long as possible, Sandra Bullock has actually made it part of her regular skincare routine. Supposedly, the cream helps tighten skin, which can work to prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

Is this a good alternative solution to botox when it comes to aging skin around the eyes? The experts don't exactly recommend it. While previous formulas of the cream might have contained compounds that could blast eye wrinkles, the modern cream is only really good for its true butt-related purposes. Additionally, it might cause acne and could irritate sensitive skin, leading to a rash—and you probably don't want to admit to your doctor (or anyone else, for that matter) that no, it's not pink eye—you've just been putting ass cream on your eyelids.

6 Katie Holmes wears snail slime

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Katie Holmes has a face cream beauty secret that can fight acne, clear up scarring, and erase wrinkles—unfortunately, it's made from snail slime, which puts it distinctly in the category of Things We Don't Want On Our Face. The magical ingredient found in the cream, mucin, is a mucus extract that comes from shelled slugs. If you thought the idea of eating escargot was gross, just imagine rubbing it on your face—yuck.

Snail slime has been popular in Africa, Asia, and South America for some time now for its restorative and healing properties—farmers in Chile who frequently handle snails believe that the slime makes cuts and scrapes on their hands heal faster without scarring—and with stars like Holmes singing its praises, the snail extract is slowly gaining momentum in beauty products stateside.

5 Snooki uses face scrub made from kitty litter

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A good clay face mask can leave your bank account taking a solid hit—which is perhaps why Jersey Shore star Snooki has found herself rubbing cat litter on her face instead. "I like to Google a lot. And I don’t like to spend a lot of money on spa treatments, just because I’m, like, a cheapo," she told Conan O'Brien in an interview on his show. "So I Googled what else I could use that’s, like, not so expensive, and it was cat litter!”

The cat's been out of the bag for a while now about Snooki's love of animals, but this purr-ticular beauty treatment doesn't exactly strike us as the pick of the litter. There's some concern that these types of facials could actually even be damaging—so try this one at your own risk.

4 Kate Middleton gets facials with bee venom

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When the term "botox" just doesn't have that royal ring to it, there's always an organic, needle-free option (if you can afford it, that is). Used in preparation for her big royal wedding day, Kate Middleton allegedly had a bee venom facial to ensure that her complexion was in top shape while all eyes were on her.

At over $200 a treatment, you'd just about have to be royalty to stay bee venom beautiful on the reg. Middleton apparently heard about this type of facial from her stepmother-to-be, Duchess of Cornwall, herself. Luckily, there are a few at-home options out there for those who want to experiment with bee venom creams themselves for a beauty treatment truly fit for a princess.

3 Victoria Beckham gets bird poop face treatments

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After landing a hottie like David Beckham, we'll pretty much do whatever Victoria Beckham tells us to—the woman obviously knows what she's doing. But there are some lengths even handsome British soccer stars just aren't worth it to go to, and when it comes to smearing bird poop on our faces, that's generally where you'll find the line drawn in the sand.

Nightingale poo, in your spa treatment? It's known as the Geisha Facial in some establishments, and apparently, Victoria isn't the only one enjoying them. Hubby David is into the treatments as well, and even Tom Cruise can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Nightingale poop. Enzymes in the excrement apparently have exfoliating properties. Another compound that might be present, guanine, is also found in pearls and is said to make skin absolutely glow. Whatever your stance is on this beauty treatment, you've gotta admit—it is, in fact, the sh*t.

2 Alessandra Ambrosio fixes split ends with fire

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When you've got hair as hot as a Victoria's Secret model, sometimes you've gotta fight fire with fire. Split ends are never runway ready, so to maintain her long, luscious locks, Alessandra Ambrosio has turned to Velaterapia, a hair treatment from Ambrosio's native country of Brazil.

The technique is supposed to open the hair follicle and make hair more receptive to taking in nutrients and conditioning treatments. It involves sectioning off hair into small bundles, twisting it, and going over any stray hairs or flyaways with an open flame. Some experts believe it may actually weaken hair, however—and many agree that there are better ways to take care of split ends.

1 Jennifer Lopez does placenta facials

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Ah, the placenta. You've heard of people saving them, drying them, even eating them... but for J-Lo, there's only one true purpose that the human placenta is destined for: being rubbed on her gorgeous face. Lopez apparently shells out almost $900 a week for two placenta facials, taking advantage of the high-protein, high-iron contents of the placenta to keep her looking young.

Human placentas (or any kind of placentas, really) might not sound like something that we'd be interested in having slapped on our face, but to each their own, we suppose. Hollywood is a wild and crazy place! Bathing in the blood of the innocent—human sacrifice—who even knows what the next beauty craze will be?

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